Jeannette Allen Marries The Daily Iowa Capitol 18 jan 1899

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Jeannette Allen Marries
The Daily Iowa Capitol 18 jan 1899 - JEANETTE IN KLONDIKE /" A Once-Famous Des...
JEANETTE IN KLONDIKE /" A Once-Famous Des Moines Wp; main Located:Now at Ska- guay, Alaska, MARRIED ANOTHER MAN Htr Husbind; is a Gentleman tnd Runs a. Saloon, While Jeftnctt* :- Ks»ps Bar for Him at Night —Story of Her Trip. Jeannette Allen, notorious for her elaborate Thanksgiving dinner and for the • house or' bad repute she rail for a long time on Pelton avenue, with a red light to' guide the man with money to burn bat Uo matches, is located at tekaguay, Alaska, in the Klondike gold lielils. sue lias . married again. This time her husband is keeper ot a saloon and Jeannette tends bar'for him at nignt and is general manager of the establishment, fane has written a letter to the Capital bearing on her 'trip and on her prospects of lugging buck to the United States "bar'ls and bar Is" Of gold. Her letter is appended: Skagua,y, Alaska, Jan. i.—\V<?H. I left -"Seattle, October U, at i uVlock a. m., with Skaguay as my destination, 1 lie-aril •thai a person would starve to deaih in Skaguay and everything was bad about it. .You could not hear anything good, but I and, a lady friend of mine joined a theatrical comnany and wen: to work for Mr. Blake at the Kuval theater when we tirst came up here. Well. 1 will tell you about my trip. " It was beautiful when we pulled out of the docks in Seattle. 1 suall never forget it. The little steamer Otopia. was. ablaze with electric lights and the stars shone so brightly and the sky was an azure .blue: The stars looked'as if they were •laughing at you. Everything- looked like a grand picture or .as a dream. It seemed a paradise. The captain was Frank White a brave captain, too. and as popular us .any on the lino. He was a tall, handsome feilow and a noble man clear through. .One could not help feeling safe with him. for he knew his business and attended strictly to it. He was one of the first that made the trip up here. • Well, every one on board seemed to be glad. The hearts seeined light and easy and they seemed as if a pleasure trip was what they were tnklujr. 1 Just looked ahead and a thousand things run through tny' brain. 1 thought to myself, "1 don't .'know what your business is, or where 'you are going, but I am going to hunt the gold. The gold fields are what I am seeking after and i am going to find them or 'die trying." 1 thought of how the business men of Des Homes trusted me and .they depended on me as beinjr honest or •they would not have trusted me as thev .did. I am going to pay every cent tha't I owe them if 1 have to lose some of mv limbs to do it. "„After a few hours we arrived at Port •Townsend at 9 o'clock the same day. It as situated as a port ot entry on Puget Sound, twenty-eight miles from Victoria It is a pretty little village. It is nicely laid out. Tictoria is a magnificent place. : The streets are asphalt, there are- electric ••railways and some grand business-blocks They have just completed the parliament .building. Out of Victoria it is just the same as the ocean, for there is nothing .between you and China but the deep sea and it was terribly troubled and rough It tossed us from one side to- the other •until I thought we -were going over every "fUJnute. At first you are on the top of a. .•/wave; the next moment you are between -.them, and when the guard board hits the graves you think good-bye, you are going ^to sleep beneath them. I got up and put .on the life preserver and kept it on until ;we got across. I was so sick! I looked t out and the wind was blowing so ana ,-such an awful storm and so dark -Ul ;that you could see was the waves coming /over the bow of the boat. I opened the -door once and the waves came near •knocking me down. I got my mouth full iOf sea water and I thought. "What are ..the wild waves saying? Oh, if Grace jDariirrg: was somewhere around • They say ;.the place is grand in the summer "time, ; ..but Oh, it is terrible in winter, r How "glad I was when we got out of ™&- ? he next P' ac& was Milbank Sound. ;This place is of real interest, though some r.of the passengers-were too sick to think "* f anything except to throw tip every- -w"ig they had eaten. It was terribly ;Cark- : there, but the government had put ,-up a beautiful light there and it was just - , finished. The boat stopped rolling after £we bad passed the dangerous reefs and .our appetites returned to us. Then, tve /heard the'sound of dinner in course of preparation and the ring of the dinner -.bell. We all made a rush for the (lining _rootn, and don't think we were not hur- •TJ'ing. It is surprising what an appetite we had. After dinner we all -went into the ladies dining room or cabin; some to read -.and others to play cards or amuse them. .selves as they chose. I -watched the beau; tiful scenery along the route. It was sim- -ply beyond description. On Thursday morning ive saw great .schools of porpoises following the steam- •_er; we tried to shoot them, but they were .swimming too fast. They wer» after grub from the steamers. It is surprising how those porpoises and sea gulls know meal time; tne air is just full of sea gulls at meal time. They are so- tame they -will •.come up and eat out of your hand and sit on..the railing. I have seen them sit on the top mast and ride hours before meal time. There are a fe-w whale^- you can see them throw streams, of water up In the air ten feet and dive out of sicht •They call it sporting, and they makeVuch" a, funny noise. The next place is St Ma- -rie s_ island, a pretty little place, where -the customs house is. You anchor and "-send a. row boat across and a deputv comes aboard the steamer and seals all the bars on board and sees that no whis- Ky or anything is smuggled into Alaska. It puts me m mmfl of Iowa in prohibition days; they search your trunks to see that you don t smuggle any opium. -«h We H' the next place is Ke <ch can. where the steamer stays for fresh water supplies and wood. A funny sight there is -the totum poles. We walked down to see -one: it was carved out of a tree with three, ugly-images, and at the top "was-a birds head with a bill two feet lonr and -all painted in bright colors, andI ha-fa hat ^rt^^?,*!!* * 'I?' 1 ? I""* on it. If aye been no brush around iL for tH» "^;^- ^?- e t0r ", U * }l - «PJ&etting out of 4?vf-£ I' ^1 USed to ¥ ve some ° f thc> s« }wnite hogs down on the farm they call ^hazel-splitters: they wouldn't have been "!? In Til h JF'\ lf T hat] be , en a!one and seen U m the dark. T carved my name on it anyway. The Indians carve an image of •a bird or animal and call them totum potes.jUnd when a chief dies some of his -clothing, a gem. or something especially d«ir tn him m life is hung on the totum hv 'V he A Alc , rt bay " m03tly in ' •r."r?^ b> , the A l as kan Indians; then Fort Wrangle, a very nice town, most all saloons. I got some rocks with garnets Irr them there. The steamers generally tho w r the i tfde so they can get through the \\ rangle narrows. Next conies Dixie's entrance-another chance for seasickness. Saturday night .at S o clocK we reached Juneau, a beauti- , Jill city, fine stores and business blocks' ^thinps seemed to be flourishing. Went to the Louvre-saloon, with a variety show .combined, wine boxes upstairs with a pretty parlor attached off one side, velvet .carpet, piano, nice wall paper and electric 'tS nts - The >" Played "South Before the war that night, ana it was grand I yent over to see a house of Ill-fame and .found some swell ladies there. The landlady's name was Helen, and she had a lady pSanfst who played all the latest .classic music. She was grand ana the , ^three parlors were lovely. It is a nice ^ .-city and is kept up by the Tredwell mines At Douglas, the largest stamp mines in /the world; I suppose you know that with* >ont me telling you. Next is Hane's Mis•Jon,,where the Clara Nevada went down ^ "not long ago, and not one left to tell ;.\tfce tale, ; •L * Then we reached Skaguay. After they - gad aearclied our trunks we took a hack ,, for th* Royal theater, then went to the i Vondarain hotel, run by Charlie Hansen '- --Of ftonx City and Tennant of Des Moines; ^They *re partners and named their hotel Jfter the Msndanrtn of Sioux City. Mr. jr«H»nt'» wife arrived here from Dea ^olnej about a month ago. I saw Frank "•^'re; who was mixed up with the. i aardcr case, Betsy Smith's lover, running a restaurant out here called the Rookery. It would surprise you. what^a town ' Skaguay is— over 8.000 . Snhabitanli now, and In two weeks i«ore it will gain 10.000 more, for all the steamers bring in. from 200 to 1.000. The rush has not commenced yet. The City oi Seattle will bring in over 600. She leaves the 1st of January. • _ "We've got four variety shows here and dance hall combined, three or four gambling houses, about 100 saloons, about 'fifty hotels, two bath houses, seven or eight barber shops, two laundries, any amount oE restaurants and a railroad that runs from White Pass to Skaguay; we've got a lire 'department, hook and ladder and the water is grand; it comes from a lake on the top of the Dewey mountain, and we've got mail boxes on the corners and the men who carry the mail for Dawson City and Circle City have got dog teams and are off with the mail in two hours after 1C lands at the wharf. They used to 'carry it with horses, but a man" and his horse went through the ice ai Bennett: the man swam out. but the horse and mall went down. It is surprising what dogs can do and how much they can pull. Well, I went out to White Pass Jn a sleigh. I and two other girls and three fellows. It was muddy when we left here but after we got two miles out it was good sleighing. When wo got to Porku- pine Hill the horses could hardly climb it, it was so narrow they were liable to iall off the trail, antl if they Uid we would have gone down -100 feet. There is about aOJ head of dead horses along there. \Ve got out and walked. Christmas wns pretty dull to me. although we had a nice dinner— turkey with oy?cer dressing, cabbage, green 'peas, )n;Lsheil jx>tatoes, canned com. mi nee Ipmon and apple pies, assorted nuts, fruit cake, marble cake, fruit pudding with brandy ?;iuee. Well, 1 am in business hero. My lius- band is running a saloon called tun" Alert. | Ills name is Ashland. \\> are Koin^ to j sell out in March and so i" Atland; 'I've got several claims there now and. expect to do well. My husband is going this month, but I am not going in till March, i We wear rubber boots, short dresses and! warm clothing. 1 cannot see as ii is any colder here than in Iowa. I cook for two! roomers, myself and husband. 1 have Jive ! rooms up stairs 1 rent out for $5 a week. My room is down stairs, next to the saloon. I tend bar at night and my hus- ! band tends bar in the day time. "There ' are lots of lady bartenders out here A man will come in and buy from a woman quicker than from a man. U'c pay $S a. i gallon up here for whisky. ?-j a bottle for! case goods, although we get 25 cents a i drink: beer or anything: $"> a pint for champagne, or $10 a <iuart. Everything | s high, although you can buy anything here you can anywhere else. I've got a claim on Meadow Crcr-k. one on MoGoe and half of another and when I come bac-k 1 will have all kinds of gold. 1 am going to Paris in 1950. Look out for' n;e. 1 will be in Des Moines in Jimp or j July and settle all my debts. A happy ! XPIV Year. JRANS'KTTK AI.LKN. i 1 J - S.— Alien -or Gallagher no longer. My husband No. £ is in Omaha. His father is i chief of police. I JURY FINDS LARRY HUNT GUILTY Judce Bishop Will Pronounce Sen^ tence Tomorrow Morning. The jury in ths case of the Suite of Iowa vs. f.arry Hunt returned a verdict yesterday evening, finding the defendant guilty 01 the crime of burglary as charged in the indictment. " The state established its claim that """t was discovered in the residence of IMK Disalvo, where be had opened a trunk and abstracted a bottle of whiskv. ;m d whc-n discoverer! was in the act of attempting: to force Disalvo's sister to dr-nk from the bottle. The only defense made by Hunt was that be was intoxicated at the time, and claimed that he was not responsible for the crime. The jury was out but a few minutes and returned a. finding of K ullt. Judjre Bishop nxed tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock as time for pronouncing- sentence This is not the first conviction for I-Ivint He was jointly indicted with James Kelloy by the grand jury of Mahaska. countv, rvlnt S VC 7 year f " s °' U!ldcr the n:ime °f Frank Braden. for the burglary of a residence at Oskaloosa . He was tried there convicted under the indictment and sentenced to six years in the nenitentiarv Octobcr 13 1S». His sontcnc^ ™?" su£ pended, under conditional pardon of the' governor. June S. 1S97. which pardon was s revoked December 2, 1S9S, since his arrest for his recent crime. He will now have 'to serve out the unexpjred term in addition to the sentence which-. he will receive tomorrow. . COURTS MAY fHJN ON HOLIDAYS Snpreme Court Says Attendance Is Not Compulsory. The supreme court today filed the folio wing- opinions: George Chambers, appellant, vs Henrv Oehler. et al. Dubuciue district. J. L Hastie. judge. JRoversed; opinion bv Waterman. In the ease at bar the court holds that wniie no attendance of witnesses or parties to actions in courts can be compelled on legal holidays, that parties may come voluntarily and the trial can proceed with perfect le.enlity. D. A. Morey vs. Eimer Laird, appellant Brt-mer district. J. F. Clyrte. judge Rever^I: opin.'on by Robinson. Action t;:i a promissory note. i W-' W. Gregory, appellant, vs. \ P \\ ooilworth. Floyd district. J. F. Clyde" • judge. Affirmed: opinion by Given." B. F. Kulp. appellant. \- s . William Price and AVatkins \V. Price, intervenor. Modified and affirmed; opinion by Land Ha-sbrook & McCulIoch vs. Western" Union Telegraph company, appellant Wayne district. H. M. Towner, judge Affirmed; opinion bv Granger. In re-assignment of the Mutual Guaranty J-und Insurance company. A. E Alvord claimant, appellant, vs. A. P. Barker' assignee, and the Mutual Guaranty Fire I Insurance company of Clinton -district P. B. Wolfe, judge. Affirmed; opinion by Deemer. IN HONOR OF MARGARET CRAIG Drake University Demoted the Chapel IJour to a Memorial. The chapel period of the university this morning was <Icvot«l to exercises commemorative of Miss Margaret Craig and were conducted by the Junior class, of which she was a much loved member A male quartet composed of Messrs. Coffee. Morrison, Williams and Reynolds, sang a number of Miss Marffam's favorite hymns. A very beautiful review of her life from babyhood.-till thft time of her death at Denver, Colo., on January 7. was read by Hugfi Morrison, closing with a poem written by her in high school davs and which embodied the lofty and unselfish motives which seemed always to be the mainspring of her daily life. One of her especial friends. Miss Edith Foster paid a very touching and beautiful tribute lo the nobility and-'faithfulness which had characterized the classmate who hart been with them only one yean but who nad in that time, by her brightness and gentle influence, won a permanent place m the hearts and memory of all. Convention in Progress at the Kirkwood Hotel. The regular meeting of the Marble and Granite Dealers' association is in session this afternoon at the Kirkwood hotel for the consideration of questions that are of especial interest to those engaged in ttfis line of business. An effort is being made to secure the co-operation of aJl dealers in this class of merchandise and an organized protection against parties who purchase monuments without paying for them. J. M. Graham of this city is president of the association and George Gruber of Muscatlne is secretary. Old Wipedunks—"Tour preacher always reads his sermons, I see." Young Hankinson—"Yes. Doesn't yours?" Old Wipedanks—"No. He doesn't have to. He can preach extemperron- eously," Ethel—"Yes, I've taken those pretty bird -wings off my hat. It's horrible, Tvnen you come to think of it, to -wear the plumage of a song: bird as an ornament." Mebel—"I believe you're right. I always wear the whole bird."

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