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1945 AP London Free German press service Stockholm Hitler double August Bartholdy "like nothing better than to be presumed dead" "unrecognizable body" see loss of still suppressed 1 8 pg 4 LA Times + pg 5 Shreveport Times AP Howard W Blakeslee Bell F F Lucas tie Gen Alexander Surles + Adm Aaron S Merrill PR + pg 2 to 5 20 45 pg 1 both Akrn Bcn Jrnl AP Howard S Cowan Gerhard Herrgesell + 8 19 65 pg 21 Philadelphia Daily News Andrew Tully Hienz Lorenz 4 28 to Goebbels Chicago Tribune IL April 27

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Clipped from

Chicago Tribune

Chicago, Illinois
27 Apr 1945, Fri  •  Page 1
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