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Stone Bridge and Caves News - Stone Bridge Caves Exciting, Different Mother...
Stone Bridge Caves Exciting, Different Mother Nature carved out a dramatic natural wonder, using a : swill stream as sculptor'! loot and fashioned a "natural tone bridge oven the stream in . the heart of the Aaw ondacks of New York State, la the process of .building this bridge the flowing water coming out of . the mountains at a deep pitch : . also sculptured a number of curious caves in the solid -' -' rock, crystalline limestone. This artistic work look place ever unknown eons of time. "The Earth's crust was turned upside-down upside-down upside-down and in-: in-: in-: : tide-out, tide-out, tide-out, leaving mammoth .' rock slabs and giant glacial i boulders in fantastic positions ' and arrangements." ' IN 17M It was apparently Tint noticed noticed and recorded in print at early as 179 and was given the name of Adirondack Natural Stone Bridge in an old history of the area. In several later publications, gaieteers and histories histories from the early J9tb century century to the latter part of it, the natural wonder was des- des- , cnbed in lyrical prose and the -place -place became famous as a recreation recreation spot . Today it it being operated by a young woman who bat pent much: of her life as a resident on the land of her ancestors. rNow 'the it the principal owner and active maiu 1 ager of "Stone Bridge and Caves." one of a score of "AdW rondack attractions" and the most completely natural one of all. . I - . Miss Lydia Linda Neubuck, grand-niece grand-niece grand-niece of James Benthy- Benthy- sen with whom she lived from the tender age of three and who wasi the original owner, has developed the area into an alluring recreation area which attracts over 20,000 visitors a ' Summer. From the ' age, of four yean Lydia has' guided people about the successions successions of caves, along the' pretty stream, into the awesome awesome vastnest beneath the Stone Bridge and has seen the Neubuck family of her widowed widowed mother, brothers and sister get to make a living and 'finally 'finally transform the "farm" Into a tourist point of interest: which makes it a thriving and in-, in-, in-, spiring business.! This she andles herself with the help, mostly of personable teenagers from the nearby village of Pot-tersville Pot-tersville Pot-tersville on U.S. I, a main route from New York to Montreal. Montreal. ' : i : , ' J ! .SPELEOLOGIST ' In developing the-S the-S the-S rone Bridge Caves Lydia has become a speleologist. She bat travelled most of the United States Underground. A student: of caves and caverns, the was one of the first women directors of the National Speleological Society. Society. 5he It a director of Adirondack Adirondack Attractions Association which includes tuck standout members at Kusable Chasm member outfits She hat had Fofftf and he galore and bts solved theiri: One jwat how to the first iient visitors tftat they all e the , caves and io denve an iconderota. 10 otWr problems .- .- of these problei attract vuitbral in place, to make of them and x had opportunity tq scenic tour iof lihel Stone Bridge, and income to py for (he constant improvements necessary on a seven-acre seven-acre seven-acre . jare -f -f t of woods, waters, pictjie itepots, camping spots, fishing and (to keep the place as a Cpnservi tioo Project in the Adirondack Farest Re- Re- .serve. I, ' 1 1 61 Ohe of tne autjtanding developments developments p wss j providing visitors with .k tour map by which they cap make a self-guided self-guided self-guided tour) of the numerous caves, the crystal green pools, waterfalls, pot-jboles, pot-jboles, pot-jboles, whirl-pools, whirl-pools, whirl-pools, watery i caWes and the Stone Bridge ijselfi I . It became Virjualjy Impossible lo provide 'guipes jfor all who wished to tout the caves, explore explore them, take pictures, pie-. pie-. pie-. nic under the fireplaces and ful recreation foe land- land- children. Lydia sowed pines . at i stone otherwise spend i a day in interesting and rest- rest- men, women ' provwing gr to be givwj te) to the leader of family. I j thkf problem by ipmc- ipmc- tour map eat, visitor or a group or TETER PAN'S VTXXWQiit : , Ytunt "Ttmmy" Petri ant ihrautk Ptttr II Pmn'jt Pet hal ml Stomt Bridt Cavti in Pal- Pal- j i tertvUIe, N.Y. Thttt faatatiicallf beautiful J slaat formatiomt art apem ta iht public Ihramth A Ik Summer manlht.

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  1. The Ottawa Journal,
  2. 05 Jun 1962, Tue,
  3. Page 45

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  • Stone Bridge and Caves News

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