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 - THE CHESS BOAHD. How Cuba Defeated Mexico...
THE CHESS BOAHD. How Cuba Defeated Mexico Studies at the Library. Mexico has met Cuba over the chess - board ami after an exciting struggle of eighteen games a decisive victory rested with the " Uueen of the Antilles." Mr. Vazquez - , tiie Mexican cliaanpiou, first encountered Mr. Celso Uolmayo, tue - leading player of Cuba, with the result: Golmayo, 7; Vazquez, 4. With Mr. Martinet Carvajat, another Cuhan leader; Mr. Vazquez was also unfortunate, scoring but two games of the seven pluyed. The result iherelore stands ; Uuoa, 12; Mexico, 6. Asa specimen brick of how Cuba won, we append the moves of a very singular Scotch Quinbie with a curious tinale: WtriTU Golmayo, Black Vazquez, 1. lMuK4. PtoK4. X KKUOB3. QKttoiiS. 3. P to li 4. f IP. 4. BU1UB4. BKillBt 5. P to H i. P U) Q . Even - student knows that Kt to li it. turning the open - Ins into a Hiuorai I'iauojiloue is the true ded'ense. TIioukU V 10 i 0 hinders the forming 01 the wlilw ceuire, yet it loses too much time. To quiet, ffp should push Ills pawns on the left flank and t'oUow with li to Kt 3. 6. P to Q 3. 7. Castles. 1" to li II 3. This ia not as provincial as tt uiiKht at first slprht appear, for Vazquez has an idea or iwo about forming a procession of pawns on the white kimj's enlrem - Utueuta. u t r n u - i :l H. B to K 3. li to U Kt 3. Q to K 'i. Kt to H:i - 1 to K Kt 4 Kt to K 4. Y x Kt. KttoH4. P to Kt 5. !. Q Kt to (1 2. 1(1. I' to Q Kt 4. 11. P to K IU. 12. Pto Kt 5. 13. Kt x Kt. 14. li u to (i an. xn. jvi 10 13 o. This, we aptiretiend. was a mistake. 10. Kt x 1. Castles. Making bad worse. 17. Kt to Ktrt. Q toB 3. IS. Kt x K, and after a Tew more moves Vazquez resigned 10 his accomplished udversary. CIUCSS STUDIES AT TUB MKIICANT'II.E LII1RARY. At the Mercantile Library chess nourishes with lis UMiul visor, and many are the contests between the older habitues and the younger aspirants for chess fume. A few days ago the following position occurred there in play. Jt embraces a reinarkitbiy li ue point, and has been made the subject of inueh comment: Wicitk - K at K a, Kt at 1C 3, Pawns at Q Kt 2, CI B 3, Ci 4, and K Kt 4, , lii.ACK - lv at Q B 3, B at K B 5, Tawns at Q Kt 0, Q 4, K 5, mid K Kt 4. It was now argued that White could play 1. Pto H 4 H x Ivt 2. P x 1' ch K x I' i. K x IS and win. and the demonstration appeared u be perfeollv sound. A deeper analysis, however, demonttrutes the renmrkitble iiiet Hint it White plays I P to B 4 he Iwn the sniue. We leave it us a very nice lit Lie study for our ingenious readers. TIIK TOUllNAMi:XT. The retirement of Mr. .Tames Roberta from the ctub tournament reduces tho number of contetsants to ten. TheleadingsiToresnoware: Klson, 7 ; Huskies, 7; MieIiarlis.U; Newman, S.and Prlester, 7 Micliaellslms yet to pln.r Klsnn, Newman and Whitton. KIson must encounter Hoskiiw, Miebiielis, Newilmo nml Whitton. I'rieHter must meet IloKktns, S. Mudu, Newman, Wella and Whitlon. Hoskiiw nnisl play KIson, Miller, Newman and Priester. Newman must play Klson, lloskius, S. .Muda, Micluiclis and Prlester. Next week Hie contests will be Elson vs. Hoskius, Micluuilis vs. Whitton, J'rieter vs. Wells, Sewmau vs. s. Mieia, lluiuuui vs. Miller. A GREAT ALMAIKB OAM11IT. Showing a great Allgaier Oauiblt, with a remarkably brilliant termination and problem - like nine move male : Wh itk llatcheso. Black Valkbeer, 1. Pto K4. Pto K4. i. V to K B 4. P x P. 3. K Kt to li 3. P to K Kt 4. 4. P lo KIU, P lo Kt o. 5. Kt to K ". This variation is more properly now called the Kies - eritzuy Gambit, In honor ol that celebrated player. U. 11 IVl to 11 a. 0. Q Kt to B 3. 7. Kt to II 4. S. Ptolj4. 1). H to K 2. 111. K to U 2. 1 1. K to U 3. 12. P to it 3. ia. Kttoas. 14. ICl x UP ell. 1.3. Kt tod 5. P to o ;i, 11 to i; 2. Kt to H 4. li X P ch. Q to Kt 4. (i Kl lo 11 3. li to li 7. 11 x a 1". K lo li so. Pto 114. ill. Kt X li 1". p x P eh. 17. K to 114 and black announced a beautiful male In nine moves. PRETTV FOISTS. Tretty points are shown In this tine 8 by 6 dUplay of chess combinations by J. (i. Nix ; No. 230. llr.ACX. - A 0" Ci : ' Whitk. AVliitc to play ami mat f in two movoi. IlllW TIIK SIfrVKS itux. Tt to Ivt 0 in No. 'J,'2H, iuund by Alpha, Anuitour, Anon, Cliarlca 1. Bflt'lior, S, B,f Hfiiry ( '. IJrown, .lacub K!sun, (ii - nnre flodslmll. ( II. , IC. nfjidrrson, I). II., (M. I llainiltim. J. Willie Junes, K.. J. A. Kairir. Anru - i Ki'iitiTtT, Q, I', 'jnit'ki'l, IL f. N'cill, A. It.,. lame Jiuh' I'i'ts, SaMtli, !. H. KhitH, H. Vns, .1. Vtmn - , Xt - ke. Kit, Dr. FuiuuT. J. . ilassi - y, AuUu IU llitl, V. II. War - WU'rC. It lo K Tt 7 is tnp rpmarl;atle movo !n ?o. 2'29. SnlvtV hv AuiMjo, . liarli - sl. iu!rhtr, lli - urvt . lirown, (ieoi (Jo.i - hall. I), II., C. I). V. Hamilton. J. Willie .Idih - s, J. Kaiser, Aivrist KriHer, II. K. nii - kt'l, .lames Huberts, hah tli. IL. rlls,.(. umi, Zeke, Kli, Dr. Kiihner. S4!! uiniis tn tunno - protilems I'mtn A. W. BLiinttt, (. . liariow, I. J. AliU'UtU, auu ruzleil. PR. BAYER'S nnn.MANT. Dr. Bayer's most brilliant three move mate, showing a unique iirooioni, ;n ruuK piay wun o men vs. O(o, Whlte - K at Q Tl so, T at K B 4, It nt K B 5, B at Q R 3. B at K It 7. Kl at k Kt 7. r.!ark - K at K It :t, li at K R sq, R nt K 1112, B at X It o, raw lis ai iv it , ano tv j; - i. Wbit to play ami nialo in three moves.

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  1. The Times,
  2. 23 Apr 1882, Sun,
  3. Page 7

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