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 - The City of Tucson It's Importance Choap Round...
The City of Tucson It's Importance Choap Round From El Paso and Deming- Deming- to Fe. It's the COOL ROUTE. Chicago, $45.75 Ldsvl, Denver, Colorado Springs and dally, August JO to October 15. Some Facts Concerning Its Climate, Edu cational, Religion and Business Interests, Mining Grazing and Railroad Interests, , Tucson Is the largest and most lm- lm- portant city In Arizona or New Mexico, Mexico, having a population of more than 12,000, and a property valuation ol S6.000.000. The city is large enough and rich enough to have good public service along the lines of public Improvement, Improvement, 6uch as water, sewer, gas, electric llsrht. telephone and tele graph service. These are all in good shape. The city is Just a little behind in the matter of street car service, but arrangements are being perfected to remedy this in the near future. Commercially, the city has many advantages. It Is practically the only distributing centre for southern Arizona, Arizona, and also for northern Sonora, in old Mexico, so that a large wholesale trade has been built up in Tucson, the annual business of one house running up into the millions. Agricultural operations operations are necessarily limited to the area that can be Irrigated. Farming here Is both fascinating and profitable The land is perpetually doing service, crops grow all the year round, and some important crops yield four or five harvests in one year. The testimony testimony of the farmer Is that he greatly prefers farming by irrigation than to depend on the uncertainties of rain in the east, where the crops are so often subjected to droughts that burn them up or to flood that drown them out, and when you have neither floods nor droughts, the rains bo often come when you don't want them, and when you do want, them there is often an exasperating tardiness about their coming. The ranch business about Tucson is quite extensive and profitable. profitable. Cattle, sheep, hogs and poultry are produced, not only in sufficient quantities to supply the home market, which is considerable, but furnishing for export not less than $400,000 worth of stock. The great wealth ox A nzona Is in j the bowels of the eartn. Mining, es pecially In the southern half of the Territory, is the foundation industry, Just as farming is in the State of 111) nois. The mineral resources of this region are simply immense; gold, silver, silver, and especially copper, ' abound throughout the entire southern portion portion of the Terrlory. The output of these metals for the year ending June 30, 1904, was: gold, about 7,000,000; silver and lead, nearly $9,000,000, and copper, 230,000,000 pounds, which at thirteen cents amounts to almost $30, 000,000, and the entire output of thest metals for one year reaches the vast sum of $45,750,000, and it may be truthfully said that the mining interests interests of southern Arizona are yet in their infancy. This is readily seen from the great and growing increase of the output, which for the last year, Is copper alone, exceeded fifty per cent, over the year before. Tucson is not only the metropolitan city of the Territory, but is situated in the very cntre of this vast wealth, thereby, not only insuring its stability, but also its rapid growth and development development One of the most Important factors in the upbuilding and maintenance of Tucson, is the Southern Pacific Railroad. Railroad. This great system of railroads, produced ond consolidated by the late C. P. Huntington, who as a builder of railroads has no peer in the history of thin Important industry, embraces more than 7,000 miles of roadbed. A most worthy and unique testimony is borne by the employes of this road, that they are better treated and more generously remunerated than the employees employees of any other great railroad system in the world. Tucson Is the headquarters of a division of this road which covers 650 miles of its track. This means a great deal to Tucson. Here is located the superintendent s office, employing nearly seventy men. Thep the city Is the home of a small army of trainmen, wnlch, including engineers and firemen, number over 500 ( to say nothing of that other large force of 450 men employed in the ma chine and car shops. Altogether, the railroad employees who reside here, and are paid here, number 1,050 men, only a small percentage of which are laborers. They are mostly officers of the road, a high grade of olerks, en gineers, firemen, conductors, brake- brake- men and skilled workmen in the ma chine shops. The character of the employees may be estimated by the PORTLAND p average pay, which amounts to a little more than $90 a month, and the aggregate aggregate sum paid to the employes of the road, in this city, exceeds $35,000 every month. It is not at all surprising surprising that the malcontents, who are to be found everywhere, even in the most favored conditions, have never succeeded in embarassing or tleing up this road with a strike. The city is well supplies with Christ lao churches; all the leading denominations denominations are represented: Baptist, Con gregatlonal, Episcopal, Methodist, Presbyterian and Roman Catholic. All these have lairly comfortable build ings, are supplied with talented pas tors and seem to bo in a healthy and progressive condition. The public schools of the city aie ot a high order. There are five modern school buildings buildings of which any city might be proud, which the city has constructed at an aggregate cost of $160,000. The Tex-ful Tex-ful Tex-ful campus there are a number of stately buildings, aggregating a cost of more than $160,000, and well adapted adapted to the work of the university. Laoi year there were about 250 students In the classes. The school is well equipped equipped with every facility to Insure a good practical education along the lines of highest Importance to the youth of this Territory. It is not only provided with the regular classical curriculum ot the average college, but also haa connected with it a United States Experimental Station, a manuat training school and a mill for the re duction of ores. These and other branches of special instruction are well manned by a corp of professors that would be a credit to any school In the land. Vne cost of maintenance is about $65,000 annually. $40,000 of this expense Is borae by the general government, and the balance by the Territory. An elegant building has just been completeo at the cost of $27,000, for the combined use of the library and a very extensive museum belonging to the University. The city has a valuable free library well houued in a fine modern building, which cost $25,000. The Roman Catho lie Sisters have a finely equipped young ladies' academy with 150 pupils; pupils; the Sisters of the same church aljo own and maintain an excellent hospital just on the outskirts of the town, with accomodations for more than 75 patients. The Indian school, owned and maintained by the Home Missionary Board of the Presbyterian church, is a flourishing and successful institution, doing a good work for a large and well disposed community of the 'children of the desert.' The Board of Missions deserves great credit this work, to which it appropriates $20,000 annually. There are about 150 Indians, from eight to twenty years of age in the school. They have a good plant, a thoroughly practical and able superintendent, a sufficient number of faithful and devoted teachers, and a farm of 45 acres which is cultivated by the older members of the school, the products of which are no small factor in the maintenance of the institution. institution. Ther-e Ther-e Ther-e are three banks, two national national and one trust company. These are splendily equipped with both men very successful in their operations, ' and have contributed largely to the upbuilding up of the town. The Desert Botanical Laboratory of the Carnegie Institute has recently been established here. A large and substantial stone building has been erected Just outside of the city; on9 thousand acres of land have been secured secured for experimental purposes and scientific research. This will add greatly to the knowledge they already possess of the "Desert Flora." The reports of this institution are attract ing the attention of scientists both at home and abroad. The city Is euierprislng and pro gressive, the business men are wide awake and energetic, and the town has the air of prosperity and success. There are three large bmlldlng and loan associations, wMch have been and buildings, and have deposits which aggregate more than $1,500,000 The chief glory of Tucson, however, is its climate. It Is conceded by every one who is conversant with the cH- cH- matic conditions that prevail in other places, that for nine months of the year it has no equal on the face of the earth, and there are not a few who persistently contend that you can add the other three months,, and say that for the entire year Tucson is possessed of the most comfortable and healthgivlng conditions, in the matter of climate, to be found on the globe. There are very few of the 365 days when the sun does not shine down on the city from a clear blve sky, and though the thermometer variee con siderably between the noon of mid day and the noon of night, you are scarcely conscious of the change. You can sit out of doors in comfort with uie thermometer at its minimum, In the day time, and you can do the same thing when it reaches its maximum, if yoa keep in the sha'do. This is possible possible because of the dryness of the at mosphere. In this respect the climate greatly excels that of southern California. California. Many Invalids who could not live in southern California have come to Tucson, regained their health and 4, going and reurnlng via any ington or Billings. Dates of tale September, 1 to 6 inclulsve, 13, 14, 15. $56, via diverse routes, through Huntington. Dates of sale for to 6 inclusive, 13, 14, 15, 27, 28 and In addition to the above we have rates to all points east. WRITE W. J. Black, G P A - Topeka, Kansas. -- TKe Ideal The SUNSET Has the service Solid Vestibuled Palace Observation Gars Between and West. Oil Burning No Smoke! No No Cinders! TRY THE "OPEN ITS THE For further information, Call upon or address E. G. Humphrey, D. F, & P. A. Tucson. The xV Trains leave Benson at 7:au a. m. tot Tombstone, Naco, IjiCananeas, Bisbee, Douglas and El Paso. 2:40 p. m. fr Tombstone, Bisbee, Naco and Douglas, R. STILES, Qeneral Passenger EL PASO, .TEXAS. alSBBBE &)e Wabash is the shortest and best line Eastern Points Ross C. Cline, Los Angeles are doing well. Among them Is a well known family from Newton. In thtl private. dozen or more hotels, the large number number of rooming hooM and restaur antg the casual visitor and winter sojourn er can find fairly comfortable accomodations, accomodations, ranging In price all the way from $8 to $30, a week. The city enjoys sixteen hotels and many rooming rooming houses. Among the leading hostel-ries hostel-ries hostel-ries are: The Santa Rita, the Santa Cruz, Willard, San Augustine, Wind- Wind- sod, Hall House, Occidental, FarK View. They supply accommodations of the very best at rates to suit the wishes of their patrons. There are also several first class restaurants, which meet every demand, public and

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