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Quantrill/Brooklyn - .... mill ibrEvrlaa;. no-cop"'-- .) Pwdsara...
.... mill ibrEvrlaa;. no-cop"'-- .) Pwdsara PffiDg-Sbli ". Thst p.per op. ri0rit7--for E wing becscse .- hresk op renei camy 'SthSg m.be looked upon d,ffer- i n Lawrence. i7 Lit not about time tbst Ew- TotB- ;n.nlted the people of Kansas Cbm1bttbe7were.teding riSin tbensma of liberty V OUtbepeech would be . good t th Brieadier to deliver, as a Jion!ogverthede.d bodies in U""DCe- ,,Th. Rf T.nIB AttIwcno-5 ...r:;- bis -u:n SSVS HW'"6 " -"" "O KDU i "--.. '. TX We don't see it. to see it. We :v S. direction wa was towards iiw- .. tad that there was a dn I'eoftbatloyalcity. dnty owing T sk or It. Kaunas bas fnrnisbed fil,in twelve thousand men Tor the TidLiimnee is burned. Think of t loyal men ! Ewing is in command. ' 'R.member that Slavery mado the raid Lawrence, killed its citisens. and laid ? endings in ashes and swear anew !?. ti8 war shall not end until the last reJtige of the bell-born' institution is arirefl from the continent. 0cr Fbiects." If Qnantrile lived Ohio he wocld vote for Vallandigham. If io New York he would be one of Gov. geraoor's " friends." -- How ilo the Copperheads like the do-ion of their friends in Lawrence! Qnantrile believes in the " Union as it was," ml thinks the Draft unconstitntional. Sesatomac Ewing proposes to be tie South-side Senator. Lawrence is on tie south side of the Raw. We mean tbtt it was before it was oarnea oy ousn-aisckers. CorrERHEADS. Ewing's administration btf always pleased the Copperheads. The Hew York World copied and paffed hi Olsthe speech- The St. Louis Re- pablican said Ewing was the right man in iti riclit nlace. We told the people then to beware of the man who pleased traitors. The rebels in this City are not all cleaned out yet. If the bushwhackers were to come in here to-night these men woald tell them who to kill first- Wnr Not? Cannot Ewing be made a Major General? It is time it was done bnt we want to know the name of the Senator who signs his papers. Cokiso. Qaantrile told It. S. Stevens that his next visit would be to Leavenworth. We have a single favor to ask of him. If he will wait till Ewing is removal we can take care of ourselves ni of him too. Col. Penick's regiment was disbanded tm8 it killed bushwhackers. Gen. Ben. Loan was removed because he hung tathwhackers. Gen. Blunt lost half his District because he hung t liteve. E wing Vwcone none ol these tilings, and be ex-pa to be a Major General. JisTUL Liw. We have soldiers here (inrry oat the farce of Martial Law. litre were no soldiers on' the Border voire Qaantrile s raiders crossed to sack Lmence. Bioads. A crowd of men marched through the streets on Saturday night ringing the popular rsfrain : HV1I kiif TW. Ei with Cmtrilc Md Mt tmd." Remove Hih. That is the voice of the rop!e. How long is this Olsthe-Speech General to he fastened upon onr State ? The Number. It is believed that Ew-injfhai more troops than Blunt. What iota h lo with tliem ? SrxosYMcs. There is a remarkable :railarity between general ruin and Gen. Ewing. The Lesso.v Taught by the Lawrence Mwsicue. Remove SchoSeld and Ew-g- aUANTEILE IN MISSOimi. Thepnmiitby Jim I.nne Twenty Bash whackcr killed Fighting and Cha-"-all day Friday Fifteen Hundred Meu following the Assains Kansas Bora in Jackson County. The militia so hastily organized by General Lane have given Mr. Qaantrile hard run, and "saved up" at least tynty of his long haired beasts. Quintals continued his devastations from Jinnee to Brooklyti. where he was IacIdrBts of tlief kaaacrc. ' ' (From the Conservative1.) J - -. Rev. D. H. Fisher, Chaplain of the Fifth Hamas, nad a most marvellous es eape from guerilla. He was aick in his house when Qoantrile's fiends came after him. He escaped into a hole in the cellar and was, passea oy wnen tne assaains went down there to, find him. After tbey went op stairs and set fire to the house, nil wi'a got permission to take the carpet out. Mr. Fisher, was informed of it, and while his wife and another lady were dragging the- carpet ont, he eot throojrb a trap door in the floor and went ont nnder the carpet;, the rebels in the meantime continuing their search. The carpet was so thrown down In the yard as to conceal him, and be remained nnder it while the honse'burned down. There are many similar instances in which the women of Lawrence exhibited a courage and devotion as great, as histo ry has ever recorded. Stoat men relate, these deeds with tears of joy and pride filling their eyes. Mrs. RiggSt wife of the District Attorney, Miss Lydia Stone and Mrs. John 8peer, 'who put ont the fire on her dwelling after it bad been twice lighted, are amonz the heroines of JUawrence. Airs. Judge Carpenter acted as bravely as Pocahontas, bnt the rebels were more brntat than the Indian Powhattan, for they killed her husband after she had thrown herself upon his body.- : . Dr. Logan,8ays nothing that he has ever seen or reaa oi, can equal me nena'. ish brutality of the deeds done in Lawrence. He hopes that Jennison will go to Jackson County, Missouri, and not leave a house or hen coop standing. Capt. A. ft- Banks, -Provost Marshal for Southern Kansas, left here for Lawrence yesterday to raise a company for an independent expedition. Every paper in his office, inclnding all the enrollment lists, was destroyed. This work will all have to he done over again, before there can be any draft in Southern Kansas. Capt. Banks can raise men. however, without resorting to a draft. All his money and effects wejajsither burned or stolen. Those who Stored with him will gladly fight with him. "Forced In." A rebel straggler of Qaantrile was captnred after the massacre, who said that he bad been " forced into the service." and bad not been into Lawrence. Upon searching him three of his pockets were found full of greenbacks. He said his sympathies were with the North and always had been. He was killed. Walt. Willis, of Lawrence, is raising a eomnanv for Jennison's regiment. He lost seven thonsand dollars worth of property in the Lawrence Massacre. He goes in to kill, and wants men who can live on half rntions and expect to be killed before pay-day. Gen. J. H. Lank. When the bushwhackers came into Lawrence, Gn. Lane insisted on remaining in his house and fighting alone, and only ran when nrgent-ly importuned to do so by his wife. If he had had ten men in his house, the murderers would have coffered. The Little Blce on Fire. Capt. Martin Anderson, of the Eleventh Kansas, has rxen visiting the Little Blue, in Jackson Connty, Mo. Wherever the women reported that their husbands were in the Southern Army, be had their traps removed from the honse and the thing burned np. On Snnday night the Little Blue seemed to be on iire. Qoantrile's spies were in Lawrence and told him when to strike. They are in this town. We have several rebels here now, who would like to see Qnantrile cut the throats of onr cithspns. Snch men should be cleaned ont and hnng. Jo. F. Hampson, Clerk for Captain Banks, was shot twice after his mnnpy had been taken and he had been promised protection by the bushwhackers. One bullet went entirely through his body. Not Ktixed. Gen. Collamore's son was not killed. He was riding out of town and was the first person shot. He was wounded in the leg, but not seriously. Richmond would have been ours a year and a half ago, if Gen. McClellan nad shown as mnch strategy in the face of Gen. Lee as the women of Lawrence did in front of Qnantrile. Weston. Mo., yesterday raised two hnndred dollars for the relief of Lawrence. There are good men over' there, and they clamorous in to she ed ing . alty this ine of saw a in ol the " peculiarly hfi is my, at in This twenty procured cavalry when left quorum. the was BATTLE the perfect New

Clipped from
  1. White Cloud Kansas Chief,
  2. 27 Aug 1863, Thu,
  3. Page 3

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