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$366,-000,000 for the and received. of in In in of of .. - "Niisht Before Christmas" Author Is Mysterv f Ma- suffus- The authorship of A Night Before Before Christmas is surrounded by mystery. The name of Clement C. Moore Is associated with it, but the poem is claimed by the re- re- scendants of Major Henry Livingston Livingston of the Third Continental Line for him. After serving his coun try he settled down at his ancestral home, "Locust Grove," Pough-keepsie, Pough-keepsie, Pough-keepsie, N. Y., and lived the life of a country gentleman. Major Livingston was a poet, musician and artist, and fond of writing verses to entertain his children. It has been a well authenticated tradition in the Gilbert Livingston branch of the family that my great-great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather, Major Henry Livingston, was the au thor of A Night Before Christ mas, says Cornelia uoodrtch in The Antiquarian of New York At Locust Grove, the Major wrote his many poems, odes and rebuses which he would read to his children, coming out of his "den" as he called it, to amuse them. The scene of the poem tallied exactly with the natural scenery as viewed from the win dows of the Manor, "when out on the lawn there arose such a clat ter." The beautiful lawn spread out before the house with the lo custs and the elms planted by his grandfather. His eldest son was ten years old when his father read this newly composed poem on Christmas Eve and he was given the original manuscript, highly treasured in the secret drawer of an old desk and taken to the West when after marriage, he removed there from Poughkeepsie, but it was burnt up in a subsequent fire! A young friend who was visiting Major Livingston's family at the time, a governess it is supposed of the Clement Moore family, was so delighted with the poem that she was given a copy; and it is supposed supposed that in the course of time. with no author's name attached to it and unclaimed, that it was unwittingly appropriated by Cle- Cle- ment Moore after the death of Major Livingston. An acrostic written on a belle of Poughkeepsie Miss Nancy Crooke, shows the same quaint humor and catching metre as "The Night Before Christmas. These two poems are so astonish. ingly alike that internal evidence certainly supports the claim of Major Livingstons descendants. whereas none of the verses of Clement Clement Moore show the slightest relationship relationship with the quaint fantasy and rollicking music of the beloved beloved poem. If Major Livingston was the author, then the first house that Saint Nicholas visited was an old Dutch Manor of stone with dormer windows and Dutch door divided In the center and , ' painted green, standing on thei Kings Highway, Poughkeepsie, near the Hudson River and sur- sur- rounded by a sweeping lawn stately locust trees, whence the name of "Locust Grove." SPIRIT IS PREVALENT Glowing Holiday Feeling Reaches Int Many-Hearts. Many-Hearts. Many-Hearts. "Mother, why do we make such ado about Christmas? We all know .;!, , . c,j. it s right to remember our Savior birthday, but why should we litter up the whole house and work our lingers off trying to get all these ooxes reaay 7 I in exhausted and exasperated. It has become a burdens.' burdens.' I'm going to bear these bur-detis bur-detis bur-detis to the postoffice as fast as I can, and never again will observe Christmas in this manner. Georgia was off to the office and soon returned laden with even more boxes than she set out with. more boxes than she set out with. ti, TrULyVm0trher When 1 tnose boxes I was more happy than when I received all these," "Just so, ueorsria. said her mother. "I knew you were tired and the fresh air would do you good. What we do for other at Christmas is but the snirit of Christmas radiating through us. lie came as a gitt to us and we show our love by doinz His will and spreading joy. We must nut joy into wnai we ao and not make it drudgery. One inft to ma from a friend, no matter how small, if given with love, is far more ap- ap- ureciatea man cosuy girts hastily selected. A Christmas gift falls short of Its meaning if not given with the spirit God would have us Adams. HOLIDAY CANDIES Little candy nut bars are so unusual unusual and delicious that they may well be added to a box of Christmas Christmas sweets. Two eggs, 1 cup granulated sugar, 1 cup flour, 1 cup stoned and chopped dates, 1 cup broken black walnuts, V4 teaspoon soda, teaspoon salt. Beat eggs well. Mix and sift flour, soda, sugar and salt and stir into eggs. Add dates and nuts and work until smooth with a wooden spoon. Spread as thinly as pos sible on a well-oiled well-oiled well-oiled and floured dripping pan and bake 15 minutes in a moderately hot oven But in bars and remove from the pan 1-2 1 wnue warm. ...

Clipped from
  1. Dayton Daily News,
  2. 14 Dec 1924, Sun,
  3. Page 110

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