Family Makes Headlines -1963

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Family Makes Headlines -1963 - in Pasadena cal v in IIOUSK, l-on- ary m...
in Pasadena cal v in IIOUSK, l-on- ary m general family." educational r al neyland cations in wholesome r - ital J()H\ l\. l.nnliii-r I'lttt Wf in lii'r I' i-hnir til home nnd ontvr p il-lit rr n m i ' N w i s i 1 lii lii'r lunlittml. N/ir i»ll.vii/rr ln-r ('K rntlln n IIITC.SSI/V. H. (,.]KH\KH ,,, v . -;«.»·· «ii/ r,-«-h«rks the lift JIM n-n-in-il jriun /n nil,; f.Vrii ihuiljth he i I r n n - l i i l f . / l l - i-iir riiilin ninl;, /HIM ^nirkly nri'CMihlr Gardners Consider Two-Way Radio A Necessity -' · j j "\VMI.\ MY I I I K l i l l -;. t h a t :uvl houpht think cf ^n I felt «e -A I 'A'uildn'i ti-- i'i -f i . i- e. .MOM Ol-' the (,:ili ati''- .'lil '"· lr:n el;n { cn-\ i" i nr ni ' nn -iiin dele- in I'asn- p^ to the - r. nn social srlcc- e\- j , l ; | l , - , · - , ! · · l l . o ,m l;|t| M t l (0 ,Ut'-:ii! ,s cx'.-idrd Id all the i on- ^p^.iini!!. I In",- inspond he- ( l 't;-.f l i i r v . i p p r r t i a t e ihr val- ·!' r,f si ; t -li mrohng 1 : and ad- bi ;,- to ;i p n p t i l n r slogan vv-liich u . i ' h r . i i ' - -Mif 1 '. ' I'hr f a m i l y i h n i iK-"^ t ' E i ' i l i i - ' . -tays 10- «. r |i. nr ' wiihnui ihcrri,-" said Mrs. .lohn R. Gardner, secretary of Ihe Galveston County Citizens Band Radio Association. Mrs. Gardner, a two-way radio enthusiast, explained the units--one for ihe car and the other a base unit for the home --have more than paid for themselves. Once, especially, during several prowler episodes and forced entry by a .burglar at the Gardner home, when Mrs Gardner called the policf and then Qonlactcd her husband who calmed her nerves by talking In her via radio until he reached the house. WHEN A friend complained t h a t the C.B. radio was too ; complicated. Mrs. Gardner said · the radio jargon comes natural! ly alter ,1 few practice lessons. I 'Ihe IfM's. ID-M's and 73'», meaning vcs nr understood, what's yoiir location, and best regards, "just roll ofl your tongue. My children, and I have six. have picked up the radio talk and learn to say 10-4 he- fwe they say yes." she explained. ' "My oldest daughter uses the radio like a professional, but is only allowed to t a l k to one of our units, to my husband or me," she continued. ANOTHER V A L U E Mr?. Gardner places on the radios ;« . the convenience to a woman driver. She said. "If I have a flat life while on the road, i don't have to try and fix it or Hag a passing motorist. I just pick up the radio and rail 'or help, and someone always comes." "li '' handy too," she-laugh- ed, "to keep in mmh w i i h mv husband, especially if hi* destination is not available by telephone. Unexpected rnmpanv i^ never a bother, because 1 can call John and remind him ·" hrins home extra food nr refreshments." THERE ARE more t h a n SHOO licensed CB units m Gal- veslon county, and more t h a n 1511 members in the CB Association. Mrs. Gardner i; impressed with the friendliness of the unit o w n e r s , and say; congeniality prcdominai- es among the people everywhere w'ho they have contacted while on vacation. The association was onginal- Iv organized by ihr men. but now. approximately half Ihe membership is women. They ii'rei oner a month for social a c t i v i t i e s and sponsor a dance v c r v nui months. \ Jamboree is planned for Sept. 3S-2S ai Runge Park in A r c a d i a , and will leaturn danc- n g , an all-day picnic with kid- dir nd^i. 'james. door prizes, clowns and a barbecue dinner i MEETINGS r,t the association are alternated between the ' Mainland and Galveston. Mrs. Oardnet explained that at prcs: em t h r t e - i; no charge for an operator's license. rnher officers of the CBA are: P-'arl Gtiidry of Texas City, president: Zeke McLaren nf . Oalveslon. vice president; Hili da McLaren of Galveston. treaf- , urer: Frank Nesmith of Gal- veslon. chaplain and Bob Hayes ; of Texas City, sergeant-at-arms. SALE!

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 11 Aug 1963, Sun,
  3. Page 17

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  • Family Makes Headlines -1963

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