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 - - ; - St.. - FT HWFR HTRT I.O.D.E. Reception...
- ; - St.. - FT HWFR HTRT I.O.D.E. Reception Successful Event U. M. S. U. DANCE JOLLY AFFAIR Many Attend First University Function of New r . Year X successful gathering of Friday evening was the dance held m the I. . .. . iu. i Blue paiiroom ui andra hotel under the me university ui woni,uu Union. Streamers in the university colors of brown and gold were festooned attractively about the room, and a splendid program of dance music was given by the hotel orchestra. , The dance was held tinder the patronage of Mr. and Mrs. W. Tier, Dr. and Mrs. VJ. Boyd, Prof. E. P Fetherstonhaugh. The committee In charge of the arrangements Included F. A. McGulre, Medicals; Mlsa Mary Lees, St. John's, Miss Wella Gunn Arts: Mrs. L. MacDonnell, Faculty: O. Hutt. Science; H. R. Frances Pharmacy; M. Phllllpps, Law: E. B fternlghan, Engineers; D. Stewart accountancy; O. Olson, Agriculture Many pretty dresses noticed Included' Included' Mrs. William Boyd, sapphire blue satin. Miss Pauline Forbes, rose georgette georgette bended In silver. Miss Dorothy Stncey, grey crept sntln showing facings of Jade green sntln. . Miss Kathleen Belt, rose taffeta made in Period style. Miss Beth Osborne, American Beauty tnffeta made in period style Miss Stella Richardson, American Beauty georgette, artistically draped Miss Florence Long, black satin crepe with tiny frills of plcot ribbon Miss Florence Ecltlln. Amerlcar Beauty crepe, made In Period style with corsage of French blue. Miss - Flora Sellers, French blue crepe banded with grey angora. Miss Oretta Cordon, deep rose chnrmense with girdle and sash ends of black velvet. Miss Alex. McCIure. Jnde green sat'n with Bliver lace trimmings. Miss Mnrlon Tumbn'l. Jade green georpotte beaded In self tones. Mrs. Dlgby Wheeler, pnle pink crene combined with Chnntllly lace Miss Alice Davidson, grey georgette artlstlcnlly draned. Miss Evelyn Davidson, mauve geor gette. Mrs. Logle McDonnell, Jade jrreen satin draped with novelty lace aftet same shade. Miss Corlnne (St. Louls. black velvet with turned skirt ot white chiffon. Miss Frances Bundle, peacock blue velvet artistically draped. Miss Phyllis Garland, a Period frock of orchid taffeta draped with French lace. Miss Dorothy Colton, flame geor gette draped over silver tissue. Miss Marlon Brldgman, old rose satin with bandlns - s of sable. Miss Florence Metcalfe, black lact with sequins. Miss Emma Richter, a rose satin Period frock combined with silver. f RS. FRANK MITCHELL, River il ave., entertained at bridge this afternoon in honor of Miss Jean Dingwall. Three tables were ar ranged for the games and a number of additional guests dropped In at the lea nour, wnen mra. Stewart ocoit, presided over the table, where tulips and narcissi formed attractive decor ations. Mrs. C. J. Campbell cut the Ices. The guest included Mrs. Stewart Scott, Mrs. D. W. Dingwall, Mrs. Elmer Spear, Mrs. Frtd Parrlsh. Mrs. John Cameron, Mrs. George Kills. Mrs. E. W. Montgomery, Mtb, C. J. Campbell, Mrs. N. F. Calder, Mrs. James Muir, Mrs. James Stew art, Mrs. C. C. Ferguson, Mrs. Mc Donald, Mra. James Penrose, Misses Llla Ellis, Mary Montgomery, Robe, ta Scott, Jean Scott, Helen Parr, euro line Law, Georgina Penrose andjjntyre, E. McOrath, Dr. H. A McFar - Helen Penrose. e In honor of Mr. und Mrs. S. t. Allan, of Perth. Ont.. Mrs. V. R Allan, Kilmarnock apts.. entertained Tuesday evening at dinner. A number of friends gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. U. B WinsluW; 835 Qarfisld St., in ft nr. or of their wedding anniverHary. The evening was spent in cards and music. . Overseas Educational League Entertained at Mrs Colin Campbell's Residence The residence of Mrs. Colin H. Campbell, Hoslyn rd., was the setting for one of the most enjoyable social gatherings of thu week, the occasion being a conversazione planned by the president of the Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire, In honor of the Overseas Education league. A musical program was arranged by Mrs. C. E. Kennedy and luier a buffet supper was served in the large dining - room. The table, centred with tall, wide - branched candelabra, was presided over by Mrs. W. E. Perdue and Mrg. Iaaao Pitblado. Those as - slating In the dining - room included members of the university I.O.D.E., who were the Misses Miriam Norton, Dorothy Mackay, Dorothy Kelly, Phyllia Wilson, Beatrice Alexander, Louie Bruce, Ethel Maybec. Marjorie Goodeve, Eileen Motley, Edna Hogg and Kathleen Schoenau. The patronesses patronesses of the evening were members of the Provincial chapter I.O.D.E., Lady Schult2, Sir Hugh John and Lady Macdonald, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Anderson, Major - General and Mrs. H. D. B. Ketchen, Mr. O. R. Crowe, Mrs. W. Collum. Mies Dorothy Goff. Prof. A. Colby Croke (Brandon), Dean Watson Kirconnell, G. Hasted Dow ker, James Creighton, James E. Kel - left, T. Summer, John Pickersgill, Margaret Ritchie, Frank L. Evans, and Edward White. The invited guests included: Sir James Aiklns, Miss Clara Aiklns, Premier and Mrs. John Bracken, Mr. and Mrs. C3nnon, Hon. R. W. and Mrs. Craig, His Grace Archbishop and Mrs. Matheson, Chief Justice and Mrs. Mathers, Chief Justice Justice and Mrs. Perdue, Mr. Justice and Mrs. It. H. Dennistoun, Mr. and Mrs. Isnao Pitblado, Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Coleman, Lieut. - Col. and Mrs. J. B. Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. R. F. McWIl - llams, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Nash, Dr and Mrs. J. H. R. Bond, Dr. and Mrs H. M. Speechly, Major and Mrs. Fred Ney, President and Mrs. J. A. Mac - Lean, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Spence, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Teakles, the pro - feasors of Arts, the processors of Engineering, Engineering, and their wives, Dr. and Mrs. W. A. Mclntyre, the members of the Press club, Prof, and Mrs. Osborne, Osborne, Miss Isabel Osborne, Sir Augustus and Lady Nnnton, Mr. ntid Mrs. C. W. Rowley, Dr. and MUs Crummy, Miss Edna Sutherland, Miss Eva L, Jones, Dr. aind Mrs. Robert Fletcher, Rev. G. A. and Mrs. Wells, members of the exchance teachers, Canon and Mrs. Heeney, Rev. and Mrs. W. J. Southam, Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Christie, Archdeacon and Mrs. McElheran, Dr. and Mrs. Dlmmltt, Rev. Canon amd Mrs. Loucks. Rev, Dr. and Mrs. Laldlaw, Rev. Dr. E. Leslie and Mrs. Pidgeon, Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Mclrvine, Principal John Mo - Kay. Prof, and Mrs. A. B. Baird, Principal and Mrs Rldrtell, Prof, and Mrs. Dick Fleming, Mr. and Mrs. John W. Dafoe, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Nichols, Prof, and Mrs. Crawford, Prof, and Mrs. W. T. Allison, Capt. and Mrs. Bruce Bairnsfather, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Mulock, Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Rumer, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. MacPherson, Mrs R. J. J. Brown, Mrs. W. A. Wyman, Mrs. Thomas Jackson, Hon. W. B. and Mrs. Sharpe, Hon. Dr. and Mrs. Shaeffner, Mrs. M. Dobson, Dr. Mary Crawford, Mra. A E. Templeman, Mrs. J. J. Wilkinson, Mrs. A. Jeffrey, Major and Mrs. D. M. Duncan, the Misses M. H. Halliday, M. Neilson, A. Pullar, J. Ptolemy, R. Rodgers, M Macdougall, A. Baxter, M. Bere, C. Mitchell, A. Milne, B. M. Bradshaw, K. Tayler, M. Lamont, E. Corbett. M. Whyte. C. M. Yulll. J. Yuilll, J. Ellis, B. D. Gunne, E. M. Hamilton, V. Duff, M. Robertson, A. L. Glenn, A. R. Gordon, Gordon, M. E. Kelly, L. Redman, O. McLean, McLean, A. McLeod, F. Cull, Marian Plllfra, J. Palk, E. Bishop, W. Macdonald, Macdonald, B. Stewart, J. Bulke, G. Carruthers, Carruthers, J. Bell, H. Greenway, A. Garland, Garland, Messrs. J. Marshall, J. P. Mel - lors, W. G. Oliver. J. C. Pincock, J. B. Wallls, R. H. Smith, J. B. Steele, G. A. Lister, W. J. Warters. Dr. R. J. H Bright W. A. Cowperthwaite, Arnl Anderson, A. E. Bowles, W. J. Bui - man, Arthur Comgdon, R. Durwand, L. J. Elliott. F. S. Harstone, Marcus Hyman, R. R. Knox, A. H. H. Murray .1. 1". Morton. W. A. Matheson. J. lit - len, A. E. 1 learn, J. J. Wilkinson, J. S. Little, A. Goorierlfi e, R. G. Psnnell, T. Laldlaw, J. H. Mulvev. W. J. Sisler. E. J - . - Motley, K. T. Hodgson, W. T. Gough, A. G. McArthur, A. Dickson, S. A. Campbell, T. E. Argue, J. W. Forhan, C. W. Laldlaw. W. Snder. A. Bailey, ,T. W. Beckett, D. B. Hungins,. H. H. Mcintosh. P. D. Harris, W. N. benlke, W. W. Pierce. A. C. Campbell. A number of puirul leadsts uf lb Boy Scouts of the 18th Troop ushered the guests through the various rooms and were in charge of Rover G. Campbell. The scouts were: R j Brindle, L, Hopkins, S. Lventlial, A. Combe, S. Campbell, M. Locke. f RS. HARLEY HUGHES, Cordova

Clipped from
  1. The Winnipeg Tribune,
  2. 26 Jan 1924, Sat,
  3. Page 8

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