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 - L ' s By CONNECTICUT of course, should win. but...
L ' s By CONNECTICUT of course, should win. but If not Ipiayea properly, a araw culuu xe-suit. xe-suit. xe-suit. VHUUU I G. E. AVERY- AVERY- ! Hartford Chess Club YMCA Room 229 Friday evenings Visitors welcome The second round of the Connecticut Connecticut State Chess Association Team Tournament is still to be completed. As yet, we have not heard if the unfinished games in the Bridgeport-New Bridgeport-New Bridgeport-New Haven, and Bristol-Hartford Bristol-Hartford Bristol-Hartford matches have been completed. Also, the New Britain-U. Britain-U. Britain-U. of Conn, and the Hart ford-Yale ford-Yale ford-Yale matches are to be' played. -Women -Women In Chess In a Woman's Chess Tournament Tournament recently completed in Moscow, Moscow, first place was won by Mme. Olga Rubtsova, with a score of 15-4. 15-4. 15-4. She has several times been Woman's Champion of the USSR. Second was Lar-issa Lar-issa Lar-issa Volpert, also of Russia. There were 20 entries from a number of countries. The United States had 3 entries, Mrs. Gisela Gresser and Mrs. Sonja Graf-Stevenson, Graf-Stevenson, Graf-Stevenson, tied for 12th and 13th places, score 9-914. 9-914. 9-914. The third entry was from Miss Mona May Karff, who scored 5-13'Z-. 5-13'Z-. 5-13'Z-. 5-13'Z-. 5-13'Z-. m m m m m w&m m m w m w m m m m i m m m n m m m m ivkm una warn I m m m a I BRIDGE NORTH 954 a: K2 K9S532 Previously, at the meeting in Long Beach. Cal.. the Woman's Championship Tournament had two players tied for first place, and these have been declared co-champions, co-champions, co-champions, Mrs. Gisela Gresser of New York; and Mrs. N. Koos of Los Angeles, with score of 9-2. 9-2. 9-2. Miss Karff, defending Woman's Woman's Champion, placed third, with score 84-2. 84-2. 84-2. Plavers en tered from New York, New Orleans, Orleans, Detroit, Palm Springs, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia Philadelphia and Avon Lake. Game Selection This game was played in the Women's World Chess Tournament Tournament at Moscow this year. The players were Mme. Kristina loth, and Miss Mona Karff of New York, who finished 17th. Mme. HoluJ white 1 P-K4 P-K4 P-K4 2 N-KB3 N-KB3 N-KB3 3 B-N5 B-N5 B-N5 4 B-R4 B-R4 B-R4 5 0-0 0-0 0-0 6 R-Kl R-Kl R-Kl 7 B-N3 B-N3 B-N3 8 P-B3 P-B3 P-B3 9 PxP 10 NxP 11 RxN 12 P-03 P-03 P-03 13 R-Kl R-Kl R-Kl 14 P-N3 P-N3 P-N3 15 R-K4 R-K4 R-K4 16 R-R4 R-R4 R-R4 17 B-B2 B-B2 B-B2 18 P-Q4 P-Q4 P-Q4 19 B-N5 B-N5 B-N5 20 QxQ 21 K-N2 K-N2 K-N2 22 BxN 23 K-R3 K-R3 K-R3 24 BxPch 25 P-B3 P-B3 P-B3 26 N-Q2 N-Q2 N-Q2 27 NxB 28 B-K4 B-K4 B-K4 29 RxR 30 BxP 31 B-Q5 B-Q5 B-Q5 32 BxP resigns Problems, Completion problem: Q-N5 Q-N5 Q-N5 K-Nl K-Nl K-Nl N-B5ch N-B5ch N-B5ch B-RSch B-RSch B-RSch Q-N3ch Q-N3ch Q-N3ch B-N7ch B-N7ch B-N7ch N-Q7 N-Q7 N-Q7 Q-N8ch Q-N8ch Q-N8ch N-N6mate N-N6mate N-N6mate In the current issue of "Chess Review" there is an article by I. A. Horowitz, entitled "How to Win in the Ending." Several examples examples are given as to how to Queen a lone pawn, and win. The following is one of these. White, Sasr. Karff black P-K4 P-K4 P-K4 N-OB3 N-OB3 N-OB3 P-OR3 P-OR3 P-OR3 N-B3 N-B3 N-B3 B-K2 B-K2 B-K2 P-QN4 P-QN4 P-QN4 0-0 0-0 0-0 P-Q4 P-Q4 P-Q4 NxP NxN P-OB3 P-OB3 P-OB3 B-C!3 B-C!3 B-C!3 Q-R5 Q-R5 Q-R5 Q-R6 Q-R6 Q-R6 N-B3 N-B3 N-B3 Q-B4 Q-B4 Q-B4 R-Kl R-Kl R-Kl Q-K3 Q-K3 Q-K3 Q-K8ch Q-K8ch Q-K8ch RxQch B-K3 B-K3 B-K3 B-04ch B-04ch B-04ch PxB K-Bl K-Bl K-Bl BxBP RxR K-N2 K-N2 K-N2 R-Rl R-Rl R-Rl KxR RxP RxP 'P-R4 'P-R4 'P-R4 ol last week's WEST EAST AA87 4QJ10SJ 10 8764 VK92 Q10 84 765 6 J10 SOUTH K2 VQJ5 AJ93 AQ74 The bidding: South West North East ! Pass 2 .Pass 2 NT Pass 3 NT Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: Six of hearts. In an effort to adjust .disputes. where each of the litigants con tends sharply on behalf of his own choice of bids, we find our selves occasionally siding with both parties. in countless situations the pro- pro- moiuj or roana wno unisneq ; some cases the-player the-player the-player is faced with, an out and out guess. In others the type of strategy should be dictated by the char acter of the partner. One course may seem appropriate with an optimistic partner, whereas a different choice mieht be made with one who is known to hold the mi'Mle of the road. South's rebid after the two club take-out take-out take-out is the one in question. question. When I saw the hand played in a recent tournament. one South actually chose to raise partner to three clubs, and while technically such action cannot be labeled wrong, strategically must be looked upon as an error. After the raise Norm had to choose between trying for game in the minor or risking the spaae situation in the shorter cut, via three no trump. He chose the latter, whereupon the opponents cashed the first five spaae tricks. The recommended bid by South is two no trump which North, of course, will be happy to raise -to -to three, a contract which no lead by West can defeat Actually West will lead the six of hearts, and declarer should not yield to the temptation of finessing. With nine tricks in sight and the king of spades open to attack should East obtain the lead, grabbing tactics are indicated. The importance of Protecting the strength of your hand from an opening attack is not to De overlooked, possessin oi a guard ed king' should induce a player to try to become declarer, with this thought in mind the better strategic opening Did Dy bourn would nave Been one no trump. North's proper response, holding 10 high card points is three no trump. Once again the direct method proves superior, and South is charged with a demerit for opening with one diamond. Goren on Bridge appears daily and Sunday in The Con-rant Con-rant Con-rant H of player, as my so K-K3ch K-K3ch K-K3ch KxP K-Bl K-Bl K-Bl K-Nl K-Nl K-Nl K-Rl K-Rl K-Rl BxB Q-Ql Q-Ql Q-Ql QxQ

Clipped from Hartford Courant11 Dec 1955, SunPage 50

Hartford Courant (Hartford, Connecticut)11 Dec 1955, SunPage 50
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