How the Russian Revolt Was Financed By German Imperial Bank

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How the Russian Revolt Was Financed By German Imperial Bank - T HE PI T T SBU 11 G II V O S T REVOLT BY...
T HE PI T T SBU 11 G II V O S T REVOLT BY GERMAN BANK, DISCLOSED oirdomes at Frcsoaty and R..ulav Manv j. direct hits were obtained on the rali-visit ! ways, especially at Meta-Sabiona and 1 Courcelles, and several lircs were : conx-cil of People's Commissars will not , accede to these rcaucsts. Secretary j i RaskU." .itcnishinskii is minister of ! finaif. All of these terms, wholly puni-i j tive to American. English and French capital, could lurk in the secret section Line When in Paris Attacks District Up by Allies ' j i i j j ' ' 1 ! ; ; a 12-month3' terra after tho conclusion of separate peace. -.The purchase is permitted of ail Russian securities and dividend-bearing paper by the representatives of the Ger- man banks at -trie rate o" the day on the open market. Z. After tho conclusion, of separate peace, on the expiration of 00 days, there are re-cstabished all the shares of private railway companies, metallurgical industries, oil companies, and chemical pharmaceutical works. The rating of such papers will be made by the German and Austrian stock exchange. 4. There are banished and for live years from date of signing peace are liOt to be allowed : "nglish, French and American capital in the following in dustries: building, tical. Coal, metallurgical, machine oil, chemical and pharmaccu- .". In the question of development i:i Russia of coal, oil and metallurgical branches of industry there is to be established a supreme advisory organ consisting of 10 Russian specialists. 10 from the German industrial orsr.iniza-t;ons aud the German' and Austrian banks. . . ti. The Russian government must not interfere in the region of. questions connected with the transfer to tho benefit of Germany of two mining districts in Poland Dombrosky and Olkiakky and to Austria of the oil region in Galicia. Tuc transfer of the latter will be only ih in the form of limitations of the right of making claims, land allotments and application of capital for the production and re ining of oil. 7. Germany and Austria enjoy tiie unlimited privilege of sending into Russia mechanics and qualified workmen. S. Other foreign mechanics and workmen during five years after the conclusion of peace between Russia and Germany are not to be allowed to enter at ail. ft. The statistical department of producing and manufacturing industries with the corresponding government organ must be controlled by German specialists. 10. Private banks in Russia arise only with the consent and according to the plan of the t'nion of German and AuJ-trial banks, whereby the rating of the stocks of the banks on all exchanges of the new and oH world will be handled by the group of the Deutsche bank. 11. At the ports of Petrograd. Archangel, Odessa, Vladivostok, the Batum will be established, under the leadership of specialists from Germany, special statistical economic committees. As regards the tariff, railway and shipping rate policies to regulate the j riusso-Germari-Austrian trade, relations. ! this part of the economical treaty will i he discussed by the special tariff coun-i cil of the llanuelstag. Chairman von i Grcnner: Secretary Berenbluet. ' XoteThe penned indorsement on the -Chairman of the Central Executive Committcc-Comwssionce Menshinsky requests that this resolution should be taken under advisement, and to prepare the oronnd in the Soviet of the Work - mfitiN rr.f?f FnldirrK' Tlrnn tirx in rn tit back from the lighting line, l'rom a high eminence the secretary looked out on the Americans as they sprang forward in attack. He refrained, however, from commenting at this time except in a formal statement which follows : "General , Pershing's asuiouncement will cover the military situation. The people of the United States will he overjoyed that their army, in close cooperation with the allies, has been able to achieve this striking success." TERRITORY RESTORED. "A particularly happy circumstance is that the victory delivers from the invader territory which had been occupied for four years and restored it to France and her people, who had been captive during the long period. "The rejoicing of the civil population at St. Mihiel knows no bounds, and al- ; ready, mixed with the war material j which crowds the roads, are refugees j returning to their homes. i "The action and all the circumstances are brilliant and justify the hope of a j great nation whose armies are en- i gaged." ! started at ' Metz.' KaUeriauten. the. Saarbrucken station and the. Frescaty airdome. Three to return. of our machines failed "This morning the railway t.-iangic at Mctz-Sa-b!o:i3 was again attacked and many direct h:Ui were obtained. line my uu were active. Bombs were also dropped on the Buj! airdome. Three or' jjr machines ;ire uiio.iu. "Today tiie Daimler 'works at Stuttgart were also attacked with good results. During this raid 2) enemy aircraft were encountered and two were destroyed. Our machines all returned safely. "The total weight of bombs dropped during the tit hours was more than 7 tons." county soon will give Mr. lienahan a unanimous indorsement. Also the bar .issoeiation of Xorthumberlnnd ,:id Sc-hu Ikill counties, it is understood, v. ill indorse Mr. Lf-nalrm this week. These will complete the Indorsement ui wnanaa lay ail counties Northeastern Pennsylvania. Jap-British Forces A 11 fi -- parograpn are or course irtose atrcaay Allay UllllieSe IT aniC!mi"nJ' Washington from February PllKJ.VG, Monday. .--pt. '. . ;.re.:e destroyer has arm cd off l-'ui-Ciiow. ami' British marines have been 'f.r.ded at A moy. to aliuy pan...- !n tho'Je cities due lo the approach of the- .-.. r :.-i in icbc-1 forcer. I in i lx jtrtrt x. r n ....... e iaasend-,r wiia. liberty" v. ' ui the prtscul 'icnann-Kuiuiii in aty. j do not. know the fate of the resolution J on thin, i(s earl if mntt r appearance. Have besides the notatcd photograph a printed copy of this circular. DOCUMENT NO. 12. (dr. C.aneral Staff. Nwhrtd-.len Bureau, Section R, No. 'SO. February U, 19:?.) Secret. To the Chairman of tiie Council of People's Commissars: After conferring with tho People's Comiiussar Trotsky. I have the honor to ask you to urgently inform the agents of the secret service at Strafka, Commissars Feirabend and Kalmanovich, that 1 thev should work as formerly in corn- I ,," )rfenendence and without tho j knowcdse of the official staff at Stafka. and the general staff in Petersburg, and particularly Gen. Bonch-Bruf vich nti.1 the secret service of the northern front, communicating only People's Commissar Lie at. For the head of I lie dep.' Bauer; adjutant. Eukhoiui. Sole Across the letter witii tue Kri'enko. it men!, R. is vt it ten (Gorbuiuf'8 t? written air of icar. y'Tnform 3Ioshoiir, X. G." initials . In the tuarnin '"Passett on to tiie votomix M. Zkripnik." 1 h signijicaitce of this to ICtiin: that the letter is that tt ' two chief secretaries of hiviself and the council passed it on for action; and 1hat Trotl;y and Lcni-nc o.i l ebruary 27 iccrc continuing to hamper tiie llns-sian, cornmaiide r at a moment v.hrn the German anuy icns threatening Fc.iro-grad. ZIosholov was one of the commissars on the staff of Krilenko, the commissar representing the council of commissars in the command of the Rus-i stan military forces. His achievements as a disorganiser were notable. This letter indicates that he had the confidence of Germany. Have original letter. DOCUMENT NO. 13. (Gr. General -Staff. Naoiiriehtr; V;arru Section R. No. 798, Febiuary '.:.. Very Secret. To the Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars: According to reports of our secret service in the detachments operating against the German troops and against the Austrian Ukrainian corps, there has been discovered propaganda for a national rising and a struggle with the Germans and their allies, the Ukrainians. I ask you to inform me what has been done by the Government to stop this harm-ful agitation. For the head of the department. It. Bauer: adjutant, lienrich. Xotc Across the ton is written "Urgent to the commissars of war and special staff. M. Ukripnik:'' The last sentence is underscored and ifl tho margin appears a ruestion - marked, initialed -L. 2 V The first is Lenin's order through Jtis secretary and the, second may -possibly he taken a-i Trotzky s op- ' P" anguc.ou. s nc toss or tr 1 Ukraine by cmmtvr-i,erman intrigue was a sore iUge with nt,n. hut '" obedience to Germany was TIC. t CO', tit. (1. If aw onanal Idler. DOCUMENT NO. 14. ; (-..'. v.. Naohrit-litea Parcu, fr'cc.'o:: It, ; No. -7i-fiJ February 7.' ; To ihe Coinniistar of Foreign Affairs: ! According to information of the secret-j service department it has been ascertained that the promise given person-1 aliy by you, Mr. Commissar, in Brest- Litovsk, that socialistic agitational ! literature would not be circulate ! ' among the German troops is not bing fulliiled. Tell me what st'-ps will be taken in tnis matter. For tiie head of the df parum-nt, R. Bauer; adjutant, i Henrich. Xote--Brusri;ti. words t,- tho foreign minister of the soviet government of workmen, solhrs and sailors of the ' Russian republic, delivered, not by an equal in official rank, but by the deputy of a German tuajor at the head of an information department of the German government. iJid Trotzky resent or deny the imputation? Instead lie wrote with '. his own hand i.i the margin '' ask to discuss it. L. T.'' Thus he admits that i he did give the promise al Brest-Litovsk. I The question raised concerns only the lineasurc of obedience to be required. II nve original letter. DOCUMENT NO. 15. .'---r-p.o:..i-. s-.iecia: iectlon v. iCi t..c A Vainihi, lo t.iC Peopi e's chairman o the Coanc.l Of Commissars: at the Stavka he counter-advises that esplonas at the front is being spread by unKiiowti agitators the following counter-revolu-tionary literature.: 1. The test of circulars of various Ger-j man government institution? with proofs of the connection or me ,erman government with the Bolshevik workers be- ' fore the passing of the government Into their hands. These leaflets have reached j also the German commandei-s. The su-i prenie commander has received a de-j mand from General Hoffman to stop this dangerous agitation by all means I possible. I 2. A stenographic report of the conver-i sation of General Hoffman with Com- rade Trotsky, whereby it was sup-i poscdly proposed to the latter to make ; peace on conditions of considerable concessions on tho part of the central empires, but on -the obligation of the Rus-. sian government to stop the socialization of the life of the staf. Comrade ; Trotsky supposedly offered tiie termination of the war without peace and the demobilization of our army. When General HotTrnan announced that the Germans would- continue the advance, ; Trotsky supposedly replied. "Then under : the pressure of force we shall -be forced to make peace and fulh'.l all demands." This document has created indignation among the troops. Against the Council of People's - Commissars are heard cruel accusations. Commissar . Kalmanovich. XotcThis letter is warning of the slow rising but coming storm that will sweep ilvesc boldest pirates of history froM tha country they Irate temporarily stolen. To pet a real understanding of the ineaiciiiii of the second, and important section of ihe letter, it must be pointed out that until February 1, the Russian calendar was If days behind the Western European calendar. The real dale of this letter, therefore, is February 10. This is the date Trotzky's "A'o peoee: tio icir" pronouncement was made at Brest-Litovsk. The news of it did not reach even Petrograd until the next day. Yet on that day printed circulars were being distributed at the front stating that Trot-ky had agreed I to do the very thing he did do, and giving an augury of events that did take place a week later when Germany did begin its advance and when the Bolshe- viks did fulfill all demands. The fact is that simple truth was being told. Xor is the means by which its was secured at all obscure. A few daring and skillful Russians had found a means to get information from Brest-Litovsk. I The circulars' referred to in the first paragraph are of course tltose already spa The following naive comment adds to the attractiveness of the letter, "The chhthtittrc fur toinhnttiiig the cvuv.ter-t evolution slates that throe circulars were unt from the Hun, and i'ne, stenographic repent nas seized in tianxmis-0(1 from KieJ. Its origin is undoubtedly Austrian or from the lloda.X. 1 is.ripwia. Have photograph of Utter. ! i I f-00 j ' . : 7 i ! i

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  • How the Russian Revolt Was Financed By German Imperial Bank

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