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Chess by Isaac Kashdan - 1 Porf l-SUN., SEPT. 8, 1957 tOS 3i1f Clf ff...
1 Porf l-SUN., SEPT. 8, 1957 tOS 3i1f Clf ff Cdttf S CHESS BY ISAAC KASHDAN INTCDNATIONAl GRANDMASTER Aaartaa fellara ta Chala (altar, IJk. Jimn tat Anaalaa 53. Calif. SCHMITT WINS STATE TITLE IN MONTEREY t. . H.17 TIMES PROBLEM 2851 By A- Earrer BLACK 6 WHITE White ma tea In two. TIMES PROBLEM 2892 By M Marvsko BLACK A record-breaking turnout of 109 players competed in the California Open Chess Championship at the San Carlos Hotel In Monterey last week end. Jame-X. Schmilt of San Francisco, scoring five wins and two draws, emerged the winner and new champion. Tied with Sehmitt at 6-1 were former U.S. Champion I.arrv Kvans of New York and Saul Yarmak of Los Angeles. The Solkoff system was used to break the tie. In this system the scores earned by each player's opponents are added to determine as fairly as possible who had the hardest schedule. The result was 21 Vi Solkoff points for Schmitr. 20 for Kvans, who was awarded the second prize, and 19 for Yarmak. The leader for the first sh rounds was I.aszlo Simon of .i-Angeles, who won his first five games anil then drew with Sehmitt. Coming into the' last round, Simon had .V-i-ij and there was a tie at 51 among Kvans, Yarmak, Sehmitt, Irving Itivise and Dr. Peter Lapiken of Kos Angeles, Charles Bagby of San Francisco and Alex sucno-beck of Monterey. In the final pairings, Simon was matched with Evans and suffered his first defeat, removing him from top contention. Sehmitt and Yarmak scored Important victories against Sucho-beck and Bagby, respectively. Lapiken. and Rivise drew In ihe last round to finish with 5V4-1V4. This Rcore was equaled by Simon, William G. Addison of San Francisco and Dr. Sidney Weinhaum of Los Angeles. Pprhanc llip prpatpst Kiirni-i.sp ,.i ,.,.o,v,or.t ,..aa i (jiiesenbprrv. N. P. Rosenthal. L. A. ,n i ic wuiioii.c, n ,e.U V ., nn,.i p. Beaver tively poor start ot l.arry r.vans, w Downs. T. o. un. r. smith. T! SI "wm. mmt. imm :' l WWT 1 While matea In thro. I Today' problem were taken from Srhnch-Kcho, the excellent chess magazine pnbllhed twice monthly in Wert Germany! Both have especially good keymovea. SOLUTION TO PROBLEM 2SR7: R-Bl BOLDTION TO PROBLEM 2: Q-Rl Thrral. 2 R-Q-2ch; It K-K. 2 R-K2ch; If RxQ. 3 R-QR2; If RxR. 2 Q-R4ch, it NxR, 2 O-QR. HOI.VKR8' LIST Five pulnlj R. O. Burns. .1. S. Detiroot, J. R. Goodwin. W. H. 'Griffith. D. Hlnrii hsen, w, W. Irwin, v. S. .Moore. XI. Morn, .mis. J.. top-rated master who had been favored to win. In the ' first round Evans barely beat out Don Maron of Los Angeles in an even ending. He then drew with Emil Bersbach and Jim Cross.. Fop better scheduling the playera were divided into two groups after three rounds by relegating to the minor division all those with one point or less. Separate trophies were provided for this group. The winner, with 5-2, was Leonard Frankenstein of Los Angeles, followed by Fletcher Gross of La Canada with 4Vi-2Vi. The direction of the ' tourna ment and the scheduling of pair- Russians inM uura In 1 ha fsnahla Vianflc Boltslavfkjp 4 of Guthrie McClain of San Fran-iotiier point N. lesser. One point D. Be- v ill. H. .1. Crawford. C. U Ininan. J. Kaufman, O. H. Ketrlium, B. Alcln- tyre, .M. Rosen, M. Tarr. A number of solvers gave B KR7 a solution to 2887. Rut there l no mate after RxQ. There were deceptive trie In 28S8 a well. If 1 QxR. PxQ: 2 R-R2, P-R8(Q) atop mate. Or If 1 QxP, B K6; 2 QxH. RR.Tch. Taimanov and lost only to Gel-ler. ' The only other wins for Yugoslavia were two by Mahtano-vic, against Geller and Tolnsh. The' Russians won a total of 27 and 30 were drawn. Following are the detailed results and some interesting games from the match: TIGOSLAVS cisco, to whom most credit is due for a highly successful !Prokin event. Sgt. Robert A. Karen of ft!ua,hIM" Monterey, who made all the pre- Furman Uminary arrangements, also marked himself as an outstanding chess organizer. RESHEVSKY WIX8 NIXTH, LEADS m BYRNE MATCH Samuel Reshevsky scored the first win In the ninth game of his match against Donald Byrne at the Manhattan Chess Club in Newr York, according to report from the New York Times. Three gamea have been drawn and five are adjourned In this series, which has one more to Eo. The win resulted from excellent strategical play, with Re-j-hevsky gradually forcing weaknesses in Byrne's King side I'awn formation. The final combination on the 33rd and 31th moves involved a finely conceived sacrifice to t'evelop a mat-ine position. The seventh game, which Is: adjourned, also seems likely to end in victory for Reshevsky,! who is a piece ahead fofMittle compensation. There was another flurry of moves with both players in time pressure and Reshevsky seeing a little further in the complications. The remaining four adjourned rames are all likely to be drawn. This would result in a match victory for Reshevskv Irrespec tive of the outcome of the final came Following are games from the match: SEVENTH MATCH GAME BENONI COUNTER OAMBXT If hfvik7 While l-P-04 J-P-OB4 3-P-G Bertok CUiorie Ivkov Karaklale Korchnol S'.i 14 Mntnovlc 4'i 3Vi 3 3 Mllle Nedelkovle Plrc Trifunovle Udovit Olltorle White 1- P-04 2- P-UB4 3- N-OB1 4- P-K3 5- N-B3 6- B-Q3 7- O-B S-KPxP -BxBP 10- B-OJ 11- N-KS 12- PxN 13- R-1C-M-R-KJ 1S-N-K4 16-BXN White 1- P-OB4 2- P-KN3 3- B-N 4- N-QB3 5- P-03 6- N-B3 7-0-0 -R-N n-B-j 10-N-dS U-P-QN4 12-P-K3 13- PN 14- Q-B2 NIMZO-INDIAN DEFENSE TohHh.Olliorlc '81 4-N-OB3 S-P-K4 S-B-03 7- KN-K2 8- B-K3 1-Q-02 10- N-N3 11- P-KR3 12- B-R6 13- 0-0 14- P-B4 15- BxP 1H-NxN 17-B-R2 1B-N-S IS-N-KI 20-R-B3 21-NxP Brn' Rrrhevikr Black; While K-KB3 22-P-QR4 P-B4 23-BxB P-K4 24-P-KNi P-03 2J-KPxP B-IC2 2ti-en-KB O-O 27-RRch N-K :-PsP N-02129-Q-B4 . P-OR3 30-B-O3 QM-B3 31-B-B2 32- K-R 33- P-NS 34- PlN ' 35- QSOP 3t-R-KN 37- Q-B4 38- BxQ 39- B-KN3 40- R-K 41- K-R2 Tolush mrk White Black H-KB3 17-B-R8 R-K P-K3 1S-Q-B3 B-Q2 B-N5 19-R-KN4 B-QB3 O-O 20-Q-Ni B-B P-Q4 21-BxB KxB P-B4 22-P-KM Q-N3 BPxP 23-P-R6 QxNP PxP 24-R-Q QR-Q ON-02125-R-KB R-W JP-OR3 26-PxP PxP NxN 27-O-NS B-QS N.OJ 28-RxPcht KxH N-B4 29-BxPch K-N F-KN3 30-B-RSch K-R2 NxN 31-Q-NSch K-R B-K2 l32-Q-Bch Reslani KINO'S INDIAN DEFENSE PI re BoleilavikylPIre BoleilavukT B ack White buck N-KB311S-QR-B QR-B P-KN3ll6--B4 P-KR3 B-N217-B-B3 R-B2 P-Q3 18-KPxP NxBP! O-OlS-PxN RxP N-B3 20-P-O4 BxN N-KR4i21-BxB Q-RS! P.R4 22-O.Q3 RxB P-Rj'23-OxP R-Blj P-K4.24-Q-N3 Q B4 N-KI2.i-K-R R-N3 NxN 2H-Q-K3 PxP B-N;27-BxP BxB Q-Q2 Rrsun CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNEY OPENS AT STKlNEIt Cl.l'B The annual tournament for the chess championship of Southern California attracted 41 players to the Herman Steiner Chess Club. 108 N Formosa Ave. The pairings for the first round were drawn by lot. No maior upsets were noted, thp favorites generally winning in good style. Future pairings wlH match players in accordance with their scores, using Swis.-svstem .rules. The second round will be 'on- tested this afternoon. Following are the details of the opening Byrne play: BUCK RiM 1 K-R H oordon The Bftlnt. P-KN3 N-N2 B-Q2 PxP N(3i-R4 NxN P-B3 P-ON4 N-N2 PxP B-N4 P-B4 K Perrest ... PxP J Crost PxP B.Shteffer BxR 8 Almeren . . . 0-02 R. Clirk B-KJ L. Bimon P-B5 P. Kelemen ... N-K : R Lorber N-B3 N Robinon .. R-KB 8 Yarmak BxP Mr Hfiiderxon Q-KN2IC. Henderson . 0-R3iF. Hutnagel ... QxQ;Q. Rubin ... bxp w Meiworm BOl'ND ONE ... L t. 8?allr .., . . . OR. Cro . . , ... IN Vatsoa . . ., 0,1. Rivise ... 1 J MeiO ... ... OR Martin . . . I D. Amneui IL. Roj ' 'a'O. Barrett OS Sholom.on .. I 1 M. Simon .... 0 0 C. Glbb 1 1D. Ynune . 0 1;M Kerllenertcb 0 1 V. Proctor .... 0 0 S Welnbaum .. 1 n altr - fliT Frle 1 R-KN O Soulea IS Oeller 0 R-Q L. Ertfqutft .... t ; M. Gordon .... 0 18 "(oria . '.i T. Oolden 'a (am waj adjourned at tbUIMra. Oramett. OiJ. Welner 1 I O. Caatlabtri jr 'a IK. Mamman 'i NINTH MATCH OAMK KINO'S INDIAN DEFENSE Re?hak7 Brne' Reahevaki' Brae While Black While Biari 1- N-KB3 P-QR4 20-N-B4 K-B2 2- P-B4 N-OB3 21-B-K4 R-KR 3- P-KN3 P-KN3 :j-Q-BJ R-R3 4- B-NJ B-N2.23-P-04 P-K4 8 -O-O -N-B3 1-P-03 8-B-Q2 -P-KR4 10- R-N 11- P-RJ 12- N-KR2 !3-P-O.N4 14- P-NJ 15- N-GS 1S-B-N5 17-B-Q2 1S-P-K3 19-KxN RISSL1 WINS TEAM MATCH Brni Reahevakf Black ' While P-QR4 20-N-B4 N-OB3 21-B-K4 P-KN3 :j-q-bj B-N2.23-P-04 P-Q3 24-PxKP N-R3 J5-N-03 N-B4 :b-B-5ch P-KR4 B-C2 .'8-P-B4 R-ON J9-K-R KN-Qi 30-KPxP O-B 3l-Q-K4cli O-O 32-OxP H-K4 33-P-B5I R-K 34-RxBI P-B3 3S-N-B4 N-N5 3U-R-K NXN.37-45XU N-B4' MRS. riATIGORSKY TO PLAY Mrs. Jaqueline Piatigorsky of Los Aneeles accompanied Mrs. Gisela Greyer of "New York a- the two American represent opp atlves to "J4!? I Women's Holland, this week, P-N3 ' compete in the first Chess Team Cham- starting in Emmen n-rj pionship Mrs. Piatigorsky was chosen The second annual team match between powerful delega-! tions from Russia and Yugo-j f'avia took place last month in! I pifnfrrad. The world champion' I S S.R. team outscored their r TonenU by 42. to 22 in the c "-.t-round event. ". L'.ghl games were played In V h round, with the pairings i ranged like a round-robinj urnament. The Russians won .TV rounn. scorinK r i in ipp t d and eighth others. Jverv Russian finished K.B 1 BxP replace Mrs. bonia uraf hteven-r!n son, who found she could not R.a.n""" " MAXHATTAX RECEPTIOX A reception In honor of returning champions was held at the Manhattan Chess Club in New York last week. The guest of honor were Bobby Fischer and Arthur B. Bisguier, victors at Cleveland; Donald Byrne, new western champion, and Samuel Reshevsky, recently conqueror of Bisguier In match play. After the ceremonies a rapid transit tournament was held, uith an nmwiialtv rvuorful mn. and 5-3 In al!jtrv n.t. Donald Byrne was the i winner wun n-i. inner top .scores were William Lombard- t us or even score. Taimanov i nd Jamps T Snerwin. 9'a-2i . -as their est per-;Wai,er J. Slnman. M: Bis-f- followed by Korchnoi, gujer :-.d FUcher. 7-5. A'vIVj. and Bronstein, 5-2. j . v The outstanding score for the! VAX Mig CHESS fl.l'B T'Jifnflavs. and In some respect' A new the club has been 3 re best fhowinit of the match.Jorsanized at Yan Nuys. which . posted by GUgortch. will meet on the first and third 4".iisr-xl'h v on flv fiimex out-l Monday of each month ai H933 TSfiU rtefeaUnf KorchnoL Fetro-j Victory Blvd. Visitor are wel- sn. Tni'n, Fmrnan and Chol-'come and are requested to brlnp mov, tie v ith BrOTttein and.Uieir own aeu.

Clipped from
  1. The Los Angeles Times,
  2. 08 Sep 1957, Sun,
  3. Page 32

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