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Piggly Wiggly may 1970 - PRAIRIE DAILY NEWS Thursday, May 14, 1970...
PRAIRIE DAILY NEWS Thursday, May 14, 1970 Thursday, May 14, 1970 GRAND PRAIRIE a or a SMOKED PICNICS Doctor's Hickory Sni>kt4 I U I la, Attfift, Wholo Lb. Sirloin Tip Stoaksiif^ clwlM L, $ I 19 Rump Roast U.S.D.». «•.».« B,* L b.99 c Loan, U.i.DJL Ckolea loot Short Ribs ^X' r8rllltni u49* Stow SLICED BACON lUuhoffs Prtftrrri LM " Cvkls o1 U.S.D.A. Ck»tei Bool Lb. Pkg. KraN's IndlvHaally Wrapped Aawrleaa Stifles Sliced Cheese Breaded Shrimp "I*!, 1 ." 1 "'' Ei*k 'II Pkiit* Trade Winds 9 -La, $|H riSn U limpS ERfllsk Style * Pk|. • 49- PORK CHOPS "77* u99 c Sliced Picnic u. Fmrlly Pak, 1/4 Nrk Loin Slietd I'/, ti Ml, Avf. Lb. Uttll DIANIA Dookor'a For Tfce naiTricmc Sm ,M FM ny u. 1 Farmer Jonas Sliced Bologna Loo's Wafer Tkln Sllood loot (Ham, Spicy tool, Cerate* loot. Pastrami or Dark Turkoy) Lunch Meat 2&7B* FRANKS Rath llMk Hawk, All MM< . Pkg. IM'I W«f«r Tain ekltk> " 79' LUM Cooked Ham L Chopped Ham Potato Salad *,*, Kl .,.r-, Pk|$. 4-os. Me Mi|. 01 4-Oi. IMI, AQo W LETTUCE Largo, Woll-Trimmod Htadt Ea. Cabbage omn M..ds Will Flllod Cm j% Corn on the Cob E..u TOMATOES Rod, Rips, Silid Six* Lb, Okra'"'"' Oraan Pods CUCUMBERS Qrnn Slicm Pound AVOCADOS OrtMiy Rip Each Yellow Squash , r Z; ,25° White Onions Mild Flavor Ib, Law lunchaa A OCc Green Onions *« L For £9 Dried Apples 8-Ox, Row Pkf, 49* Lemons r*'"" !Juice Each 7' TOP ROUND STEAK $1 40 AIIDCn OTCAIf U - S - D ' A ' Choice Beef '1 QQ 1.00 VUDCU 31CIUI Bottom Round Tenderized Pound I.VU WINESAP APPLES Washin <" B $ta " M e ORANGES SUBW " IQo Pound Iv MEAT PIES Morton All Varieties CUP COUPON FROM THIS AO FOR 100 BONUS UH GREEN STAMPS WITH 5 CANS 8 Ounce Packages _ --:^ ,.„„. ' '#' 5 !S $ I 10 Pancake Breakfast Ghoppod Broccoli „„„„ Brussol Sprouts ,„,„,.„ MJ.29' Orange Juice 0 ,,u,* "ft 39" French Fries Waff los o™, „.*. Pie Shells *,,,„,, Lomonado I? 29* 3VS.39' Pftff. 1 Paok HAIR DRESSING •nek, Rtculir-Fln. or Limon GREME RINSE $i c ,,c v.,u, tot.' £4 08 *""*> •» lh Oil for Hsloni Curtlis *1 BATH BEADS,,.,., 79 C HAND LOTION 20-Or. Ion 69' Joffin'i Ex-Dry IJ'/j-Oi, $2. Value Bol. Broccoli Spears Silverdale 4 8-Ounce $ Packages 1 SHAMPOO Brack Concentrate Regular or Dry, SI.00 Valua 4 Ounce Tube 79 Suavi, Normal-Ory-Colond or Hard to Hold HAIR SPRAY 89° Value 13 Ounce Can SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICE! ; SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICE! * SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICE! ' SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICE! ' SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICE! ^ SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICE! ' SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICE! All Flavors, Foremost MELLORINE CANNED DRINKS GOLDEN CORN CUP COUPON FROM TH TOMATO WEDGES '/2 Gallon Carton DISCOUNT PRICED DAIRY SPECIALS All Flavors, Mission Whole Kernel or Cream Style, Dol Monte CUP COUPON FflOM THIS AO FOR 50 BONUS ^ GRECN STAMPS WrTH (S) OAKS 14 5 BUTTERMILK 12 Ounce $ </rOal. Foremost Ctn, Del Monte CLIP COUPON FflOM THIS AO FOR 50 BONUS «*<*/ 0REEN STAMPS WfTH (5) CANS 5 CHUNK TUNA FRUIT COCKTAIL Del Monte Del Monte CLIP COUPON FROM THIS AO FOfl 50 MNM «4<?/ GRfCN STAMPS WITH FOUR (4) 3 4 Cans No. 303 Cans No, 303 Cans No. V* Cans Chocolate (aia er Ckewy Alaiend PILLSBURY COOKIES $ 1 j Oak F«m» || tf J[ Sour Cream or Dips 0 iJJ'I i Farmer Jones Fresh Bread Miracle or Vinegar and Oil French Dressing Heinz, Wide Mouth Jar Kraft'a I •/, La. Loaf l-Oi, It). It-Ox. HI, 29' 39* 27' JI-OI. Cm Tomato Ketchup Pork & Beans £ 4 Imperial—Pound Box ITfC Powdered or Brown Sugar I f SHERBET r, :.•:•;' 69« Ivory Snow Detergent Number 303 $ Cans TOMATO SAUCE Del Monte GARDEN SHOW Del Monte LOW DISCOUNT PRICE! 9 1 Ounce $ Cans 1 1 CHEF'S DELIGHT , c .'r '£ 59* Homo Milk KT .,..., 49 e *,97 e Mop Liquid Cleaner Q B':: Eaoh 22-Oz, Formula 409 lot, 83 01 SOFT MARGARINE u. Knft'i Pkf, 45* GREEN STAMPS SweetMlIk er leltermllk * A BALLARD BISCUITS "£ 9 C FRill 100 BONUS S*H ORIIN STAMP* with thi» coupon and th«purch««ol $5.00 to $9.99 (encludmg cigar*n»i) coupon expires May 17, 1970 Redeemable only in Piggly Wiggly stores located in Grand Prairie, Texas SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICE! SPECIAL SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICE! > SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICE! < SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICE! ' SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICE! > SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICE! ^ SPECIAL PRICE! GRADE A EGGS BATHROOM TISSUE SWEET PEAS GAIN DETERGENT LIQUID BLEACH LIQUID DEI VEGETABLE OIL BUTTERMILK Medium Size Damita or A-1 3 Dozen $ 4 Roll Package Del Monte Early Garden 10° Off Label 5 Number 303 $ Cans Giant Box 3° Off Label, Bonne' '/ 2 Gallon NET LIQUID DETERGENT, 30' Off Label, Bonne' '/a Gallon NET 59« Carol Ann 24-Ounce Bottle i 69° IT 39 s Farmer Jones Vz Gallon Carton LOW DISCOUNT PRICE! LOW DISCOUNT PRICE! aaaa^^ planter's JUI* |H * •* HonoiMat Ft Cocktail Peanuts "'£ 4Z C DOG FOOD Flavor, World Shop Piggly-Wiggly in Grand Prairie at Southwest Third at Marshall Dr. W. "> jierve The Right To Limit Quantities Purchased leel Flavored Mushroom UPTON'S SOUP ;:,: All Flavors ROYAL GELATIN Del Monte Tomato Catsup REALEMON M . 0 M 0 Cklcken with Mice Heinz Soup Uncle Ion's Mil Spanish Rioe A Hfc|* 2?j35 200 GREEN STAMPS •Rill 200 BONUS S*H OMIIN STAMP! with thlt coupon and fho purchojoool $10.00 to $14.99 (••eluding cigor«M»t) 'coupon enpires May 17, 1970 Redeemable only in Piggly Wiggly stores located in Grand Prairie, Texas 300 GREEN STAMPS FREE! 300 BONUS SAH OREIN STAMPS with thft coupon and th* purchaeo of $15.00 or moro 9 C REALEMON HA* La Okay CklakH Z3 C Chow Main Leawa 24-01. fi5 C JNIC* Bot. W •£69 •£69 e Clorox Bloach Floor Master O'Cedar Broom %53° 1198 (excluding cigorettei) Icoupon expires May 1 7, 1970 'Redeemable only in Piggly Wiggly stores located in Grand Prairie, Texas MIUMMOl ooooooooooooooooooc™ •Ml tkk CMPM ••* pwckas* •» * PIVI (I) M.«ib.r 101 CIM « Oil MONTI < GOLDEN CORN < lirlras May 17, It70 < !•»•»•; GREEN STAMPS witt ftli CMH* an* 1 *iir«koM *t a FIVE (S) Number MI C«n *f * DIL MONTI TOMATO WEDGES CW»M I»rlr«t May 17, l»70 . OOOGOOQOQOOQQOOOOOOOOOdOflO OOMOOOOOOOOOOOflOOCi GREEN STAMPS *m*k CMM* Md »**•••*• of ^ c " c " FRUIT COCKTAIL • CMC* liBlrat May 17, 1*70 a iJMi om-g ta. ,2 ^vwvx GREEN' STAMPS •""* wHkHI«cwi»MwdMr«lMM*< o ONI 111 6lMt l«i •• 5 DETERGENT * CMPM lipbM May 17, WO GREEN STAMPS wtthtklt (•«»•• M4»«rtlM»«tt S ONI (1) I'/] Pw«d or Urftr -o PackMt PAMILV PACK ~ PORK CHOPS V« LOIN SlICIO CMM* liplrtl May 17. If70 f»A. aHAU S1 » ^"' «« oft L * l(l Air Freshener »„.„ -fi 5» e Handl-Wrap IT "tt 0»* Fabric Softener M ft Lyiol Toilet Bowl Cfft Ft>mul1 409 S|irly g Cleaner u,- M ^ fgftl Utii Not t5" ** J 'ooOQOOOOOOOOOOOOflOOQOQlflflOl 2221* OREEN STAMPS wild fill t»ur»» «*d purikoM •• ; ONE ID Thrtt Pound tt Lorgir . U.S.D.A. CHOICE IIIF RUMP ROAST ! Coupon liilrtt May IT, IVO RON ua raoric a Cf ft Ft>mul> <09 $ i6.oi. 91 Cleaner A. AJ^^UKdhM^A^hJWflk Cal. Net '/,-Oal, $119 $159 i el GREEN STAMPS ONI (MM VERTIQREEM P*r low* I ftorota Coupon Ei»lr« M«y U, 1t70 00000000^000000000^000^ §| with Mil cwi»o« «M pwelMM «» PIVI (I) I OVM* PMka«M MOBTON MEAT PIES lipirtt May 17, It70 o '^^NotiS"''*!

Clipped from
  1. Grand Prairie Daily News,
  2. 14 May 1970, Thu,
  3. Page 6

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