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Spanish Flu Update - j j ; j ' i ' ! . ' Hancock for duty with the...
j j ; j ' i ' ! . ' Hancock for duty with the October au-' au-' tomatic replacement draft: James W, HOSTESS May Be Appointed To Look .After friends of Foreign-Boni Foreign-Boni Foreign-Boni Buddies.' Chillicothe Ban Lifted By Health Board, As Influenza Epidemic Is Checked in Citv. Camp Sherman Base Hospital 'Nurses Are Assigned To Ohio Towns To Combat Combat Malady. rr.CIiL DlfriTLH TO TRS ENQUIRES. Chillicothe, Ohij, October 30 Chillicothe Chillicothe quarantine lias been raised and all places of amusement, saloons, poolrooms, poolrooms, churches and public schools, which, were closed' October 2, when the city was placed under quarantine, will be permitted to open any time after o'clock Thursday morning. Major Dana Robinson, Federal health officer in charge of the Camp Sherman j zonestated this afternoon, that there jnow is no influenza epidemic in Chillicothe. Chillicothe. 1 1 There was much confusion, and the long distance wires to Columbus were humming for two or three 'hours this afternoon, before Major Robinson gave the order lifting the quarantine. Major .Robinson and the local health board decided Tuesday night to raise the quarantine, and when! the word reached the State Health Board - at Columbus, a telegram sent tlajor Robinson Robinson requesting that the closing order be kepi in effect a little longer, the State Health Board was under the impression impression that the epidemic had not been checked here. . Situation Is Explained. Robinson and' business men got into communication 'with the office of the State Board of Health, informing Dr. J. E. liauman., of the State Board, that mere was no epidemic here. Dr. Bau- Bau- man said that such being the ci, tse the matter of opening would be left to the local health board, so the lid will be undamped and raised Thursday morning. morning. , Chillicothe was one of the first citiea in the state to be placed under quarantine quarantine for influenza. Major Robinson clamped the lid down tight a few days after Camp Sherman waa quarantined. quarantined. During the quarantine 1.886 cases of influenza mere reported, with 23 deaths. JVIt may be that the Camp Sherman community house will have an assistant assistant hostess whose work will be to look after the wants of friends of foreign-born foreign-born foreign-born soldiers who visit the camp. lieutenant E. S. Mateja. of the Military Military Moral Section, Washington, whose' efforts are directed to the welfare of soldiers who speak other languages than the English, to-day to-day to-day conferred with Captain J. C. N'etts. Military Man ager of the Community House. It was suggested that a woman able to speak the languages of the foreign-born foreign-born foreign-born soldiers soldiers be engaged as an assistant hostess, hostess, and this probably will be done. Foreigners Get Papers. , Lieutenant Mateja also arranged for the V. M. C. A. and K. of C. huts to j place on their reading tables copies of foreign-language foreign-language foreign-language papers, which will be sent to camp. Brigadier General Tyree R. Rivers left for Columbus late this afternoon whciv he will be the guest to-night to-night to-night at a dinner party arranged for him by M"" JamC!' Cox- Cox- ' P0?"!"" jutant. accompanied General Rivers, who will go direct to Camp Meade, Md.. from Columbus. . 'I wish to take this occasion to express express ; my hearty appreciation of the co-operation co-operation co-operation given myself and the of ficers and men of this camp by the citizens of the state of Ohio," said Gen- Gen- eral Rivers. "I also wish to thank the newspapers newspapers and the press agencies for their co-operation, co-operation, co-operation, especially during the try ing times during the epidemic In keep . . if , . , , - .K- .K- ing the relatives and friends of the B " ' . , . boys informed of what we were doing , . . flw, . to help the afflicted and the steps we ,.. ,i,jv were taking to stamp out the malady. , General Matthew C. Smith, commander commander of the Ninety-fifth Ninety-fifth Ninety-fifth Division, . now is acting camp commandant ! Major James F. C. Duvall. Camp Adjutant, Adjutant, and Major William H. Oates, of the Camp Surgeon's office, have been ! drdered to Washington. Beth officers received transfer -orders -orders to-day. to-day. to-day. Nurses Are Assigned. Thirteen more .base, hospital nurses have been assigned to duty in various communities to help combat the, influenza influenza epidemic. Ann Shannon. Grace Brown. Susie L. Hawkins, Irene Vanderwall. Julian Gideon. Irene Oenley ana uenevieve Connolly go to Cleveland; Agnes Mey-erhofer Mey-erhofer Mey-erhofer and Mabel Drew to Mishawaka, Ind.: Catherine Wallenfelx to Ironton; Anna M. Campbell to Conneaut; Emma Anderson to Toledo, and Myrtle E Cummins to Dayton. Two deaths were reported at the base hospital for the twenty-four-hour twenty-four-hour twenty-four-hour twenty-four-hour twenty-four-hour pe- pe- rlod ending at 3 o'clock this afternoon, The total since the beginning of the Influenza ep.oem.c now The James G. Wil aeains lisana Rio- Rio- Rock. Ttnn.. and Clarence Hatfield, Arlington, Tenn. '.. The following men7 have been trans ferred to the Quartermaster's Corps at Cam J'Ph F Johnston, Florida: Jasper E. Royer. Millard Goldstine, Abe Jco HeckIeman chBrlM j, Robinn. John A. Schwartz. Carl VT. gchmul, George I- I- Rupprecht and Mal- Mal- colnr J. Johnson. The following have been transferred to the ordnance training camp at Camp Waddington, Julian Van Glahn, William H. Wilson. Ernest F. Heflin. Randall E. Stone, Samuel Meyers. David R. Drylie, Roscoe Bond. William M.- M.- Robinson. Carl Cook, Jmhn George Hohl, John H. STRAW VOTE , - ' WHERE TAKEN. " - : Previous toUls CANTON. The George D. Harter Bank Bldg.' . Vote of farmers in Courthouse square Renkert Building Dueber-Hampton Dueber-Hampton Dueber-Hampton Watch Co., south Business places near Public square Vote of pedestrians near Courthouse First National Bank . . . . Lester Deweese'g news agency . . . A. E. Stacker's cigar store Courtland Hotel lobby Delmont Hotel lobby COLUMBUS. East State Street Improvement state street, from High to Sixth BRIDGEPORT. Vote in stores '. Canvass of Bridge and Main streets coin1 avenue Aetna Standard Mill, branch of Sheet and Tin plate Co Canvass of farmers i. CINCINNATI. The Edwards Manufacturing Co. Union Central Building ; . Boye & Emmes Machine Tool Co D. T. Williams Valve Co Gwynne Building . . - The Cincinnati Grain and Hay Exchange WAVERLY. .General canvass . '. WAYNESVILLE. Canvass of stores and patrons Vote of farmers Canvass of Main street MASSILLON. Bert Hankins's news stand and cigar oaner Hotel lobbv Totals A sharp tread toward .Willis and years ago is, noted In straw-vote straw-vote straw-vote installments down the Governor's lead by 29 votes gains shown for Cox in the changes from the batch of ballots received yesterday two years ago indicate they will transfer Willis will lose 114 votes to Cox. An interesting feature of today's table more votes than Cox in the installment exchange of votes Willis gains 104 votes, Edwards Manufacturing Company gave 119 63 men who voted for Cox two years ago Willis loses only 7 votes to Cox. Another employees of the Boye & Emmes Machine for Willis and 28 for Cox. Thirty of these ago will switch to Willis this fall,' while A poll of the Union Central Building Willis, and Cox received 18 votes and Building offices, exclusive of the Procter & cinnati Grain and Hay Exchange gave 15 Willi. l . - ' vwuivu in . straw-vote straw-vote straw-vote ha. the best of the exchange pf vote, by re-straw vote in Canton was Hi for Willis issu-A poll of the East State Street fornw"!!.h S'Xt "Y"'' Columbu- Columbu- Cox received i more votes than Willis vote wa. 64 for Cox and 12 for Willis. Waynesville. An additional Installment of ana v ox e. The Enquirer straw-vote straw-vote straw-vote canvassers decision upon the part of voters as to how approaching eloction than was evidenced Kutz. Anthony Miller, John A. Novang and Howard F. Slater. SPEED-UP SPEED-UP SPEED-UP 0EDEKS Are Received at the Training Centers Centers at Camp Taylor, r tnii pmraTcn to the ZNgriacs. Camp Zachary Taylor, K. October 30. Orders .to speed up their training' bl eiiny Inating everything that can be done overseas overseas have been received from the War Department by training centers of Camp Taylor and the field artillery range at Waat rl. tk. lh- lh- vest foint. The order will affect the field artillery'' replacement depot and the M. fea-One Hundred and Fifty-ninth Fifty-ninth Fifty-ninth Depot Brl- Brl- gtiue principally at camp jaipr. .Tlr. means that the troop, will be set away In a much shorter time than previously, remaining in this country only long corn-enough to complete the basic foundations vi iiiiuiai I' ' awinc.. i n i. nt . .. .V. vuu tlllery Central Officers' Training School. tre-due to the fact that this Institution is already rushing its candidate "officers P. through at double-quick double-quick double-quick pace. Seventy-five Seventy-five Seventy-five students tot the present; class of the Camp Taylor Training School for Chaplains will be graduated at 1 ; o'clock Friday afternoon, in compliance with order, from the W ar ' Department, received bv Ma for A. A. Pniden. school i commandant. The other members of tho! school will not graduate until November ' 7. Those receiving their diplomas Friday will be personally selected by Major den. , Graduation exercises for SO of the 29S candidates for the Field Artillery Officers' School were held this morning at 10 o'clock. The r men were commissioned Sec - ond Lieutenants, and will remain at tjie school to serve as Instructors. Edward Dier. 22 years old, Cleveland. ) Ohio, waa one of three men who died of: Influenza at the ramp to-day. to-day. to-day. The epi-' epi-' epi-' demlc Is considered to be now under con- con- trol. GENERAL EYAff PLEASED With Hospital Reports on Influenza at Camp Sheridan. treriAL Dtirvrra To Tar ExqriaES. j Montgomery, Ala., October 3h Brig- Brig- i adler General James A. Ryan, commanding commanding officer of the Ninth Division and of Camp Sheridan, in the absence of Major General V. A. Holbrook. is highly pleased with the base hospital reports on the Spanish influenza. The reports for the past 24 hours show that there was only one death and that the number of new case was one of the lowest in several days, as wen aa tne ( distri-very small number of new cases of pneumonia being shown. Colonel William M. Smart. Division Surgeon, says that he now believes the peak of pneumonia attack has been passed, and that from now on the reports reports will begin to show that a number number of the cases of pneumonia and complications .are convalescing. The new cases of influenza to-day to-day to-day numbered numbered 11. while 107 were discharged, leaving 487 now under treatment. - Cook Allen H. Dragoo, of Lebanon Junction, Ky., of the Headquarters Company of the .'Sixty-seventh .'Sixty-seventh .'Sixty-seventh Infantry,- Infantry,- Infantry,- died. Major B. A. Blankenshlp, formerly of Ft. Thomas. Ky.. reported at the headquarters of the Seventeenth In-fantry In-fantry In-fantry Brigade yesterday as Brigade Adjutant. Me came directly frim Sam Houston. Texas, where he has been Assistant Assistant 'Adjutant of the Southern Department. Department. - , ' i NEW TRAINING CAMP. Washington. , October 30. An engineer training camp, with accommodations for 16,000 men. is to be built at ft. Leaven- Leaven- worth. Kan. The Vi ar department announced announced to-day to-day to-day that work will begin at once and will ' represent an estimated cost of $5,000,000. the contract having been awarded to the W. JL iSoutherland Building and Construction Company, pf St. Louis. COMMISSIONED IN ARMY. STS 7IAL DIS7TCa lO TH S.X'H - '. Washington. 'October S. The ' War De- De- part mem Issued the following commissions: Ohio U. A. Slinchcomb, Cleveland, 8ec- 8ec- 1-uyton. 1-uyton. M u Pru-I'approved Pru-I'approved j 1 I : I

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  2. 31 Oct 1918, Thu,
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