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 - , ft ' AT TE METROPOLITAN. : f - TTUtalt and...
, ft ' AT TE METROPOLITAN. : f - TTUtalt and Isold 8' t first perform-ahee perform-ahee perform-ahee this seaton on Vednesday evening til be a feature ef tha Christmas week's repertoire at tha Metropolitan Opera House. It will be sung by at men, trsfnstad and Obef and Messrs. Crlua, Weil, braan. Marhy, Schlegsl, and stayer. Mr. Totcaaitd Will eoadUct " ti Satiberfl0t wnl be given to MorrOW night with y Mrrtes. OadikX ttentpeb Altea. Curtis, Euaack. Itobe-Oa, Itobe-Oa, Itobe-Oa, Cparkea, Cox. and Mtttfeld. and Mestrs. JOrn, Ria Oofltz. Braun, OrisWold, Murphy. Bchlegei, and Baysr. Ur. Hertt WUl conduct. " La Gfoeonda wUl be the Christmas Christmas night spera with Mmea. Dettina, Ober (first time her as Laura.) and Ducbene, and Messrs. Caruso, Araata. Do agurola, ' BeschlgUaa, and Begue, Ur. Toscaninl conducting. j M Haensel tend ' Oretel " at reduced prices ta aaaoaaood for FViday afternoon afternoon (beginning at t: o'clock) with Mmea. Alton. Mattfeld Sparkes, Bras lau, and ItobesOn, and Msssra, tie 1st and LeenBtrdt, Mr. Morgenstefa con ductmg. ; - " BlagfrWd flt be sang an rvtday ivsalng by Mmea GadaU, Matscnaaef, and Sparkea, and Messrs. Vrlua, ttelta, Goritt, and OHtwoid. Mr. Herts con ducting. La Boheiise " wflt be tha Saturday matinee opera, with Mist Fftrrax, tin. AUefti. and Messrs. Cristailt, OiUy. Dlduf, be Begtrola. Ftnt-COrsi, Ftnt-COrsi, Ftnt-COrsi, Ananlan. Ste hchlglian, and Audlsio, Mr. Potaeoo will conduct. I A special perforina'rtoe at popalaf brteea af - Aid a WUl U given an Sat tarday night, with Mmes. TJeetinn and Ober. and Messrs. Martinet!!. A tnat. Rothier and Reset. Mr. Toscaaihl Will conduct. . a rrttt Kreisltf. violinist, win pity at tc-night'g tc-night'g tc-night'g cohctrrt Wlthawtki's Con berto Ifo. 2, with Oreaefttra. and a group of soiot with pkno by TarUnL Kreisler. and Cottenet. Anna Caoo will Sing tmridt Charmant Oisean.' with flute kbiigato fey Giuseppe Brugnoti. and several several song, Dlnh Gilly't contrtbatloa wm laelude the baritone aria, Krt Tu." from ' Un Balio itt Maschera,". and sevefal fldnga. The orchestra, under Richard nageman's dtrectioa, wUl play tloldmarkt " Bakuntala ' overture, Tschaikowsky't Marche Slave " and Andante ror strlngb, aad Mosskowsait " Serenade,' . I . " Parsifal " will be Sung a usual Oh New Yeaft Day, aetmning at 1 o'clock. CENTURY OPERA HOUSE. ' - ! The Christmas holiday week offering af the Century Opera Company at the Century Opera Haute, under the dlree tlon af Mitten aad Sargent A born, will be Bizet's "Carmen." Don Jce" WUl be sung at various performances by tan Messrs. Bergman. Kingston, r 'Wheatley, and the part of EaeamUl-H EaeamUl-H EaeamUl-H Una Toreador, will ae taken alternatftly Vby Tboraaa Chalmers aad Lewis streldter. Beatiica La Palme aad Ivy gcot will aiternaU ta the rflie at MWaela. while Carmen, a cigareUe air, who afterward become a gypsy, witt be sung alternately by Kathlven Heward and Lois Swell, riorenoa Ceugbtan aad Cordelia Latham will take the parts ec Frataulta and Mercedes, the gypsy r fiends of Carmen. Alfred Kaufman wilt sing Zanlga and atbors In tha east will be William acbUster. Frank Phillips, Phillips, and Bertram Peacock. Alfred Bsendrei Will conduct. Tker wltt be a special Christmas maU-hea maU-hea maU-hea of M Hansel and OreteL" with the added feature of -Tbe -Tbe laternatlenaJ Ballet DivertlasemenL" The artists tinting tinting W1U include oladyt Ckandief as Hanoet and Mary Carson aa Oretel. Others In tha cast will be the same as appeared at the Thanksgiving matlhte Albertlna Rtsch, prima ballerina, will lead Tha Intcmaltoral Bailet." .' A novelty it scheduled for ts-ntght's ts-ntght's ts-ntght's concert in tat perfortntnes of a suits from Richard Btra use's "Der RosenkaTa? Iter." The orchestra will Open the concert concert with the hymn and march fmm "Alda, and then will tome the prison scene from II TfoVatore," by Beatrice La Palme. Walter Wheatley. Mcrton Ad-kins, Ad-kins, Ad-kins, and Jame Ilaehert: the " Rooaa kavaller " suits wUl close th first part of the programme, "The Ride of the Valkyries," from "We Wslktre." win be tha Opening number of thft orchestra for the second half of the pregramtno, The bridal scene from "lhengrin," with Lola Kwell and Morgan, Kingston singing singing tha roles of F.lsn and Lohengrin, wilt follow, and the third act from The Tales of Hoffmann" will be sung by John Bardsley, Ivy Scott. Jayne Herbert. Morton Adklht, Will la ra Schuster, Frank Phillips, and Florence Cpughlan, representing representing the roiet of Hoffmann, Antonta. NieklAusee. Dr. Miracle, Craepel. FranS, and tha Mother respeetlvaly. Tha conductors conductors frill be Nicosia, Pasternack, aad Szendrei. . ; ORGAN COMPOSITION PRfZ. Hlllgreen L Lent of Alliance, Oh 10, offer ta the American ouiid of Organ isle $100 as a prise to ba awarded by the guild for tne eeat organ composition. composition. Tha composition is open to all American composers. Either ' of the following forms may be used: (I) ta) An dart tl no or allegretto, 4S ta a measures. th) Auegra (eilmax ff.) Sd to meas ures, . . . - , (c) Andantino (repeat,) but Varied in hariuohl ration and figuration, 48 te 04

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 21 Dec 1913, Sun,
  3. Page 68

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