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BATTLE NATIONALITIES BOARD-PRESIDENT BOARD-PRESIDENT BOARD-PRESIDENT CONGRATULATES NEW POLICE CHIEF Clyde Shoemaker, president of "the Police CommissiOQ, shakes Inspector David A. Davidson's hand after the lat Del Gado Hunt Strikes Snag Family of Missing Policeman Refuses to See Inquisitors Secrets which Los Angeles County officers yesterday hoped obtain from Mrs. Ysidra Medina, Medina, 3307 Landa St.. sister of Peter Del Gado, missing police officer indicted by the grand jury, did not materialize when Mrs. Medina failed to meet them appointment at her home. Deputy Sheriffs Larry Car-mack Car-mack Car-mack and John Morrell, who had been told to return to the Medina Medina home at 11 a.m., said they called as requested and were denied admittance to the residence. residence. WOMAN' REPORTED ILL The officers, according to their report to Sheriff Biscailuz, were met at the front door by Mrs. Medina's husband, Jack Medina, who informed them his wife was and would be unable to talk with them as agreed Thursday night. At the Sheriff's office It was said steps might be taken late today or tomorrow to send a physician to the Medina home in effort to determine the condition condition of Mrs. Medina. At the same time Sheriff's deputies deputies disclosed that United States immigration officers may enter the case with a view to determining the exact status of missing officer in connection with his entry into the United States. Conflicting reports have circulated, according to William Bright, chief criminal deputy the Sheriff's Department, in relation to Del Gado's birthplace some contending he was born Mexico. AY HAVE EN DED LI I E Bright said he also had received received reports that the missing officer may have taken his own life. Search disclosed, according Bright, that Del Gado, when disappeared, had taken along service revolver. Del Gado, Bright added, had told an intimate; "I want to go away. I need a rest a long rest. Maybe I'll go somewhere and take gas." Acting on Brlght's orders, Car-mack Car-mack Car-mack and Morrell, with Ira Justin of the police personnel bureau, bureau, undertook last night to question officers known to be friends of the missing lieutenant. They Included Louis Fernandez. Fernandez. Anthony Ruiz and Arthur Flores, but they knew nothing of Del Gado s whereabouts. First to be called was Louis Fernandez, patrolman, who earlier had aided Sheriffs deputies deputies on the case. Anthony Ruiz and Arthur Flores, traffic officers, also were interrogated to ascertain if they had seen Del Gado or knew of his whereabouts. been severed, according to the report. Budapest Hears .Ukraine Fighting BUDAPEST, Nov. 10 (Satur day.) (0.R) Reports of fighting Carpatho-Russia, Carpatho-Russia, Carpatho-Russia, in which irregulars irregulars of various nations were participating, persisted here today. today. Hungarian troop movements to border had increased recently, and unconfirmed reports had reached here of a Ruthenlan revolt POLICE SHAKE-UP SHAKE-UP SHAKE-UP STARTS AS DAVIDSON NAMED CHIEF Continued from First Tag by Assistant City Attorney Leon David. Commissioner Henry G. Bodkin Bodkin immediately moved that the application be accepted and that Davidson be appointed acting chief. He was seconded by Commissioner Commissioner Raymond L. Haight and the motion carried unanimously. unanimously. Davidson then walked around the corner of the hall to Chief 1 .' l s S. J. McCaleb Timet pholo Davis' office, where the retiring officer was found sitting at his desk. Davis greeted Davidson, shook hands with him and wished him success in his new job. CALLED TO OFFICE Davidson was the only high-ranking high-ranking high-ranking member of the Police Department called to Mayor Bow-ron's Bow-ron's Bow-ron's office during the joint meeting of the Police and Civil Service commissions. Stressing the temporary character character of the appointment the Police Commission issued a statement that the Civil Service Commission will be requested to call a civil service examination examination for the position. "It is hereby recommended," the Police Commission set forth, "that such examination, when called, shall be open to all qualified qualified members of the Police Department Department of the city of Los Angeles." Angeles." A native son of Los Angeles, Davidson was born in 1802, receiving receiving his fcducation in public schools and being appointed to the Police Department August 20, 1011. During his long period of service with the department he served as patrolman, sergeant, detective lieutenant, captiin and finally inspector of detectives. CLE AX RECORD His long record, carefully indexed indexed by the police personnel department, department, contains no complaint of any nature against Inspector Davidson's conduct at any time. On the contrary, it does contain contain scores of reports from citizens, citizens, public officials and even fellow-police fellow-police fellow-police officers commending commending him for his efficiency and honesty in the conduct of his work. PENSION. GRANTED Granting of Chief of Police Davis' request for retirement on a service pension took up but a few minutes by the Board, of Pension Commissioners, who called a special meeting for the purpose. President B. I. Malouf read the application of the chief, which was published recently, and th opinion of the City At v - x :x:M.y .... it -? -? y if . - -J -J ter was named Acting Chief. Left to right, Raymond Haight, Davidson, Henry Bodkin and Shoemaker. Timn Bhoto torney as to the special meeting meeting being legal. Malouf called Chief Davis on the telephone asking him if he desired to be present. The Chief replied that he would at- at- tend if his presence was neces - sary. Maiouf repueu mat mis was not necessary. GETS mo MONTHLY General Manager John Don- Don- i net- net- then read from his records that Davis had served 2G years, r: 4K,- 4K,- ...,.1 O tUn A,.. partment and that his monthly pay had been raised May 17. 1937, to $000, making an average pay of $550 a month prior to his application. Donner said that according to the compilation this provided for a pension of $330 a month for the Chief. On motion of Commissioner Hcllman the board unanimously granted the Chief's request for Homer B. Cross Times photo retirement, and awarded him a pension of $330 a month. Davis drew attention to a report report he had filed with Mayor Bowron in connection with his annual report of the Police Department Department for the fiscal year ending ending June 30, last. "You will find all the facts needed in a letter I sent to Mayor Bowron a few days ago along with the annual report," Davis said. Intimating that Los Angeles is far from being a crime-ridden crime-ridden crime-ridden community. When Davis took office as chief in 1033, his letter points out, the total of burglaries for 1032-33 1032-33 1032-33 was 10,154. Since then, he reported, reported, there has been a gradual decrease in burglaries which dropped to 7853 in the last fiscal year. ROBBERIES DROP Robberies, totaling 2100 In 1032. 33, dropped to 1620 in 1037-33. 1037-33. 1037-33. Davi3 said he .has no plans of any kind for the immediate future, future, but first probably will take a vacation before deciding what will be his future activities. The chief's report stated that while the totals for 1037-38 1037-38 1037-38 were lower, there was a slight Increase over the total for prior years. "It is a statistical fact," he said, "that during those periods when the Police Department Is under attack the crime rate of the city Increases." The Chief noted that during the 26 years he was in the department department fractional differences had much to do with lmparlng the efficiency of the department. In closing he assorted that according according to the standards of the Federal Bureau of Investigation the Los Angeles Police Depart- Depart- ment Is greatly undermanned. t V ' - WJ j Ex-Chief Ex-Chief Ex-Chief Davis Says Good-by Good-by Good-by He Plan Auto Tour After Trading for New Car at Detroit Ex-Chief Ex-Chief Ex-Chief of Police Davis yes' J terday returned to the City Hall -uuii.v -uuii.v iu6n guuu-uj. guuu-uj. guuu-uj. The veteran of the police serv ice who has been with the de partment more than a quarter of a century chose the reporters' press room to bid his final farewell. farewell. Clad in "civics," Davis strolled unannounced into the press quarters. quarters. THANKS REPORTERS 'I just want to shake your hands," he told the newsmen, many of whom have "covered" his office throughout his service as Chief. "I want to thank you for your help," he said. "Without your assistance I could never have accomplished accomplished the things I have been able to do in my office." Chatting informally with the reporters, Davis disclosed he has plans for a change of scenery. PLANS AUTO TOUR Next Tuesday he is going back to Detroit to trade in his old car for a new model. "After that I'm just going to make a leisurely tour of the Mississippi Valley area," he declared. declared. FAREWELL TO FORCE Davis used the police teletype to Issue the following statement to members of the Police Department: Department: "In retiring from active service I want to pause and pay tribute to the employees of the Police Department. "It was only through the individual individual co-operation co-operation co-operation of each and everyone of you that this department department has attained the high plane of efficiency that it now occupies. occupies. Without your entire assistance assistance my efforts would have been in vain. BELIEVES IN MEN "It is not, an easy task to leave an organization that it has been my privilege to serve for over 2G years. My association with you for that period has not only been a stimulus to me but affords many pleasant memories which I cherish. "I firmly believe in the Los Angeles Angeles Police Department and its future. It is my humble opinion opinion that its future rests in your hands and, knowing all of you as I do, I am certain that it will be a brilliant one. "Once again let me say it is beyond words to describe my appreciation appreciation to you." SERGT . JAMES' POST CHANGED Transfer of Police Sergeant Thomas James from assignment to the Board of Public Utilities to duty as a uniformed officer tn the San Pedro division was announced announced yesterday. Discharged from the department department in 1031 for conduct unbecoming unbecoming an officer after he as-sertedly as-sertedly as-sertedly called former Mayor John Torter a stool pigeon, James was reinstated in 1035 under the Mayor Frank Shaw regime. James once conducted a one-man one-man one-man campaign against former Chief of Police R. E. Steckel, writing a booklet "Unmasking Chief Stcckcl." i j I i !

Clipped from
  1. The Los Angeles Times,
  2. 19 Nov 1938, Sat,
  3. Page 2

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