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Christopher Adams - business - Flelsch-maun. church- a Ual- Testament, now...
Flelsch-maun. church- a Ual- Testament, now being printed In Japan on their native paper by the American Bible Bo-clety. Bo-clety. Bo-clety. It occupies a pleasant location oa th stag north of the organ. - THS COMMISSTOHSSS Met as usual In th afternoon, and passed bills to th amount ot 7,7se 28., Mr. llosea, the Officer of th Pay, reported everything now in order. Mr. Robinson tailed attention to the fact that on Friday, to-morrow, to-morrow, to-morrow, Indiana Day would be celebrated. Upon his motion it was resolved to make Saturday, the lStn lnst., day after to-morrow. to-morrow. to-morrow. Children's Day. when there will be an appropriate programme of muslo prepared for the occasion. Mr. Lane, of the Commute on Machinery, reported that th firemen In on part of Power Hall had been disc barged, and their pay-roll pay-roll pay-roll wss approved. After the transaction of other business of a .minor character the Board adjourned, adjourned, after confirming th following appointments appointments of Jurors: Claaa Kg. 1, stationary engines and appurtenances. appurtenances. visas No. t, steam generators and appurtenaDoes Harry Koblnson. Kichmond, Ind. Claas No. S, locomotors, portable sad traction engines, engines, railroad rolling stock snd appurtenances Wesley 8. Brower (if. M. C. R. Co.), Richmond, Ind. ; John s. Patterson (M. H. C. tit, L. ana O.). city. i Usss He. 4, hydraulic machinery ArUior G. Moore, city : Abbot Q. Ross, city. Class No. , metal-working metal-working metal-working machinery. Class No. 17, miscellaneous machinery Chss. T. Heaser, No. 10, Flkss Opera-house; Opera-house; Opera-house; aeorge Orey, city. Class Wo. t. wood working machinery Tboa. B. Smith, Header Furniture Co., city; Taos. Uilpin, city. Class No. T, Printing sod Paper Machinery John R. Iavey,Vso Antwerp, Bragg Co., city; Anthony Anthony Hlnkle, city. Claas No. s, Leather-Working Leather-Working Leather-Working Machinery Class No. 40, Boots, Bhoea, Finding, leather, ate Geo. F. Dougherty .city ; W. R. Vnlpps. city. Claas No. 9, Preaaors Blowers, Ac. Class No. IX, Marine and Submarine Machinery Class No. is. Firs Engines. Ac-Colonel Ac-Colonel Ac-Colonel W. K. Merrill, United States Army, Captain A. Q. Ross. Claas No. 10, Laundry Machinery and Apparatus Gideon Ryman, Indiana House ;T. W.Zimmerman, CIim Na. 11. tAhaem nuhtncrv Class No. 49, manufactured tobacco Paul G. Sorg, Mlddletowa. Ohio; Dr. T. K. Kpence. city. Class No. IS, cane snd cider-mills, cider-mills, cider-mills, Ac Claas No. 16. grist-mill grist-mill grist-mill machinery, akc George C. Were snd dw. Huntington, city. Class No. 18, textile machinery John B. ICorrla end Henry Pearce. city. Claas No. tl, erode minerals, Ac Claaa No. t2 nla and bar metal. Ac Class No. M, metal castings Atattliew Addy and r 1 u. A- A- - w . t I , - - 1 ' vji J.1W. w, swws, uvub, oMia. ivnnif uionai Clpes, Ac Christopher Adams (Howell, Gano A o.l, city; John Dickson, city. Claaa No. 15. railroad supplies, car fittings, etc. wm. uayiora (U., u. ana u. itauroaa, city, aodd S. Patterson CO.. J.. St. L. and O.l. city. Class No. X7, Ranges, Cooking Stoves, Ae. Class No. 28, Heating and Ventilating Apparatus John aacvemnion ana rt ium, n . Class No. U. Bnlldlns and General Sardwai Class No. to, Edgs Tools snd Cutlery Class No. T, Carpenters' snd Stslr-bulldsrs' Stslr-bulldsrs' Stslr-bulldsrs' Work-Class Work-Class Work-Class No. M, Plate and Ornamental Vlndiw-G1ass Vlndiw-G1ass Vlndiw-G1ass Claas No. 45, Bnaias. siessnring ana negistenng devices w Class No. 3X, Marble and Blate Mantels. Ac Class No. t. Marble, Stone and Imitation Terra Ootta M, Tempest and C B. Kvana, city. Claas So. S4, Gsa and Lamp-Fixtures, Lamp-Fixtures, Lamp-Fixtures, Ac Samuel TrnntlnartoB and Henry Van Pbul. city. Claw No. ss. Plumbers' Goods, Ac John H. Ko-Gowsd Ko-Gowsd Ko-Gowsd snd Fred Unkenhelmer. Class No. M, manufactured (heat metal goods Class So. 41, harness, trnnka, Ac John Harris, Walnut Hills Btreet Railroad : Wxa, H. Briatol. city. Cass No. 4!, vehicles snd attachments, Ac 6am- 6am- gei nsuey sna jonn xtooerts, city. Class No. 42. books, stationary, minting. Ac A. W. Gittens, Fourth and Plum streets; Enoch T. Carson, rity. c-iass c-iass c-iass ino. b, cioccs.waicnes, isniiania ware, ete. Henrv Norman. Wm. Owan and f ic with buhna A Co, Claas No. AO. soaps, candles, eared meats, groceries. Ac Hoot. Hoses snd M. K. Coney, city. Class Nc l confectionery .canned fruits, jellies. etc EAwm ivoi u anu r. ca-aiti, ca-aiti, ca-aiti, ciy. cisss rc z, wines, neer sna liquors cisss so. ss, cooperage Loals Hoffman and Fred Glemser. Class No. 64. furniture and UDholsterv Class No. H, pic tu re-tram re-tram re-tram ea, mirrors, Ac Class No. SS bill iard -tables -tables ana amassment apparatus John Bo lev and J. W. McLauahltn. Olana No. 17. wall decorationa. Mnw.hiiiHnn Ben Pittman and Mrs. W. U. Boblnson. -1 -1 . V,. mlM.ll.HMii. nn.ll goods John H. Tlce snd Horses Hnnliiiglon. cias ao. ov, cuinaviaas ana stone tauie-wsre, tauie-wsre, tauie-wsre, Ac Geo. H. Dean and 'red R. Huklll. cisss ho. so, wooaen sna wu low-ware, low-ware, low-ware, wire goods, Ac JaOea Waters and 2. B. Coffin. Class No. SI, Jewelry, silver Ware. Bronses, Ac Wm. Owen. Ken., and Henry R. Bmlth. Class No. ffl, Ceramics. Ornamental Tiles, Vsses. Ac Class No. 63, Ornamental Wood Carving, Porcelain Porcelain fainting, Designing, Ac A T. Gosh urn and .. . winsiow. Class No. 5. Dress Goods and Cottons. Class No. as. Carpets. Woolens, Yarns. Braid, dec. Class No. 67, Basglng, Hemp, Cordage and Twine John 8h(llto and W. W. Taylor Class No. st, rurnisning uooas, eiotmng. Hats Ac Wm. l)odd and d.T. Sprsguc Class no. m ureases, cionxs. Millinery Goods. Ac Class No. 70, Hair and Wax-work, Wax-work, Wax-work, Needle-work, Needle-work, Needle-work, dmannaann, raiaunf on oils, oneii-wors, oneii-wors, oneii-wors, etC' Mrs. 1. rfacou nouur anu airs, n . A. Jeffries. Class No. 72, Chemicals, Drags. Paints, Oils, Dye- Dye- S f-owner, f-owner, f-owner, (vu. jiaas i o t-i, t-i, t-i, Acecuiying g Apparatus. Class No. 74, Oaa-maKlna; Oaa-maKlna; Oaa-maKlna; and Dlstllllo ADoaratns. Apparatns. Class No. 7S. Chemical, Philosophical. Surgical and Medical Professor J. . Judge and Professor A. Kennel. Cisss Kc 79, New Inventions James TV, Hamiltou, Ohio, and Captain Abbott U. Boss. See, TOBACCO AWARDS. The following awards in DeDartraantl1 were confirmed yesterday : 0 PFrim-XEVTr PFrim-XEVTr PFrim-XEVTr t-use t-use t-use roi nrs xitav. Nc 6- 6- O.O. Klenbnsb. Cincinnati. first oramium: hotheads S.333. 70, 96 snd 475. No.93. E. N.GrleatACo.,-Clnc!nniU, N.GrleatACo.,-Clnc!nniU, N.GrleatACo.,-Clnc!nniU, second premium premium : hogsheads 77,777, 430, M snd Xii. I

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 16 Sep 1880, Thu,
  3. Page 4

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