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 - USC 48 Clemson 24 Georgia 19 Michigan 52 UCLA...
USC 48 Clemson 24 Georgia 19 Michigan 52 UCLA 38 Arizona 41 Maryland 22 Auburn 14 Purdue 21 Stanford 35 Washington 17 So. Miss. 38 Miss. State 27 SMU 34 ASU 13 Alabama 29 LSU 24 Texas Tech 27 Petaffs in Sports 1 06th YEAR FINAL VOL. 141 NO. 318 TUCSON, SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1982 75$ 178 PAGES President removes ipeline sanctions By Bernard Gwertzman e 1982 The New York Times WASHINGTON President Reagan announced yesterday that he is lifting sanctions against companies participating in the construction of a Soviet natural-gas pipeline to Western Europe. He said he is doing so because the United States and its key allies reached "substantial agreement" yesterday morning on an overall economic strategy toward the Soviet bloc. But within hours of Reagan's statement, France seemed to dissociate itself from the agreement by saying it is "not a party to the agreement announced this afternoon in Washington." Reagan called the two-part accord, which was reached after weeks of intensive negotiations, "a victory for the allies." The president also said if the new Soviet leadership acts "in a responsible fashion, they will meet a ready and positive response in the West." Spokesmen for two of the companies most affected by the embargo, General Electric Co. and Caterpillar Tractor Co., said they were pleased by the president's action. Senior officials said the sanctions being lifted fall See PARIS DENIAL, Page 9A Proud Viet vets march to emotional dedication By Mike Feinsilber The Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) Thousands of Vietnam veterans paraded with pride yesterday where anti-war protesters marched a decade earlier, then dedicated a new national monument honoring themselves and their 57,939 missing and fallen comrades. They marched to the newly lain turf before the gleaming black granite walls of the monument bearing the names of Americans who did not return from Vietnam and in speech and song and silent reflection paid homage to the war's victims and the 2.7 million who served and came home to an indifferent welcome from a divided nation. Some former soldiers were almost overcome by the emotion of the moment. A few wept openly and took comfort from the embrace of their buddies. But it was a joyful occasion for most. The crowd cheered the marchers and the marchers cheered the crowd. The day turned cold and windy, and alternately gray and sun-streaked. The mood changed, too: once tearful and somber, a moment later, joyful and triumphant. U.S. Park Police estimated that 150,000 people See VETS, Page SA America's 'most hated man1 Ex-McCarthy ally and foe now feeds city's poor By R.H. Ring The Arizona Daily Star "I was once one of the most hated men in America," says Job Matu-sow, now a public proponent of peace and love. The opposing claims are quintessential Matusow. He is the man who once told a high school rally that the Sunday New York Times was employing 126 dues-paying Communists, and that Time and Life magazines had hired 76 "hard-core Reds." He is also the man who, 30 years later, has embroiled himself in public controversy here over providing free food and lodging to drifters. "I'm an actor," Matusow is fond of saying. He makes it clear that he means it on many levels. At 56 in overalls, pigtails and shaggy beard, Matusow has "explored all these other roles." "I'm finally playing an act that is me." Matusow is running a free Fourth Avenue kitchen for people called "transients" by people who are not. - This is a boom winter for transients, and a storm of publicity has broken over their arrival. Downtown neighborhoods are overrun and upset. The cops are cracking down. , Matusow has arisen as a key figure, with his free food and his proposal for the city to fund a rural camp for transients. V e EL u p. if X " r 'J it w; Si JVsi Matusow: "I'm an actor" Matusow would run the camp, donating his services for the good of all, he says. Although city officials, police, churches and neighborhood grdups now deal with Matusow, little has been said locally about who he is and what he was. Matusow's story certainly isn't a secret, having been laid out in nationally circulating magazines, newspapers, TV and radio reports over the past 30 years. Job Matusow, who called himself Harvey Matusow then or Harvey Matt or other phony names was one of the informers in the Red-baiting days of Sen. Joe McCarthy. Matusow was in the Communist Party in the late 1940s. Before, he was in the infantry in Europe. After, he switched sides again to McCarthy's headhunters. Over a four-year period of his front-page allegations, Matusow turned in more than 200 people as Communists. He was paid by the week for his snitching. To various committees, forums and the FBI, Matusow named teachers, artists, ranchers, union leaders, newsmen, folk singers and even Boy Scouts as "Reds." He had a role in some of the biggest abuses of government power, and in several Supreme Court decisions that overturned them. He gets significant mention in studies and books about the era. As the dust settled, Matusow turned around and assumed a new role. He informed on the informers. Starting in 1954, Matusow recanted, and said most the charges he had made were lies. Then he wrote a book about it, titled "False Witness." He was convicted of perjury and did four years in prison, where he says he "had a ball" playing tennis and putting on plays. Since then, he has bounced around See MATUSOW, Page 13A 1 JrW& X : i . 1 V-.-.V. ::s. , " . : i i ; -t -,- Til ..Mill n J -'i - - . -" t:v - vr .IS- -.i -M-i A vn - - .;." - ;. fe." f1 Jim DavH, The Arizona Daily Star UA quarterback Tom Tunnicliffe fumbles during the first quarter; USC recovered Losses alter UA, ASU bowl plans The state of Arizona has had better evenings, football-wise, than last night. Arizona, which would have virtually clinched a berth in the Holiday Bowl with a victory over USC, lost, 48-41. Previously undefeated Arizona State would have locked up its first appearance in the Rose Bowl if it had defeated Washington. But the Huskies won, 17-13, and all they have to do to qualify for their third consecutive Rose Bowl is beat hapless Washington State next Saturday. The Sun Devils are off next weekend and will certainly get an invitation to another bowl, most likely the Fiesta. Alums recall guts, glory and goofiness. Page 7B. If Arizona beats Oregon Saturday, it will still be in the running for the Holiday Bowl Dec. 17 in San Diego. Working against Arizona is its Nov. 27 date with ASU. The bowl committees will probably figure that game to be a loss for the Wildcats, and teams with four losses and a tie are not usually a big draw in bowl games. Working for Arizona are its victory over then-undefeated Notre Dame, the UCLA tie and the fight it gave USC last night before two representatives of the Holiday Bowl. Details in Sports, Page IE. Weather Slightly warmer. Today win be a few degrees warmer with variable high clouds. A high near 74 and low near 48 are expected. Yester-; day's high and low were 70 and 46. Widely scattered snow showers continued last night, reaching from eastern New York State and central Pennsylvania across the Great Lakes, and from Minnesota to Idaho. . Snow also fell in South Dakota, : across western Nebraska and east-; em Wyoming, and into Colorado. , Today, snowfall will extend from the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley across western Pennsylvania. West '. central New England will also have snow, and snow will change to rain over much of Kentucky. Yesterday's national temperature extremes were 5 below zero at Be-midji, Hibbing and International Falls, Minn., and 84 at Miami, Fla. Details on Page 4A. News Marana mayor dies. Don e. Frew, two-time mayor of Marana, dies after gall bladder surgery at the age of 61. Page 8B. Obscure no more. The world seems to be attempting to rewrite the story of Miracle Valley. Page IB. Hard times. Experts who run counseling services in Tucson say they are seeing an increase in child abuse as well as a growing need for crisis counseling, and they blame a sluggish economy that has left many people out of work. Page 4B. Border cooperation, u.s. Ambassador John Gavin says it's time to "close ranks" and work together to solve the problems along the U.S.-Mexican border. Page 4C. Tin Associated Press Aliza Begin dies Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin ends his U.S. visit early after receiving word of his 62-year-old wife's death. Story, Page 2A. Long-distance sick call. Astronaut William Lenoir calls in sick aboard the space shuttle, causing flight officials to postpone today's walk in space. Page 7A. Getting the point across. Santa Rita High School students and faculty learn how to improve communications. Page 2B. Status quo is fine. The panel studying Social Security reforms wants the system to continue indefinitely without radical change. Page 8A. Solemn in Moscow. Thousands of Soviet citizens stand in a line two miles long to view the casket of Leonid Brezhnev. Foreign delegations are due today. Page 2A. The Salvador report. Only light casualties are reported as 6,000 Salvadoran troops press their government's campaign to recapture towns held by rebels. Page 3A. i ' ,4 jpSfc . 1 Where's Walesa? Poland's Solidarity leader fails to show up after the martial-law government says it has freed him. Story, Page 3A. Lifestyle An upward spiral. The cost of prescription drugs is related to the sales practices used to persuade doctors to prescribe them, says Star reporter Leo Banks. Page IK. Sports Boxer near death, a neurologist says Duk Koo Kim is "just about dead" after a knockout by Ray "Boom-Boom" Mancini. Page IE. Index Actualidades 4C Money 1-tD Art S-I Movies 2-1 Books 7-1 Names, faces 8D Bridge 14-1 Obituaries .... HE Classified 11E-8G Public records . 8B Comment I-4C Solomon, M.D. . 2K Dear Abby 2K Sports 1-11E Entertainmentl-14-I Travel W Lifestyle MIX Tucson today . 2-1 TV Week follows Section K

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