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 - ' which was con; bed straight baik from the...
' which was con; bed straight baik from the forehead and tasted in' a fiat knot behind. . THE SHAKEit DRESS. The dress, though u'y iu itself, makes now and then a woman a wt nler of quaint loveliness. It was so with SiUT Elizabeth; it suited her quiet eyes, her gently smiilng mouth nnd cairn rejxjse o manner; also, tiio somewhat severe but - graceful lines of her slender figure. . Thay wear a hoop of some contrivance whicLt extends the r.kirt with a straight and gradual sior.e from wai.t to neui aaa give a stately look to tii - wearer. . '.'letter. on, when 1 saw the sisters all together, together, 1 decidei that this drT - ss was riiiuark - aniy well suited to the majority seeming to belong to liieiu m very l.tness and they to it. They are all, v.'i.h rare exceptions, thiu and aie, with a suber if not severe expression expression of countenance when . in repose. There are no plump, merry faces: even the children iood old aud staid until tbfy speak, and then there seems to be an intangible something a repression, pel nups that sets then a little apart from our lull sympathy. The society at Canterbury, is. H., cotis.sts of three families who live ar. l are governed separately, 1 - ut worship together in tue same church, ercept in winter, when as a matter of couven.ence tney occupy halls in t5e:r own separate buddings. The family wua whom we visited was the first or church family. There are various buildings belonging to it; homes, a school - house, workshops one for the men, one for tne woflV'U and anot&or for tho children a printing cilice, an m - ilrmary where an eldor sister presides over a full equipment of drugs and medicinus, to whicn are added their own peculiar remedies remedies tSbaker bitters, etc. 1 can testify "to Um good sister's ski'.l. for sbe dispelled my wretched beaducue in a trice with a magical dose from a dainty little glass. ! A NOTAELK VTOlfAX. ! As th proce.ii jn hied pa;t tn.We were struck by the extraordinary appearance of one woman vrbu:u we had uot seen before. Sue. was an elderly woman. b - 4t briliiaut.y handsome stnl, and of most tjueoniy presence. presence. SUe was dressed iu reulaiioa Shaker garb, except 'that her ray j;owb was of richer material, and to the bttle clom cap was1 added a larce white lace vy il, which crowned her regal head and itli yracetuily uion her snouiders. ' Her l:e chief wucf white f atin, w nose creamy folds contrasted wtid with her dark eyes and bair. It was lvlre Uorotby. . " . , . We learned hor history afterward. She came to. the settlement when , only eiht years ol !, and for the i nst thirty years b. d been their quueu and head more than ail, their luotbr - r. She adJref. - ed a few remarks to them before before the meeang closed, in which sho called tberh her ciii:dr?n her treasure. "A mother's mother's children are her treasure the world ovVr," she said, "and you are mine. li I 1 not bring you forth into the heavenly lit;ht with throes of more than mortal a.;on.v( Ail your lives I have borne your sins aud sorrows on my heart; your burdens have been mine. You are indeed my children, and your goodness goodness and happiness are my crown and reward." reward." i i . She spoke with wonderful dignity and tenderness, tenderness, touching our beans. strainiei - s though we were, with a feeling" of reverenco. tut uer uunuiuui uioiuei iniou. tin, bad she not known maternity iu its hign - est sense? Several of the young sisters sisters "t - stiilod" as they were moved. Tim first to t - p "ak was a young girl not more than sixteen jvnrs of age. Nothing could be more tenderly beautiful than her face, lier large dark eyes were soft with tears and ber full red lips trembled na she rpoke. She was verv much in earnest. and in a voice broken with s'ibs declared her lore lor a holy life and her deiei'uiinaii'u to L

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 09 Nov 1884, Sun,
  3. Page 15

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