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 - embraced him. He certainly came under Its...
embraced him. He certainly came under Its provisions. Any citizen who loiters about his "Private residence" in tha morning for hour or two comes under the sweeping provisions, for that matter. - police heard of the goings on at Henrietta, where a -cold, -cold, blooded, "statistical was not wanteds They-were They-were They-were earnestly of cleaning: up the town. They the hobos, but under the law they bad take the Job hunter. So they decided to Two, patrol wagons were sent to lie in -; -; .-. .-. .-. ; -;-'V: -;-'V: -;-'V: -;-'V: v": ' ' V Evening came, and ; with evenlne. the flocked, like homing rooks, to the of Henricl's. -Then -Then the "Hers in watt down-and. down-and. down-and. forty-three forty-three forty-three men found themselves In the tolls of the law for eating which ws freely offered them. V; ; ,-. ,-. ,-. . '. - .' 1 : " w. . r- r- aralgnment before a municipal Judge followed.- Twenty-eight Twenty-eight Twenty-eight of the ferty-tbree ferty-tbree ferty-tbree thir way through the Municipal to the bridewell. Some of the hunters were sullen and angry at wcat deemed an invasion of their liberties their behavior ia. court. not reassuring. They were seedy looking and every appearance of being ready to a crime for food. Therefore out the twenty-eight twenty-eight twenty-eight eleven came, from the hunting class. Families were left at to sterve while the jobless ones out their sentences. Mothers were to put their children in orphan and go out themselrea on Job hunting expeditions, seeking floors to scrub or to wash, while "papa was. expiating steps which have been taken In Chicago Chicago by a number of the most prominent prominent Hebrews tn the city Tor the establishment establishment of the Hebrew institute have most Important results In the last few Already a large' sum of money' baa secured through subscriptions and the amount necessary will undoubtedly be shortly. .'." movement came' abdut through . the of the temporary quarters af 224 Island avenue, and the new home will established in the building on West Taylor street formerly occupied by the Academy tbe Sacred Heart. It is excellently situated and ideally fitted for the work to which to be devoted. To .carry out the plans have been formed It la necessary to a fund of $125,000. The object of the has been well set forth by Dr. Fischkln. president of the institute. "Jews of Chicago." said Dr. Fischkln in appeal for funds, "let us hasten with the consummation of our purchase. Let ua to open the doors of the new Hebrew which will' be an honor to ourselves, a pride to our community, a treasure our people, snd a blessing to future generations." Chinamen and forced Into the almost unspeakable unspeakable .cells at Harrison Street station. From there - they - were railroaded to the bridewell. Two or three good strong casrs came to the notice of the. wise, old heads in the legal profession. ' -. -. . . Vv- Vv- v'.;:1-. v'.;:1-. v'.;:1-. y.;; ,;;':vv .; . -After -After the first Indignation bad died down the law" was looked up'and it was found I . Kn k. nnllnn . . . . .1 (r.. ..lla.l- ..lla.l- . I I. I ' their rights In arresting the Job hunters aa vagrants; that it was not the fault of the police If a few good men were caught In the net set for the professional thief; that the great crime against the Job hunter waa the law Itself. '" " ...... ,; The wise old heads came together. First the best legal opinions were obtained from the foremost lawyers of the city aa to (he com tltutlonallty of the section of the law above quoted. In every case these opinions coincided. "The law licenses tippling houses and yet makes it a crime to be found in one." That is invalid on Its face. -. -. "The next thing was to find a weapon with which to combat this, vicious law. wipe it from the statute books, and see It replaced by a law which would assist the police to rid the town of criminals and yet not prove a danger and a menace to honest men. . ... The wise old heads were-on were-on were-on verybusy shoulders.- shoulders.- They could net find time -to -to engage in what they knew would be a tltanieJ struggle, not only with the country, police, who could not be made to understand, but with very many well meaning people who would Insist that without this sweeping "act of repression the he bo and the criminal would as Inevitably meet their fate as with it. : - , - - Idea after Idea waa advanced. Finally canization of the people." he declared. "The large masses of immigrsnts who come to our city shall be given opportunities to learn as quickly as possible the difference between tbe Un!s of bondage from which they have made their escape and this land of liberty which has received them. - " - ' "They shall learn that America is the only land where freedom, is tbe companion -of -of ordr snd the protection of human dignity the. aim of government. They shall learn the Ideals and the character of American life and American institutions, and with the same love and the same passion with which they cling to the religion of their fathers shall they adhere to the ideals of their new fatherland, fatherland, which alone among civilised countries has proclaimed to tbe world the Hebraic principles and has made life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness the basis of its constitution. constitution. '" "The Hebrew institute shall be a center of edueation. tbe purpose of which shsll be to elevste as quickly as possible the mental capacttiea of tbe people for whom It was founded and to -raise -raise their economic conditions conditions so as to make our charities a memory of the psst. - , "Our English .classes shall enable them to acquire as quickly as possible the language of the. country. Our industrial claases shall enable them to acquire rapidly the special , HEBREW men formed into an engine for the destruction of the vicious law.. , - And so It came- came- about that the earnest young men. the emulators of Pitt, gathered around a table last Tuesday and grimly decreed decreed the death of section 770 In the statutes of Illinois. . - .. . In decreeing the death of the old law the young men. who had been brought together by the strong men of the legal profession, also decreed the birth of a new law.- law.- a law woica should render equal. Justice, to all; which should not make It a crime to be out of a Job; which should aid the polios In dealing- dealing- with the . habitual criminal, but which ahould throw every safeguard around the home of the worker... v r-- r-- r-- At the first meeting only steps toward organisation of the young fighters were taken. The new force was not even given a timea name, mat was left to a committee committee on permanent organisation. But it waa determined that the vagrancy law should not bo the only law to be attacked. It was declared declared that the purpose of the organization, when It had "found Use If.- If.- should be:. -' -' u" ;-v ;-v ;-v t. v 'y, ' " 1. The test and, If possible, the abrogation abrogation by Judicial construction or all laws which sre unconstitutional or Invalid. . - 2. The correction of abuses in the administration administration of laws which are sound and constitutional. constitutional. - ..- ..- , . . ' -Several -Several committees were appointed at the first meeting.. The most important of these was the committee on "immedtata action. tbe committee which, will deal with the vagrancy law, aadV any other matters which may be deemed urgent. .- .- . - k Francis & Hlcckley was made chairman of this' committee.- committee.- Bernard P. Barasa. Frank INSTITUTE TS NOW; training of the tradesmen and arttssns who come to this etty snd by a quick adaptation ' to the conditions of our Industry shall they -be -be saved from the trials of sweated labor. . -"It -"It shall be a center of education and ahall bring the upper classes of our society,-the society,-the society,-the rich and tbe strong, tho refined and the cultured, cultured, to the understanding and appreciation, of the high moral value and the superior . qualities of their less fortunste brethren. The Hebrew Institute shall become a aoelai and Intellectual center, where the best and the strongest of us shall unite la one effort to elevate the life of our people. It shall become become the clearing-house clearing-house clearing-house for the morsl worth and the character of the Jews of Chicago.", - The proposed quarters of the-institute the-institute the-institute consist of a site of six acres bounded by West Taylor, Sibley, and Lytle streets, and Gilpin , place. The two buildings consist of mors than t 100 rooms.- rooms.- The main built Ing fronts on Tay- Tay- 5 lor atreet, baa two large wings, and la four -stories -stories in height, exclusive of the bssement : floor, which will be used for athletic pur- pur- .' poses. The other buildings, which were formerly formerly used .as a boys school, have sepsrste ' playgrounds adjoining and the rooms tn both " buildings are well lighted. There are a sufficient sufficient number of dormitories and living rooms : to house the members of the working force. The main building contains the chapel. ' As a committee on constitution foe the new organisation. Joseph Fleming, Frank IX Comerlofd. and Fred A. Flschel were named; This committee has the drafting of a constitution constitution and by-Iawa by-Iawa by-Iawa under which the new organization organization will work. Wallace Stre tier. John t". Rosen, and Frederick Frederick R, Torrance were named as press committee. committee. The committee on permanent organisation organisation waa r composed of Comer ford. Smoot. and Klels. " -V" -V" .- .- .: ;'. " i . 'Y' :'.; 1- 1- These committees are "now actively at work, and a meeting will be held early thla week at which their reports will be received, the new engine for assault on Springfield perfected, perfected, and the organization launched, -: -: i The active membership of the new club Is limited to twenty, of which number fifteen have already been accepted Into memberthlp In connection with the active membership will be an associate membership, which It composed of tho wise old owls "of the profusion, profusion, the strong men of Chicago, who conceived conceived the Idea. A conference Is to be held by certain of the associate members with th? committee on immediate action. It Is the Intention Intention of the organization Ibat the Initiative In any moves of the active. members shall fc taken by the Immediate action committee, th reports" of this committee eut.mitted to a board of -the -the older lawyers called the a-ivli-cry a-ivli-cry a-ivli-cry a-ivli-cry a-ivli-cry board, and then trccrht. before tbe fell active membe nhlp for action-... action-... action-... Other detai's of this remarkable organization are fcelng for the present strictly guarded by the members.-: members.-: members.-: but It is known that there are a stirrer of j matters before thelmportaet comnettteee which will shortly startle- startle- the, city when they, are made put! Ic. - - . " ..- ..- v : -v-'r-. -v-'r-. -v-'r-. -v-'r-. -v-'r-. -v-'r-. . The case of tbe so called vagrant., which ''' ' " y i ! i l! pr: , m 1 -' -' 7 ' . ".'V'--::; ".'V'--::; ".'V'--::; ".'V'--::; On these vagrant farms the Idle.-whether Idle.-whether Idle.-whether through necessity or through preference, at"; compelled to bo self-supporting. self-supporting. self-supporting. The farms are divided lcto three classes. The first clsss is tbe so called 'voluntary vagrancy farm. No d lag race attaches to ad mitt an ov to this farm. Men who find it Impossible kin times of panic or financial depreaslon to get a Jos may go voluntarily to these rarms and work there aritb others of their kind, the produce of their labor going to their families. The second data la for the hobo, tee crook, and the voluntarily Idle-. Idle-. Idle-. When the police of eertaln communities desire to mske a cleanup cleanup they send tbe men who are kndwn to be dodging honest work to a "compulsory" fa nr. In Xangucdoc end Provtrce this tneeni nine ir ten months sen tec c?. In Normacdy ii means ireaj seven to eight months. - Here the men are strictly guarded, huf are well housed an fed, and given outdoor work, without the attendant dangers of s prison cenfinement - ard the subsequent spresd of infectious disease on the release of the men. The city is spared tte criminal, and the commune gains by tbe proceeds of his labor, which this time flow . Into the communal communal treasury.: , But It Is only twice on the beautiful dots-munal dots-munal dots-munal farm for Mr. Hobo. Three times taken trying to evade work in the cities, and another another kind of farm awaits him. On class; fsrrcs he is not garbed with the livery of thamr. or made to feel that te it entirely eutsido the pale of the lav. But farm No. 1 is a walled prison. And be wears the satanlc livery aa he grubs Into the unyielding soil of Burgundy or Brittany. - - - . , ; That this method of dealing with the vagrant vagrant la highly successful, that it reduces AN ASSURED VACYT not only possible, are In any. wise necessary. ; The law Is 4 farce as It stands." Tha arrests of men who have- have- wives and children at home because they are out of work and looking for a job Is a monstrous crime againat-society. againat-society. againat-society. Whv. under this law I could arrest you or any other man as a vagrant. Every man found ' In a saloon could be pinched and sect to the bridewell. Every unfortunate who happened happened to be temporarily out of fundaand was . caught sleeping in the open air could be stamped forever with the stlgira of the criminal criminal and inducted Into the criminal class. ' "The purpose of the Isw'is not to create criminals: on tbe contrary. It is to seek as . much as possible to let ten the number of . violators of the law. . What we mutt have oa the'statnte books of tbe state of Illinois Is a law which. In place of being a 'crime school propaganda, Is a propaganda for the observance of law and order. - This vagrancy law Is, of course, the weakest and. most vicious of all tbe laws which are gradually creating disrespect for tbe statutea among tbe uninformed and those -unveraed -unveraed in legal practices. Therefore we have selected It as the salient angle of tbe fortress of injustice, and propose to attack It first. v - ; "Much more can be don to create sound sentiment in favor of the law and respect for law In general by wiping a few of these samples of common 'blamed foolishness' off the statute books than by adding many new laws..- laws..- " - - . . - . .y "Respect for the law. based upon common sense and upon Justice In the administration administration .of -the -the law that sums up our new organization organization entirely. When you have said that you have said all." - It was currently reported by members of The full lorce of the twenty active mem-r mem-r mem-r hers and of the great firms behind, them will be felt when the perjury matter is taken up. One of the active members stated yesterday, that hts looked for one of the most far-reach-' far-reach-' far-reach-' far-reach-' far-reach-' ing scandals the city of Chicago has ever5 witnessed when this phase of tbe fight being being waged by the new organization ia reached. , , V- V- -V -V .-' .-' .-' . But the all-engrocslng all-engrocslng all-engrocslng fight is the fight oa behalf of the honest men who. under ihe present laws, may be held as vagrants, la this fight no attention will be paid to the new , section 275. which Is even more drsstle thaa tne section t7o. upon which it is based. Sec--tioa Sec--tioa Sec--tioa Sec--tioa 275 is what is known as the new vagran- vagran- ry law. but Its constitutionality is baaed upoa tbe constitutionality of tbe law quoted st tha ; beginning of this article, end the new so-.' so-.' so-.' ciety proposes to esrry the war into tha enemy's country by going to the source of tho matter ana attacking tbe original. - The constructive Side of tho organize tion is shown by the fact that it ia not pro-posed pro-posed pro-posed to destroy the old vagrancy law with out submitting snotber In its place. For this purpose s special committee will be appointed appointed at the next meeting, to confer with ' the advisory board of tbe associate members, which will take up the matter of constructing; tbe. draft of a law te be submitted to tbe Legislature - when ' tbe present law is "knocked out." ; - - This new law will be drawn wltb special reference to aiding the police of all cities to rid the country of professional idlers, but will not be. so sweeping sa to confer powers which. If exercised, must Inevitably result ia, the eetabliahment of a "school for crime, ty stamping honest men out of work with tha stigma of the criminal, and branding them with a criminal record. ."

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  2. 05 Jul 1908, Sun,
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