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 - THE WEATHER TODAY Washington. D.^C, July...
THE WEATHER TODAY Washington. D.^C, July 5---Forecast 'or Eastern Xesr Tork: Ssonrers Sa:'.irdav; Scalar. probably lair. Oneonta Daily Star CIRCULATION TODAY 7,100 YOt- X WHOXE XO. ON£OXTA, 3.1*., SATURDAY, JULY 6,1918 Of TUE .ISSOCIATED U. S. TRANSPORT BY GERMANS SUNK 6 LOST ONFFSWAYHOME COVINGTON WENT DOWN TUESDAY! _ i Third Troop Ship Torpedoed By Huns-Some Sultan's Death Thought . Work of Revolutionists London' England. J«!y 5.--lie- ports reached London from Dutch sources that the death of the Suten of Turkey, Mohammed V.. which took place on Wednesday niSht. xvas not due to natural causes and presumably was par: of a revolutionary movement in the Oitomat. empire. RESERVEOFMEN AND AIR POWER CHANGEWARFARE Hard Blows By Allied Forces Show New Major Battle Transport, Afire, Races Back to an Atlantic Port Washington. D. C-, July 3.--The United States army transport Headerson has been afire at sea. but has made an Atlantic port safely. There was so loss of life. Few details could b-e had at the navy department sonigh:, but it was said the vessel -.vas not badly damaged. It was not snade known whether the JiesCerson was outbound or homeward bound, nor was there any information as to how the lire occurred. BRITISH DESERTERS CAUGHT : T\VO YOCXC MEX, WOKKIXG FOR · I. 11., LEFT VESSiX OX AKRIVAIi IX XE\V VOKK. BA1NBRIDGE LAD LOST|SE¥EN GERMANS AIONEJ TAHNG m OFFENS1VE ,-, - «r « -T-I . rt- i · (General Foch No Longer Con- Ship Was One of Reet of Trans- Another Lad,Severely Wounded, serving His Man Power to Ward ports--Remained Afloat Until Next Day Accounts For Two Huns-Our Work Praised Off German Thrusts STRIKING HUNS AT WEAK PLACES NO ARMY PERSQNNR OH BOARD I ro^o*. Ea g, _* 5 .-The Am-- jeans who took part in the fighting on . . i Thursday at Viiiers-Bretoaaeuz were.' Vantage romts being Wrencnea Efforts to Tow Vessel to Port j delighted wirh their share ia thej From Enemy Embarrassing His Failed--Missle Struck in battle, says the neuter's correspondent j Many Preparations Forward Part at Sriti;sl1 headquarters telegraphing _____ from, the front. He says they were ---- quite new to any sort of warfare and described the barrage fire as equal to 'Washington, D. C-. July 5. -- Incasing man power and rapidly ex- jthe finest Fourth, of July celebration, j tend-as control of the air-have per- 1 A voung corporal, onlv 21 vears of · mitted the adoption of a new poliey · age, "although "too badly wounded to ! by Gen. Foch. supreme commander of : be takes immediately to the hospital i the Allied army on the western front, | and in great pain gave his experience j in the opinion of many observers j with relish the correspondent says, j here. They believe the sequence of | The American had kille I seven Ger- ! hard local blows that have been struck j mans which he considered to be more i recently by French, American, Brit| than a. fair equivalent for his wounds.; ish and Italian troops show that a i The young American's story follows: j new phase of the great battle is de| "With a few others I was working \ veloping which might expand into a I around a. corner of Vaire wood wh2n! major operation on any part of the ! I came across some German machine! front where the situation was found | suns is a wheat field. They -were fir- | favorable. I ing some special type of bullet which ! Reports of the recent highly suc- ! is used against tanks. One of these! cessful strokes at the German iines | wounded me in the thigh- I never- j are takea here to indicate that Gea. -r\ f T 1 ~ T-l jtheless crept closely enought to throw! eral Koch no longer feels under the Washington, D. L,., July O.--ilie a bomb which fell on one of the guns! urgent necessity of keeping rigiaiy on Lloyd H. Silver-nail, seaman, of Bainbridge, Is reported among the Covingtoa^s missing. He is the only son of Saron Sil- YernalL His home is outside the village toward TTest Bainbridge. The family could not be reached by telephone last night. It Tras reported, however, that the missing man enlisted in the navy a year ago last spring. Police, lipped Off, Bluff Seaman Into Confession -- Search Made of Rounilliouse iu Early Morning Hours -- At First Denied Cliarge -Sew Action in Battle of Jutland. John Duncan, alias "Bill "Williams," a. Scotchman, aged :."", and Robert A. V. Butler, alias, "Arthur Young," a Cockney Eng-Uhaian. -years o'd, self-confessed deserters from the British navy, were arrested early yesterday morning by Officers Horton and Brown of the local police. They will be taken to Xeiv York and turned over to the senior naval officer of the British recruiting mission there. Both men, who lived at 7 High street since coming to this city three weeks ago. deserted their ship, the British convoy vessel. Xaueric, June MAY POSTPONE TAKING WIRES UNTILAUGUST Belief Expressed That; President Is Willing | to Do So j j HOUSE APPROVES PLAN Resolution Adopted By Lower Body 221 to 4-- Senate Gets ; Measure Today ' t W.U. HEAD HOLDSTO HIS POLICY; Says, His Company Cannot! Change Methods Even Though ! Big Strike Impends Farm Houses Raided in Neighborhood of Dublin 5. -- A London. England. press association dis Dublin says that th? :o:;ce of iiil- Hsasloe, County Gain-ay. !sa-. e raided farm houses -Ai-.hiR a radius of 30 miles, seizing hundreds of g'Jns and arms of various descriptions. The ra-Js were carried out simultaneously i-'ef^re daylight and extended i.-jio the adjoining counties of nosco^in'-on nr.ii Ki::sS- There was r.o resistance exeej't in a :cw instances where the presence of arms tv-is denied but :he weaj-ons afterwards were surrendered. The- country Ieo;!e were surprised, not expecting such drastic action in view of the revent proc!an;a::on of Viscount French. Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, calling for reerui:s. There also were a number of arrests in the outlying districts in connection with alleged opposition to the discharge of police duties and the carrying out of the recruiting proclamation. Washington, IX C., July 5.--While the house was hastily adopting the resolution authorizing the government operation during the war of a!! MORELOCALNEWS HDNSFMIN ENDEAVOR REFAKEHAMEL Germans, They Have : Allies Back AMIENS SECTOR Teutons Suffer Heavy j Two Recent Attacks ; the French : ITALIANS CONTINUE ; Finland Expected to I on Side of Germany--Czechoslovak Victory A RECORD-BREAKING PICNIC (By Associated The British front east side of the Avre : the Sonime river systems in the United States, senate j leaders tonight received word from President Wilson which they interpreted as indicating his willingness to have final enactment of the resolu- ,, . tion postponed until after congress a at .New iors as cart of a plot laid by IS of the crew to absent them- ' returns from Ils midsummer vaca- i se!\ es without leave. From the i tion. metropolis they went to the mines in Leaders In both houses tonight Pennsylvania, bat not liking the work nor the place, wandered north until they secured vrork as machinist's helpers at the D. H. roundhouse here. They gave their reason for taking "French leave," the low pay they were receiving. They had been serving with the British navy la the Xorth sea but were transferred to the English merchant marine. With the a decrease In pay went ahead with the plans for a recess late tomorrow night until August 12, and it was said that they would be through unless President Wilson tomorrow insists upon immediate passage of the telegraph resolution by the senate. After confer- I change came '.amounting to month. about S£ ($40) j ences with senate leaders, Majority Leader Kitchen gave notice in the house tonight that tomorrow after disposition of the conference reports on the army and agricultural appro- 'American army-transport Covington, homeward bound after landing several thousand soldiers in France was torpedoed and sunk in the war zone last Monday night. Sis: members of the erew are missing bat all the other men, T\ith the ship r s officers have been landed at a French port. No army personnel or passengers were aboard. The Covlngton formerly was the Hamburg-American liner Gin- c-iaatti, which was laid up at Boston and taken over when the United States entered the war. Bragging to their fellow -workmen · en on one oz tae guns · urgent, necessity OL iveeomg ri5iui\ on * ^=»--= -- --"-- -·--"·· "v-"*»^ii four m--mbers of its J the defensive- -in order to conserve his j about their good fortune in getting crew. I saw a. man running from be-; forces for the expected renewal of the i away from the ship led to the ap- hind the gaii toward a dugout and I j German offensive. The fact that the i prehension of the men. OScer Hor- jfollowed.-and.shot.hini. . 1 Germans have -Aeen completely sur- ] ton was- tipped off,.and with Police-I "As I was retracing- ray steps a 1 prised and overwhelmed by several of | man Brown and several others i-isit- sisth German stole from behind and j E h e local counter operations is believ- I ed the roundhouse at 2 a_ m. yester- and killed all jdav rmorning to get Butler wiio was In % locomotives being I!s for inspection or r made a thrust at m; -with h;.s bayonet, j ed to be due to ti?e work of the Allied j I was again wourded, but the Ger- · airmen. puffing, iaborin I received my third -wound from a ' ready served to change the tide of ; shunted into stai German whom I overca'me just be- \ -jie righting. The arrival of Aiseri- ! out of them into the night to fore fainting from pain and loss of I caa troops by the hundreds of tbou- blood." i sands has enabled General Foes to The correspondent tells of another j begin harassing the enemy all along mere boy who described his adventures i jj, e t| ae v .-hiie the increasing number [rent resolution for a recess until Au- jgust 12. The telegraph resolution was adopted by the house tonight by a vote of 221 to 4, after a spirited debate, in which democratic leaders said the President had expressed a desire for its passage at once and some republicans have charged that the author- jthe night shift. There, amid a dte of | Ity proposed for he Presi d en t would She 603 feet long of 16.339 haul j I freight, and sometimes being forced · to peer through clouds of steam or ; smoke, a vain search was made. j Butler, in telling the story later, said in the fight. He had been in some; o j American piiots makes possible i that when he saw a. man enter the severe" combats when the troops car-| concentrat ; on o ? a j r forces that sweep jhuge roundhouse wearing a. straw ha ried the trenches beyond Hamel and ; ene my scouts from, the sky in the sec- ! he feared he was being sought out. had been badly wounded in the leg.: . ors selecle d for limited drives- While he was lyinjr helpless two Ger- j i "I just slipped out of sight." he said. to further the interest of the [Democratic party. To expedite passage of the resolution the house previously had adopted by a viva voce vote a ruling limiting general debate to two hours. The resolution will be sent to the senate tomorrow with leaders there i planning its reference to the inter- i state commerce committee for study macs ran at him with :ei bayonets- Leaning down with his head on his Hit Enemy at Vulnerable Spots. The American attacks around Cha- and each time the ofHcers came my i sand probably hearings during the re- riSe, he just managed to pull the trig- i teau Thierry, the J: ranch operations ger and a. bullet went through the ! on the Soissor-s front of the Com- nearest German who was about a 1 piegens salient, and the British op- way I ducked." The police then cess. Regardless of the recess plans _ _.. . i senate went to i H:gn i leaders said its adoption by dozen yards awa:-". The otrier still came : eratioas on both sides of the Sonime j on and the young man managed to j and in Flanders probably were j rise, parry the German' bayonet j prompted by the fact that the weak- gross tons and had a speed of 15?= inots an hour. The Covington Is the second of the great German liners seized at the outbreak of the -war to be sent doivn by Germany's sea "wolves and is the third American transport to be destroyed. Bainbridge Man Missing. 11: j men missing are Ernest C. An- cersor.. fireman, Lynn. Mass.; Joseph o f textile workers here ended tonight:. j street, where they routed Duncan oat ; of bed. The young man told an ap- i parsntly straightforward story that he was oniy 19 years old and had thrust an down on surgeon's "r bring the stcck of his riSe j ness of the enemy at those particular his opponent's head. A ] points had been reveaied by air- party four.1 him lying | plane observation or as a result with the two Germans beside him. | of raids at other points. Quick 'advantage was taken undoubtedly ; come to America. Three, weeks ago. j He and his pal. he said, were not dei serters from the British navy, in fact '· had never been in it. They had · come here merely in search of work. I With nothing tangible to work upon, the police could not arrest them even iOTTEUO TEISTELE STRIKE E^VS. \ ior surprise blows where German re-; under the new, inter-allied draft law : serves -.vere on the move- It is as-i f or - _ 0 - havi-ir rerisf ration mrric _ - serves Lowell, -.lass.. July 5.--±he strike = Surn6 ,j ^ e - s Bocen, seaman, llountain Lakes. ^- J-: Ambrose C- Ford, fireman. Som- toervilic, Mass.; \Yiiiiain Henry jr.. fireman, ilancaester. X. H.; public safety, who had beer, agreed . p , a=e upon as mediator, awarded tne opera- ., a r ' for not having registration cards. i Xot long after a telephone message ! was received from the roundhouse seen heaJing of value as the starting; out o * the buna-Ing and toward High hat General Foch no-.v give the enemy no rest- when Henri- B. ^ndicott, executive; ^.^ Qf vamage heM by fcin , - vh = ch ; ^^ ^^ had " beea manager of the state committee o^! u - ou2( j - oe for a new major thrust, are be- ling recaptured ail alor.g the line. The Albert S. Payne, seaman. "Wesz New tives the 3 percent increase in wages : e « ocr Js " IQ ^-3^^-^ German prep- Brisr.ton, S. I.; Lloyd E. Silvemail. they demanded- The award «^i a , a .;,..- and officer5 here believe 'teaniar., Baiabridse. X. T. The r.avy department's announce-j ~ent tonight of the torpedoing of the ' i effect as o · that the fact that any of these local ~~~~ '· ooerations bv the Allies may sud- ·AN- ACES DIE IX FRANCE ! a ; n , y deve!op into a most important p ar j s _ France. July 3. -- (Havas movement tends to keep the German was taken into cusiocy at his rooni- i said none of the oScers and ~er. iajided were "seriously injured. Apparently some of Vji ths number St~^n in Vice Adm The Covington. "svas struck at 9:17 ! o"c;oci: Mondav night while proceed- i -v^ V e L^y^: r SrSj^-ord of the American E ^y. The .e^. either toward ,,. channel Ports Karii-.e was not sighted. The trans- ; " Ol Port remained afloat until Tuesday, i z - j street, evidently to get his "bankie" .- and skip. When caught by the police j on West street, he denied he was a i deserter until OScer Korton turned | upon him sharply with a. bla" that S his mate had admitted the charge. he meekly confessed- Duncan policy his company has pursued ' CT _._. should be continued- ;ana ^ _ M o , meiti: , g the forthc oming to Mew hu ^ ov ^ --~ . "^^tn efforts were made iv another · -essrf and two tags to tow her to port, j INCREASES FOK R. K *-t rhe was too tn21v damaged to ; v."sshin=ton. I?- C_ July J.--Kecom- iwpaScat. j jne=fiat:ons of the railway wage Torpedo Strikes Forward. \ board on the -.sesvlo- of ir-cyeascd ·pay ar.c worx:-s cor.d:t:or.s o: ra:.- of the aviators were b--rr.c-l to or Paris. Possibilities of feints at remote ^arts of the line to co^'er the · ; developments of tr.e real attack until it :s well =ncer way are believed to b* less promisiriE: as it is the Allies who are now creating civersior.s ar.d It is regar£e3 as q^it-? prc"~-ab!e . ins: house. j "V\"ord was recei^'ed last nigl-.t from ' the British consul genera; at Xew - "Sfork, in answer to a. telegram o: sn- '· quiry. to deliver the men to the naval . authorities at that city. An endeavor · will 3e made, however, to have some': one sent here to get them. ) Both men have seen considerable ; Sighting between tr.e British and Ger- navies. Butler is a. seaman gun- r:er. having served seven years. Duncan hcs been in for three years as a. " This -- as tl-.eir Srst trip to the United tales. The boys -were 7-reEenX at the ^reat battle of Jutlans. nest Monday, the date for which the strike for operators employed by the Western "Union Telegraph company is called, is not probable. Should the President insist tomorrow upon immediate action--which leaders regard as doubtful -- administration spokes- elegraph. telephone, cable and radio j Over Th«e Thousand Attend Annual storm center of tfae b a j fr(mt ~ ' Gatherins ot Otsego County Hoi- ! . "«"- sieiu Club at Hartuick Seminary--! m France. Here the lEioqucnt Speech by Governor ] assisted by American \VhIUnan-Fitry-SCTcn Choice Aci- menES surged forward nials Sold. , " " The Otsego County Holstein-Frie- j and drove the GrCrmanS ian ciub has for several years held village of Hamel its annual outing, basket picnic and i jmd consignment sale at Hartwick Sem- inaty, and each year the outing has i i the woods to the same time been a pronounced success. Hun-.j secondary attack on. dreds have gathered each year, | positions north of Sommeamong: them breeders from this a n d j c -- i i « . i - ^i i- adjoining counties, and always the | Sm ? C that tUne til6 verdict has been most satisfactory as regards interest and attendance. This year, however, the picnic outstripped all its predecesors, and it is likely that all events of like sort in this county will hereafter take as basis for comparison the big Holstein Breeders" meeting of 131S. Ths crowd began to gather early in the forenoon, and before 10 o'clock all previous records in the way of picnics had been passed. Still the cars and other vehicles continued to . roll in. and at 1 o'clock a careful but J probably not complete count made the j number of autos over 600. With an Amiens have been very Repulse Huns at The Germans have been ia an attempt to retake Hamel and the wooded the Australians further British official report says enemy was stopped easily, Germans claim to have British forces east of have thrown them back original line at Villers the exception of aerial i American front na; ierman official statement British attacks in the.Ypres these assaults average of five occupants, the attend- i addin g. ance would have been 3,000 persons, j pulsed . Heavy artillery Jire but the actual attendance was much larger, as many arrived later. Be- neighborhoO d is reported sides the Otsego breeders and their i In the meantime, the friends, there were at least SO cars been contnt to hold and from Schoharie county. Montgomery { ^_ pos jti ons near county Farm bureau men made the j xouvent and Autreches. trip in a body, and there were also | SoissonS- where In ^o rec fioodiy representations from Chenan- j attacks ^e Germans suffered go and Herkimer. - casualties and lost many prisoners. Dinner was of the picnic variety, j The F renc n war office says but ice cream and lemonade were j fn the past day .^^^ has beerl served by the ladies of the seminary, j arLi ii ery s rins Jn lhe Of ice cream alone there were over 100 gallons consumed. The sale of the 57 animals consign- i Clury and Gobert . ed by members of the club began at j att a ck j the front southwest of the French won ground we ek. about 11 o'clock, with Col. B. V. Kel- ! ley of Syracuse as auctioneer, and ' Stanley S. Kiane of Hart'-vjck Semm- ! ary as sales manager. Slusic preced- j mouth of the Piave coning the auction and during the entire j tinued to make Italians Continue Italian forces, operating nieji said that undoubtedly the recess ical organization. would be delayed several days. day was furnished by the Burlington Flats Cornet band, an excellent mus- Prior to the sale fighting, and have taken 400 prisoners, as well as cannon and many machine Col. Kelly announced that a collection the mountain region, i for the benefit of the iocal Eed Cross · have extended their Must Continue Policy. Says Carfton. j would be taken. This was done, and j of ilonte Grappa a liberal sum was realized. The first i desperate counter calf for the benefit of '·· trians against positions . It was knocked down ; them in the Italian for S50 to Herbert Bernard of Sche- j Stockholm reports Xew York. July 3. While assert- i ing that he did not wish, through any I ] act of his. "to add an hour's delay to j ^ the nation's telegraph service," Xew- i _ '. nevus, who promptly presented it to ' expected to declare Encomb Carlton. president of tne West- j T _ he Egd Cross ^ ^ agajn ^ i tente A1Hes _ .^ fe probabiv the - "I do not wish to leave this P iion -with the stigma of having made I ~ a great mistake." he said. hut on "I have I Keel Cross, which has just i the port of Koia to before he The Czecho-Slovak troops, | been organized, will start off with a ] transported there ' OSI ~ - substantial surplus of over S300 as : collapse as a factor i a result of the picnic. desire, and that is to turn the i Js n) . a . A complete list of the animals sold i~S in ^-astern Siberia, are available. However - to have won a victory ious to serve their country and price in that service." K-s asserted that if the fa-is to take over the wires before '· · list of animals sole wil! probaMy be '· includes a great : given later. The managers of the sale Austrian prisoners report satisfactory- were entirely · driven out of the region i and into the country ;e was conSdent telegraph. -^.^ ever . t o £ the afternoon was t'-e^ Baikal, communication in this country would Preser!Ce o f Governor Charles S. Whit- j ~--~~--_____ not be interrupted and that, if mat; -,, an- ^-^ o caroe from RichSeid Springs IBIHTISH FLIKKS AID ters were allowed to go OD as they'^r ihe purpose, afterwards going to' j^-^o- E r.gl2n3. Julv ^.--British were, "tne contention -arr-seh the com- cooperstown. -K-here he spoke later :n par.y has been rnakir-g as to the i2=-_-j, e a ;terroon. Governor Vv' London. aerial forces co-operated lar-.d forces in yesterday's

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