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Chess With Sam Laird - j0,-000 teed a big enough fee," as the London...
j0,-000 teed a big enough fee," as the London weekly says. There was the little matter of Bobby s attending attending classes at Erasmus Hall. Even a chess prodigy in the USA isn't excused from school for weeks to play chess and what "fees" does the London writer think American chess players get or expect for playing in tournaments? tournaments? It was known, of course, that Reshevsky's refusal, as an orthodox orthodox Jew, to play on Fridays and Saturdays and the refusal of the tournament organizers to schedule schedule his matches on other days, was a big handicap to our team. The London magazine also says the most Important matches, by chance, seemed to fall on the days he could not play. "If this were not enough," savs the News, our "next best nlaver. William Lombardy, went driving a car without a license valid in Germany and involved himself in a minor accident. For several days he dared not start a game ror lear That a summons to court might prevent him from finishing finishing it!" , Today's game comes from a tournament in Holland in which World Champion Nikhail Botvhv ndk made one of his rare appearances appearances outside Russia. He won the tournament. ' KINGS INDIAN DEFENSE Bntrlnnlk WluM I P-QR4 P-QR4 P-QR4 3 Kt-QB3 Kt-QB3 Kt-QB3 S P-K4 P-K4 P-K4 4 P-Q4 P-Q4 P-Q4 B P-B.1 P-B.1 P-B.1 KKt-KJ KKt-KJ KKt-KJ 7 B-KIS B-KIS B-KIS 8 Q-Q2 Q-Q2 Q-Q2 9 P-QS P-QS P-QS Ifl K1P 1 1 KKI-B3 KKI-B3 KKI-B3 13 B-Q3 B-Q3 B-Q3 1:1 ntp BnrMFl Bntvlnnik Blick WWta Kt.-KB.I Kt.-KB.I Kt.-KB.I 1 5 K-R K-R K-R P-KKt.l P-KKt.l P-KKt.l J(l KtxP P-Q.l P-Q.l P-Q.l IT Kt-Ba Kt-Ba Kt-Ba B-KI3 B-KI3 B-KI3 1 BxKt P-K4 P-K4 P-K4 in PxP CMtlm 20 Kt-Kl Kt-Kl Kt-Kl P-B3 P-B3 P-B3 31 Q-KB2 Q-KB2 Q-KB2 r-WI3 r-WI3 r-WI3 Kt-B4 Kt-B4 Kt-B4 PxP 23 KtxP JO-B3 JO-B3 JO-B3 24 P-B4 P-B4 P-B4 Kt-C! Kt-C! Kt-C! 35 QR-K QR-K QR-K P-KI4 P-KI4 P-KI4 28 QxB PXP 27 R-K.l R-K.l R-K.l 14 CaatlM KR B-KI2 B-KI2 B-KI2 28 KR-K KR-K KR-K ni8n!r RnRM Black P-Kt5 P-Kt5 P-Kt5 Q-R.4 Q-R.4 Q-R.4 P-94 P-94 P-94 BxB KR-Q KR-Q KR-Q B-KI4 B-KI4 B-KI4 P-B4 P-B4 P-B4 Q-R2 Q-R2 Q-R2 QxKtK4l BxBP Q-KI2 Q-KI2 Q-KI2

Clipped from
  1. Courier-Post,
  2. 22 Jan 1959, Thu,
  3. Page 36

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