Streeter Collins Split

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Streeter Collins Split - 'sub rNTEn ocean, "CAP'ir STREETER'S RQMANC...
'sub rNTEn ocean, "CAP'ir STREETER'S RQMANC AGROUND tog Book of Bride of Few Weeks . Keveals. Tempestuous Voyage of "Deestrict Governor" on Sea of I Matrimony. BEATINGS OF AGED BENEDICT , DRIVE HER TO DIVORCE COURT Detailed Account of Spats, Threats, and Other Exciting Events Which ' Interspersed ' Honeymoon Given In Wife's Petition. ' : ; . The lost of ( T7ii Caotaln" GcorR! . .W. . Streeter la command, kept by' " : Collla Streeter, his wlfet . April 1H Married aad happy at lKbt, inarrel vvltli "cp.B , April. U7 tt South Bead) Beaten till nconrloa, "eapt." revive me with cold water. April S More rrH. leave for LhlcaKO- LhlcaKO- --. --. - '"" '' Mar 1 Forgive hla aad retnra ta goath Bead.- Bead.- - " May 1H Loll la dorm. Given f2 bill, all I've received o far. May Its Threatened to kill me.. Mar 21 Beatea asalnf slept on coach .all night. . ' Mar 3M More threats to. klllf ld I vi o aid call nelfhbot If he bit me. Mar a Caa't atand beating-. beating-. beating-. Left for Chicago again. Going to tay. Mar -9 -9 "Capt. followed, tore cloth-sna- cloth-sna- cloth-sna- cloth-sna- off me, threatened to kill tax !. '... Way irtt-Declded irtt-Declded irtt-Declded to get a divorce. From the log kept by Mamie Collins Streeter. Streeter. wife of -Captain"' -Captain"' Streeter. late "Governor" "Governor" ol the "ueestrlct of Lake Michigan, which she filed as part of a bill for divorce In the Circuit court yesterday. It Is evident that the claimant to the noth Ebore property property 1 not the nautical wizard on the matrimonial matrimonial ea which' he claim to be oa Lake Michigan. T- T- The sudden disappearance or Mamie from " the captain" South Bend apartment! appears to have no mystery about it all, if the log 1 consulted. From that document It would appear that Mamie would better have remained remained the captain's "right hand man" In his efforts to acquire a few acres cf Chicago's Chicago's most valuable residence property than to have become- become- Mrs. Streeter. - Bride Tells of Beating. At the home of her brother, t2 Iglehart court, Mrs. Streeter is to be found, sad faced and brokenhearted. - "I never spent a single, happy day," she said. ''I wa-beaten wa-beaten wa-beaten and kicked and treated like a doff. The captain told me before we were married that he was going to receive 100.000 from some South Bend capitalists for his claim to the north shore property, but the whole story was made up. He never received any such sum of money or any other sum. "... ' " . "I had to stay in the hotel all the time, and the captain never- never- gave me but $2 all . the' time we were married. - He bought me a 3 pair of shoes once, and then when he caw a pair in a window marked $2 he wanted to take them back and change them,, but I kicked and wouldn't stand for Jt." , - Trouble Told la Divorce Bill- Bill- " Thus bar thsfanawsy marriage of CapfaTn' Etreeter and Mamie Collins run upon the shoals. It was a wreck that brought the long whiskered "captain" and his worn, tile bat into prominence as the "Governor" of a trip of land to hold which be defied the laws of the county-and county-and county-and the state, and it Is new a wreck upon the marital aea that brings him once more Into prominence. Like a true eeaman, Mamie Collin kept a log of the happenings on her voyage, and as evidence against thdcaptaln of the craft the document has been washed upon on the shore of the divorce court. COURT REBUKES LAWYERS "WIFE OF GOVERNOR OF MICHIGAN," WHO - -'- -'- -'- . J-ft J-ft J-ft -J-: -J-: -J-: -J-: A - A t "DEESTRICT OF LAKE SEEKS DIVORCE. BOOTH ASKS ARMY -TO -TO PRAY FOR PEACE Head ot Salvationist Forces Appoints Appoints Week of Prayer and Will Petition Rulers of Christian Nations Nations to End. War. j With a view to Inducing the Christian nations nations to use their best endeavors to bring about a cessation of the war between Russia Russia and Japan. Salvation army leaders throughout the world will call upon the ruling ruling powers cf various countries to Intercede between the warring nations. '-: '-: As a preliminary stp W. Bramwell Booth, chief of staff to General William Booth, has sent a cablegram from London to Commissioner Commissioner George.. Alfred Kllbey of Chicago, commander jot the Salvation army forces of the Western states of America, calling upon the Salvation amy to observe the week from June 10 to 17 as one of special prayer and Intercession Intercession that the war between Russia and jrjun may-cease;- may-cease;- may-cease;- may-cease;- '-" '-" '-" ' ' - r,-' r,-' r,-' , ; . t To retf tloa President. r ' ": ; General Booth, sow la Australia, will tak2 the matter up with the British authorities there; Miss Evangeline Booth, head of the Ea stem department of the United States, will invoke the aid of President Roosevelt, and Commissioner Kilbey will today com-m'rnlcate com-m'rnlcate com-m'rnlcate with all the divisional and corps commanders between . Chlc&go and the Pacific Pacific coast, over which territory he presides. Text of Cablcarran. ? The cablegram to Commissioner Kllbey reads as follows: : - . Comrades and friends, our beloved General bas cabled to me from Australia requesting that I w ill l8ue on hi behalf a call to prayer for iwaee. Jt is my eaineat desire, therefore, that jrou will observe, .. and - they so In than bind cannot ' of Gibson, of will in puzzle college by divinity Cal: meeting members The was La I). Clergymea'Ad-" Wisconsin In first

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  1. The Inter Ocean,
  2. 07 Jun 1905, Wed,
  3. Page 3

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