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.- . ex-prely of of to be ef J. of of of ;- ;- as to In she St. St. to not remained her 0 is ahe not of .' a till the a occurred. DISCORD. AUOUG THE -' -' GERUAN-AIIERIGAHS GERUAN-AIIERIGAHS GERUAN-AIIERIGAHS Mr. Ridder Attalked by the Munic ipal League's ;Secretary. - George H. Davis lhtlmate that His Of flantzatlon Alofc Represents th Unbiased Reform Element. ' While the Indies lions were on Monday night that all of th i Oeijman-Amerlcan Oeijman-Amerlcan Oeijman-Amerlcan act In con- con- IJtical asaociatlons cert in the comlnd local campaign, thcrs esterdsy that torebod- torebod- were developments ed serious Internal George 11: Davis, Dissensions, Secretary of the Our- Our- man-American man-American man-American M udlcl lpat -League -League of New Tork, was on of delegates to the din- din- ner and conference" st the Union Square Hotel on Monday lght, and he then 1m-of 1m-of 1m-of Mr. Ridder, who, he secure the nomination pugned the motives says. Is working t(i of his brother-tn-lij brother-tn-lij brother-tn-lij brother-tn-lij brother-tn-lij w, Edward B. Amend, for Justice of the u pre me Court. "The German American Municipal League of New York." Mri Davis said yesterday, ,' was organised Goepel was made last December- December- Paul temporary. President and I was chosen tern orary Secretary. Last weelr"bur orajanlaaf Ion was made perma- perma- nent, and Mr. GoeuVl and myself were, re- re- spectlvely, . elected Presldent and Secre- Secre- J We also electei' the : following Execu tlve Committee, with power to increase the membership: Franila Charlea Bonn of 2S0 oroaawiy, jjt. L.. k. Sonm 01 jwu tsroaa-way, tsroaa-way, tsroaa-way, George H. Dt vis, 1 Madison Avenue: Edgar -tYancken, -tYancken, 1 'Madison Avenue; Paul Gotrpel. iatt Broadway; Gustav Loeb. 32 Broadway; Henry Meier, 840 East Eighty-seventh Eighty-seventh Eighty-seventh Street; I enry W. Metslng, 210 East Ninth', Stre it; Paul ' Pfotenhauer, Twenty-sixth Twenty-sixth Twenty-sixth Stre t and Broadway; John T. Boelker, 879 Thl rd Avenue, and Andrew Zerbftn. 334 Lenox Avenue. ; "There Is a ver y large element among German-born German-born German-born cltlt ns who want nothing to do with Hernia i Kidder. He Is looked upon with 'distrue .- .- Organisations represented represented at the meet; ng last night other Winn the German-Amer German-Amer German-Amer can Municipal League are purely politics . Our organisation was formed to get out the votes of men who could not be influenced by politicians. The meniDei-a meniDei-a meniDei-a of our It ague are business men, and many of then belong to the Lleler kranx. They are lo ked upon, by the thinking cltlsen, as more than prof sional politicians, and can exert m re Influence. We are not fighting for ouiwelves; we are not fighting fighting for the recoj: nltlon of the German-Americana German-Americana German-Americana Every so-called so-called so-called German-American German-American German-American should b an American, and noth--Ing noth--Ing noth--Ing noth--Ing else. Our aln is to work-among work-among work-among a certain class of v ters that others cannot influence. ,' " Some time ago I suggested to Mr. Goepel, Goepel, and he propoi ed the idea to Herman Bidder, that voteis of German parentage should make Carl Schura the Chairman of a united German o rganisation. Mr. Schurs declined, on acco nt of his age and ill-health. ill-health. ill-health. - ::': " Next an' attem it was made to unite on Hubert O. Cillis, an ex-President ex-President ex-President of the Liederkrans and Vice , President of . the Germanla-Life Germanla-Life Germanla-Life Insurance Company.- Company.- But nothing definite n suited. "Then Mr. Rldd rr sent foime and proposed proposed the organisation of a union committee committee of eeven, bi t stipulated that he was not only to be the Chairman, but that th German-American German-American German-American Reform Union was to be given two mcmbei of the committee and the Brooklyn Democracy (Otto Kempner) one. The two G rman-Amerlcan rman-Amerlcan rman-Amerlcan Municipal Municipal Leagues and the German-American German-American German-American Republican Count ' Committee were- were- each to furnish 'one m mber of the committee. This would give l r. Kidder control. "I conferred with.-the with.-the with.-the members of our organization on he proposlton. and as there was a division of opinion I called a meeting of the E: ecu tlve Committee yesterday. yesterday. Henry Me er and myself, the delegates delegates to the confei ence, as a result of that meeting, were In; trticted not to vote or commit ourselves. We were - directed to near what waa said and report back to tbe organization, i "Our 'league wanta to get out a rot. against Tammany that Mr. Kidder cannot secure. I don't approve of a distinct German-American German-American German-American German-American - mbvement We are all Americans. - ... " Mr. Ridder w; ints the German-Americans German-Americans German-Americans German-Americans recognized. We wafnt good candidates, candidates, regardless if their nationality. If it Is good politics to put a German on the ticket, well and a-tod. a-tod. a-tod. but we won't inaiat on It. 1 , . The fact is Mi Ridder wants to nom inate his brothrr-ln-law, brothrr-ln-law, brothrr-ln-law, brothrr-ln-law, brothrr-ln-law, Edward B. Amend, for Justlct or the Supreme 'Court-Now, 'Court-Now, 'Court-Now, our organisation in decidedly against a union of Germah associations under the domination of Mri Ridder. ' I shall rail a meeting of our 1 xecutire Committee for Friday or Satun ay, and w will then make our position plain. . . " I have every r ason to believe that the German-American German-American German-American Republican County Com mittee, of which I Dr. Gustav Scholer is President, will nit act with Mr. Ridder. The German-American German-American German-American Republican League, in which Ludwlg Thoma and Benno Loewy are prominent. manifest a similar spirit. no iiwy reiuaea to ena representatives to the dinner last night. "Now, personal y, I am' a Republican, but I am not a 'latt Republican. I live in tho Twenty-ninth Twenty-ninth Twenty-ninth District, and we are going to beat Pl itt'i man, Alexander T. Mason, who was forced on us as leader. candidate Is ' ''rank H. Partridge of 18 East Fifty-fourth Fifty-fourth Fifty-fourth Street, and it ia our intention intention to elect h m." . Herman Ridder yeaterflay expressed satisfaction satisfaction with th ; resist of the meeting on Monday night He declared, however, that It waa usele s to talk of the nomination nomination of Gustav H Schwab or Arthur Von Briesen for Mayor, becauae they had approved approved in a- a- lette of the action of Theodora Theodora Roosevelt a? Police Commissioner. In the published reports of the German.' American conierei ice on Morwlay nla-ht nla-ht nla-ht Dr. L. K. Boehro wai erropeously reported a opposing Mr. Rid der. fie supported that gentleman, but h spoke in German, and the person who tianslated, his remarks for the reporter mis- mis- inder stood him. Street." doe-tor and At 3o hla uie of It time has seen be lost HENRY Inquiry to of. Company Court of the Jules Herbert Bach may proceeding. J. for the and It is culties pany. stock, loan stock not ' Mr. denied nis name Third January nitrt "I Avenue would We Avenue they don't denials neawng Absence - -The became coffee haa change. called to be .Mr. city In his the Forty-fourth building. A in this wew Winters ily not not waa When was gave Forty-fourth Ridge. Frank Treasurer "It books nut known amount requires of Mr. mm. tastes, " His have -Director ia no as we montniy. sion devoted broker. country affects of th A Jhl.ono or tne denied 109 mat in some tne ' having the - The Auction S. P. George - " . in th Company of result Baltimore

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 21 Aug 1901, Wed,
  3. Page 12

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