kitterman murders

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kitterman murders - Two Men Admit Grandin Plot, prosecuting...
Two Men Admit Grandin Plot, prosecuting Attorney Says bONIPHAN, Mo. (AP) — curity of those charged. stayed there only a few Two Van Buren, Mo., men have Rector and Cowin told of their minutes. It was at Roger's admitted participating in the parts in kidnaping the Kit- home that they were later plot to kill three members of a termans and of collecting the arrested, but authorities do not Gcandin family but have denied ransom, Hall said, but also tes- believe that he was linked to the roles in the shootings, Ripley tified Delay produced a gun crime. Rogers is reportedly a County Prosecuting Attorney when the three arrived at a re- close friend of Delay. James Hall said Tuesday. mote, wooded area. Before daylight Wednesday, •Mall said Jerry W. Rector, 22, All three men are charged the three drove in Delays arid Lloyd Cowin, 21, two of with murder, bank robbery and pickup truck to Kitterman's three men charged with mur- kidnaping. They were charged house just outside Grandin. der, admitted Saturday night, Monday at a hearing before Kitterman, 43, was the during a coroner's inquest, to Ripley County Magistrate Will- president of the Bank of participating in the abduction ie L. Dodd, who denied bond. Grandin, where his wife Ber_<M Ber_<M -i___! * tu~ *!,.,„„ ' fhn 3ft. also worked. Dallas Ray Delay Jerry Rector Lloyd Dwaine Cowin arid slaying of the three. ,'A third man charged in the c4se, Dallas R. Delay, 33, of Valles Mines, Mo., did not testi- fy'at the inquest, Hall said. ?The bodies of Robert R. Kitterman, Kitterman, 43; his wife Bertha, 38, artd their daughter Roberta, 17, she attended Ellsinore High Ripley County road 0. however, Delay and Cowin Ftector"then "drove back to School in the mornings, There the women were tied to "bailed out " in Hall's words, Prosecutor Tells PoX Bluff but Cowin and Roberta worked at the bank in a tree. Kitterman arrived wih whi e Rector continued to Prosecutor ICIIS ™£*%S They hid in a the afternoons. the money and was presumably Poplar Bluff. HOW Three Planned wood near the house, until, At about 1 p.m. Kitterman then also tied up. At some time According o informa on , ' . „ Slv after noon the Kit- returned to the bank to pick up during these events, Rector supplied by authorities earlier, TO Get Money teSm returned home for the ransom money. "They have pulled up in the pickup truck. Cowin left the wood on Thur. Thur. nS Each dav the Kit- dynamite strapped to my chest, While Cowin was allegedly sday and Delay on Friday, but -,-- —o - . The prosecuting attorney's u .^ no ,^ priaat ^ p uLk at a bookkeeper quoted him as watching the road-perhaps as authorities are now m- were found tied to trees last account, as reported by Paul terrnans . ^fS,„?! KL? sa^nT "Don'tmakeany a lookout, Hall said-and while vestigating the possibility that Wednesday, an hour after a bi- Wagman in the St. Louis Post- noon and after lunch at home, sayin uon tmaKeany , reported i y turning Delay did not stay there the za'rre kidnap and extortion plot Dispatch, had Cowin and re °P ened * at 1 P-™- SKnd SSiter " the truck around, Rector heard whole time, Hall said, unfolded. Rector telling this story: * e ?< ^^i.«SShS P Kitterman and'one of the three or four shots. The original plan for the Each was shot in the head. About four days before the stepped "f , t . he ^ i f£™ le ' to 5£££S Ralph Stanley, Until that time, Rector crime, one of the men in- Kitterman had earlier taken killings last Wednesday, Cowin Delay allegedly pulled out a JJJJJ^ what the Highway testified, he did not know that dicated, was not followed. It $%811 from the Bank of Grand- and Rector were playing pool in ^r 01 ; . . , rnwin Patrol now says was about either of his accomplices was called for leaving Kitterman in* where he was president, as their home town of Van Buren. until uns P 0 " 1 ^ ,V° ' $900 Q into a sac ^ an d Kit-carrying a weapon. with the bomb still attached to apparent ransom. Delay, who knew both of i^X?n3S w« pairvtae a terman sped away'in his car. Delay then got in the truck, him. Then, when the men were Hall said the coroner's in- them, approached them and Know inai ueiay wdbcdiiyuisa Meanw £ ile Roberta drove His face was pale, Rector said. 200 or 300 miles away, one of quest held three days after the offered each a job driving a weapon. !«„.,_„.., en her mother (in the front seat) Cowin got in the truck as well, them was to call somebody and slayings was not closed to the truck. «H «LrLrnJ. I™nf the and their captors, (both in the and Rector drove away. Just a tell him where Kitterman was public but was not publicized The two accepted and left terea ineir nome, °»« "V ""; back) to a woode d area O ff O f few miles from the scene, and how to disarm him. because of concern for the se- town with Delay. It is unclear ^cetohta^ a« 3 to? — where they went, Hall said. . - . : On Monday Delay told the went inside and Mrs. Kit- Alrnhnl OvPrdoSfi two men for the first time that terman's hands were bound. MICUnul V^vciuuac ^ wan ted to rob a bank Some The four then waited for 1 Killed Girl 6 time after this disclosure, p.m. to arrive, apparently, Hall I\MCU \au i, u allegedly demonstrated said, because the suspects did COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) - An fog bomb-like device later used not want Kitterman to attract autopsy Tuesday revealed an 8- - n the crime by e3C pi 0 ding it by notice by returning to the bank ye£ar-old Williamsburg, Mo. remote control. The device earlier than usual. gir.1, Sandra Brown, died of fr ight en ed both men. Shortly after 12-.30, however, acute alcoholic overdose. O n Tuesday night or early Roberta came home from The autopsy was ordered by Wednesday, the three men school. Authorities have the Boone County prosecuting drove to the home of Don ald speculated that her return attorney's office. Rogers in Poplar Bluff, but surprised the killers. Although The girl was admitted to the . — Btg Ba^tgaw at Wwt>' ^M, Dwiac We must move this winter merchandise to make

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  1. Mexico Ledger,
  2. 24 Jan 1973, Wed,
  3. Page 9

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