Chess Problem No. 506

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Chess Problem No. 506 - resigned 30 moves later. Fischer leads the...
resigned 30 moves later. Fischer leads the tournament with four out of five. The modern forms o the King's Indian Defence, in which Black combines the fianchetto of his KB with a general pawn advance on the queen's wing, are so popular nowadays that there is a tendency to underestimate White's opportunities for a central break-through if Black carries out his plans ;naccuratelv. The following example was won bv trie young Hungarian champion, who is" now competing at Hastings : MODERN BENONI DEFENCE While Black White fllai'k I P-Ol . Kt.fcBJ 14. KlxP P-OK14 2. P-QB4 P-Kl IS. KuOf(6:0Kl 3. KI-OB3 P-B4 IS. P-K5 O KI 17) 4. P-Q5 PiP 17. P-06 0-K3 5. PS P P-Q3 IS. B-K.i P-KlS 6. P-K4 P-KK:3 19. n x Kt P x Ki (S 7. P-B4 B-Ki: 20. P x Kt 0 x R ch 8 K.1-D3 Ca--tlcs it. OxQ R x O ch 9. b-k: R-KKii ::. mn lixnsj 10 Kt-Ol (2) 23. R-KS cri K-Ki2 11. Ca-tlcs R-Kll 24. P-Q7 B-K; 110) 12. R-KI P-B5 U) 25 P x D (Q) Resigns 13. B-B3 KI-B4 t "The modern form or Hie llenoni Defence w quhc nowitar el urescro. since it K'adW in mu totally ehitrp atuicks in wiiicli ihe s'.Tonacr plr usiiallj1 wigs. Here White ha set up on atriresrt:vc centre frrmation aiminii c; on eariy P-K5. and DLiCk thmiU in turn mobilise hi queen's side pawn majority as Boon an ponihlc. Tne beM way to do tins was 9 . . . P-QKU: for if Kl Ki x V. tO. x KP or Ui B x P. K-t s. KP; li Kt x Kt. O-RJ ch 2. A well-known manoeuvre: from QfH the knJurbt controls the important wiuares Q6 ami K5. at well as rcvirainlrtM Black's queen's side arMck. J. In the dais of Steinicz and Tarrasch such a move, accenting doubted pawns, would have been unvdemncd: it is a stun of the revolution in chess theory fri the ins 50 vears tnat to-day it la almost a routine operation. If 11 D x Kt. P x H: ihe weakness of the duubled pawns is outweighed by Iilnck's enhanced priMpects on the QKt fi!c and the w-htc squares. J. An JnteresTfnn pawn sacrifice wh:ch White r.jrhtly dejlme. for f 13 B s P. Q-Ktl ch: M K-RI K:-KKt5: with a Ntrortg attack 5 Ihe pawn mus: non hr deferred bv 13 P-QKU; althoush afjer U P-QR4, While faai the 6 An escellen-Uv juciscd comb.nii;on h:ch results in a deceive cen:ra! rnt:k-rhroij?ri. ?. Or 16 Q-KiJt: 17 B-K3. KtfB3v-QZ; 1 h P-OKU. S. Justifiably. Black dtctdr to piav T-banque. for if l) - Kt-02: 2ft Kt-K wir.6 easily 9 There is rto time for 22 P P: 23 R-KS ch. R-Bl: -4 R x B ch K x R: 25 P-Q7 d4fi. ch arld mite ne.xt move lo. Now. zj. . . p i P; :s B-BSch. K-Ktl; ift B-R6 matt.

Clipped from
  1. The Guardian,
  2. 01 Jan 1959, Thu,
  3. Page 5

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