Siasconset 1893

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SALT Si A MMEZE. MUNKITTRICK'SSUMMERING DOWN AT SIASCONSET IN THE SEA. | j I la as of The Humorist Uns Found a IMueo After II In Own Heart— There They Itnek a Hallway Train Two Miles Fur — ProtltK In Poetry. lS|ieclftl CnrrespoiuU'hce.l SlABCoxsKT, Mas.?., Aug. 24.—-Most Bummer resorts are by the sen, hut Siasconset is in the sen, about 00 miles from the mainland. In point of comfort it is far ahead of nny plnco that is by the sea or on tho bike. It is, strictly speaking, a plnco to rest and loaf iu. Every one loafs here, because tho nir induces laziness in tlie same soothing way that it alleviates tho pangs of hay fever. There are no land breezes here except those that couio from tho mainland, and they arc sea breezes long before they reach this spot. There are two hotels hero which seem to be doing a good business, although they don't have brass bandB and hops. But most people who summer here come every year and hayo their own cottages. Those who are not so fortunate as to own their houses usually rent a furnished cottngo. There are cottages hero, ind very neat and comfortable ones at that, fully furnished from beds to chafing dishes, that may be had as low us $120 for tho entire season. In this way a family can live, and live well, for what it would cost a single person at one of the hotels. These houses are modeled after the fishermen's cubins, that are still ono of the most picturesque features of Siasconset's primitive quaintness. Tlie bathing at this place is unsurpassed, aud the beach perfectly safe. The bathing doesn't begin until July 1, but it continues until October. The water is so buoyaut that the art of swimming is easily acquired, and floating is as easy its lyiug on a sofa. I saw a man of 220 pounds standing in tho Bea the other day, perfectly still, and he said ho could stand there all day without moving a muscle. There is no end of fine drives and walks. Many people break the monotony of the day by driving over to Wnn- winet, a pretty little settlement six miles distant consisting of a dozen houses and one hotel. At this place a fish dinner is served for 50 cents, and everything is very nice except the clam fritters, each one of which seems an inflated doughnut. The other day a man who saw this kind of clam fritter for the first time thought it was a new kind of cottage pudding, and requested tho waiter to toko it back and suffuse it with hard sauce. The summerers who do not care for driving delight hi long walks over the lonely and desolate moors, which, despite their utter loueliness, have a peculiar charm of their own. They roll away toward Nantucket, as a man put it the other day. "in undiminished splendor." The hills are dotted with sheep which afford a pastoral picture that one never forgets until one comes to tho painful process of reaching into the pocket to pay 30 cents a pound for their chops, which is about the ruling price. Almost every other native was once a whaler One man told me he went off on a five years' cruise and made $80. He could probably have made as much if he had remained at home in the bosom of his family and devoted his time to writing poetry, but I didn't tell him so for fear he might be offended and think I was fabricating. These whalers will tell you stories of the sea all day if you will but listen, and they really become more interested in them than you do. Just go into a crowd of these men and shout "Whales!" and The Will EVEKY Buying World's HO! for Fai and Patterns, Breasted. The £!±i for small. their ears will prick up, and they will tho| in j of for and seem animated with new life. Yea, verily, it is like shouting "Rats" to a bull terrier. If you have hay fever or a rose cold, this is the place to bring it if you would breatho freely and have some rest of spirit and nostrils. I know a hay fever sufferer who came here last summer and had a splendid time. He went away in the autumn cured, as he supposed, and had hay fever half the winter in Baltimore. Another feature of tlie place is the absence of mosquitoes. If mosquitoes aro created in Siasconset, which I gravely doubt, they must emigrate to New Jerto tho sey as soon as they can take wings unto also took Silver the get and themselves and fly. But they have sheep ticks to keep tho place from becoming too lonesome. These insects crawl up your trousers' legs when you go out on the moors for a walk, aud keep on crawl iug until they oozo out xinder your collar, like so many musicians crawling from under the stage before tho curtain rises. But for biting pure and simple the mosquito is as far ahead of a sheep tick as watermelon is ahead of a prune as a delicacy. The people are very almple and honest here—I mean the natives. Such a thing as locking a door at night is unknown, and if you were to lay a bulging pocketbook in the road some one would find it and send it to you. Aud even as they are honest so are they obliging. It is a fact which probably the reader will discredit, that when tho train had gone two miles out of Nantucket the other day it backed up a mile to oblige a man who had lost a $2 bill out of the window. I don't know whether ho found it or not, but if ho didn't somo one elBO will, and it will be handed to him next summer after he has forgotten all about it. And in closing these brief remarks about Siasconset-iu-the-Sea, I will say that the natives uro very upright and conscientious, and can always be do- ponded on. One old woman is in the Nantucket jail for beating her husband, and sho is allowed to go out every day to practice her profession of washing. She returns at night, and as she is taken caro of by tho county while its guest, which sho literally is, her earnings are clear gain. And in speaking of the conscientiousness of the Siuseonsetter, I will repeat the observation of a local wit. who said: "After awhilo the Siasconset t'ar::ie:' will nail shingles all over his cows t<: keep tlie rain out of the milk." U. K. Mi'jwtvnuoe, Is the in are that

Clipped from
  1. The Hutchinson News,
  2. 02 Sep 1893, Sat,
  3. Page 8

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