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Coaching Club 1906 Blairsden - COACHING CLUB'S LONG TRIP. Start of the...
COACHING CLUB'S LONG TRIP. Start of the Twenty-second Twenty-second Twenty-second Annual Run to Delaware Lake. To . tbe accompaniment of a cracking wnip and the resonance of a lona horn. tbe Coaching Club etarted from the Knickerbocker. Club, Fifth Avenue and Ihirty-aecond Ihirty-aecond Ihirty-aecond Street, promptly at 8 O'clock yesterday morning on a flfteen- flfteen- Bnue trip to Peter O. Gerrya country place at Lake DeUware, N. Y. Altogether, tbe run wUl include -a -a Journey of 300 mllea knd eeventy.flve coach ,boraea wiU be needed.. Tbe drive la the twenty-second twenty-second twenty-second annual trip of tbe kind. It will occupy rive aaya. . Robert L. Gerry drove for tbe first stage, which waa from the Knickerbocker CiUO UD Fifth Avenue ttt I vk m n Sir r-er r-er r-er The route led through Central Park. Rlv-eraide Rlv-eraide Rlv-eraide Irlve, and the Boulevard, On tne coach CoL VV'UUam Jay, President of the ciuo, naa tne box seat with Mr. Uerry. bight members of the Coaching Club were aboard. airred Omnia V.ndrhi:t mil James Henry Smith, who will be among uie wnipa oi tne oartv. were not. tureaenl at tbe start - Mr. Vanderbllt, it is said, is in PblladelDhla. at a horse show. The coach was resplendent In a new coat of black and dark red paint. Four prancurg chestnuts formed tbe team at the start. The whip wore a uniform of gray, while the guard and the groom were In a livery of tan. Luggage waa piled up in the boot, and the hat rack contained numerous pieces of headgear for the whips. In the haxy gray of a June morning tbe rapidly speeding coach bowled along over the avenue, and soon disappeared in tbe distance on tbe way to Delaware Lake, Just over tbe line In Ulster Ulster County. According to tbe schedule, the whips In turn after Mr. Oerry were to be W. L. Loew, O. Q. Haven. Jr., Col. William Jay, T. Suffern Taller. S. Cromwell, O. Q. Jen-nings, Jen-nings, Jen-nings, H. W. Klves, and C Ledyard Blair. Mr. Blair tooled the coach from Wap-pirrgera Wap-pirrgera Wap-pirrgera Falls to Poughkeepaie. In accordance accordance with the Coaching Club rules, eacb whip will horse tbe coach for tbe eta go. On reaching Peek kill a stop waa made for .luncheon. Then the party continued the run to Poughkeepaie. There the destination destination waa the Nelson House, a drive of ehrhty-four ehrhty-four ehrhty-four and a half i.illea from the Knickerbocker Club. The party waa due at the Nelson House at 6:4i P. M. Tbe nirht was to be spent at Poughkeepaie. This morning, bright and early, the Hudson will be croaaed and tbe coaching party will ' resume ita tour at Kingston. From Kingston. C. Ledyard Blair and O. O. Jennings will drive to West Hurley. Reginald Vanderbllt and two other members members of the club are scheduled for the three succeeding stages. The party will lunch at Pine Hill to-day. to-day. to-day. in Ulster County, on the other side of the Hudson, the roads are not so good, and much of the distance from Kingston will be a climb over elevations like Pine Hill and Andes. Cock horses will be used in the hilly country. In the run through Ulater County eight team a will be used, and the whole day will be devoted devoted to the trip. According to the schedule. Delaware Laka will be reached at 6:15 thia evening. - - Mr. Gerry's house at Delaware Lake Is about sixty-miles sixty-miles sixty-miles from Kingston, and near the Cataklll Mountaina. The party will spend Sunday there, and the return trip will be made over the aame route on Monday and Tuesday. On tbe time card Ihe coaching party la due to arrive at tbe Knickerbocker Club on Tuesday night at 7 o'clock. The flrat ran of tbe Coaching Club waa made In 1878 to Philadelphia. For -the -the last two years the run has been from the Metropolitan Club to Blairsden, near Ber-nardaville. Ber-nardaville. Ber-nardaville. N. J. The run to the Delaware Lake country and back ia the longeet road trip the club haa taken, with the exception of the annual event In ISM. when the- the- outing comprised a four daya drive of over 30O mllea from New York to Shelbume Farms. Vt, tbe Summer place of Dr. W. Seward Webb. Twenty teams were uaed In relays on this trip. WHAT IS DOING IN SOCIETY. J.

Clipped from The New York Times02 Jun 1906, SatPage 9

The New York Times (New York, New York)02 Jun 1906, SatPage 9
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