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Scoville Dead 3 - pictures while we were In the Philippines. He...
pictures while we were In the Philippines. He was a swell lad and a fine officer. The gang that he served with during the war often spoke highly of him. "I expect to return to Vaughan General -hospital about 30th of December. and at that time I will endeavor to get up and see you, Scoop's family, and Betty. I will let you know more definitely later. Such a visit is always more satisfactory than writing. However. However. I will endeavor to let you know a little about our life in prison camp and of Scoop's death enroute to Japan. "I did' not know Scoop until .afttr the surrender of Corregidor and the early days of prison camp, ao I can not tell you much, of that period except as I've heard him tell of it later. He made, the famous famous Death March out of Bataan Bataan and arrived at Camp O'Donnell, O'Donnell, Just above Fort Stotensberg, about April 16. 1942, in .much better better shape than the average. On June 1, 1942. he .was moved to Cabanatuan Camp No. 1, about 5 miles east of the city of the same name in the central part of Luzon. Luzon. About 10 days later, he was moved to Camp No. 3 about 12 miles further east This was a camp composed mostly of 'enlisted 'enlisted men and a few officers that had been taken on Corregidor. It was at this camp that I first met Scoop. "We remained at this camp until until the 28th ot October of that year, when we were taken down with the remainder oj the prisoners prisoners at Camp No. 1. The combining combining of the camps was due to the fact that several thousand had been chipped to Japan during this period, also many of the enlisted men had been sent out to work on the air-fields, etc. throughout the islands, and also one large group had been sent to the southern southern island of Mindanao. During this period Scoop had charge of one of the enlisted men's barracks barracks where he was a great favorite. favorite. He was well except for a brief period when he came down with a severe case of malaria. malaria. On Wood Detail "After we 'moved to Camp No. 1, Scoop lived together with several several other otflcers from his tank battalion, and I did not see him often except for an : occasional visit at night, for I was fortunate in being in charge of one of the messes at the other end of the camp. For a short time here Scoop also had charge of a barracks, barracks, and then later joined the wood detail, a group of about 75 officers and men who had the job for the camp. Although hard work, Scoop liked it and as a result they were able to obtain bit of extra food for themselves, themselves, and also had the opportunity' opportunity' to get outside the camp each day. Scoop stayed on this when the camp doctors ordered him to quit The work -was Just too much for some for the diet we were getting. Fortunately by this time we had a little Red Cross medicine in camp and although although Scoop really lost weight, with a little rest he snapped out of it About this time] I got him a job in the mess as night watchman watchman and fireman. The hours were not ideal but the work was not hard and as a result we did manage manage to get a little extra food. "We stayed at this camp until the 18th of October of 1944 when we were moved to the old Bilibid prison in Manila. The Nips were endeavoring to get all the able- bodiefl out of Cabanatuan and to Japan. Scoop and I were in the last group of the detail- of some 1,619 officers and men to be moved moved from Cabanatuan. Departure from Manila "We stayed in Manila until the 13th of December of 1944; we were 13th of Decemoer 01 HIM; we were daily witnesses to the_ bombing -of ^TaS^tiSa^SSS n^^rTno^s^ ttCAlt Id* UDIJt) •»« •»»•» ••« £.«•••»•*• — —— a result they got several ships into the bay and on the 13ft, we were marched to the dock area and loaded into the hold of a Jap transport transport The next six weeks were a nightmare and of the 1,619 that started the trip less than 300" are alive today. The first day out of Manila we. were bombed eight times off the coast of Bataan. The ship was crippled and beached at the old naval station at Olonga- pool, and we had to. swim about a mile to shore. However, we did not get off it before the bombers tiari *wtmA 1wr>1r mtr»\n Htlri ficnred B had come back again and scored a direct hit on the middle hold of the ship. Both Scoop and I came through this O.K.; we were side by side in the hold. We were then hoarded up at the tennis court at the station and for, five days all we were given to eat was a few tablespoonsful of raw rice. On the 20th we were moved to San/Fernando, San/Fernando, Pampanga; on the 24th we were loaded into box-cars (about 200 per car) and taken to San Fernando, Fernando, La Union of the Lingayen Gulf. We spent Christmas day at an old abandoned school house, our dinner being a little rioe and half a canteen of water. Taken to Formosa . "On the 27lh we boarded another transport and were taken to Takao, Takao, the port of southern Formosa. We got there the morning of Jan. X 1945 and sat in the harbor until the 14th. On the 6th day they emptied the forward hold of the ship of the coal she was carrying and moved about 500 officers and men into it. Scoop and I were uuiircia o««* •««• «•«*• -.—^ -..- j— among the number. On the 9th, ot gathering the wood necessary we were again bombed and he «„. .»,,. ^.mn Although hard scored a direct hit on the hold and also a near miss which caved in a large section of the plate of the ship. About 275 were Wiled, another another 225 seriously injured, the remainder remainder like myself picked up small pieces. I had seven pieces in eacn nay. ocoop BVBJCU VH nua snuui pictco. * JK»U »^»w* j^.v^.^^ ••• job until about Christmas of 1943 myself, the largest however, about __." «.*._. _&_«. ^i«ui*A«w MTuioMM^ *t\A m\fttt rtf th* tfknrl nt mv. thumb. MJJ^CJ&f ***«. «**()^« ffir •• •—' - —— »• — — — — the the size of the end of my thumb. It was at this time that Scoop was

Clipped from
  1. Janesville Daily Gazette,
  2. 20 Dec 1945, Thu,
  3. Page 6

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