Documents Tell Of Sale Of Russia: Astounding Revelations of Duplicity of Bolsheviks Leaders Revealed

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Documents Tell Of Sale Of Russia: Astounding Revelations of Duplicity of Bolsheviks Leaders Revealed - au-1 ahould be "taken under advisement, I to Gm...
au-1 ahould be "taken under advisement, I to Gm many. A. Joffre-. The marginal moneyjand the. ground prepared ta the sorlet I Indorsement la writing is "to the e-to J of the workmen's and soldiers deputies cret department. B. U. Thi Is the .Kanx. i in case the council of people eon - mia - Lenlne. se- - vanou detaC of. the eonsptraeT secret files, tween the Bolshevik leaders and the i, ar. export- Ger- document IS to . These are photo- tuxi had xo that steps bore ieao the Circa- de I'etro- cen se- lacrlmi-rattnt sitTia-tnre. the with the bad e-aet S destroy German eon-ant" are de are ltle. rrerr-img the arch- Ger In tn .thM av beea I - mrw itTia 10 saow now tne I Bolshevik leaders and tha German offl-The fresa leers arranged. for the assassination of kjgm lttd, de-st tbe sr- it "an- . u- ln between th th V a th of democ- it the the rev- docu- o& I j la-formed I x-eewttv I r of Oer-1 I li i - Bol-shevik asl-t peo- I , aa- a I fori ImTjerial capitalism and the pretended - s Kur.fn Reds is indorsed by a Bouncni books" I leader, wiii th recommendation that It Wfc MPT , Detaiia cf Conspiracy. . tn frini 01 jewer wnicn passea oeiween i me o;nenK leader and the German Irerteral staff, r the German Ccera In ci nuwia. uocnmci .. zi snows tnat on .-vovemoer I. iUi7, wnen Kuesle was rtiu regarded as an any of Great Britain, France and America, the German gen- eraJ staff was having -the honor to re- J quest' the Bolshevik leaders to Inform xn earuesx poas.oie moment - - i concerning - me quantity ana. sxorage I piece of the snocUes that hare been rw- - 1 cetved from America. Knar Land and la j ranee, and aieo the Chits which are .ox j-sin iuni over me sxores, - 01 i iMrssmt 19 mwi t se uerssan at I rl mtmtt reeetrtaf - (he Belshevik j leaders te tes4 swltatsew tm tke ewsssw j f tb Bsisslssj yrteeeiie ef srar tm 1 Gerssasiy ! wrer tset tsey ssJa-nt - j Kna-llsfe Sksel rrewekt rwe and to far. or I ter feaee wreenasv Aad till la I ttMi wr tke c n sstsmi wteff e keiasT aeewrdJasr te tbe itMtla. betwees the B ten ssi Gn veeet . delrratlama at Breat UtwvaaV .. - ' ,- j Agents to United States. In Deewsaeat 23 the Belskevla: lead ers as tbe Gersaaas are arraaa-taa- te ead Maseats, asitaters. aad aareat j perrs ei tse l airea states. Japan, aad Hrltlsk eelwmSes) la eastern Aela." la Document 1 Trotsky is providing fraudulent passports for German efioers who are going to Earland, rrance and America, as spies and enemy arent. And Document 17 shows Trotxky Indors es- a similar proposal -to do urg-enuy eseuted. L. T." Three German submarines are to be sent to the raclflc on the trans-ibertan railway by .orders of the German high command In-document No. 2X .Lists of German and Russian spies watching the British. French and American em base lee In Petrograd are glrsn ln document 'No. 2S. And,' finally .la document No. U. the Bolshevik leaders are warned that Information concern! nr "the connection of the German government with the Bol-1 workerV' h les.keJot and Sit IlUMl troop, are hearing of it. - I : Aaaaaalnatlon Arrsnoed. I - . . . - ' - J Russian nationalist leaders (Documents S. and 62). for the destruction of the Polish legionaries In the Russian army (Documents 40 to 42). for tha diaorranl- tstion of the Roumanian army and tha deposing or the Roumanian king (document No. TT. tor the substitution of j mand : of Russian troop Instead of mm l nuasian generals tiocumenis It i . tnd B; for th aupprwlon . of l . ' y u47rwiua . I patriotic agitation among th Russian I Ur. lllnMtmM. 19 mmA 1 i fnm Pwroirrad and th theft of hi. papers (Documents M and XT). and - for the Several mt tk letter are Indorsed by Trotsky. Evea etaadlig aleae, they are esalet greet that tke Belske-rlk leader were rallig a German aareat la Hasel aad heyfac Gersaaa rdera to act agalast all Geraaaiy'a eaesalee ad evea sgslast ttaisla itself. ' Aoenta for Germany. Moreover, .. th. . Bolahevik , leader. acted aa Oerman agents by suppressing their own Socialist . revolution. In - th Russian province wbr their doc trine interfered with German plans of I annexation. ' Document 44 is th orig- inal letter from ths Petrograd depart- I ment of the lerman general staff, ad-1 I dressed to th Bolshevik commissar of (foreign affair. It reads: "Aocording to I instructions of the representatives of TlTSrJ Tn I land. Lira and CourUand all asitatora I of the central executive eommittM I th soviet of workmen's and soldiers' I deDUUes." Ana in lOCument 47 the ren- era! staff order th Bolshovikl to cease the agitation ta Estland which Aad finally . led to the German landlords being declared outlawed." and to "take Immediate step for th restoring of th right of th above-mentioned Ger- man landlords." -Another group of letters. (No.- 23 to 8) shows how th Germans cheated the Bolshevik leaders In their dealings with the Ukraine and made a sens rate Ger- man peace . with th anti-Bolshevik I leaders ln that Russian province. And another group shows, th German as-1 elating potn. sides or the. civil war in Finland (Document 22, 42 and (3). The documents, - as they follow, ;r given tn th report form m which they wer transmittea oy air. sisson to Mr. CreeL chairman of the commute, with ... . . I.ta . . . mAAA wA iMpitllat indicated, ror instance. Mr. sisson did not learn until several week after he had left Russia that th German order (which he possessed) naming the Russian who was to - "defend" Petrograd had, been obeyed. . , ; , ; ? , . i Report of .Sisaon. - Report by Edgar Sisson, Instalment L (Introduction and Documents 1 to?): Three group, of documents ar subjected' to Internal analysis ln th ma terial that follows: One group consists of original, on group consists of photograph of document believed etui to be in tne u room vi ine itussian Bolahevtki, and tn third (the appendix to the first Instalment) of typewritten circular that bar not been traced to their originals except in th case of two of th numoer. . Tn enter lmpor. tnc f the third ajoup is that Its ap- r VJZ P9"L!Z.r H AJa. w V1- Th first set of these appendix circu lars cam Into my hands on February 2 in Petrograd. An additional set ap peared the following oar at an office where I frequently called. A third appeared ln another quarter a day after-1 Ward, uni sex waa in .nuBsimn ana two in Rnrlish. On February S I held aU three sets. ' A possible cxpIanaUon for their appearance at this time and their Intent Is given in tne appendix. . By themselves they wer plausible but formed the obvious duty of analysing them for surraee yaiues ana Transmit- ting them and th analyaia i to Waahlng- lon - . inrnoar,M'.v " w vi rurtner mvesuxmuvn- , it ta not vet possible to name those who helped, but ln two week time the iArmmnt of facta bocamo apparent. The material 1 presented- in it re port form, with th addition of some later data. ' ' For Instance.-' I ' was not able to learn until several weeks after I left Russia that the German order (which I poesesseai -naming me kus- slan who was to "defend Petrograd bad Been 7 . a . " m. . " Th text of th documents disclose both th method 'and th effects of tv... rurmifl conspiracy not. alone against. Russia, but th world. With each document w wi inaicauon of whether it Is an original or photograph. With each document is an InterpretaUr note. .": ! " ' . ' DOCUMENT NO.' 1. ' ; v ' - ' very secret. ' - - '.-- - People's commissary .for ; fortiga affairs. ' " ' 7 -Petrograd." November IS.' Mil. . " To tb chairman of th Council of ' People's commissars: "- " la accordance with th resolution . naaaed bv: th conference, of people's commissar, comrade Lenlne. Trot-xkv. PodvoUky. Dynko, and Voio-darsky. the following haa .been exe cuted by us; I - In the archives of the ministry I of justice from the dossier re "trea- I of comrades Lenlne. ZlnovielT. Koslovsky, Kollontal and others, has been removed the order of the German Imperial Bank No. 7433. of the 2d of March. 1917. for allowing money to comrades Lenlne. - Zinovieff. Kameneff. TroUky, Sumenson. Koslovsky and other for th propaganda of peace in Russia. 2. . There; have been audited all th books of the Nla bank at Stockholm containing the account of comrades Lenlne, TroUky, Zino- -vteff and other, which were opened by the order of the German Imperial -Bank No. 234. These books hav been delivered to comrade Muiler, who wa sent from Berlin. Authorised by .the commissar for foreign affairs. ' t: zallikind. ; e. polivanoff. ' Note The Russian council of people's mrr-mj-sara was dominated by the pres- I Ident. viadijnir TJTJanov (Lenin): the I then roreuro minister Ln jreuw. I now war minister: and the ambassador 1 fashion In which Lena is accusxoTnea to initial himself. The English eqniva-lent would be V- V. tor Vladimir TL'lianor. fia, even If there existed no farther record of German imperial Ban order Xo. "C2, here would be the proof of its contents, and here Is the Una eHWetiEs; Lenlne directly with his i ooflsnd bis relit, i ne content tuiur of the circuiar exists, however. . and herewlth follows- Order cf the id of Harch 13V. cf the Imperial bank for the perresentatiTe rVn tnk la Sweden: Vew la kerebs- rlvrw tkat . i ,?Vlr ! -- i.n.J. iTf ti .7wtVl-tVEi k. (.tiri.ri Iealse. ZJe- Tteff. Kasaeweff. Tretxky. 9 set. Kelwesry. KeUewtat. tv a Merfcalia. aeewwat t r wk aav beesi' wened t erttfti Mr raev Kew S7M fee the " . , - , ZZ?JLZ IrwmV 1-! 'see la Svrewesw- werwmy mmm wttzrlaaA. AU th sbewld bear eweef tke tee sax-atwrest Dlshats er WIlkekera. W Itb either wff taeve aU tatee the rewaeeta of the above ssew Hewed yereeeaa skewld be cwssaUed wttsv-erftbeert delay 74X3. Isarerlal Bank I have not a copy of this circular nor a photograph cf It, but document No. 2 next tn order, provea Its authenticity at once curiously and absolutely.- FarOco-lar Interest attaches to this circular because of Bolshevik public denial of Its existence. It was one of several uer- d.lman clrcuUrs published ta Paris in tie rorrad Bolshevik papers proclaimed It e-'skr it rm. rBie-TTxiae aasi wuiici a - uv- a falsehood, aicnas. wnoee i.jnuun aeneara not only here, but on the protocol was aa assistant forelirn mln-Ur Mm waa sent in Febroarr oa a mission outside of Russia. He was ta rhristlanla in April when I waa there, j Have photorraph of the letter-. DOCUMENT.NO. 2. No. 4S1. secret. (O. O. 8V. Nachrfchten Bureau, emotion R- - February 12. Tki leexet aei lice department haa the honor to Inform you that there were found on the arrested captain. Konshln. two Oerman documents with notations and stamps of the Petersburg secret police (Okrana) which show themselves to oa tne mginsj 1 orders of the Imperial, bank. No. i.nzj Uerch 2. UIJ. ooncerning tne ' oDe'ninr . of accounts for Messrs. .Lenin. Sumenaon, Koslovsky. Trot-tky and other active workers on th peace propaganda, by order No. 2TH of -th imperial bank. . Thee dlscoverlea ahow that at the proper-time steps were not taken to destroy tha above-mentlonad docu- ment. ' - '. For th head of tha department. R. BAITER. Adit. Bukholm. - Note-Observe th thoughtfulnesa with which Bauer, a care mi man, set aown j I !bri ..1 -K..,hV! I ... ., rr. e??? l 1Vl., A,,mntm fnimd , lan?J 1?" Wl rlf in I iruiniul urui.nii. - a u v.iv. u a hm the oHgnaJ htU tm frftind?,nrnHnr courtter-revo! secretary. Th letter is directed to Lenine. Did Ekripnlk get th document? I do not know. i Th letter'! remarkable otherwise, for the arrested Captain Konshln mentioned 1 a German officer, . Lieutenant Otto, who appoars elsewhere a an agent in the Oerman double-crossing intrigue in th Ukraine. What was behind the mystery of his arrest? What was hi fate? ;7 DOCUMENT NO. 8. . (V. K. D. 23 2 Incloeures). t protocol: .-' Thi protocol, written by us on th 2d of November, 1917, ln duplicate, with th consent of the council of ' people' commissar is taken from the department of secret service of the Petrograd district and the former department of police (Okrana), on instructions of the representatives of the German general staff in Petrograd: -: - . 5 V Circular of the German general tff No. 42L dated June'S.. 1311. concerning the immediate mobilization -of all industrial enterprises in ' Germany, and: , X. Circular No. 93. dated November ' 28, 1914. of th general taff of th high sea fleet, concerning the sending into enemy countries of special agents for the destruction of war supplies and materials. ' . The above noted' circulars wer given over under signed receipt into ., the secret service department of the German staff in Petersburg. . . Authortxed by th council of people's commissars. ' v F. ZALKIND. E. POLIVANOFF. , (lilegibile but may be Mek-. - anoehln). , . A. JOFFE." ' The circular No. 421 and 93 mentioned in this protocol and also one copy of thi protocol were received ' on the 2d of November, 1917, by th secret service department of the German general staff in Petrograd., - ' HENRICH. Adjutant. -Note The circulars inclosed- ar la German and ar a follows: -L German-general ataff. Central Abthellung, Section M. No. (blank). ' Berlin. . Circular f Jan S. IS1. To Beslrkseommeadaiteat ; ' . Wltkla tweaty-f r hoars f t.k . receipt of tkl eirewlar yoi ar to . laform all tadoatrlala eoaceras by wire tkat tk doe meats vrltk la-4astrlals mohlllsatioa plaaa aad vrltk reglitrotlom form ko opeaed, -aek a are referred to ta tke elr. ' ewlar of tk eomaaisaio of Cent via . Walderse aad Capri vl, mt . Jin ar, is7. N. 421, mokiuaatioa leexiia. X Geaeral staff of tk klk sei ' fleet, N. S3. - rireaUr f Xevember 2. 111. . T Msrtieigeitarea aad Klettea- wcrelaeii Yea ire ordered to mobilise lm-. mediately all deetnctlow ageats , aad'okoerver la those commercial aad. military porta la Canada aad V America where miiltloii aad be-las loaded oa aklpo golag t Ras-ala. Kraae aad Eaglaad. where, tkere are oterekooee of sick ma-altleis. aad where flgktiig . aaits are atatleied. It la aeeeasary t . klre tkreagk . third partlei wko ttiit la a relatlea t tk official represeatatlve of-Germiiy rents for irraagiag exploelois oa skip beaad for enemy eeaatrle-. aad for arraaaiaa- delays, embroil- meats aid dlfflealtlea diriigr tke leedlaav dispateklag aad aaloadlaug of iklp. For this parpooe we are especially reeemmeadiag tm year atteitloi . leaders' gaaga. amoag -wkom tkere are amaay aaarcklata . aad eocaped erlmlaals. aadtkat ' yea getsja teaek wltk Genua aad .. aeatral ship rag office as a meaa ef ehoervtig ageata' of eaemy eeaatrle wko are recelv-lag and ikippla; tke mwairioaa. " . Meaey reeaired for tke ktrlir aad kHklag of perooaa atemii for tke dealgaated parpo will ke placed at year disposal at year re-aaest. . ' " , I -. . IVackriehtea bwmi mt tk geaeral ataff ef tke klgk iea fleet. - KOE.XIG. Note Both th circulars bear the pen- died notation that the German secret I at - Petrograd has received them, signed Agaafer, the cipher signature of haTe evl-Major Lubert. head of the bureau, a dence German Intent her was to remove from J th record of th old Russian govern-1 wu oe snown in ow. . . im ment in enaence, nrsi, ui oerroany i wa oeginning in June, -"a.- preparation for the war that surprised J the world In August. 1914, and. second, 1 tn remove the evidence of Its responsl- bllity f or incendiarism and explosions in I tne uniiea ciaies cvuuuj. imu I Germany wa tnen at. peace. t ine rexuixi wa to give new evidence or tne truta 1 0 or tne cnars-ea. . I in Have original or protocol ana nave ujman printed circulars. DOCUMENT NO. 4. (G G. B- Nach rich ten V - Bureau Section R 33L ' - January 17. ISIS. To th Commissar of Foreign Af--. fairs: . The section has received exact ln-enrmatlon that the leaders of th Socialist party now ruling la Russia. - througa aieeara. nierstenoergv ana Radek. are In rorrespondence with Messrs. Scheldemann and Parvus regarding the destruction of the traces of business relations of the party with the imperial government. - W also know that this demand was caused ,br. the. demand of leading group of ' German Socialists, who saw tn th said communications a i ae - 1 1 I I I J I I . If to nee for ' t of U. vielT oi Af-, . . and the of re-election this to the lection tiatA hut the Mnt dinavi was OuiMi - chsrskl the confidence who photograph . ' , for about i

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  • Documents Tell Of Sale Of Russia: Astounding Revelations of Duplicity of Bolsheviks Leaders Revealed

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