"The Grand Traverse": Bud White, et al Redlands Daily Facts, Redland, CA 6 Jan 1972

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"The Grand Traverse": Bud White, et al Redlands Daily Facts, Redland, CA 6 Jan 1972 - 12 With a Grain Of Salt By FRANK MOORE You have...
12 With a Grain Of Salt By FRANK MOORE You have conquered Mt. Huascaran, the highest peak in Peru — elevation 22,205 feet. You are back home in Riverside. It is four years later. You have an urge to do something Huascaran-like in your own backyard. What can you possibly do for this encore? You can make The Grand Traverse. That's what you can do. This grueling ordeal begins from the Redlands-Bear Valley road in Barton Flats, goes over the top of Mt. San Gorgonio, descends to the bottom of the Banning Pass, goes up over the top of Mt. San Jacinto and down to Idyllwild. In winter! The Huascarans are aged 30, residents of Riverside, and include: Bill Briggs, Dick Webster and Mike Daugherty. From Redlands they took Allison "Bud" White, age 46, our foremost mountaineer and a member of the Riverside County Search and Rescue team. They were out six days and five nights, beginning Wednesday morning, December 29. Because of the snow on the ground they could not start from the fool of the Mt. San Gorgonio trail at Poop Out hill, but had to take off from Highway 38. That added a couple of miles and a thousand feet of climb. On snow shoes they reached the 10,300 feet level, just off the Big Draw on the North slope of San Gorgonio. Wednesday night the temperature sank to 8 degrees below zero. Thursday they climbed to the summit, using crampons (shoe cleats for grip on the ice) the last 200 feet. Only the lop of the San Gorgonio sign was above the snow pack, indicating a depth of perhaps four feel. Then they went down the south side, which faces the Banning Pass, going in the vicinity of Tosh's Tarn, and the Dragon Head. Descending the East Fork of the Whitewater, ihey occasionally had to cut steps with their ice axes on the perilously steep slopes. By the giant cedar tree ai Raywood Flats, pictured Monday in the Facts, they paused on four feet of snow to make a circumference measurement. They got 39 feet which is greater than Ranger Karl Eymert's recent measurement of 33.8feel. They made camp in darkness. Thursday they went eastward along a ridge and descended into .Millard Canyon. "I'm telling you ihal the buck brush must have been 10 feel high." Bud exclaimed. In .Millard they encountered one of the two human beings on the Grand Traverse (except ai Cabazon). The other was a lone snowshoer in Raywood. They celebrated New Year's eve with a six-pack of beer and early dinner at Ihe Cabazon Poker palace. They had now descended from 11.502-fool San Gorgonio to their lowest elevation. 1800 feel. The Grand Traverse, it was now clear, would lake one more day than expected and so Ihey telephoned their Search and Rescue team buddies to give ihem notice. Now they started the ascent Ihal would take Ihem lo Ihe 10.804 fool summit of Ml. San Jacinto. Passing Ihe tailings of Ihe Metropolitan Water District tunnel Ihey started up Ihe Hurley Flat Truck trail and at 2.900 feet slopped lo camp in darkness below Twin Pines Boys Camp. It was practically hot. In fact, it didn't freeze that night — the only above-32-degrees night of Ihe trip. They slept on — not in — their tenl. They slogged up the slope of long ridge that extends from .Ml. San Jacinto toward Banning on New Year's Day. On Sunday they climbed on Ihe top of this ridge — Fuller Ridge — to the stone hut on Mt. San Jacinto. Although Bud knows the Fuller Ridge route in summer, he couldn't find it in winter. He cussed the U-ail-makers who no longer blaze the trees. "It took us S'l hours to go 4 miles," he recalls. But the visibility from the ridge during Ihe day, and from Ihe peak that night, was worth the sweat. "The air was so clear it looked as if you could reach out and touch the Redlands water tank above Sunset drive," Bud says, f The airline distance is 30 miles.) "Catalina and San Qemente Islands were out there in Ihe ocean. At dark, Salton Sea was lined by automobile headlights on either side." Monday morning the wind continued to blow in their faces as — with great perversity — it had done throughout the trip, no matter which direction they walked. At least they were spared from a storm. From the top of San Jacinto it is downhill virtually all of the way to Humber Park, near Idyllwild. For mountaineers who were finishing The Grand Traverse, that snowy hike was a breeze. a on Ihe dry

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