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 - A CENSUS STORY. trv John S. BlUlngs of the Army...
A CENSUS STORY. trv John S. BlUlngs of the Army Makes Some Startling Startling Revelations.. ;kV': .:-... .:-... .:-... i ' '-r."-.i' '-r."-.i' '-r."-.i' '-r."-.i' '-r."-.i' H ' ; GHASTLY REVIEW OF DEATHS. 1 Single Jy Recori a -Gleaned -Gleaned From tie Newspapers How Tnls Awful Deata Rate Caafce Prevented. 513 BUT WTERESTK3 FIGURES, . r Jofin 8. Bllllnirs of the armyln a before the Academy of Md- Md- t New Tor, gives some statis tic of consumption taken from the last 1lM which are simply appalling, iajrlri that year there were to, this country 101.45 death.-from death.-from death.-from thi. , dls- dls- 0mattm if we assume n w TTi- TTi- vti.tricU where the registration !r. t,!r kept is the same as J, the districts where it la correctly . . .. mnelnde that the mT rf.aths from this malady dorm the census year was fully JU5,-000. JU5,-000. JU5,-000. M we estimate the average duration duration of the disease aa two years, we the rutted States alone SOjOOO eases of consumption. To show 7Z. nrevalence of the disease, and that tt. terrible mortality still continues. U present below the record of sin-le sin-le sin-le day's havoc as reported In a few enlr t the thousands of newspapers published In this country: . . H. CabiH M , jr. r, -- -- c ro William Kabar 4ted ttia inii. r-. r-. r-. - .: jr r l fc rfi ir W1 Kale I. ft a-. a-. a-. i - it aar - - - tmmm-Tllf" tmmm-Tllf" tmmm-Tllf" watt. wWm a j,, d-d d-d d-d at aaaa-- aaaa-- aaaa-- Hjli L ' r, JT i i fni fcba. t BtpUr, AM L. Tfc . r j- j- r 1 1 n' f ' OmwfnrA. wke kaakaaa Mcia Pnik Kaj i jter-Dr. jter-Dr. jter-Dr. . a VaOngor dies a m jr. r, WltT .- .- am mkftatMM aiiiainnin iw.tnto-tU iw.tnto-tU iw.tnto-tU at Mrttn , f nHHMill 1 f u l jr. X. BvmU Frmawa J. JtaConaaek M 1 Wt, rt-. rt-. rt-. Baa-CMw-Aiaaaa Baa-CMw-Aiaaaa Baa-CMw-Aiaaaa Baa-CMw-Aiaaaa Baa-CMw-Aiaaaa Haaisaah, tan ymn, aim I nw k jr. r.. aw ml SI Fmmm, Taxaa. froa ammB.IT. . aZ-U aZ-U aZ-U jr. r, i-RmrM i-RmrM i-RmrM M f as- as- iimna alliaineiiliaiT''tir'tir'tir'tir'tir aaaMin 'b, r, . Jaaaph Thewa M d Maiaaiatl jr Tm I TWb BjJ-WW BjJ-WW BjJ-WW Stajj. . . ir T iimftiitr Tilm-rn Tilm-rn Tilm-rn C. Xr SKS Mmui ,n,i fi ifitHff - r " - mww H.a nlwiil ' " in Mmfalt, jr. r, tmmim Mr. O Brtmm M jMMndar . ' TKE RESULT. CF EXPCSUP.L , Many Lives Lost Throajh Wantoo Carelessness. A changeable climate is the most ex- ex- cttlnc cause -of -of pneumonia. The mild to-day. to-day. to-day. cold to-morrow. to-morrow. to-morrow. . weather Is a prolific breeder - of . the disease. It Is contracted by exposure to wet and Inclement Inclement weather, from standing or sitting sitting with cold feet; by going from hot and overcrowded rooms Into the keen night air. and by sitting in draughts. The proper way , to treat pneumonia Is to prevent its development. . Have a care that you are sufficient ly clad to meet 'Inclement and changeable changeable weather. See that the wet feet and exposure to draughts do not result In cold. K a cold Is contracted. enecK it at once before pneumonia Is devel oped: for It is a well-known well-known well-known fact that protracted cough may suddenly ae- ae- elop Into pneumonia, with a slight ad ditional cold. ' Don't let the di make any headway. Kortiry tn sys tem against It by rich, nutritious. Mould food. This can be accomplished In no" other way so well as by the liberal liberal use ' of Osomolslon. an osonlsed preparation of Cod Liver Oil wlta nna.iaroU nreoarea or 1. . a. eiocum Co, New Tork. and sold by all drug-ists. drug-ists. drug-ists. ; Taken early, when .the first vmntoms of the cold appear. It cures It promptly and prevents the develop ment ot pneumonia. - it w a run. imwu food, and It Is a well known fact that strong food is the moat formidable foe of nnmmonlt. It keep the blood well nourished and puts the tissues in such a condition tnat tney in row on cold and thus resist the disease. the "Dxone has been found of great value In destroying the germs ot disease. Paul Grossman. M. XX. Omaha. Neb. SUGGESTIONS OMALUE. Bow Health and Happiness May Be Attained. Secrets Disclosed By Which May: Profit. All Kave you ever seen a ray of sunlight pass across a darkened room; r vc you noticed the-mlllioas'of the-mlllioas'of the-mlllioas'of particles of fine dust which Its rays disclose? - Some of this dust is taken into the lungs every time you breathe. 'When it con tains the germs of disease, as' it often BUILD HOSPITALS. Efforts Being Made to Stamp Out Consumption - by Isolation. THE DISEASE INFECTIOUS, New fork aai PhilafleipMa Will Bafti Special Hospitals for tie: f eatment of Coasnmptloa j . '. Pltleats. , ; KEW FACTS ASO'JT j THE DISEASE. It Isi now generally understood among Dh-rsiolans Dh-rsiolans Dh-rsiolans whoi have carefully studiea the subject that consumption Is an infectious infectious disease. Fo general is this belief, belief, eyen among laymen, that hospitals for thie treatment of (consumption are being I built in various cities through- through- out the United 'States, with the ; idea of isolating, patients The State of Michigan has already ' inaugurated a Mnnn!irm a llnut consumption. - HOS- HOS- pltals ijto cost hundreds of thousands of dollars are being erected in New Tork and Pennsylvania; and puDuc senu ment seems, at last, to have awakened to the! necessity of- of- doing something to stem the: tide of thlsi terrible scourge of the human race. -: -: i But Idesplte man's noblest efforts the frhchtful mortality still continues. Be entlsts estimate that Ithere are fa IhU country over three hundred thousand cases bftconsumptlon. what an- an- army of wretched beings, daily dragging out a- a- miserable existence! statistics how that the annual death rate among tt,m ; im mm than SO per cent. What' an unneceasary) tribute to deathl This is a sad fact; but worse man au 1 the s truth that such deaths were largely unnecessary, and could j have tllC .0 : "0 ;0 Most 0 0 0 0 Potent 0 0 Remedy for Colds, Cough v Consumption Bronchitis, 0 0 and all Asthma,

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 27 Mar 1895, Wed,
  3. Page 35

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