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 - law department of the Maryland University, from...
law department of the Maryland University, from which he graduated In 1897 with the degree of Bncholor of Lnws. He .wns at once the bar of his native county, "aud subsequently to the bur of Bnltiniore city, where ho practices ln-con-nectlon with the firm of Brown & Brune. Besides the practice of his profession Mr. Forsytho Is largely Interested. In several business enterprises. Ho Is the counsel for several corporations In Howard county and' is a 'director of the Sykesvllle Bank. This Is the first time he has been elected to an office, although he hns nlwnys la ken u great Interest in politics nnd hns made It a study. During recent campaigns he has rendered valuable service to his party on the stump throughout the State. John G. RoKcrH, Democrat. John Gougli Rogers wns born in Howard county, Maryland; February 28, 1849. He lived in Anne Arundel county from 1854 until 1S04. attending West River Institute. He then returned to Howard county, at tended St. Timothy's Hall two years: entered the University of Virginia in 1800, where he remained until 1870. There he pursued the classical and law courses. Later he studied law with the Into Judge Edward Hammond, nnd was ndmitted to the bar in 1871, niid hns practiced law at Ellicolt City ever since. He lives upon a farm and engages actively In the management of Jtho snme. He hns been School Commissioner, Examiner and Secretary: member of the Senate of Maryland during the sessions of 1892-94, ran for Congress in 1894 ngninst Hon. Charles E. Collin nnd wns defeated, was nominated for the Stnle Senate again in 1805, but was defeated by George D. Day; was elected on November 5 to represent Howard count In the Lower House. , KENT COUNTY Ajinriah M. Kendall, Republican. Aznrlah M.Kendall represents the fourth generation of his family In America, the tlrst of the name having come direct from Ireland. Horace, tits grandfather, spent his entire life In this State. Rev. James Keiidr.ll, his father, wns horn In Kent county and for many years was a local preacher in. the Methodist Episcopal Church. Azariah M., the subject of this sketch. Is the oldest of four children. He wns horn at Rock Hall March 3, 1854. In 1801 tbo family removed from Rock Hall to Fairlee. where It has since resided. Mr. Kendall had the advantage of excellent public schools during hlsearly life, afterward completing his education nt St. Paul's High School. He also took a comprehensive course in practical mechanics and becmis a contractor and builder, in which business he Is still largely engaged. He is -ts-sistant superintendent of Salem Methodist Episcopal Sunday-school and a steward of the elmrch. He Is a trustee of Fairlee "School and surveyor for the Mutual Five Insurance Company of Kent County. In 18S0 ho was appointed census enumerator and in 1S9C was made district assessor for the new assessment. In 1899 he was nominated by his party for the House of Delegates and was elected by a decisive majority over one of the most popular Democrats in the county. Ho served with much credit in the Legislature during the session of 1900 and also the extra session of 1901, T. W. Trew, Itepnblican. T. W. Trew is a son of the late W. G. Trew nnd is one of the representative young men of the county. His family Is among the oldest and most prominent in Kent. Mr. Trew was born in 1861 of a Quaker family ou the old family homestead. Walnut Point, in Quaker NecV. Choosing agriculture for an avocation, he lias applied his energies in an Intelligent manner and with a marked degree of success. He has now under his Immediate supervision three farms, comprising a tract of 000 acres, all in high cultivation. Mr. Trew married Miss Anna Price, daughter of Dr. J. IS. Price, and they have three children. While he hns never before held public office, he hns always taken a deep interest in the politics of the county nnd State and is well informed. MONTGOMERY COUNTY. "Walter A. Johnson. Democrat. Walter A. Johnson was born September 0, ISG.I. His father wns a native of Virginia and his mother of Prince George's county. Maryland. He attended the public schools of the District of Columbia and Professor Hunt's Preparatory School prior to taking a course at Dartmouth College. After leaving Dartmouth College he took up the study of law in the Inw ofnees of H. O. nnd R. Claughton, of Washington, D. C. and attended the National University Daw School. After the completion of his course there in the year 18S8 he was admitted to the bar and has been in continuous practice since then. He is n member of the bnr of the Court of Appeals of Mnrylnnd and of the District bar and that of the United States Supreme Court. He took au active part in the campaign of 1900. stumping and organizing clubs in Montgomery county. He organized and was president of the Kensington Democratic Club. He resides In Kensington and was connected with the Town Council nt the time of his election to the Legislature. John P. Sellman, Democrat. John P. Sellman is a native of Montgomery county, having been born in Barnes-vilie In December. 1841. He is a son of the late Capt. William O. Sellman. who served a term In the Maryland Senate In the sixties. He received his early education from a private tutor nnd later attended the Brookville Academy, which Institution he left in May. 1SG1, to Join the Confederate Army, enlisting in the First Virginia Cavalry, commanded by Gen. J. E. B. Stuart. Twelve months later he joined the First Maryland Cavalry, which had just been formed, commanded by Col. Ridgley Brown. He remained with It until the surrender in 18G5. Directly after the close of the war Mr. Sellman married Miss Hempstone, of Virginia, and he has since resided on his country estate known ns Selmn, situated ueur Comus, where he Is extensively engaged In farming and ;tcck grazing. Henry R. Benson, Democrat, Henry 11. Benson was born and reared on a farm in Montgomery county 45 years ago. He attended the puhlic schools vn-til he was 10 years old. Then he entered the Rockville Academy and continued there until ho was 20 years of age. He began life teaching in the public schools. Ho taught four years. He married Miss Boo-ton, of Lurny, Va.. and returned lo the farm, aud has continued the farming bit",' ness over since. During this time ho served as tegistratlon officer for five years. He has always been a Democrat. He has four sons, who are coming into manhood. Mr. Benson lives at Grifton, In the northern pnrt of Montgomery county. In sight of the spot whore Ids ancestors, who came from England, settled fo.ur generations back. Cliflord II. Robertson, Democrat. Clifford H. Robertson, a young lawyer at Rockville, Is the youngest man sent to the Legislature from Montgomery county for many years. He was bom In Montgomery county on July 18, 1877. and was reared on a farm, where he learned the wants of the agricultural Interests of his county. He received his education at the public school at Rockville and the Rockville Academy. After leaving the vendomyhc began the study of law la the otllce of Anderson & Bottle. He was one of the first class to take the examination under the act of 1898, nnd was admitted to practice at Annapolis on December 28, 1S98. Mr. Robertson's law office is at Rockville. He Is one of the standing examiners In chancery for the court. Is engaged In the Insurance business and Is a justice of the peace. PRINCIfi GEORGE'S. Fredcrlc'lr Dallam, Dcmoernt. Frederick Dallnm wns born In Harford county, Mnrylnnd, In the year 1807. He received his earlier education In the public schools of Harford county and at the Belnlr Academy, nnd subsequently entered the Lnw School of the Mnrylnnd University, from which he wns graduated In 1S9-1. He was nt once ndmitted to the BalUmorc liar, nnd has since that time been engaged lit the active practice of hH profession In Baltimore city and in Prince George's county. He became n resident of Prince George's, county In 1895, from which time he has resided In the town of Laurel. He was for a term counsel to the Mayor and City Council of Laurel, and he Is chairman of the committee on proposed legislation of the Board of Trade ot that town. He hns taken an active Interest In county nnd State politics for a number of years, but has never before held a political office. Robert W. Brooke, Democrat. Robert Wilson Brooke, son of the late Robert Wilson and Elizabeth Berry Brooke, of Kent district, 'Prince George's county, Mnrylimd, wns born April 10, 1S00. The whole of his life hns been spent In his nntlve State. He attended the public schools of the county nnd of Washington city. He has been farming In Kent district for the last 25 yenrs, and is considered one of the of scc- tlon. In September, 1889, he married the second daughter of. Dr. Charles' Oscar Lewis, a prominent physician of Bladens-' burg, Md., aud hns two children. , He held a position in the Maryland Legislature during the session of 1894. His futher wns an active worker In the Interest of the Democratic party In the early forties, and nt one time hold a position tinder the Governor of Maryland.- Mr. Brooke is the grandson of the late Ellsha Eversfield Berry, of Springfield, Prince Georgels county, and a nephew of the late Henry H. Brooke, the well-known real estate broker of Baltimore city. He Is also a nephew of Dictate Gideon Brooke, who went to Ari- I zona In 1844 and engaged extensively In ine mining tmsiness, where he reaped rich rewards, and subsequently made California bis home. Kobcrt V. Wellw, Democrat. Robert Wesley. Wells was born near Bla-densbtirg, Md., August 10, 1875. In IiIh youth he attended the Rladonslmrg Academy and the High School of Washington, D. ('. In 188S he made his Orst extensive visit to the great West, returning to the East and remnlulng In Maryland during the yenrs 1889 nnd 1890. In the fall of 1800 he again went West, nnd though but 10 yenrs of age embarked lu business with the firm of Wells Bros., of Kansas and the Indian Territory. In 1803 he entered the University of Kansas and spent two years In the study of political economy, history nnd philosophy before entering the law de-par' ment. He graduated from the law department of the University of Knnsns In 1897 with high honors. In the meantime ho absented himself from the University of Kansas to travel about the. Pacific Coast nnd over the great Northwest country, stopping on Ids way back to Knnsns nt the University of Minnesota, near St. Paul, for n term of lectures. He was chosen by the student body of the University of Kansas to forestall ndversc legislation at Topoka in the Legislature of 1897, nnd his work in this capacity constitutes a permanent memorial of his name nt the university-. Ily was an ardent Democratic speaker from the Pacific Coast to Kansas In the campaign of ISDfJ. In December, 1807, ho again went to Washington, D. C, and In June following received the degree of master of laws from Columbian University. He is now Hie junior member of the law Arm of Wells & Wells, with offlccB In Washington, D. C. Hyattsville, Md., nnd Upper Marlboro, Md. In law he has acquired a considerable name In the defense of three widely reported murder cases, being the associate In a case at Rockville, Md., of Sen ator Joseph S. C. Blackhurn, and in another at Washington, D. C, of Prof. Tracy L. Jeffords, of Columbian University. Mr. Wells Is a son of Dr. Charles A. Wells, of Hyattsville, aud his mother's maiden name was Lucretia Ilyntt. James I Cnrley, Republican. .Tames P. Citrley was born In Rockwood, Somerset enmity. Pa., on May C, 1871. Ills mother is .1 Pcnniylvanlan by birth, while his father is a native of Maryland, having been born in Laurel and resided there during most of his life. In 1S34 Mr. Curley nnd family moved from Pennsylvania to Laurel, where the httbject of this sketch has ever since lived. He attended the pub-lice"schoo!s of the latter town nnd aftor-wam graduated from a business college In Baltimore. After reading law for a short time he entered the law department of the University of Maryland, and two years later was admitted to the bar In Prince George's county; he Is also a member of the bar of Baltimore city and of the Maryland Court of Appeals. In addition to practicing his profession, Mr. Curiey Is the editor of the Laurel Leader, a weekly newspaper, which ho began publishing In 1897, ns the successor to the Free Quill. Mr. Curley has never before held a political oliice. at'EEX ANNE'S COUNTY. William Otbo Thomas, Democrat. William Otbo Thomas, of the First district of Queen Anne's county, is a son of the late Wll!iam-E. and Susan A. Thomas. He was born on Kent Island In 1859, and when only a child he removed with his parents to Winchester, where ho wns educated in the public school. At the age 20 he went to Sudlersville, his present home, and taught the puhlic school for 11 years. He resigned his position and engaged in the fire insurance business. Later he was connected with the Insurance business, lumber, fertilizer and land lime. 1S98 he organized the Sudlersville Building ard Loan Association, of which he was elected secretary. John T. Norman, Democrat. John T. Xormnn served in the Legislature lu 18S8, 1900 nnd during the extra session of 1901. He was born on Kent Island and Is a son of the late TheopoIIs and Ann Elizabeth Norman. He was educated in the publlcschoolsof the county and learned the trade of carpentering, which he followed for 18 years. Since then he has been engaged in farming on Kent Island. James T. Dright. Democrat. James '!. Bright is the second son Judge of the Orphans' Court James B. Bright. Ho was born on Kent Island 1877 and attended the public schools of bis district and later entered the Conference Academy, Dover, Del., where he graduated in 1894. The same year he entered the Maryland Lnw School, Baltimore, from which he graduated In 1S9B. In 1S97 Mr. Bright located in Centrevllle and hns since then been practicing his profession there. Mr. Bright wns on November 27. 1901, mnr-rled to Miss Mamie Gertrude Snyder, only daughter of Charles (j. Snyder, of Centre-vllle. SOMERSET COUXTV. AV. Trickett Giles, Democrat. W. TricUctt Giles, Democrat, was born In Somerset county, Maryland, March 1865. At the age of 10 years he began teaching school nnd spent five yenrs at that profession in Maryhtnd and Delaware, though not consecutively. At the age of years he graduated from n business college in Baltimore. In 1S80 he was appointed a clerkship in the Baltimore Custom Uoue from the civil service list of competitors the Hon. James B. Groome, but was removed In 1S90 by William M. Marine when he became Collector of the Port. While the custom house Mr. Giles continued study of law at the University of Maryland and graduated In the class of 1800, receiving the degree of bachelor of laws. Mr. Giles is now actively engaged in the practice of his profession in Ptincess Anne. A. Lincoln Drvilcn, Republican. A. Lincoln Dryden was born at Fair-mount, in Somerset county, Md.. February IS, 1805. Ho spent his early youth on farm of his grandparents. About 187.'! joined his parents at Crisileld and attended the public schools lu that town and Washington Academy, nt Princess Anne, where he prepared to enter St. John's College, Annapolis, In the fall of 1884. Having completed the sophomore year at St. John's he entered the junior class at Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa., where he graduated In 188S, receiving the degree of bachelor arts and master of arts. He was a member of the House of Delegates of 1890 from Somerset county, aud In the same year resigned to accept a position In the library the Navy Department, Washington, where .he remained until May, 1803, when he resigned because of the change of administration. At the close of this same year became associated with a life Insurance company as their general agont In State of Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Mnrylnnd. and In that relation still continues. In IS!) I. after an exciting contest at Ocean City, when 02 ballots were taken, he was nominated for Congress In the First district, and. though defeated, reduced previous year's Democratic majority nearly one-half. Iu 1895 the Republicans nominated him for the Maryland Senate, and served in the Senate In the sessions of 1890 and 1898, resigning in the latter year to accept the appointment, of spcclnl deputy collector of customs at the port of Baltimore. He exercised this office with approval and approbation of his superiors until November 4 last, and against wishes he was nomlnnted for the House Delegates, to which, in one of the most bitterly contested campaigns In many years, lie was elected. Mr. Dryden Is married and with his family resides at Crisileld. Jo.icph Mulr. Repnblicnn. Joseph Mulr was born October 0, 1S55, Fairmount, Somerset county. Md., and attended school nt Fairmount Academy uutll 1872. He was then employed by Miles, Averrv & Co. as clerk and continued with them ' until October, 1879. Ho then entered Into partnership with R. F. Leach the mercantile business. In November., 18S0 thev dissolved, he tnklng the business which he continued until 1800. then' took his brother, John H. Mulr, one-third owner, trading as Joseph Mulr Bro , and he Is still doing business uuder this name. He Is a member of Fairmount Methodist Episcopal Church, and Is secretary and treasurer of the Board of Property trustees of Fairmount Academy. was returned elected County Commissioner of Somerset In 1899, but his seat was

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