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A3IUSEMENTS. WALLACK'H THEATRE, OPEN FOB TEE PALL AND WINTER SEASON, ENTIRELY REGILT, I PAINTED ' and REDECORATED. Coder the sole management of Mr. WALLACE, who, hsving recovered from his long and severe illness, wdl resume his old and pi rasing duue a a caterer for the asaasement of the public. fctage Manager Mr. LESTER WALLACE The company will eonsist of dr. WALLACE. Mr. LESTER W A LLACK. Mr. JOHN BROUGHAM. Mr. WHKATLEIGH. (first appearance in this Tbeitre.) Mr. DYOTT. Mr. SLOAN. Mr. H. B. PHILLIPS, Mr. KLoYD, (first appearance here.) Mr. CHIfptMAl.fc,Mr. BEK.VAKD.Mr. CHANDLER, Mr. I.EVF.RE. Mr. ROGERS, (first appearance here) Mr. TREE, Mr. HolHiES, (first appearance here.) Mr! LASCEI.l.ES, (flrrt appearance.) Mr. PARSLOE, Mr. JEFFERIKS. Mrs. OUVER. Mr. JAtASON, Mr. COB URN, Mr. HOEY, Mr. VERNON. Miss MARY GANNON. Mrs. SLOAN, (first appearance hen.) Mrs. G RATTAN, Mis TREE, Mrs. FI-OY D. (Srst appearance here.) Mr. REEV ES. Mix ERNESTINE HENRaR1K. (fir.t appearance here.) Mis CARMAN, Miss PINE, KwdKTOS. Miss STELLA Mis CROSS. Miss WRIGHT. Miss GoURLAY. THE ORCHESTRA. Particular attention has been taken by the Manager te Select for this department gentlemen each one of whom i a hrst-clas solo performer. They will be under the experienced leading f Mr. J. P. COOKE. On the osening night will be produced A NEW COMEDY, from the pen of Stirling Coyne, first time in America, with new and splendid scenery and costumes, entitled hOllllNO VENTURE rw NOTHING WIN. Chevalier de Lannnay, f Officers oTt Mr. Lester Wallack. I the staff I Mr. w heatleiich MarquUdeVigneul, i O V nraprance. Cspt. Panneville, -I Army, i first appearance. Tl. Duke de Vendome M r. Dyott Iiobim-ourt, Major Domo -. ..Mr. Sloan Pierre - .'..slr.Coburn Officers; Guards, Servants. . The Countess Beauvilliera Mrs. Hoey Martha Mis Tree The new scenery, bv Isherwood and Wallace, will include SALOON and RECEPTION HALL In the Chateau of the Countess. PAVILION of the DUKE DE VENDOME, With view of the French Camp before Barcelona. After which will be presented a new, but not especially original allegoric, metaphoric, mythologic filtration of (surpassing events written by Mr. Brougham, and entitled NEPTUNE'S DEFEAT, oa THS SEIZURE OF THE SEAS; A TALK OS rLOOD SXD nKLD. Produced with that rare fa I attention to the minutim of the uim eu scene aplomb, optic illusion, aesthetic and chiaro-4curo, tvliicli characterise all the elfortsof all the aiaiutcera in this enlightened and progressive age. Tax Music, which is of an orgauic character, and familiar overmuch to the dwellers in quiet street, turned aside from its original source in the most diverting manner, by Mr. J oh u Cooke. The superhuman auxiliaries under the supervision of Mr. Coburn. 1 he Mi Scijiirt. which will consist of a series of highly imaginative marine views in water-color, it is confidently anticipated will exhibit in a proper light the transparent designs of Messrs. Isherwood and Wallace. The CosTraig, mainly selected with reference to their fitness, and in strict accordance with the apocryphal period, illustrated by Mr. Flaunery and a hot of intelligent sewing machines. .... Tux I'HoriKTiES. personal and putative, all and singular, de bed. made and provided according to the requirements of the act. by Mr. Timmany. lux Mkchamcai Errxors Independent platforms, wire-pulling apparatus, and other submerged subsidiary appliances, by Mr. Bishop. VV DISTRIBUTION. AXCIEUT A.VD rfHH-LIKE FOOIES. Neptune, a son of Malt and Op, a deeply dis-tresrcd monarch, reduced to the lowest extremity, lut making superhuman exertions to keep his head above water Mr. Brougham Chrorxw, better known as "Old Times," an elderly party of regular habits, esteemed something of a highflyer iu the bygoue days, but much too slow for the present age. Mr. Sloan Oceanus, his marine majesty's nautical father-in-law, a jolly old salt, partial to Junket- in(l Mr. Chippendale Boreas, a great blower, son of Aurora, and considerable. of a roarer himself Mr. C. Bernard Triton, eldest sou of Neptune and first prince of whales Mr-r- Hodges Austers, f "1 Mr. Brown Corns, J Wind inttruments" played i Mr. Hill Aquik), on by Neptune f Mr. Oliver Africus, I J Mr. Wither poul Sea-utats, odd fish, singing tritons, and submariners generally, by a numerous corps of choristers. Amphitrite, gueenof the Seas, and acknowledged leader of the real original codfish aristocracy Mrs. Floyd (First appearance.) Nereides, diving belles and diamonds of the first water, the Misses Pyne, Stella, Cooke. Rivers, Lake. Ac, he. guts HKOVATlOSS. Electros, the youngest son of Mercury and iris, an exceedingly tta.hy spark, anxious to makehis way through the worlJ Miss Mary Gannon St. George, proxy for Albion at the projected alliance in high life below stairs Mr. Lascellej (F'irst appearance.) Columbia, the interesting and interested party on the delightful occasion. For further particulars see "Jenkins" Mis Tree July, the sunniest daughter of the year v . j Miss Ernestine Henrarde (First appearance.) THE KERNEL. Neptune, worried down into his saltcellar by the constant turmoil on his surface, thinks himself sufficiently oat of the way of mortal interference, and Bsmn the word for enjoyment, naving inaucea uiu t line uj stay auu join in the fun. In the midst of their fancied security, they are startled by the appearance of a runaway Morse, and it daring rider Electros, who wishes to carry a line from Albion to Columbia, being anxious te effect their union ; whereupon Neptune storm at thia interference with his kingdom, and also observing a slight flirtation between tlie young Spark and Amphitrite, orders Boreas into masterly activity, who succeeds in blowing the whole party out of the water. s Foiled in bis first attempt. Electro, disguised as a Yankee clock-peddler seeks counsel of Time, who promise to aid his endeavor by sending hi daughter July, whose mild influence subdue the violence of Neptune and th boisterou winds. The desirable union 1 effected. Immortal science triumphs. Uis submarine Majesty abdicates, and bands over the sovereignty of th sea te Columbia and Albion. Amongst the scenery and incidental Inducement will be found : ACT I. Scbhakie Gkotto ix the Dxxp, Diep Ssa. Iaherwood Clamorous chorus of jolly sea dogs : - Oh ! did vou ne'er bearef UiUiollv old waterman T" Royal entrance and admonitory soug by Neptune : " Look out, look out, w give you warning." Time pays a passing vfcUt, and is induced to remain. Cantata Italian, Neptune : Legeado Laxarettn. Startling appearance the flying Morse. Animated chorws : h ! sight of wonder." Unexpected arrival ef Electro, who indalces in posi-tiveiy shocking; coodoot." Concerted piece aad descriptive song;: . I'm a briaa and bright young fellow." Retarn ef yoeao Aanpaitritw from Newport. ' . - -NeptaBC jeaiaass' aroused ; his intended dexeoastre-tion esaeatiaily checked by Electro.-. RidKuloa position of the sasailers. Has Majam's Cosal Uoveoia Wallace. Interesting ouasaraatiua btwen Aasphltnte and Else-troa: his plan for -the anion ef Colombia and Albion favorably received 4ty the Viueen ; the sign! heard from the Auuwa and AswaMawsaaw - - - - - - - Vaudeville Electros "If the snUd and melodies steam whistle 1 hear." Tax Platxao at the Bottom or ears Sxa Isherwood. Chorus of agitated water spirits" What in thunder is the muss ? " Neptane noosed by the deep sea lead, he intercept a liu from the plotter, and lays hi plan to foil them. DsaoxCT or Albioh add Columbia In two diving hells; the union all bat effected; sadden and tempestuous interference - of Neptune and Bereas; stormy finale. . . IN ACT n. . Tn Woaxsnor or Caensos Wallace, Time, regulating his works, soliloquises anon the rapid tendency of the age ; he is visited by Electros. Timely appearance of July attended by her happy hoars. Descriptive ballet of action and chorus. Comeooyoua soon, wita son and danos, Characteristic daacebyJuly. Neptune's subjugation determined. Another maritime station. Th King of the Sea, troubled ia his mind, takes occasion to give his wife a piece of it She retaliate A disturbing element Audacious reappearance of Electro, accompanied .by Time aad J air Sanguinary resolution of the Monaach The esa-poys to be crushed out Song Neptune: Blew, blow, puff oat and stretch yoar hides," with familiar cboru. Contentioaf a genial reason and the beisterou Influences, xne stormer repulsed. Nkptusb liars atsb, leading to '1 ax PLAcra Rex r tcs or Ska. Isherwood. Grand allegoric tableau, emhleaaatie of the friendly anion oi Altuea and Colombia. Lachrymose solo by Neptune, and 'Tsii'arMA.xT rixAtX. Load let your vetoes bound over the sea. Who bat rejoices la amity. Thus, then, for ever Joined hand ia hand Majr Columbia and Albion be united. Prompter,. . Mr. H. R. PHILLIPS. Box Office open every morning at S o'clock, ander the swparintendenc of Mr. T. Ms. Boxes aad Parquet , ..M cents Stalls SI Private Boxes... , $7 Family Circle. 25 cents

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