The Daily Journal (Wilmington, NC) 13 Feb 1864 Page 2

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The Daily Journal (Wilmington, NC)
13 Feb 1864
Page 2 - -Tbe -Tbe 28th Regiment, N. C. Tv, Las...
-Tbe -Tbe 28th Regiment, N. C. Tv, Las re-enlisted re-enlisted re-enlisted for the war. 1 his is the fullest rfglment ia the, army fcf Northern Virginia. , ' ' . , ": For ths Jonraal. ' . Foif Hoiiiis; JT. Q Fab. l, 1S64. Zlxlort Wilmington Jiurnat t lals daylia "Leo!r Brav" (CoopaCy "A," aftib RBmttU IT.C. T)haT rt-nilt4 rt-nilt4 rt-nilt4 for Uts war. This eanpany vm Off aJed io Lootr chanty, os tba 9th day of Jone, 18S1, and losmedutfiy wat to atwutrB, whara tt ' . At A WA tunilotd for asuon luni, w h im jaoTta io xii' Urn, wbars It nmalned nntll 'tba 29(h day of Aajoit, it which time l members ware tskeasprlaonars of war. and. carried to Goveroor's bland, New Terk Harbor, where it renalaed for two months, aod .was trnaferre d to Fort Winis. Boatoa Harbor, where it was kept until the Sd dav of febroery. 1863. Oa thU day the laat of it lef tthoM ruoa walla fr tbe'Uad of Dixie, wore sooa texchaafed, This com pan y has saeabors from tnany eanntlee in thla Bute, bat moetly from Lenoir and DnpUa. The Btata aad Coafedtraoy may well be proud of them. - r . - ueipeouauy sc., A.W.IZZELL, -. -. , 1 ' - Capt. Com'g Co. From the Blchmond Dispatch. Iprtant Bacap mt Tmakte Prlrt4)ur nry Put f Oraand TumilUd, .The most important escape of Federal prisoners bich has occurred during the war, took place at the Libby prison some time dariwr last Tuebday night. Of the'eleven hundred Yankee efflceri confined therein, one hundred and nine officers failed to answer to. their . Tl. ..II 11 1 J 1 IT" l J l DKiace i ium vau jraicruBT muruiuit. xjuiurnvcu iu tblB pntsber were - ll colonels, 7 majors, 32 captains, and 9 lieutenants. Tbe following is a list of the colonels and majors : Cel. A. D. Btroljrht. 61it Indiana retlmeot, a notorious character, captared in Teaneaaee by General Forreat. and charged with having ralied a negro reglnfent. tJi. w. u. Ely, iHta uenaecticot. Col. J- J- F. Beyd, 20th army corpa, Col. 1 1- 1- 0. llohart, 2 lit W laceoiia. Col. W. TJ. Keadrick, 8d WeitTena. CSV. Col. W. B. M oCrearv. 1lit If icblgan. Col." Thna. E. Boie, 77th Pa. Col. J. P. BpcSord, 07th N. T. Col. O. W. TUdes, 16th Maine. Col. T. S. Wait, 34th Wiaoonsln. Col. D. Vilee, 19th Pa. Ma. Mt Ma. Ma or J, P. Collias. 39lh Ind. or U. W. Pitzalmmona, 35th lad. or J. H. Hooper, l&tb Mats. or B. b. aiaodonaid, looth Ohio. Major A. Ton Mltiel, 74th Pa. ' Majoa J. V. Walker. 84th Ind. Major J. A. Henry, 72d Ohio. Immediately on discovering the absence of these pris oners some excitement was created amecg the Confederate Confederate officers in charge of the prison, and in a short time every means, was adopted to ascertain the manner of their escape.. At first Major Turner was inclined to tbe opinion that tbe sentinels on duty bad been bribed to pass tbem out, and this Impression was strengthened i . . - , .1 . r i . . . . . .. i ai rjy tne auacruun ui ua x bubccb remaining oemna mat the work bad seen accomplished through means of heavy ices, which had been - paid a .Uoniederate omcer in the building, and bis influence over the guard in their behalf. On warning this tbe order was given to place the guard under arrest and commit tbem to Uastle Tbundcr. Not feeling satisfied about the matter, the Major and Lt. Latouche determined to leave no stone nnturned to lerret out the mystery and thereupon pro ceeded to institute a search in every direction for furth er information. Alter a irniHees eaaminatioa of every part of (he bnildinir where it was thought possible for a man to escape, they were about abandoning further investigation, when the idea ntruck tbem that some olue misht be obtained by eoioe into the lot on tbe oppo site side of tha-gtrert, tha-gtrert, tha-gtrert, when a large hole was soon die-covered die-covered die-covered in the earner of one of the stalls of a sbed which bad been used as a stable, and oa a line with the street running between it and the Libby prison. This discoveryJally satisfied them that they had found ont the means by which tbe escape had been made, and.their next step wu to trace ont the spot where the tunnelling was commenced. 'Home few yards. from tbe eastern end of the building, hi tbe basement it was found that A large piece of granite abont three feet by twj, had been removed from the foundation and tunnel extend ing fifty-nine fifty-nine fifty-nine feet across the street, eastward, into a va cant lot formerly known as Can's warehouse, cut through. This tunnel was about seven feet from tbe surface of the street, and fsbm two and a half to three feet tquare. 'lie lot in which the excavatioa emptied is several i?et below tbe street, and the Seeing prisoners whed they emerged from the tunnel found themselves on level ground. Ilunnw on Cary street is a brick build ing, through the centre of which is a large arch, with a wooden gate to permit egreBS and ingress to and from the lot. By this route they got into Canal street, and keeping close to. tbe eaves of tbe building they sscceed ed in eluding the vigilance of the sentinels on duty. Tbe prisoners are confined in tbe second story of the Libby prison, and the first and basement etoriea bad to be attained before the mouth of the tunnel could be reached. From the first floor leading to tbe basement there was formerly a stairway, but since tbe building has been in use as a prison, the aperture at the head of tbe steps has been cloeeff with very heavy plants By some means the prisoners would cut throuib both these floors when tKey wished to gain the . cellar. and after ibey bid passed down would close np the holes with the planks which had been taken out so neatly neatly that it could not be discovered. The cellar covers tbe whol ' nrea ot tne nuiiding and is eiy used as a place forbtoring away meal, Jto., for the osa of (he Drison. it Being very large, aniy tne irpnt part was iefTff-rJd-ttmwfcs- iefTff-rJd-ttmwfcs- iefTff-rJd-ttmwfcs- iefTff-rJd-ttmwfcs- iefTff-rJd-ttmwfcs- iefTff-rJd-ttmwfcs- eon8ider-ory eon8ider-ory eon8ider-ory aeiow uary street, is scarcely ever visited. Tbe dirt which accumulated m 4be work progressed was spread about this part oftha basement and then covered over with a large quantity of straw which has been deposited therein. It is not knawd bow long the operatives in this stupendous undertaking have been engaged: engaged: bat, when the limited facilities which they posscs- posscs- sea is va&en invo cvuaiucrnuuu, ueia ran we uu aoaoi that months have elapsed since - the work was first begun, Tbe whole thing was skillfully managed and hears the impress ef master minds and indomitable perseverance. . sometime since a l anKee captain was ionnd in. thaJ csllar, and op. btvag taken beiore Major Turner, all smeared up with meal be gaVe as his excuse for being tber? that he did not get tnougb to eat and was looking, looking, for v something to. make bread with. This was doubtless a falsehood, and bis only basinet s was to as-' as-' as-' siBt in the work which they bad la hand. 'i . There seems to be no doubt that further escape through this avenue was contemplated, and the earnest-, earnest-, earnest-, boss with which the prisoners who remained behind1 fried to throw the blame upon the guard was only dona w juicu miuuer inquiry into tne xnaHr. SDQ. uertDy V. 4 -1 -1 r -it -it . ... - Probably one more night might have emptied tbe pris on of the whole sumber cocfLoed therein. , Yesterday workmen were engaged io stopping np the passage which bad been made from tbe prison, anvi it may now safely be relied on that no other prisoners will ever take tneir departure from the libby against the knowHge and consent of tbe officers In charge. Ai soon as the facts of tbe escape became folly koown, orders were recived by Col. Brown, commanding the cavalry battalion' for local 'defence, that a detachment of his force should immediately scour the surroupdiog country in pursuit of tbem, apd accordingly twenty fire men from each company soon I tit ted off for that pir-pose. pir-pose. pir-pose. -Four -Four of tbe prisoners who succeeded in getting out were, late in tbe afternoon, recaptured and brought back. They bad gotten about 22 miles from the city before tbey were overtaken. It is hardly probabl, from tbe steps which have been taken to- to- prevent it, -that -that many of tbem will succeed tn reaching the Yadee fines. From the Cincinnati Commercial. . The PreeUUnt KlaaUg. . - , WASiiKOTOir, January An army surgeon was dismissed the service by court martial yesterday on a charge of drunkenness and insulting a lady. It appears from the evidence that the doctor, in common with a great many others in the army and out of it, imbibed a little toolreely on new year day. . WElle riding io one I of the street railroad Cars be attempted to k las a lady passenger, nuu was vuij preyentca mererrom Dy me timely interference of the cond actor. The court-martial court-martial court-martial found bim guilty on both counts in tbr indictment, intoxication intoxication and attempt to k'iss. and sentenced him to dismissal. Tbe men and officers of the doctor's regi ment on hearing his fate, unanimously petitioned the President to reinstate him.. Ths evidence was banded to Mr, Lincoln for bis perusal by. the defendant's attor ney. . . The President read on till be came to "drunkenness," M That's bad," said he, very bad." . A lile .further down he came to H insulting a lady." ' Thavs bad, too. An lOioer shouldn't insult a lady, by any means. I am afraid I can't reinstate this man,' said Mr. Lincoln. " Read the specifications, if you please, Mr. President," said the attorney. . Mr. Lincoln proceeded wIUi. the papers. Pretty soon he came to a specification Vbout the kissing. lie pausec, scratcnea nis head a little, and remarked, looking looking at the attorney, - Really, I don know about this. There are exceptions" to every rile, but as a general thing it's eery hard to insult a lady by kissing. ken-But ken-But ken-But it seems the doctor only attempted to. kiss her perhaps the insult consisted ia his not fally succeeding. I don't know as I ooght to interfere in been If of la man who attempts to kiss a lady .and doeen tdo it," said the President.-- President.-- President.-- ' "Yoa see. Mr. President." said the attorn? ."that toe complaint is made Dy a third parly. evidence mat me lady telt iseulted." - - "That's a fact," said Mr. Linc61a: '"we ean easily dirpose of the kissing part, but I must look into the drunkenness a little. I cant overlook that. -I'll -I'll have to get good evidence that it was strictly a new year's offense, and is cot a common' occurrence with the doc-ter." doc-ter." doc-ter." . ... The case was taken under advisement. - fcCKD biSHam The way the latiTeatalk in Arkasiu la ratbet amoiiog. Thefollowlng dialog da occurred on the Devil'a fork of. the Little Bed Biver. Old Benae met Dan Lony; tbey were atraogera to eaoh other. Baya Old lenae : . . Hood nihrniDg, air; yon are well? If yoa eall a mad well that haa ran twenty miles, ' I am that. , ,.1. Did yoa ee any bear I If yoa call a. big black thlag abont tbe size of Pete WheUtone'a black mare or horse, a bear, I did that. Madyoaagoa? ' how yon hit me. Pid yoa draw blood ? , Do yoa call a douWo-haaJltl douWo-haaJltl douWo-haaJltl of braioe blood J Had yoa a dog ? la old Bose a dog ? .- .- - Did yoa akin hjm f Well, if yoa eall a maa in his abirt aleevea, w(th ae Ten-teen Ten-teen Ten-teen iuchee in the blade, aauong the riba and meat, skinning, skinning, 1 was that. Was he fat!. - . . v Do yoa call catting eighteen Inches on the riba fat? Did yoa pack him ? 4 If yoa call lour pony loada packing, why I packed him, some. Light loads. 1 reckon I k If four hundred ponnds to a peny be a light load, tba Were light. , ' Did yea eat any of it T Do yoa eall dripking a t.aait of tfhr'a He eating? Yea mast bate meat? , If yoa call' two thousand seven hundred ponoda glean, without bone, eafe iaaido-of iaaido-of iaaido-of the smoke-house, smoke-house, smoke-house, meat," we have got some. . They must be fat at your bonsai Do yoa call a candle fat? Here Old Sense brought a perfect iqneal, and iwore he bad ionnd the very man he had been lookiagfor. . 'On Ealnrday last the Minotaur, tha largest of oar iron-eltd iron-eltd iron-eltd fleet, waa launched at Blackwall. Bhe Is 6,0Itons burthen, her engines 1.S50 horse power,' and ahe haa five iron masts. Her iron plating ia 6 inches, backed by 9 ln cheaof.teak. At her lowest trim her portaills will never be leas than bine feat from tne waHerj that ia, more than three feet higher oat than the vessels of the La Gloire class. London Index, Dec, 17. To Tut la's Fiild. Bishop F. Fierce, one of tha finest finest orators that Georgia ever produoed, haa consented to step aside from the ecclesiastical dudes for a brief season aad devote hia great powers to the task of arousing his OSnntry men to duty in the present criflla, . - - . WE are authorized to announc JOHN C. lilLLIB aa a candidate foe the office of Constable in the Lowef Distriot ef the Town of WilmUgto?. Electionto be held at the Go A Head Engine Home . 22i FEBBUA8T, 1864. ' - . , ' " 133-te 133-te 133-te WE AUK authorized to , announce SYLVESTER PETTE WAT as candidate for the office of Constable, in the lower 4ieVriet of tbft4sriilfflintoB-4t.the tbft4sriilfflintoB-4t.the tbft4sriilfflintoB-4t.the eIctioa4o4ild on the 22d Feb. 1864. - - - : -" -" ' V ' Peo.'tt. ' - 132-te. 132-te. 132-te. , s V .. KLX;CTIO!f HO TICK. P. BHfcUWELL res pectf ally oBcrs himself a candidate forthe office of Constable, to serve- serve- in the Upper Division of Wilmington the ecaulng year.. Election 22dinaL Feb. 11th, 1864. . 13l-te 13l-te 13l-te I . : . WE ARB authorizs'd to annonnne ELISHA J. HABBELL aa a candidate for the oiSce of Cpnstable in the upper Dig-. Dig-. Dig-. trict of the town of Wimlngton, at the election to be held onthJ2dFeb., 1864. Feb.. 10th, 1864, 133-te. 133-te. 133-te. srWB are anthorized to announce HEKIlIf. BISHOP as a candidate for tbe office of Constable In the Upper District District of theTown of Wilmington. x '. ; Election oa 22nd February, 1864. . .'Feb. eth - ' ftl-ta ftl-ta ftl-ta .'.'"' ' PIXCUAKGH, ON NASSAU AKD LONDON. For sale by There's nor

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