National Republian, Washington, DC Friday, Nov 20, 1863, p.2 See first two paragraphs

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National Republian, Washington, DC Friday, Nov 20, 1863, p.2
See first two paragraphs - . 0 H T T V S i V U CJ . Dedication ot tho...
. 0 H T T V S i V U CJ . Dedication ot tho National Comotery. IMPOSING CEREMONIES. ORATION OP HON. EDH ARD K i ERKTT SPEECH DY THE PRESIDENT. Tii 12 iMtoonasiON, etc, Tbe consecration of the National Cemetery at Gettysburg, yesterday, was a most Imposing and highly Impressive affair. The town was crowded on the previous evening, and the tired TQuUltndes were obliged to sleep In tbe churches, In the parlors of tbe citizens, every available reding place being occupied. During Wednesday evening a great throng lingered around the residence of Mr. David Will-, the hospitable entertainer of the Prcsl dent and his accompanying party, anxious to obtain o glimpse of the honon d ( hlef Magis trate of the Nation. Tbe baud of the Fifth New York Artillery was brought Into reulsl lion, and serenaded the President soon after bl a arrival, and he made tho following response) 8 PI tCU Or TUX PRE9IDINT. I appear before on, fellow citizens, merely to thank you for this compliment. The Inference Inference Is a very fair one that you would hear me tor a utile wnue, ai icasi, were i to commence to make a speecb. I do not appear before vou for the purpose of doing so, and for several very substantial reasons. The most substantial substantial of thetc Is that I haro no speech to make. Laughter. It Is somewhat Important lu ray position that one should not say any foolish things If he can help It, and It very often hap pens tuat me oniy waj 10 neip it is to say notn loir at all. I Renewed laughtcr.1 Believing that that Is my rrecle position this evening, I must beg of you to excuse me from saying "one word Tbe President was most enthusiastically greeted, and when he retired, be did so amid prolonged applause. srtscn or ur. bewaiid. After serenading the President, the band pro ceeded to the residence of Mr. R. S. Ilarper, adjoining, where Secretary Seward was stop ping, and serenaded him also. Mr. Seward acknowledged the comIlment, by making a brief speech, as follows. Feu.ow-Citize.s: I am now slxtr vears old anu upwards. I hare been in public life, piac-tlcallv. piac-tlcallv. forty icars of that lime, and vet this Is the first time that ever any people or commu nity so near to toe Doruer oi .Maryland was found willing to listen to my voice. And tbe reason was that I saw, fort) yeara ago, owning before this people a grave-yard that was to be filled with brothers falling in mutual political corn hat I knew that the eause tbat was hurrvlne the Union Into tbat dreadful strifewasslavery.and when I elevated my voice, It was to warn tbe tcopto to remove mat caue wnue tney could v constitutional means, and so avert the catas trophe of civil war which has fallen upon tbe nation. A voice' That's true." lam thankful that you are willing to hear me at last. 1 thank my God that I believe this strife U going to end in tbe removal of tbat evil, which ought to have been removed by peaceful means and bv deliberate counsels. Applause.) I thank my God for tho hope that tbislsthe last fraternal war which will fall noon tbe country which Is vouchsafed to ua by tiearcn iue ricoest, oroaaeai, mc most beautiful, beautiful, the most magnificent and the most capacious capacious of a great destiny tbat has ever been given to any part of tbe human race. Cheers. And 1 thank him for the ho do tbat when tbat cause is romoved, simply by the operation of aooinmng it as me origin oi tue giant treason that is w Itboul Juttltlcatlon and without parallel, parallel, we shall bo thenceforth united, shall be only one country, having only one hope, one ambition and one destiny. Cbeen Then wo shall know tbatwc are not enemies, but tbat we arc friends and brothers. Then we shall know tbat this Union Is a reality, and we shall mourn, I am sure, w 1th sincerity, equally over tbe grave of tbe mlf guided, whom we have consigned to his last resting place, with pity for tits error, and witn tue same beartlelt grlei with which we mouin over his brothers, by hose hand, raised In deftnoeof hi. Gorern-, mem, that moulded brother perished. prri.uru. v neu we pan to-morrow niiini leius remem- f t.i wn.ii v.'iz ... ii-. Tuber Tuber that we owe It to our country and to man-' SLS nl.d i.K &i.,i2 HSi,h? kind that H.I. war shall have Toit. conclusion , H ,. L uhi 2 i,'?..!! ."i.Vi ll,e establishing or tbe principle of Democratic Stf'""? JS7,hS-JV.eiiJfii party, whatever portion of the Government prevails uy conitmuionai sunrago in an election, election, tbat party Is to be respected and maintained maintained In power until it shall give jslace ou another trial and another verdict to a different party or a difftrent portion of the people. Applause Applause If yon do not do that, you aro drifting at ouceaod irnslitlbly to the ury verge of the destruction of your Government. But with that principle, this Government of ours, the purest, the best, tbo wisest, and happiest iu tbe woi Id, must be, and no far us w e are concerned, f (tactically will be, immortal. ICheers J Fel-ow-clilzens, txood night. Mr. Seward was warmly applauded at tbe conclusion ofhls address. President Lincoln was also serenaded by the Baltimore Glee Club whilst making a social visit to Mr. Ilarper. TUS DEDICATOR!" CEREMONIES. On Thursday morning the sun roso brightly, and after being temporarily obscured, smiled pleasantly throughout tho Jay, and tbe ceremonies ceremonies proceeded according to the programme, nudvr the direction of the Chief Marshal Ward II. Lamon, and his nidi and tbe marshals appointed appointed from Ibe dltlerent Stale represented. SrECULAiDSTOTuaMausiuu Honorables Jos. Casey. A. B. Olin, S. N. 1 . llU, P. C. (Shannon, (Shannon, W. A. Newell, B. B. Iruicb, 0. U. Llu-colu, Llu-colu, C. M. Bolder, Robert Lumon j Colonels B 1'. Hauscomb, A. P. Chipman, Jno. Hay j Major Giorge 1). Brasiuw Captains 11. A. Rrlwrtx, A. ti. II. While, lliot.. Lloyd, B. B. lunch, Jr., Jno. Mattlnly, Nathan 11. Bar rett, w. m. uaiun, i.eri bcorey, Major Jno. r. Tobias, B. P. Suidcr, Hugh B. MtCuuby, W. I Chur"h, W. Y. Selleck, B. S. Hendricks, Jno Van lies worth, M. E, Flanagau of Call roina, Miuam n rooks, colonel J. u. eleven-son, eleven-son, Gcncrul 1 . L. Larrington, Colonel Heury O, Kent, Alex. Stevens, Master Percy Gordon, Jno. M. Barclay, Jndge M. W. lappan. MARSHALS APPOINTS!! UTTUE OOVEHNUKS. New Hampshire ol J S Walker, M, W. Tappan, L. 0. btcveus. Maine CharhsClarl , II W.Noni. Vermont L, 1 Bradford Massachusetts John S Kcyes and John M. Clerk. Rhode Island Thomas , Hart and W in. M. Hal). New Jersey Col. Murphy and Hamilton. Hamilton. Pennsylraala Govs. Po'lock and luhutton (special ) wnio ti. lenuuDd ami i-wru u ceiiicr Maryland Lharlia rlndley aud S 1- Harry Illinois Col. Church. Michigan Col Charles Dickey. Wlscoosln W. G. Belllck. California Cornelius Cole and T. B Shan non Virginia Col J T. Closo and Joslah Mallard. Mallard. IMTED STATES MAKSrULS. I baric Clark, Maine. John S. Keycs, Massachusetts. YV. Bonllant, Maryland rarl BUI, Ohio. Charle Dickey, Mlckicau. Col. V O Ki'Sr and MhJdf Blake, ludiaua. Gen S. Ruffner and Gen Le Roy Kramer, Weft Mrglnla. W P. Alcoro, (West District,; Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania. lion. A. P. Usher, District of Columbia THE ASSEMBLAGE. Tho whole neighboring population w as poui cd Into Gettysburg, aod every train lint hid . . j . ' . . arrived rormeiait lony-eigui uonrs, was ioaj , a W1,h nRno-crs. d with passengers. State, county and city officials. Governors, Lcelalators. municipal fathers and other civic functionaries, etatcstnen, philosophers, poets, editors, men of science, artisans, mechanics, tillers of tbe soil and navigators of the seas all Impelled try one common, patriotic desire to testify their loyal devotion to the National cause and their heartfelt respect for Us fallen heroes. Reprceentattvcs of the army, too, of all ranks, came to visit the graves of their companions companions tn anus, and pay e soldier's tribute at tbe soldiers grave. TBI PROCIIStOH, At 10 o'clock the ttrocesslon commenced moving over the route designated toward the Cemetery, In the following order already published. published. Tho military ponton of the procession was headed by a squadron of cavalry, followed by Major General Couch and Staff. Tbe 5th New York Artillery Regiment, from Baltimore, with their fine battery, were next In line, presenting a splendid appearance. General Scheuck and Staff were also present. Next came tbe Marshal In-Chief, Ward II. Lamon, Esq , and his numerous staff of Aides, wcarlngyellow and white scarfs with trl colored rosettes on the breast, and black and white shoulder knots. Next came the President of the United States, and Secretaries Seward, Usher, and Blair, all finely mounted. The President wore a plain snlt of black and white kid gauntlets. Great curiosity was manifested manifested by tho people everywhere to catch a glimpse at the Chief Magistrate, Tbe remainder of the procession was chiefly composed of various civic bodies. The head of the procession reached the platform platform creeled in the centre of the cemetery a quarter before noon, but some time was con sumrd In assigning the different bodies their position round tbe stand) and it was not until after U o'clock tbat the President and others, assigned to scats upon the platform, were all In their places. THE CEREMONIES. All the arrangements having been finally completed with great order and decorum. B. B. trench, Fsq , acting as one of tho Chief Marshal's Aides, gave tho signal, and the solemn solemn ceremonies wero commenced by the performance performance of a funeral dirge by tbe band, stationed stationed In front of the platform. A most Impressive prayer was offered by Rev. Tbomaa II. btocklon, Chaplain of tbe House, during which the most profound alienee prevailed prevailed and very many were affected to tears. The touching pathos of tbo venerable divine, Iho occasion aud the scene presented, was at once most affecting, and not a few eyes not ac-cn ac-cn Homed to weep were bathed In tears. i ne rTCftiuem eviuen-iy iei. aeepiy, ana, wuu the venerable statesman and patriot, Hon. Ed ward tvereu, wno was uy uts siae, made no effort to bide his emotion. The scene was a grand and Imposing one. Tbe battle fleld lay like a panorama lu full l lew, and tho heroism there displayed on the opening of July seemed to be re-enacted in the Imaginations of the be holders. Toe surrounding troops, the vast concourse, aud the Ins'gnla of a nation's mourn ing mado ip a scene that can never be forgotten forgotten by those who were present. At the conclusion ot the prayer the band very appropriately performed tho grand old hymn of Luther, "Old Hundred." lion. tJ. is. rrcccn now introduced too lion. Edward Ererelt. who advanced to tbe front of ma latioriii ana pronounced TUK ORATION. Wu reurit that our limited space will not permit us to lay before our readers this splendid splendid effort of Mr. Eterett. In It be gives a graphic and eloquent description of the battle of Gettysburg and an admirable dissertation upon tbe wUked rebellion of which It was one ol the bloody fruits. The oration will he read with Interest by every loyal man and woman in the laud. W ben Mr. Everett hud concluded, a hymn composed by Hon. B. B. French, waa lung witn excellent etlect by the Baltimore uieo Club, after which, Marshal Lamon Introduced to the assemblage, the President of tbe United States, who delhertd the following dedicatory remarks i SPEECH Or Till PRESIDENT. Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition proposition tbat all men are created equal. Applause. Applause. Now, we are engaged In a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any other nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. W e are met on a great battle-field of that war; we are met to dedicate a portion of ft as the final resting-place of those who here gate their lives tbat that nation might live. It Is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this. But, In a larger sense, we cannot cannot dedicate, wo cannot consecrate, wo cannot hallow this ground. Tbe brave men, living and dead, who struggled here have consecrated It far above our poor power to add or detract. Applause. The world will little note uor long remember what we say here; but It can net er forgvt w bat they did here. A plause.l ,, " " '"',"' '". ' " " "C ,h .,, i i, H' f' S".' ??? "HS,,"? '" r JiV.!'. iV? . ' .'"' ? ""ite,.1"'! . L ii is ior up, me .mug, rainer to oe aeaicatea i r,.her for us hero to be dedicated u the ureal 1 lr . at.i 1 rpt... !, ...! .-I! under God, have a new birth of freedom ana that Governments of tbe people, bv the people and for the people, shall not perish from the eartn. iLong continued appianie j It was announced by B. B. French. Esq.. mat a letter nau ueen received iron. Lieutenant Gmtral Scott regretting hit Inability to be pre sent on me occasion. After tho ceremonies went concluded, a salute w as fired by tho artillery, aud the military por tion of the procession reformed and escorted me rresuient to tils lodgings, where ho was subsequently visited oy a large number or persons, persons, and for more than an hour was the victim of a "hands shaking" that must have tested bis good nature to tbo utmost. The Piesldeot returned to Washington tn a special train, wuiru iei. ueuysourg anom o'clock. TUB PATRIOT REMAINS. The follow log la a list of the remains already Inurrud In the cemetery, 1th the States they n prcscul i Milne n New Ham i shirs ... 4 eni.ont ... 19 Kiioas i.unu i Maisnchusetts . 13U Connecticut 12 New loik VJ New Jersey . , W PenntjUaoU . loo Dei a ware , 11 MaryUnl , , 15 Olilo........ , SI InlUna , at U Html. 3 .MUltluan., , . 44 uitcnnttn . 1 ., 21 Mritlnla . 1 Unittd states (Kegulars) . 19 UK Unit Down ., tVf. I IS8 l'KRBONAT.. Messrs. labsENpr1, of Maine, Bnfllnglou, ot Masiachuietti, MePiietson, of IVun.iUauls, Greco Adams, of Kentucky, aod Coloail trwlo.of New 1 ork, all eandldates far the clerkship of the Hou.erf Hrprrse utstlves, are la the city. RicuAKD Blsteed, Fsq , of New York city, 1 as Uea ap.iolntcJ Ui 1 ed Hates District JuJge lurlha dl.tiict of Alabama, vice Judge Laos, re oentl) lcu aid Governor Morton, nf Indiana, Is about to esinl IK h a "Home" at Indianapolis, where -oldiera and soldiers' wives passing through the cltv msv have rare and protection, and i stapw tbe extortion aud abuse fn qucotly practiced upon them by hackmen and hotel runner. A TnRi2po is Jamx River. It is stated that a torj edo was discovi red In James river on Satnrda) It was sent down with a view of damaging the ltosnoke. but Capt. Gansevoort unserved it and had It low td ashore, when the i nrti nil of u rnnu-li Im.L Inn nlna I.av m-i rn content of h rough looking pine box wero tollxht, in the shape of a tin case. containing thirty live ounds or powder aud machinery for Igultlng It by percussion. A gold wattb, Mudded with dIamondstwhicb was originally presented by the BulUneb street church, of Boston, to their former pastor. Rev. F. T. Gray, who subsequently removed to San Francisco, was recently left at a watchmaker's In Boston to be repaired, and an Inscription was discovered wmen tea to tne arrest oi Mrs. Mary Clark, who has been xuad over in the l.WQ for trial for stealing it. will rcll, tcrjr, of In maj number and excellent " W Au any the ro-celt five his tne tbo T-tu no tbe tbe to try all v la No-v t In to to I I

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  • National Republian, Washington, DC Friday, Nov 20, 1863, p.2 See first two paragraphs

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