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12 Moline-East Moline-East Moline-East Moline, QL Get Out of That Chair--- Chair--- Chair--- Chair--- Proper Food and Exercise Are Keys to Dynamic Living , By MABEL WEISE CHICAGO. Oct. 3-While 3-While 3-While Amor- Amor- Icani are the best fed people In the world, our horror of exercise Is making us a nation of softies, Dr. Thomas K. Cureton of the University of Illinois, internationally internationally known authority on physical physical fitness, told the Newspaper Food Editors Conference here today. today. Speaking at the Krctschmer Wheat Germ opening-day opening-day opening-day breakfast, breakfast, Dr. Cureton, who Is supervisor supervisor of the university's physical fitness research laboratory at Ur-bana, Ur-bana, Ur-bana, HI., said that nutrition and exercise are the keys to "dynamic "dynamic living." Exercise, he explained, assures better utilization of the food eaten, eaten, and he stressed a distinction between digestion, assimilation and utilization of food. His longtime longtime research has shown, he said, that exercise opens up the blood stream, improves circulation and tones up both the basal and working working metabolic rates. Those of us who exercise regularly utilize our food better. The body needs the food and uses it more efficiently. As he outlined "a few basic principles which have proved themselves in physical fitness," he declared that "exercise cou pled with reducing the intake of fried foods, eating more red-green red-green red-green yellow vegetables and fruits, and adding wheat germ cereal or wheat germ oil to the daily diet, produces very beneficial beneficial changes," which have been measured time and again in fit ness studies. The speaker charged that too many of us are overweight not necessarily because we over, rat, but because we are under, worked physically. Also, he scoffed at the "empirical myth" that exercise will not reduce body weight, stating that this erroneous but widely accepted TV Square belief Is baaed on "(tilde rule computations" rather than clinical clinical demonstration. Dr. Cureton said that In his long-time long-time long-time physical research on human human beings not animals he, in his own work and in collaboration collaboration with applied physiologists here and abroad, constantly has sought ergogenic acids (Power-packed (Power-packed (Power-packed foods) which would substitute substitute for physical effort in a fit ness program. The findings are unanimous that it is impossible to develop high levels of endurance endurance on any type of feeding alone. However, he said, he has obtained obtained encouraging results with wheat germ in cereal form and wheat germ oil, when these wheat derivatives were fed to subjects in conjunction with exercise, Dr. Cureton congratulated the Food Editors on helping to gain popular acceptance for "nutrition" insurance" foods like wheat germ, stating he knows that many home-makers home-makers home-makers look to the food columns for recipes and nutrition information. information. Today's homemaker, through her knowledge of good nutrition, Is feeding her family better than ever belore. Dr. Cureton said. He then urged that the bomemaked should bImo be the watchdog of family physical fitness, fitness, and added that her concern concern will not be too much with youngsters and teen age merit, bers of the family, hut with adults who have reached the let's take It-easy It-easy It-easy stage. Exercise, he explained, should be regarded as fun, not work. L- L- - -- -- .iUX.J Saturday Weddings in Moline r J V.- V.- ' 'V A s A - w , J ; I f, - i ' .. I S v 1 1 V ij'i - A MR. A.D MRS. WILLIAM HENDERSON First Christian Church of Mo line was the scene at 7 P.m. Sat Walking, dancing, and competitive unjay 0j tne marriage of Miss sports such as bowling, goii ana Marilynn Lewis, daughter of Mr. hand ball, all contribute to better Mrs Ci E. LeWiS( issi 10th v x-v x-v x-v ? r Prettiest covering for your TV set! A smart combination of filet crochet and regular crochet forms the decorative new grape design! Pattern 7135: Crocheted TV square 25-inches 25-inches 25-inches in No. 30 mercerized mercerized cotton; smaller In No. 50; larger in bedspread cotton. Send THf NTV riVS, CENT a enfti for Iti I pattern add t wuh lor puttom lot flnt-laM flnt-laM flnt-laM mulllnf. twnd M The Molln IMIly HUpatrk, Hotriwhold ru Oept., r. O. Sol IM. Old Uiolm rllallon, Nrm Vork It. N. V. rrlnt plahilir M AMR, A1MIHESH. SONS, ma4 nnr. m mbek. SKM1 NRN and hmiirtirnl - tt'a Old Aim Break Nwdkeraft Catalot. Soar pattonw prMIrd Inalda. Piua IM moat popalar wnhnHllciy, crncbM. aria-kit. aria-kit. aria-kit. ealar tranafm dvalin k and lor Maa ter (Mu, batara, laiklam. Staid M for roar eopt now I physical fitness it engaged in daily, and fortified by a few sim pie setting-up setting-up setting-up exercises. If facili ties are available, however, all of us shouia do more swimming, cycling, skating, ' canoeing. A variety variety of activities should be planned to avoid monotony. Ex ercising out in the open with lots of fresh air is a good practice. All groups, he said, assuming they were medically fit to pan ticipate in conditioning programs, were able through exercise within within tolerance to build up "better physical powers, energy reserves and a spirit of dynamic living. With regard to exercise and the reduction e f weight, Dr. Cureton took Issue with exponents exponents of the theory that one has to perform heroic physical feats to lose a pound of body fat such feats as seven hours of wood-splitting, wood-splitting, wood-splitting, 43 trips to the top of Washington Monument, ete. These slide rules computations, computations, he challenged, Ignore the persistent effects of exercise. Even a moderate amount of ex erelse done again and again and again, persistently, will add up to a great deal of energy on a cumulative basis. He warned against starvation- starvation- diet means of reducing body weight, stating it has been clearly established that physical performance performance quickly deteriorates on starvation starvation eating regimens. "Sure, we can lose weight on a starvation diet, 'he said, "but we also lose that pep that energy that muscle tone, which keeps us active, active, happy and dynamically alive." VTA Activities Parent Education chairmen will meet with Miss Lela Adams at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday at Allendale. Roosevelt School PTA Parent Education Circle will meet Tues-day Tues-day Tues-day at 12: 45 in the school library. Nursery care will be provided for small children. Homemaklng Group will meet Wednesday at 9 a.m. in the PTA Room. St., Moline, and William Henderson, Henderson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Henderson, 1832 12th Ave., Moline. Tht Rev. Charles Willey officiated and the altar was decorated with gold and bronze chrysanthemums and ferns. The bride wore a gown of Chan- Chan- tilly lace and nylon tulle over satin styled with a decollete neck line, lace bodice and long fitted sleeves. The skirt featured a lace peplum with side lace panels and leaves of Chantilly lace extending into a -cathedral -cathedral tmin. Her waist length veil was held with a crown of Chantilly lace and drop seed pearls, and she carried a white orchid on a Bible with streamers of stephanotis. Mrs. Donald Lewis, Davenport, Davenport, matron of honor, wore rust crystalette ballerina length gown ed bodice and jacket with high stand-up stand-up stand-up collar. She wore a band eau of rust leaves and net and car ried a colonial bouquet of gold and rust chrysanthemums with gold streamers. Miss Jane Miller, Erie, Brides maid, and Mrs. Donald Straw, Mo line, brldesmatron, were attired in gold dresses identical to that of the honor attendant and carried similar bouquets with brown streamers. Cheryl Coverdill, Waterloo, la., flower girl, wore a white tulle dress trimmed with bows and tinyi nylon ruffles. She carried a basket of gold and brown chrysanthemums chrysanthemums and wore a white hat. Donald King, Salt Lake City, Utah, was best man and Richard Lewis. Lincoln. Neb., brother of the bride, Donald Straw, and Lome Dunlap, both of Moline, were ushers. Candles and a 5-tier 5-tier 5-tier wedding cake surrounded by a garland of gold and brown chrysanthemums decorated the table at the re ception following the ceremony in the church. For a wedding trip to the Ozarks, the bride chose a charcoal gray suit with pale pink and charcoal gray accessories. Mrs. Henderson, a graduate of Moline High School and Moline Public Hospital School of Nursing, has been employed as staff nurse at the hospital. Mr. Henderson also is a graduate of Moline High School and attended Moline Com munity College. He now is em ployed as a drafting engineer by Moline Tool Co. The couple will be at home at 20034 15th St. A, after Oct. 5. In a wedding ceremony Saturday Saturday night in the First Congregational Congregational Church, Miss Barbara E. West became the bride of Paul D. Hooker. The Rev. Oliver K. Black officiated before an altar decorated with baskets of mixed flowers and greenery. Parents of the couple are Mr. and Mrs. Charles Podaril, 2809 MR. AND MRS. PAUL D. HOOKER CAI.BHKC HT KTl'DHM 16th St.. Moline, and Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hooke.-, Hooke.-, Hooke.-, 163015th St. A, Moline. The bride wore a gown of Chan tilly lace over white taffeta. It was designed with scalloped neck line outlined in seed pearls. Tiers of scalloped lace and pleated nylon nylon ruffles accented the skirt back and extended Into a chapel train. The illusion veil was caught to a princess crown trimmed with se- se- ouins and seed pearls, and she carried a colonial bouquet of white carnations. Mrs. Donal Mock, matron of hon or, wore a dress oi lavender net over taffeta and carried a colonial arrangement of yellow carnations. The Misses Joyce Podaril and and Mario Machamer, bridesmaids, bridesmaids, were in similar dresses of yellow and green, respectively. They carried matching carnations. Wendy Ann Henss was flower girl In a dress of lace. John Mav was best man and guests were seated by Mr. Mock, Duane May and Dick Ernst. Candles and baskets of flowers decorated the church parlors for the wedding reception. The bride and bridegroom are graduates of Moline High School and are employed at Rock Island Arsenal. The couple will reside at 5001a 11th Ave., Rock Island. Barbara Estcs Will Speak at lladassah Meeting Highlighting the Rock Island- Island- Moline Branch of Hadassah's meeting meeting Wdlnesday in the Tri-City Tri-City Tri-City Jewish Center will be "A Teen- Teen- Ager's View of Israel" by Miss Barbara Estes. Miss Estes, a senior at Rock Is land High School, recently re turned from a trip to Europe and Israel, and will give a first-hand first-hand first-hand report of her experiences. The meeting will be in the form of a "miniature" education insti j tute, beginning with a "miniature" lunch at 12:30 p.m., with Mrs. j Newton Sachs as chairman. Fea tures wiU include a brief review of "The Last Temptation" given by Mrs. Joe Sawislak; a short dramatic dramatic presentation of the United Nations by Mcsdames Ralph Meyer Meyer and Milton Gersick, assisted by Mrs. William Levin; a condensed panel discussion on Zionist affairs directed by Mrs. Eugene Moses, and music by Cantor Abraham Ezring. Mrs. Meyer is chairman of the institute. Details of the program were announced announced at a recent board meeting in the home of Mrs. Mayor Martin. Martin. Mesdames Franklin S. Wallace, Wallace, assistant publicity chairman, and Mark Zessar, assistant to the financial secretary, are new board members. Reports were given by Mesdames Mesdames Eugene Moses, Zionist affairs; affairs; Norman Ziffren, dance; Ben Geifman, vocational education, and Mandel Satin, sunshine. Mrs. Mar tin, Jewish National Fund chair man, requests members to take their blue boxes to the meeting, Bride in Sunday Ceremony ''.13 S- S- MRS. KICIIARJl SMILEY Miss Mary Lou Zink, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carlton L. Zink, 1890 24th Ave. A., Moline, became the bnde of Richard Smiley, son i topped with of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Smiley, streamers of at 2 Miss Samuelson, Hotvard Iledberg Married Sept. 30 Announcement is made of the marriage of Miss Dorothy Samuel-son, Samuel-son, Samuel-son, 1154 39th St., Rock Island, and Howard G. Hedberg, 409 54th St., Moline, which took place Friday night in Boone, la. The service was read by the Rev. Elliott Nelson Nelson in the parsonage of a Luther an Church. Attendants were Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Samuelson of Ames, la. Mrs. Hedberg is employed in the comptroller's office of Deere & Co., Moline. Mr. Hedberg is a general contractor in Moline. They will reside at the Rock Island Island address. To Reside in Moline Cut cooked smoked tongue Into toothpick-size toothpick-size toothpick-size strips; add to shredded green cabbage salad, Serve with crusty rolls for lunch. mitmf lliiisj FUNERAL SERVICES Our chapel with Its air of quiet beauty does much to make our memorial services services so comforting to those who are bereaved. To this wt add the services of our sincere and sympathetic staff. 9 ESTERDAIIL MORTUARY iai unuiia i b.j i in imiiii...,ii.n.i ai . x i nw ii.iiim . ".: j; ).',", ' . 1 .; .. . . , V S , ..' .- .- . . ; , . ' 'v ' " ' v ;! '' (j t , I ' ,a lm.iiiii.iiii .1 i"' ' , , MR. AXU MRS. FORREST PETERSON Auxiliary of Friends Circle Mans Party Friends' Circle, Ladies Auxilia ry, met Sunday afternoon at the hall. Plans were made for a Halloween Halloween Party Oct. 25 at 7 p.m. at the Friends Circle Hall. It was voted to donate five dollars to the 1216 Fifth Avtnu, Molina - Dial 4-5691 4-5691 4-5691 e ill re lpoi " ooi fvr.iMrMba drillC 1071 n.mbf of Samllia SEAHOLM'S 4 At BUY THEM AT 4JS.h STREET Community Chest. A special award was won by Mrs. Irene Jones, and refresh ments wt re served. Next meeting will be Nov. 6 at the hall VISITORS IV MOLINE Guests Saturday and Surday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hultberg, ISO! 22nd Ave., Moline, were Mr. and Mrs. Homer Anderson Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. Hurley Anderson, Anderson, all of Kansas Gty, Kan. i Romelle Callahan Wed Saturday to Oliver Stoltenberg Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Stoltenberg will live at 311 E. 10th St., Davenport, Davenport, on their return from a wedding wedding trip after their marriage Sat urday evening in First Presbyterian Presbyterian Church, Davenport. Mrs. Stol tenberg is the former Miss Romelle Romelle Callahan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Callahan. 1119 E. 14th St., Davenport, and Mr. Stoltenberg Stoltenberg is the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Stoltenberg. The Rev. Dr. Lloyd S. Hindman officiated at the 6:30 p.m. ceremony. The bride wore a gown of Chan tilly lace and nylon net in baller ina length. Her fingertip veil was held by a fitted Chantilly lace crown and she carried a bouquet of white carnations. Mrs. LeRoy Frymoyer, Daven port, was matron of honor and she wore a ballerina length gown of orchid colored nylon tulle over taf feta. She wore a pink carnation headband and carried purple as ters. Curtis Stoltenberg was best man for his brother and guests were seated by LeRoy Frymoyer and Clio Callahan, both of Davenport. There was a reception after the ceremony in the church parlors. The bride was graduated from Davenport High School. She is em ployed by the Sieg Co., Davenport. Mr. Stoltenberj attended Davenport Davenport High School and served in the Navy. He also is employed by Sieg Co. Miss Jacobsen Named Decorations Chairman Margaret Jacobsen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jacobsen, 2318 12th St., Moline, has been elected to a post on her Grinnell College residence hall council. ! A senior at Grinnell, Miss Ja-i Ja-i Ja-i cobsen will serve a one semester term as hall decorations chairman. ; She is a 1932 graduate of Moline High School. 1002 17th St., Rock Island, p.m. Sunday afternoon. Vows were solemnized in First Methodist Church, Moline, with the Rev. Dr. William W. Cutlip, pastor, and the Rev. George V. McCaus-land, McCaus-land, McCaus-land, associate pastor of First Methodist Church, Cuyahoga Falls, O., officiating. The altar was appointed appointed with bronze crysanthe-mums crysanthe-mums crysanthe-mums and oak leaves. Guests were seated by Robert and Barry Smiley, Elmer Mueller and Norman Ludwick, all of Rock Island. Best man was Richard D. Black, Rock Island. Preceding the bride were the bridesmaid, Miss Madeline Marie Smiley, sister of the bridegroom; the bridesmatron, Mrs. Elmer Muller, and the maid of honor Miss Nancy Gross, Moline, The attendants' gowns were styled identically alike. Miss Gross' was of moss green taffeta with a scoop neckline set off by metallic corde, short sleeves, fitted bodice and full ballerina-length ballerina-length ballerina-length skirt. She wore matching mitts and half hat and carried a colonial bouquet of autumn-colored autumn-colored autumn-colored mums and leaves. Mrs. Muller was in an orange-glow orange-glow orange-glow color and Miss Smiley in copper taffeta. The bridal gown was of antique taffeta styled with a Peter Pan collar, bodice with self-covered self-covered self-covered buttons down the front, and full floor-length floor-length floor-length skirt. She wore net mitts. The bride carried her mother's mother's first Bible covered with material material matching her gown and white roses and stephanotis. Her il lusion veil was held by a modified crown of lace with iridescent sequin sequin trim and pearl embroidery. The reception was held in the home of the bride's parents where appointments were bronze and yellow yellow pompons. The serving table was appointed with white pompons and huckleberry. When the couple left on a northern northern wedding trip the brido wore a navy silk shantung sheath dress with a light blue coat and black accessories. The couple will reside at 1319 17th St., Rock Island. The bride was graduated from Moline High School and attended West Virginia University. She ia employed at The Argus. Her husband husband was graduated from Rock Island Island High School and is attending evening classes at Augustana College. College. He is employed by the Nu-Way Nu-Way Nu-Way Corp. 1! 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That amazing 2-piece 2-piece 2-piece "jack-knife-bend "jack-knife-bend "jack-knife-bend "jack-knife-bend "jack-knife-bend sole" , . . just skin-thin skin-thin skin-thin leather at the archl Try it now at this special-treat special-treat special-treat price ... this hand-laced, hand-laced, hand-laced, smartly smartly casual, foam cushioned, 5-ounce 5-ounce 5-ounce shoe that's been a sell-out sell-out sell-out everywhere at dollars morel .

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