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 - full ship' : 'be the* under no- find than home,...
full ship' : 'be the* under no- find than home, .purported house that appearances. ; ^' : .hear that circles Chamber town industrial That inyen-' may !sit /•, And it .is and to m.err ,for tliem. ,city industrial There ithe and ,' '., this ; be- inutt Hfcrd shop al ! * Cagle M Herrln last iligHt. Gallium's arrest was engineered by S. G. Young deputies, who came - • •• • t^aesai .v^<*Kicjc»i> **vf.j.**» »»»ic»v •••^••»» ^»----o—-•—, *~--—- '•,--. % -. *^- f - . - , . , iphy^boro to ; get him; GaMigan had left by auto for Marion when J^y^ 1 ™ 1 ' .. AdvicJ via railroad^vires *t 11 a. m. said all coal mined on the C. B. & Q, railroad together with Mine No, 8 nearer Herrin; are idle today, the men massing and taking sides with Klan^ and^ Knights of the Flaming Gircle. Ku Klux • BULLETIN SPRINGFIELD, 'III.,': Feb., 9—Following 9—Following receipt of; reports of, ^firing this morning at the hospital «t : -.Her- ; r!n f ;Vl III., .Adjutant ^General Carlos Black ordered:>,the fourv :Sprlnofleld companies, of :-lilJriols National ; Guard to prepare for. duty. - They have as yet not :been ordered out^r . J . . : x •>., (United-Pre«t)j ^- ": HERRIN, 111., Feb. 9—The Carbon- ;da'le. f company ol the' Illinoie. National Guard; arriving-here at- dawn today, took, control pt this Williamson county county mining town and with loaded rifles patrolled -the 'Herrin hospital, which .was ; fired , on at 2 a. ; m. today by a [)6dy of 100 men, v .^-.Several .^-.Several 'men -.tot whom ihe, attacking attacking band said they, had warrants for the killing ot.Caesar...Cagle; Klan .leader,-. .on .the'.'.streets 1 last evening took refuge iti the hospital and fired a tqiley !at the ^approaching banid which was returned. ' t ; \ The attackers then retired from the hospital in which John'Layman,, deputy^ deputy^ nlierift and vleader of the- anti-clan faction, lies probably dying from a bullet wound'received about the same time Cagle was murdered, v ' . ; v Martial law for Herrini aionejs iiu ininent andl prdbably^will be declared -.Hometline today. ; Cagle. was: waylaid and Jknocked : in the head, then shot twice and in'starit- ly killed by a : crowd of iiien iii the street. , .'^ ••!" ;r ', "'"' ' ' v ; -When"! w.ord :of: the\death of Cagl* reached Marion, Glenn Ydungr leader of the liquor .;,i:aidsri which) iiar€iv : incurred incurred tlie bitter bppositiori 'of Sheriff Galligan's -faction, swore out warrants charging. Sheriff Galligan, Deputy Layman, Ora Thomas,;Huffh Thomas "and, otborp? with^bcing in t^e c;rowd which slew;the Ktan ledde^J- ' A- band >of Clansmen under Youn^ started: for Herrin in automobiles Deputy Sherilf John Layman, • avowed took th're.ei Herrin' policemen/ including including Chief -John Ford, who were at the hall, and carried- them to' iy[urphys- boro iu an^'automobile, evidently fear•ing: fear•ing: mob, violence, ." '•'''" , Thip morning a' baud of men went -to the-hospital where the sheriff's fol- lowers'were said to have; com'e .to see Deputy"Laymaii; Both bands, the, hbuse and 'out, .were armed and firing Started. About 100 shbts were fifed, but none were: reported) seriously seriously hurt froin th« t usilade. Windows and doors; bf^tue liospltal: were riddled. riddled. ; • ".• ' ' ! - !; '.' 1 '.'. - ••" ; ' The National Gudrd Compa'ny from Cairo arriyed later in the morning. The twb. companies are quartered in the city hall'and the Elks' I'lub. on ly' to be, fll red twenty 'times; persons ' from th,«roadsi(le£; Leoi)ardV;:Stearns| .gon . of the Stearns,.^ in .one 'of, was Vgrftzed ;: and slightly weu'nd .back. '•'? A total of fire companies .were ordered ordered out last night. They are from Mt. Verndh, : earbbndaie, Cairo, Paris and Salem. ; "."" ir: .-'-. i . V ; ; How They Got Cagle . Confldfehtial and ; what is '^consider ed'.'authorit'kti'fe. adyices from Herrin to thii Independent.'office at ,10 a. m. declared Mayor C. B, Anderaon of Herrin, together with Ora >Thomaa the latter indicted for bootlegging were being guarded at lhe| Herrin vat the >, hour by a aquad of troops from Grtrbondale. , The two were in the hospital last night: when', \.\i is Declared, !rifle fire was'bpehed on the w 'windows ;from the outside; a^nd maetiine guiis trained on the building. ;,'.!' I During a' meeting ( at Rt>me hiill last nipht,;Knigh(tR of ,6he^ Flaming Flaming Circiriappeared. and demanded that the mliaers.; ; get out;' ;a,s it : was tlie drcie's hour; to meet there, the adrices declared. 1 .', ,', ; Miners''then called SheHff; Galligan and peiiuty Layman. The : flght ensued.".' ensued.".' • ; ^ . : Several miftiitteg later .Caesar Cagle was called: out of the Ifasonic hall by a ime^sairia'; which saifja friend '"' : ''' 'tii v me^t'hjin in front of the i;: Gagle responded and death -on tKe '- the men was u t left my; sick: bed and went" to the and tddressed' the ! men. with ; the crowd to keep the peace and save old Williamson couh Inr tht Bhootinf hail In Herrin at 9, o'clock last night, foeman of Glenn Young, leader of. the Klan raiders, \yas mortally shot through the back. Later in the night Caesar Cagle, alleged Klansman, was shot dead in another part of Herrin. Police Chief Ford and Patrolmen Harrell and .Stephens remained jail prisoners in Murphysboro at" 9 o'clock this morning when wireless messages picked up here said Glenn Young was having, a warrant issued for the arrest arrest of Sheriff Galligan and his deputies deputies as 1 "inciters of riot." The message message said 16 persons were barricaded in the Herrin hospital at the hour and that troops were to. move on the hospital hospital immediately. Layman, according to Sheriff Galligan, Galligan, turned to him after a single revolver revolver shot sounded at the door . of the hall of the Knights of the Flaming Flaming Circle and said: "they've got me." Sheriff Galligan said: "I rushed I "Well, sheriff, \ ty. I pointed out that the eyes of the nation are oil Herrin and bade the men to conduct themselves peaceful-^ ly, ass uring them that Glenn Young ^ would in Herrin but a, little |0 while longer. x Young has terrorized- , our community. "To make matters worse word had been circulated that Young, and Klans^ s ' men were ready to launch, another, ^ raid last night and that Young liad provided a. special train to ,rush out ^ of town those who might be .arrested. ^ 'Klan Coming,' the Cry. "The Flaming Circle was active^ throughout Williamson county late/ last fall. 1 finally quieted them a.n* prevailed upon them to keep their temper and the peace. Last night's^ i clash only goes to inflame again the' ** hatred 1 and .-my.'deputies had done' v / so much so cool. I expect we" will continue to have trouble/ at times in '. Chief Ford and his police down the stairs' into an automobile I comman deered at the curbing, there as gun after gun was leveled on us. The crowd wanted to get Ford. 1 got the iuen-away and raced the car to Ma rion, where'I called troops. Later I rushed the police to Murphysboro for safekeeping." Sheriff Makes Statement Sheriff Galligan declared he. "left a sick bed to' save old Williamson county by keeping peace' within its borders." "We've got too many men Avho/rep- resent themselves *as being 100 per clent Americans in peace tinie. "In Williamson county we are beset beset with Knights of the Ku Kulx Klan —too many of them—ancl Knights of the ^Flaming Circle. "AVe have need of neither one of them. "Last night after 5. o'clock we received received a phone call at/my offlce at Marion that' the Flaming Circle was having a meeting in a hall at Herrin. organization is to be dreaded more than the K. K. K. The members" members" are \nien that will go the limit. They have been persecuted and robbed during the aeries of liquor by Glenn Young and Ms bench- Williamson county. Had it t not for me, Herrin would have been without without a police 'force shortly after' the" shooting last night. "About 9 o'clock it was when into the meeting of the men of the ing Circle dashed a runner, shouted 'The Ku Klux are coming to get us.' What had been a peaceful meeting resolved itself! into an angry, assembly. I ran to.the door. Deputy John 'Layman was with me. "There we were confronted by; Chief of Police John Ford of Herrin.' and Patrolmen Grain and Stephens. Tlie men had^ guns drawn and >rYere flourishing Uiem Wm. S. ;Hart: y stylo. "1 grabbed one policeman.' Layman grabbed another. One pistol shot sounded. We were about four steps down the stairs from the door of the meeting place. Deputy/' Layman fell back...towards me : saying: ' "Sheriff, they've got ine." Rushes Police Through Crowd "1 then rushed Chief Ford and tho other police down the stairway and to the curbing,where a car was stand- ng. The .police had been trailed to he hall .by a gang of inen. \ suspect they were Klansmen.,. These fled when the .shot rang out. "On ; the side walk gun after gun was eveled on me aiid the police. Tlie men evidently .were, afraid, (to shoot n the jam we ;.were in'. ,One man held-a .gun: on • me." as S,o.d between 1 , him and Chief .Ford. He saul: 'George •> outf of:,;the; way : or I|llr l>low

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