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Chess With Sam laird: City Players lo Open Summer Tournament By SAM LAIKI) The second annual summer tournament of the Camden City Chesg Club Will CCt under wav Friday nicht at rlnh hrnHtinnrtprs. 1175 Whitman system and will consist of either five or six rounds, depending the number of entries. Games will be played on alternate Friday nights. Prizes be awarded to those finishing first and second, and to winners In' the B and C divisions. An additional prize will be awarded for the best played game, to be selected by a high ranking South Jersey player or group, 'me tournament will be held under U. S. Chess!y0Ung Fischer defeated Reshev Federation rules and will be na-igky whik; he won at six boards, tionally rated. . KING'S INDIAN IUFKSHK ladder' competition, the Camden club will offer three cash prizes to members taking part between now and the end of this year. One prize will go to the mem n . t i. In order to stimulate interest in i wim 1 t"-VJB1 i Kt-um 3 K1-B3 4 P-Q4 5 P-K4 B-K2 7 CMWl RK ber who between July 12 and Dee.!,? :13 27 plays the greatest number of ladder games, regardless of theirjb nit outcome. Another prize will be toj ff the player whose point score dur-.i b k Ing this period shows the greatest l,5 p'kku Improvement. The third and ' k-kij largest prize will go to the No. 1 Kt-04 finisher on the ladder, I23 Ku8 No player may uin more than Bm While KI-KH3 21 KxKt P-KKI3 24 R-U B-KH 2!i P-H5 ' Cutlf 2 P-KI4 P-Q3 27 K-B3 P-B3 2 KM P-QH3 29 R-Klfh P-QKI4 30 RlHrh P-K15 31 K-O PP 32 KiP PKt 33 P-B BiP 34 K-B4 cjq 35 p-Kts R K KiP Kl-Ql 17 K-B4 KI-B4 3S P-KR4 B-B4 38 PP BxP 40' B-BUch B-B4 41 BjBrh RiB 42 P-R7 Kt-Q Rrilcni KtlllOl Plxhrr fll.rk PxKt P-K4 R-QB PBS R-K3 R-B3 is the be are n'f.p'and K-B2j k-ks "32 , p-ksIN. 5;g2 ?-k: k,b! Cere-x-qa i one prize. Games played in the 7 Lromrn 9 Men Win ' mmmrr tournament rotint auto-0 W 0l"Cn, . JIMl W maticaiiy as ladder games. Divorce Decrees Here 1 I Robert Sobel of Temple Uni- Three women and two men versity is one of the five players; were granted divorces on Wed- em-who are representing the United, ncsday by Superior Court Judge1 States in the international stu- Burton. The suits were uncon-1 dents' chess championship attested. S the Revkjavik, Iceland. The tourna-1 Granted decrees on grounds of 'to do-ment begins today. Tlie five U. S.;cruelty were Mrs. Rosario Cam-jnatipn. representatives left Monday from panella, of 549 N. 3rd St., Ham-made Idlewiid Airport, N. Y. Imonton, from John, of West Or-jSjilrm In addition to Sobel, the U. S. chard st. and Railroad ave., em-team consists of William Lom- Hammonton; Mrs. Rhoda bardy and Arthur Feuerstein, of Kegel, of 426 Carter ave., Bell-jWorks, Con-City College of New York; mawr park from Russell, of 45 'Kdmar Mednis, of New York N. Highland ave., Runncmede,!xPChnical University, and Anthony F. and Mrs. Ethel L. Maroney, of; Saidy, of Fordham. This is a. 226 S. Lenola rd., Moorestown,and strong group of players and they from Clyde M. Jr., address un- can be expected to give a good known. ! arcount of themselves. The tour-; Granted divorces on grounds of nament will run through July 27. , desertion were Donato Marcan- c lmh.-irrtv will nlav No. 1 for tonio, of 27 6th ave., Mt. Eph- the Americans. He Is in top formiraim. from Hilda, of 21 Church at this time, having just returned st.. Blackwood, and Ray C Hin-jExtpnjjjon fro gentina, where he won first prize. It is expected that the International Chess Federation shortly will grant him the ranking of international master. rom the international masters' , man Jr., of 110 Beloit ave., Audu-j; ournament at Mar del Plata, Ar-ibon from Virginia M., of Nor- WUUU, aids. The watermelon is thought to . have originated in a wild state in Africa. I An exceptionally interesting match began Tuesday night at w York's Manhattan Chess Club. To comprise 10 games, it is between Samuel Reshevsky. international grandmaster and the acknowledged champion of the Western world, and Arthur B. Bguicr, currently holder of both national championship titles as well as champion of the Manhattan club. Games will be played on Tuesday and Thursday nights and Sun-da v afternoons throughout July, with the last one scheduled tor July 30. Hans Kmoch will be director and Maurice J. Kasper, president of the Manhattan Club, the referee. After five rounds of play in the Western chess tournament at Milwaukee Larry Evans, former 1'. S. champion, and Donald Bvrne, former national open chamnion, were tied with scores of 5 0. Atilio Hi CamiUo, of Philadelphia, and Hans Berliner, of Washington, were next at 4's-'j. Fourteen others were t'cd at 41. All American chess players are aware of the rapid rise of B'bby Fischer. 11 year-aid Brooklyn lad, to prominence in the game. It may surprise many of them, however, to learn that IVbby recently defeated Samuel Reshevsky, long recognized as our No. 1 player. The score of the game is appended below. Of course Bobby isn't quite as -good as the preceding paragraph might imply. His victory over Reshevsky came in a blindfold simultaneous exhibition by the American ace at the Manhattan Thess Ckib. nlaved at the speed of 10 seconds a move. Three of the others experts aswcll as Penmey's I J 00 Girls' Shorts Sizes 2 to fi. Stripes and solids . f M V

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  2. 11 Jul 1957, Thu,
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