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J E Fawkner 1879A - of-r4. for lee- m- - - 1N8AK noSFITAX WQCIBT. A...
of-r4. for lee- m- - - 1N8AK noSFITAX WQCIBT. A Caadld Coal Dealer Opeaa m Cavbea- Cavbea- Ueraaa BlyaiH-U BlyaiH-U BlyaiH-U Bay Ilea aajVTaU asGaal. .. .. , : v' . .. . . . Th Insane asylum investigation was eon- eon- tinned but night , Mr.Oldi resigned as Chairman Chairman of th committee, and was succeeded by Mr. Foster. Georgt B. Sutton sworn, j Is a painter. John Thomas, nephew, and Charles Everts, son of Dr. Everts. painted oath asylum. Francis Pigg sworn. . Is a painter. w oriea ai m asyiam ian .sum mar. vras discharged bcaos he voted the democratic ticket last falL tbe Saturday night preceedinz election day. Thomas, Fields and Everts frequently frequently left off ' painting to play croquet r o . m - i i.i for Few knar A Connelly, dealers in coal and lime, from 1870 to 1872. Tbey sold large quantities of .block coal to the asylum. Coal at that time was worth 16 cents a bushel retail. It was sold to Dr. Jameson in July, 1870, for 11 cents a bnsheL lie received 825 bushels at that time of tht.same quality as that furnished the asylum. A balance of $3.70 due from Dr. Jameson at th end of th year was ordered canceled bv Mr. Conn ell v. Coal was new sold by the firm to anybody else (private coasumers) for 11 cents. .Other consumers were paying 16 cents at the time. jonn K.raws.ner sworv Had lived in this count" since JB64. Was in coal business from August 18G4, to.March. 1874. with the exception of fifteen months. Furnished coal to inVane asylum almost, every year. Contracted Contracted wilt Dr. Jameson. Had no acquaintance acquaintance with Dr. Everts. Knew him, but do pot consider as an acquaintance a man who win not speak-to speak-to speak-to me on the street W e bid ?retty close in order to get asyiam trade, l was in 1871 and 1872 that the asyiam com menced cutting oar accounts. One account "they cut down $307 and another $390, when we quit. The coal was weighed when it left the mines, and delivered from the asylum switch. Tbe asylum folks wetehed It 'strain. Mr. Cropsey, attorney for prosecution want ed 'witness to state reason for the cuts. mtness-H mtness-H mtness-H can t say 1 know of anv reason. We always considered Hbesitating.) The cbfirman and committee told the witness to go ahead and uncork. v ltness t'an't say Just what cuts, wer for. Can't say that any money went to Dr. Jameson or Dr. Everts. At one time Mr. Connelly talked about it and said that it was a pretty good thing to be on the board of asylum trustee. 1 was in the business to make money. When I could buy a man I would always do so. air. Uonnelly used a good deal of money. bat I don't know whether it went to either of these men. The charming candor of the ci-devant ci-devant ci-devant coal merchajit and th evident relkh with which be undertook the work of proving himself the Joey Bagstock of the fuel trade and devilish devilish sly, was a refreshing revelation to th CommiUemen. They gazed oh th -witness -witness admiringly and encouragingly. . The chair man said the committee thought the witness should tell all he knew. 1o which. Mr. Fawkner replied that they could put him in jail, if they chose, but he didn't propose to telL Ee said he knew where most of tb money went but there was no power could mak him telL Mr. Smith, counsel for Dr. Jameson Did you not ask Mr. Connelly, " now living in Paris, Illinois, to testify that be had given 5 resents to Dr. Jameson, as yon owed Dr. amesoa a grudge for the part ne took in the if t.: : r!- r!- .1 j - , hkiiiuii unnutpkuDu auu 11 was a go a time to get even with him. Witness No, sir; I said nothing to that elect - After tome skirmishing to get at the wit-, wit-, wit-, Dr. oi T immersion alL er Cutler of tics for the in oun the Is of

Clipped from
  1. The Indianapolis News,
  2. 11 Mar 1879, Tue,
  3. Page 3

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  • J E Fawkner 1879A

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