Early tally of killed and wounded policemen

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Early tally of killed and wounded policemen - mass- so- whoea-foroe ' destruo-tloa killed aad...
mass- so- whoea-foroe ' destruo-tloa killed aad wounded. . . . xn.T.m. Omen Johh BAxasTT.'of No. 972 Wert Erie street, tnree gnuauot wound, -one la ais left breast one la his right arm, and oae in hie foot; died at the County Hospital shortly after 2 o'clock this moraine. - .- Ornccn J obkph M. DssoAg.of the Weet Lake Street ctauon, wonnded tn the thigh By the explosion of the bono, aa artery . being severed. He waa taken to the County Hospital at 10:5O o'cUxJt, aad died five mlnntee Oyfickb Tox Kxddxs, shot ia thigh aad breast; died at midnight la tbe Despising btreet StaUoa, Lived at No. 649 Carroll avenue. XXrOKTKO DYTBa. Omen Mrxa HHSaHtw,. of Deeptsines a tree t. waa reported to be dying at 2 o'clock this morninc orhcerLAwagxcB Mubtht, of No. 317ta Fulton street, nas loot part of one foot Officer Chabixs bUllex. of Na 30 Madison street was alive la the County Hospital at 2:3U o'clock this morning, bat it is impossible for him to last long, as the bullet can, act be found by the physician. . WOBMDKO. Omen AidcXAXOXB Jahxsox, Ka 129 Ourley street Umcu Patbicx HABTroan, Na 238 Noble atreet - LrguTKKAjrr Jam-ks Szaxtox, of ths West Lax Street Station. Umcu Adajc Babbbb, No. 331 West Jack-son street - Umcu TxoJCAS MoHxirax, Na 376 Weet Polk street - ' Omcxa Hbhbx Wrxjicxx. Na 73 West DI-yision street Offiokb & McMabox, Na 913 North Ashland avenue. Offickb D. F. ScHBkMM, Na 137 Mosart street, Humboldt Park. . Umcu X. O'SCmUvas, Na 123 Hickory street - J axes Lkx, a dtixea. residing at Na 3 Bickerdike sUeet was also wounded. Josepb NoBktAH. shot in the hand, James Con way, shot in the leg. - 5 Omcxa Geo bos Snii.t, shot la the leg aad breast: probably fatal. -Umcu Jomf Kxid, shot In both legs. ' MicHAXi, OBmixx, wounded la thigh with bomb. Abthpb CoTrtrt, shot la the leg aad arm, ' Orncsx Habsox, shot in the back and leg. Thomas Bbofht, shot la the hand. Omcxa Dab iiooAXvShot in right leg aad finger. N. J. Beddex. left leg; broken and arm cut Pbtb Bun. ex, wounds in both legs and arm by bomb. . . - - . . johh u. hrsa. snotintne ooav. -Lues Colxxsxit, shot in the ankle. Omen Chaxxbb Ftbx, la the leg. Omcxa Hxbbt UanxH, shot ia the shoulder. Loins Johksox, shot in the leg. - . Bam Hbxoo, alight wound la toe leg.- Alex. Hai,vxbsox, shot la both lags. -Cmcxa Burrxaxx, shot la the arm aad both Uga -i -- -- " umcn ttk fXAvm. snos in ta leg. arm. and back; probably fatally. - - - t a. r. KBUBOBB, aitgnt wound ta tn xnee. -Omcxa Johx K. McMahox, shot ta the leg. Omcxa Jobh E. Doiu, shot in the leg. Omcxa Hoxx, ahot above the knee in the lesr. .- . Omen ED HAxaxTT, shot in the leg. ' -Omen Fbabx jofrxsox. shot four times ia the body probably fatally. - - MTnwAnr. liAHX, a OlUsea, OC HO AO AMglS atreet shot In the leg. laoaTAs AO lax. a auxsTi. oi ma wees Bandolph atreet, ahot ta the breast aad leg; will probaDiy die. UfflOIt saXKMAH BTXaXB, B SOU OX AAeU- tenant Bteein. Ovricn Chist.es WRrnrxX,. - -Omen J AMXs H. W rxaoa, ' r- . -, Omen M. J. MrrcHxiaU - . Omen N. i. Shaitbox. ' - ' i ' - : omoxa Jaxks Coxwaz. : ... Omcxa Tat ola vxa. y . Omen Tim Mtjrtht. . ... - :: , Omen Hbxbt Mrxirt . OrncKa Patbick McS wrt. OmCU L'ElELtS Xckul - ; ' Omen Bex Smeij..-- ... -, ' --.. OmCEB FSAKX I TBXLX. - ' ' OmcEs J otErn T. Johksox. -' Omen J. J. Babbbtx. - - ' Among the rioiers wounded war! ' Johx Scmnm. living on Weet Baxrlaoa street, sbot in leg and back. - TIM burxe a ijnogepora tougo, snot in breast and leg. MicHAXi. mowakd, shot in arm and thigh, Johx Htjkd, shot in the head and back. Pktkb I vet. shot in breast Fbabx MoBira, a Stock Tarda employe, waa ahot in the leg and breat A to us a max named Lunt imntr some- whsrs oa the horth b.da, was taJy Lard o

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  • Early tally of killed and wounded policemen

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