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 - Talk Around the Tryonville By MYRTLETTE STERNER...
Talk Around the Tryonville By MYRTLETTE STERNER 967-4564 TRYONVILLE — Hi, folks. Hope you all had a real good week. We send happy birthday greetings this week to Howard Propheter and Nicole Auer on the 15th and to Jennifer Sickle on the 16th and to Dee La Caze on the 17th. And a special birthday wish to my brother. Rick Bromley, on the- 18th-.*.We fsend happy adversary wishecTto Jim and Teresa Stephens- on .the 14th. Hope these wishes add to your happy remembrances. Thought for the week When a .little bird tells you something, don't repeat it until you find but whether the bird is a cuckool A belated happy Mothers Day to all you mothers. Mothers Day Is Remembrance Day An we pause on the path of the year, To pay honor and worshipful tribute To the mother our heart holds dear. For whethere here or in heaven. Her love is ever our haven and guide. ...,-.' ''.."• For always the memory of mother Is a'beacon light shining inside. Time cannot destroy her memory And years can never erase The tenderness and the beauty Of the love in a mother's face. And, when we think of our mother, ''.'... We draw God above." For only God in His greatness. Could fashion a mother's love. Author Unknown Rick and Cathy Bromley accompanied accompanied Don and Dottie Burns and John and Pat Moodie from the 'ville to Jamestown, N.Y., for dinner on Friday evening. Over the weekend, guests of the Bromleys were Dina and Rachel Straub and Denny Sellers of Chesapeake, Chesapeake, Va., Jeff Hill from Virginia Beach and Charlie Mann from Chambersburg. '".' And visiting Rick and Cathy on Saturday were Don Sellers of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Ron Sellers of Morgantown, W.Va.,Tom and Jerry Bums, Jim and Justin Bromley of Townville, Chuck Sterner of the 'ville, Ed Renski and Cindy J. of Erie and Duane and Josephine Josephine Saxton. Sunday visitors of the Bromleys were Hattie Mann of Guys Mills, Tom and Donna Mann of Industry and Mike and Teresa Greco of Lisbon, O. : Mr. and Mrs. John Meyrick of ~ Lincolnvilleand Kim Antilland son, Zachary, of. South Carolina were Tuesday night visitor's'6'f Rick and 'Cathy;- =-...., Cathy's mother, Hattie Mann, was an overnight guest Wednesday night of the Bromleys. And visiting them on Thursday evening were Jamie Kelly of Center-, ville, RD, Betty and Virgil Herring and Guy Sterner of Canadohta Lake, Lawrence Bromley of Gresham, who just returned home on Monday from spendingthe winter months in Florida, Florida, and Chuch and Myrtlette Sterner from the 'ville and Jim and Chris Bromley and son, Justin, of Townville. Townville. Upon leaving Rick and Cathy's to return home via Barns Road, Jim, Chris and Justin encountered a black bear. It was a oretty good-sized one. It crossed the road in front of them and went into the woods. Beth Lingo and Mary Ann Dalessio Dalessio visited their aunt, Hazel Fosburg, at the Meadville Care Center on Wednesday where they helped her celebrate her birthday. Shelly La Roche and friend. Ken, of Streetsboro, O., were weekend guests of Jim and Freda La .Roche and : tppk. them .out • to, ; supper; in ovservance.of Mothers.Day.,:Robert.-, La Roche and daughter, Kimberly, of Middlefield, O., were Sunday visitors visitors of the La Roches. Jennie Kalkbrenner, accompanied Jim and. Teresa Stephens over to Grace Humes in Cambridge Springs o n Monday. Jennie and Joe enjoyed a cookout Hj.rry and Dorothy Cleland's in Titusville on Sunday. On Wednesda y, Jennie accompanied Jim and Teresa- Stephens on a business business trip to Oil City. Visiting the Kalkbrenners on Thursday were Francis Stephens from the 'ville and Chris Qeland and son of-Titusville. It's good to ~see Ed Proper and Edna Van Cise back home after spending the winter months in Florida. - Fridy Fridy evening, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Brown went to the Col. Drake Hotel for dinner with their son, Ken, and Linda Brown of Pleasantville. Pleasantville. The occasion was for . Kenneth's and Charlotte'sbirthdays. .....Saturday, night, Mr. and Mrs. .Kenneth Brown went to the Cytemp. Credit Union dinner dance at the Pleasantville Firehall with Sally and Dick Barker of Titusville. . ' The Browns went to a birthday party on Sunday at the Rouse Home in" Youngsville for Kenneth's mother, Marie Parker. She is 95 years old. Sarah DeArment was a dinner guest of Howard and Marian Propheter of Mystic Park on Sunday. Visitors at our home this week were Kay Bowles of Corry on Monday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bromley and son, Justin, of Townville Townville and John and Nancy Meyrick of Lincolnville, Kim Antill and son, Zachary, of South Carolina on Wednesday evening. Guy Sterner of .Canadohta Lake on Thursday evert- ing and on Friday evening were Lawrence and Irene Bromley of Gresham and Linda Sterner of TitusviUe. Church Notes: Worship at 11 a.m. The date of the mother/daughter banquet which will be held at Five _Forks Restaurant in Tionesta will be today, instead" of the "12th. There was a large turnout for Rev. and Mrs. Reaugh's 50th wedding anniversary party last Saturday at the U.M. parish hall in Centerville, there being a lot attending from the Hydetown and Tryonville U.M. churches. Bit of Humor: A guy is on the bank fishing, but he isn't having any lUck;- This fellow walks up and says, "What you need is a fishing mirror." The guy asks, "What is a fishing mirror?" The fellow says, "Oh, it's just a little mirror. I sell 'em. You hold it over the water and the fish look up and see other fish. Then they Jump out of the water to get 'em. When they do, you just catch them and put them in a sack." The guy thought about for a second and said, "All right, 111 take it, but have you caught" .any with this thing?" The fellow says, "Well, counting you, four today." The Pause That Refreshes Did you know that Coca-Cola started out not as a soft drink, but as a headache cure? In May of 1886, an Atlanta druggist druggist and former Confederate officer named _ John" Penjberton -^ti^reil. 'jCJ - dark .syrupl mixture in a r 3^gaIloil-<}. brass kettle hung over a^backyard fire. The mixture was the result of several months of experimenting with various flavors and oils to come up with a flavorful, non-alcoholic tonic. He and his bookkeeper called the new brew "Coca-Cola" but it wasn't the Real Thing as we know it today. . Pemberton's new "intellectual and temperance drink" was a potent medicine that intended not to only bring headaches to a stop, but also to cure a host of other ills. He sold it in drugstores as a "brain and nerve tonic which could cure all nervous afflictions." This cure-for-what-ails- you tonic didn't come ready to drink, however. Coca-Cola came in green pint-sized bottles Of syrup with instructions to mix it with water. " " .. __ The still-secret formula that gave " Coca-Cola its curative kick included extracts of the African kola nut and cocoa leaves, both strong stimulants. In fact, as its name indicates, Coke was one of the thousands of exotic patent medicines sold back in the. 1800s that actually contained a trace of cocaine. Cocaine was legal back then and was considered a harmless substitute for alcohol. But the thing that made Coke a . huge success and transformed it into one of America's favorite soft drinks began with an accidental discovery. One day shortly after the drink was introduced a customer walked into a drug store complaining of a headache headache and requested a bottle of Coca- Cola syrup. To get instant relief, he asked the soda fountain clerk to mix up a glass on the spot. Rather than walk to the other end of the counter in order to mix it with tap water, the - clerk-suggested using soda water. The man with the headache obliged and after drinking it remarked that it really tasted great. The druggist kept offering the refreshing mix and word got around and soon Coca-Cola in fizzy carbonated form was born. The rest, they say, is history. By 1903, though the use of cocaine -became controversial and the Coca- Cola Company decided to use only "spent" cocoa leaves. It also stopped advertising Coke as a cure for headaches headaches and instead promoted it as a "delicious beverage to be enjoyed." Today Coke is sold in 160 countries countries around the world. It went from "things go better with Coke" to "the pause that refreshes" to "the real thing." Girl Drowns BEAVER, Pa. (AP) — A 10-year- old girl died after falling from a bridge that spanned Brady Run, a coroner said. Relatives pulled Sharisse Degraffenried Degraffenried from the water at about 5:45 Sunday evening. Emergency personnel personnel rushed her to The Medical Center in Beaver,

Clipped from
  1. The Titusville Herald,
  2. 27 May 1992, Wed,
  3. Page 33

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