Tom in Sandusky, The Sandusky Register, 6/3/1959

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Tom in Sandusky, The Sandusky Register, 6/3/1959 - SANDUSKY ftlftfSfl* WtBKIIBAt, jrONt 3, fttf 17...
SANDUSKY ftlftfSfl* WtBKIIBAt, jrONt 3, fttf 17 iiMII«>l< i ii it ill > ii n ii,*r,*^*a.k^* ; «^ READERS' FORUM Sditot, the Register: 1 am greaty indebted to your great newspaper for the wonderful beverage you have given to my speech which I delivered recently at the annual meeting of the Sandusky Chamber of Commerce. Of course, I followed also with great interest some of tffe reactions to this address as they came to my knowledge. In this connection, I especially would like to mention the very interesting letter which Was written by the Rev. Tom Wedsworth, and which was printed in the Readers Forum of the May 21 issue of your distinguished- newspaper. In this letter Rev. Wedsworth takes issue with a part of my speech in which I said that all our hallowed freedoms—our freedom of speech, freedom of thought and freedom of religion- are built upon and rooted in our economic, financial freedom. I added to this also that no nation, ho country can be free politically or religiously if the citizens are slaves economically or financially- Rev. Wedsworth callls this idea in his letter "crass materialism" and implies that such an approach is eVen greater danger for our coimtry than Communism or socialism against which I warned my audience. ' As a devout Christian layman and a follower of Rev. Weds- worth's own denomination—I happen to be a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Peoria— this is what I have to say concerning this statement: It is unfortunate—almost tragic —that a prominent church leader like Rev. Wedsworth could have so badly misunderstood and misinterpreted my statement. If I would have said that our Christian faith is built upon and rooted in our economic freedom, then Rev. Wedsworth would have had a good reason to accuse me of "crass materialism." However, what I said was that our religious freedom: namely, our right to confess, to exercise and to live according to our Christian faith is built upon our economic freedom. This, of course, is an undeniable truth which is supported by the horrible example of the slave world behind the iron curtain. As Rev. Wedsworth knows it so well, there are millions of Christians living today in Communisf dominated countries, but they—in spite of their ardent Christian faith in their hearts—are not free to live according to their beliefs because they are. the economic and political slaves of their Communist governments. If these unfortunate millions would live in a free political and economic system then they wouldn't have to face the persecution, the concentration camps and sometimes even the gallows for confessing their Christian faith. Rev. Wedsworth also asks, with a certain amount of contempt, whether history substantiates die fall of nations as having resulted from the decay of free enterprise as an economic system? The answer to this question is, of course, "No" simply because the economic system about which I spoke in my address was accomplished until now only and exclusively in the United States of America, where—thanks be to God—it is still alive. And, I do not think that any of i our great church leader should I belittle the importance of this I American free enterprise system \ when every Sunday collection ] plates are being passed in thousands and thousands of American churches and financially independent and economically prosperdtl 's Americans are being asked to cdr> tribute to the many vital functions of our great churches, such as Christian' education, charities, missionary work and the spread-' ing of the goJpel, * # # • Again, the contrast is so tragic: —in Communist dominated countries where the economic bondage in which their governments have put those unfortunate people prevents them from contribute ing to this greatest purpose of them all, and the result of this can be seen in the crumbling church buildings, discontinued charities, government education and the servants Of God reduced to the status of beggars—unless they are Willing to give up their principles and accept government salaries. Rev. WedsworthV letter shows the crying heed that our great church leaders should have more knowledge and more understanding toward some of the vital problems which face us in our world today. Our great church leaders are doing a magnificent work when it comes to guiding us toward the Christian haven of eternal life. However, when we face today the forces of the anti -Christ at work which want to destroy our country and our belief in the Lofd, we have to admit that we badly need the wisdom and guidance of our church leaders not only in our problems of eternal life but also in the trials and tribulations of our temporary existence on this earth. * « » If our wonderful pastors and ministers will give us this kind of guidance and leadership in our vitally important fight against the evil forces which want to destroy not only our country but also our Christian faith, then the very unfortunate accusation of "crass materialism" brought by an outstanding Protestant minister against a humble member of his denomination will not reoccur in the future. Rev. Wedsworth was so right when he quoted the Bible "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and unto God the things that are God's". However, if—what God should forbid—the forces of anti-Christ would win out in our country, then I am sorry to say that our American people would soon be compelled to render more and more things unto Caesar with less and less things remaining to be rendered unto God. vDR. NICHOLAS NYARADI, Director, Institute of International Studies Bradley University. Former Minister of Finance of Hungary. LAWN MOWER SHARPENING ENGINE REPAIR Any Make or Model LECOY'S 245 E. Market St. Phone MA 5-3956 Serving Sandusky and Vicinity Since 1939 GASOLINE FUEL OIL DISTRICT PETROLEUM PH. MA $-8373

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