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Louis Schwartz sermon - LOUIS SCHWARTZ. The Funeral Sermon Dellrered by...
LOUIS SCHWARTZ. The Funeral Sermon Dellrered by Kabbl rrlrdlander Words of Kulngy. Tbe following was the sermon daltv-e daltv-e daltv-e ed by Kabhi M. Friedlander at the funeral of the late Louis Schwartz Friday : With profound reverence, and in solemn awe have we come into this field of ceace to acattor flowers of esteem esteem and drop a tear of affection on the dupt we reepect and love. Stm I-ing I-ing I-ing on the threshold between the living living and the dead, we see, in our imagination, imagination, a ladder rising from this scanty plot to heaven's immeasurable realms on which ascending angels carry carry in their arms the soul of our departing departing friend, and unlock for him the fairest palace of eternal bites. Louis Schwartz has forever bid farewell to this transitory world with all itB pleasure and paiu, smiles and tears, knocks and shocks, to join the host of hovering angela around the throne of divine light in the realms of peace. His death is not a defeat but a triumph. It is not a terrible end after a weary existence, but a peaceful beginning after an earnest preparation. His grave, at the edge of which we all Btand, is not a torturing torturing dungeon, but a gentle bridal bed over which Aurora spreads her golden canopy and angels strew Bpnng's fairest fairest flowers. Louis Hchwartz had traveled for sixty years on that free high-road high-road high-road of life which is dug with the principles of moral character, paved with elements elements of human greatnefls, and fenced with those conditions which indispensably result in honest achiev-nientB, achiev-nientB, achiev-nientB, that ie, industry and integrity, modeslv and familyalfection. These qualities which combine the traits of a good Jew, a loyal citizen, a true friend, a devoted husband and an affectionate father, may justly be re- re- corded in the history of Louis Schwartz. His life opens to us a book from which we may read the standard of man's character in honest, active life. When yet a boy Louis Schwartz left bis home, his kindred and bis country, to face the world's good and evil, friends and enemies, prosperity and adversity. He was not long in this land of liberty when he learned to value the blesHingsof freedom, and thus combined in himself the integrity integrity of a Jew, the bravery of a German, German, and the activity and broad-mindedness broad-mindedness broad-mindedness of a free American. At the age of thirty-three thirty-three thirty-three he took to himself a helpmate to combat the battle of life, when his kindness and hie wife's virtue blended together in such harmony as to make their home an abode of happiness and their life a journey of interest. For over a quar- quar- ter ot a century he stood with a devoted devoted heart and uninterrupted kind- kind- ness by his beloved wife, who will forever mourn his loss. He was most affectionately attached to his children. They were the pride of Mb home and the joy of his heart. 1 here was nothing too much or too difficult for him. which, bethought, might add to their perfection and tend to their future happiness. As a citizen Louis hchwartz waa for thirty-six thirty-six thirty-six years intimately identified with the linanciai development and public improvement of this city. He was intrusted with an honorable, re sponsible public ofliee. He was a member oi the volunteer nreaeparr-ment; nreaeparr-ment; nreaeparr-ment; he was director of a bank; and was always found the same honest, active and urn stentattous as- as- Dirant. His modesty, gentleness and sincerity won for him the good will and friendship of all those who knew him. In every face of this large as sembly 1 can read sorrow at the occasion occasion that has brought us here; a sor row not of sympathy alone with tne bereaved family, but of personal loss. riis honesty inspired commence, his modesty won hearts, and his readiness to assist thoe in distress or difficulty gained gratitude. He was devout and lioerai-minded lioerai-minded lioerai-minded conservative conservative Jew, and with hiB death one of the strongest pillars of this Jewish ommunitv has been removed, tie lived and died with Uod in his heart and the Jewish confession of faith on his lips. Cheerfully and happily did lie lull himself asleep with Jewish anthems, anthems, when, alas 1 he was kissed into eternity and entered into the enjoy ments of immortality. l-'riends l-'riends l-'riends and mourners, should we murmur and complain about the loss of a good husband, a good father, a good citizen and a good friend ? The captain who starts out on an expe dition across a rough, unkuown sea, ia not his heart more joyous when be lands safely than when he b tarts, with all thedoubts and fears of all kinds of accidents? Much as we respected our departed friend, we should esteem his memory bo much more in the reflection that after a long struggle against the trials, temptations, cross-currents cross-currents cross-currents and vicis situdes of this world, he takes buck his soul to his Maker pure ana blameless. blameless. And vou, dear mourners, much as you loved your beloved hualand and your afiectionate father, you will love and esteem his memory moreeo by showing your truBt in God, who Bhapes the ways and tasks of our lives beyond our comprehension, in humble submission must we bow our head and heart to heaven's decree and exclaim with David, "We will all go to him, but he will never return to UH." May the memory of the brave, honest, honest, fearlesB and loyal Louis Schwartz, who waB called away from the battlefield battlefield of this life, encc urage bis comrades comrades and associates in their continuous continuous combat on the field of industry and honesty. May the ruler of life and death take the soul of our departing departing friend beneath the shadow of His mercy's wings. May the Father of Love seDd cheer, comfort and strength to the sorely tried widow aud be reaved children ! May thedmn-jliglit thedmn-jliglit thedmn-jliglit brighten their home and heaven's grace inspire their hearts with hope and courage in ail their steps through life. Amkn!

Clipped from
  1. Santa Cruz Sentinel,
  2. 28 May 1893, Sun,
  3. Page 3

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