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JWK College Bowl 10-15-63 - Challenges to Youth Cited By 'College Bowl'...
Challenges to Youth Cited By 'College Bowl' Figure Robert Earle. moderator ol thel oeneral Electric TV show "Col- yeslerdav told a luncheon-meeting of (he Chamber Lomnerce that the future Is filled with dangers and uncertain ties but "our young people today accept challenges well.'-' confident these challen ges facing our younp; people can Be s-oived, Mr. fcarle toid the fathering which was honoring, Fairfield university's winning College Bowl" team. The complexity of technology nd society today. Mr. Earle' said, creates many problem:;. Today's yovns people, he continued. trained academically and t to face the responsibility nf the challenge, can solve these problems. Populalfon Challenge CKed ilie challence ol Herniation growlh is one of the most notable you'nt will be (acine to wards the end of this centurv. he declared. Mankind has possibly «™ m «rai, m ms present form, for ]0 million veara. he said, and over that long period the human population grew to its present three Billion. Over the n.ex* « to 50 years, he continued, (h* human population will grow another three billion, dmiblint umber of neonle in th. world. AJi these oetinle. Mr TJa,i. tinued, wil! need food, housing, and employment. Man in the fu- •.neretore find new re sources, especially from the sea, There will be >.n« r>ti,„ u lemj facinr today's vornh i,. said. They incjurte our relaUons with Russia and Communal «""■>«. reiisious toleration unny wruch is being spotliRhted """""i Louncif ii amd Jndustry-Iabor rela has been swift and awe insoirini continued. The riT,ii^i t... " .™.jr iuntcient nuc:ear weapons lo destroy life on earth, he s«-u, wjucn is "not a haonv thought but a reahty" Wy The solution to all rf,.!-.,..^ lo.man, Mr. Earle said, will be .™,u ,n woramg rogether. Bowl" show which Eives him n, opportunity to meet with some of me most intelligent your.g people in the country. The vouno r»™i. who get into trouble are the ones wno get most of tbP publicity he i good to t vi untroubled young people a eh; lo show themselves. Team Called Symbol "These youne neoeleV tarie said pointing to Fairfield iwiverstty 5 team, "are a symbol The team consists < Kroll Jr., of Bridgeport; George John Kappenberg of Oak Beach N. Y.; and John Horvalh Jr., o: Fairfield. Donay Peerv. general mm. ager ol General Electric's House. ware division in Bridgeport, Ihe' sponsor o: "uatiege Bowl", said1 Fairfield university Is the first uinneclicut college to win on show. "This is apratty high bo for (he university", he .said. S' natioiiaf recognition a< that <i to FairfieH university aim brings recognition lo the other educational institutions of the Bridgeport area, he said, Bridgeport, with Fairfield university, the University- of Bridgeport, and the r.ew sacred Heart un vcrsitv. Decerning a great educational center, he added. The Rev. James FitieeraH. S.J president of Fairfield university. accepted a SJ.tW check f™ GF. for the university's scholarihip Representatives from the other art* universities' attending Uiei luncheon in the Stmifield Motor inn, Mara street, were Albert E Diem, vice president of the Uni versify of Bridgeport, and William' H. Conley, president ot" Sacred; nean university, Hunting Season Keeps Jailer Locked in Cell BURNS, Or*., Oct, H (AP) —What kept jailer Harold Wtatherhead locked in a jail cell tor 38 hours? the hunt-ing season. Mechanics with a drill that could cut out the lock rivets and Iree him were deer hunting. Deputy Sheriff Mac Lowe said. But today a mechanic was back on the job and the rivets were drilled away. Weatherhead was locked in a cell Saturday night by two prisoners who used a dinner knife tn force him into a cell. They locked him in and fled with the only key. Lnwe said there wai no trace ot the two who fled. John King. 27, of the Air Force and Leonard Bogue.' IT, of Salem, Ore., King had been held 'on ■ a charge of assault with intent to kill and Bogue on charges' of grand larceny and of escape. He got the fatter because the weekend before he beat Weatherhead with * shoe and had a brief freeddm. NEW FIRM BUILDING SINGAPORE - A new firm backed by Japanese money, is to duiiu preianncaiea names in Sing- apuie. BAGHDAD — A multi-purpose im will be built on Jraq-s Tigri river at a cost of {in million. FUR ■ FAIRFIELD — 1AID6HPORT— 4» FRESHLY CHOPPED BEEF JUST GRAND FOR A NESCAFE INSTANT FAIRWAY FAMOUS MARBLE TEA RINGS 491 DOWNYFLAKE WAFFLES ORANGES FAIRWAY FRESH Cut Fmh Ftmh Tkt

Clipped from
  1. The Bridgeport Telegram,
  2. 15 Oct 1963, Tue,
  3. Page 17

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