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IRELAND. (nox ocx o - ww counonaT.) nmtiTV THrs - TOAT Mourcra. thk citw inait cxnnamKns. The Caran Commission was opened yesterday morning by Chief Justice Honahan and Mr. J us - tice Moore. The proceedings attracted great in - t treat, and the courthouse was crowded to suffoca - tion. The Attorney and Solicitor General, aided by two other Crown lawyers, attended for the prosecution, and Sir. Johnson and Mr. Dowse were en gaped to eondrict the defence of the men charged with the murder of Miss Hinds. The commission having been read, the grand panel was called over, and 23 gentlemen answered and were sworn. There waa a laree muster of Detit iurors. of whom 12 were challenged by the prisoners, and 14 br the Crown. When a jury had been constituted and sworn James Murphy was given in charge for having wilfully, feloniously, ate, murdered Miss Charlotte Hinds on the 12th of October last. He is about 30 years of age. He waa dressed with care, end, though manifesting considerable interest in the proceedings, did not appear alarmed. The At - tcey - Gneral opened the case in a speech of con - fiderable length and ability, and several witnesses having been examined, at 6 o'clock the Crown case closed, and the Court adjourned to thia morning, when the defence is to be opened. thk MfaDEi or ants. XZXXT. The fate of thii unfortunate lady, whose name has, one way or another, been familiar to the Irish public for upwards of a quarter of a century, has excited a sensation here which scarcely falls short of the interest attached to the cataitropheof Hampstead - heath. From her first appearance in a court of law, when a mere girl inVears, down to her last, as a disputant in the celebrated win eae, hardly a year passed over without some revelation in the singular history of the inheritress of the almost fabulous wealth bequeathed to her by the late Mr. Kelly, of Bookwood, in the county of Roacommon. Leas remarkable persons have had their "life" transmitted to posterity, and possibly a similar notoriety will preserve the memory of the ill - fated victim of one of the blackest murders that ever stained the annals of Irish crime. The accounts of the diabolical tragedy are aa yet incomplete, but enough has transpired privately to warrant the belief that when the whole tacts are brought to light there will be ample materials for a chapter in the iS'eiroafc CaUn - drr at least as dark in shade as any hitherto recorded in the pages of that production. The following appears in the Frtanan i Journal of this morning : Our city wa yesterday horrified by an account of the brutal murder of Mrs. Sarah Kelly, so well known in connexion with th suit which had been long litigated in our courts. Wa have only tho simple fact of th murder, amplified by the addition of a few slight details. This mysterious transaction is not likely to receive a further development until th inquest. Meanwhile it appears that this barbarous sasassination wa accompanied with circumstance of great atrocity. Mrs. Kelly had been visiting her piupeity near tha town of Moate, in Roacommon, accompanied by one of her nephews. On Tuesday evening, about half - past 6 o'clock, ihe appear to bar gone from her residence, at the solicitation of soma woman, to visit the cottage of a favourite tenant. She wa Vni - , - on the arm of her nephew at the time, when two men, wearing masks, and armed, suddenly appearad before ber, and discharged two pistol shot at the unfortunate Udy. They hit her in the temple. The effect was instantaneous. She died without uttering a word. We have heard various rumour about this sad transaction, to which w attach no belief. Some person cloeely connected with Mr. Kelly have, we understand, been arrested. W deem it prudent at present to omit name. Xo doubt a searching inquiry will he instituted to reach th partiea privy to the foul deed. We hear detective officer have been set to vrork, and already many lurmise have gone forth. So far a w could learn, the murder is unconnected with agrarian causes, at least, none of th account which reached tha city yesterday state anything to that effect. We hear that, so far from being a harsh proprietor, Mrs. Kelly wa very popular with her tenantry and the labouring population on her estate, whom the liberally aided, on many occasions, with gift of clothing, bedding, ic." Here it another version, aa published by the Ejcprtu : "It appear that in tha depressed time Mrs. Kelly had mad large temporary abatements in the rent of her several properties, but that soma short time sine she wished to raise them toward their former level, and had caused notice to be served to that effect, which is assigned as the immediate cause of her murder. Tbe two ruffians were dressed in female habiliments, and, in addition to their face being blackened, wore thick crap veils. The murder occurred at 6 o'clock, and tbe firing of the pistols wa distinctly heard ia Mrs. Kelly's house, ller brains bespattered the ground where the fell. It is not known what course Mr. Stnvans, who is a young man, pursued on the instant : but within a very short time a bora and man were despatched to Moate, and the police arrived, and a labouring man named Owen Waters, wbo was then in Mrs. Kells employment, but who had not been at work during that day, was arrested on suspicion, and information wa sent of the affair to the deceased's nephew and agent, Mr. Strevans, of Kiltoon, county of Ko - common, and brother of tha gentleman who was with Mrs. Kelly at the time of the murder. A circumstance which affords soma surprise and sufficient evidence of the lawless character of the immediate neighbourhood of the late unfortunate lady'a residence is to be found in the fact that within the short apace of two years two persons hare been killed while in her employ. The first wa an orphan boy from Rallinasloe, named Lyons, whom Mrs. Kelly had taken into her employment, for the apprehension of whoae murderer sh offered a reward of so. ; and th other was a man named Barett, the husband of th murdered lady' own maid." A letter in fbiundtrt of this day supplies the subjoined additional particulars : " BaLUNaxloe, Wednesday. The circumstances connected with the murder of this lady on Tuesday evening are of a very singular nature, and, although the police authorities Lave not had sufficient time to institute inquiries, it is not thought that the horrible crime was the result of any agrarian conspiracy, as in the case of the late Miss Hinds. The name of Mrs. Kellv lias long been before the public in connexion with the will of her husband, of Koxho - rough, in the county of Galway, who left her property which, at the time of his death, amounted to ll.OOOi. a - year, and upwards cf 200, (XXV. in ready money or available sureties. The will was disputed by the next of kin, and, after great litigation, in the beginning advene to the wife, her title wu established. She had for some years resided each season at a handsome seat not far from Brighton, having her Dublin house in Upper Baggot - street and also a f'roperty, which was occasionally visited, in Bellinderry, in he county of Westineath, the post - town of which is Moate. With her great wealth she lived in a very quiet manner, and in pecuniary matter as well a in th general affairs of life rhe diplayed cortsiderabl intelligence and sagacity. Mrs. Kelly left Dublin very recently lor Ballinderry, where she SurpoFeil building a new and handsome mansion, and on Moo - ay last, before dinner, walked about the ground in company with a pnifesrional gentleman who was on a visit. After their return to the house it is stated that she walked out again with a relative, and after some time a shot wa heard, which at the moment created no uneasiness. However, in a short time her companion returned and stated that Mrs. Kelly had been brutally murdered ; that as they were passing close to a ditch two men, dressed in female attire, and with crape veils drawn over their faces, jumped out and warned him to stand aside ; that a (hot was then fired which took effect on the lady ; and that when the aaaassin went off ha at once fled and gave the alarm. The domestics went at once to the spot, and the unfortunate Mrs. Kellv was found lying dead, the head presenting a fearful spectacle."

Clipped from
  1. The Times,
  2. 11 Apr 1856, Fri,
  3. Page 12

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