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THE SCRANTON REPUBLICAN, WEDNESDAY. MARCH 22, STATE KES TO SCRANTON First Annual Convention Opened at the Jer myn - Locket and Chain Presented to Miss Brobson - Delightful Reception Reception at Knights of Columbus. Although conditions without were far from inviting yet there was an attractive attractive and animated scene in Hotel Jermyn yesterday morning shortly after after 9 o'clock when the first convention of the Graduate Nurses' association of. the state of Pennsylvania, incorporated, MISS E. K. GAIXWEI.L, County President. was called to order by the state presi dent, Miss Brobson, of Philadelphia. Nurses from Lackawanna and IjU zcrne counties were there in force and with the visiting nurses, physicians and interested guests made up a very happy audience. Just previous to the opening session a sort of a get - to - geth er meeting was held and the various nurses made acquainted. This con vention is a very important one and the representative women of the pro fession were present yesterday. One of the features of the morning session was the presentation to Miss Brobson, the state president, of a solid gold locket and chain. Mayor Con. nell presented the gift in a most happy manner. During the course of his remarks the mayor extended the TOVr , C ' 4, Wr . MISS BKHXKE C. CONGER, Of County Committee. freedom of the city to the nurses, It being the first time that the freedom of the city has been extended to a body of women. Rev. Rogers Israel. D. D., rector of St. Lukes church offered the invocation invocation and afterwards made a few brief remarks. Mayor A. T. Connell was ailed upon and delivered the address of welcome to the visitors. The may or's address was a most happy one and he was enthusiastically applauded. He said: It gives me great pleasure to welcome in our city the representatives of the trained nurses of Pennsylvania. The people of Scranton are broad, progressive progressive and charitable, and I believe that no city in our state couid have been selected selected for your meeting place where you would have found your' surroundings more in harmony and sympathy with the humane work to which your profession profession is dedicated. In these days when the columns of the daily press is filled with the details details of one of the . most sanguinary wars of modern times the attention of the whole world Is particularly attracted attracted towards the work and mission of the trained nurses as - demonstrated in the great Red ' Cross organizations of both Russia and Japun. We see these nurses by the hundreds in the great field hospitals In the wake of the opposing armies in the Orient, and the brightest , page in the records of thla terrible contest Is the story of the ministration ministration of these devoted men and women. The work to which you as' art organization are dedicated cannot be surpassed in the field of human endeavor. endeavor. It is not alone wh!n the rei cloud of war settles over the land that your work is annarent and appreciated, but in flood, fire or pestilence It is the same, omnipresent and nlwaya effective. You are alike at Johnstown, Gulveslon or Butler. It would be n waste of time for me assure you of the earnest sympathy and support of your work by every well - wisher of the human, race. You know this,., and have,' no doulgt, been told of it a hundred times. This feeling, feeling, while not as often or ns loudly expressed ns It deserves to be, is yet very real and strong. I believe that no single occuranee connected with ths Kustern war. has so prejudiced the American people against the Russian administration as the rumors of the peculation of funds intended for Red Cross work. It is regrettable that more attention has not been paid to the American branch of the Red . Cross work. We feel honored that you have selected selected Scranton ns your meeting" place and trust that your sojourn here may one of mingled pleasure and profit. Col.j E. H. fRIpplcf, representing the Lac'kawanntt hospital, followed - with a short address. He said that the cltl - fcen of ScradOn fett honored in ' hfcv; - ; ing the nurses visit their ctf. t)r. t). CapwU alio spoke. H .said that 0 ' ' ' '''' ' ' "the nurses have been a great aid in the development of medical science and he was pleased to welcome them to Scran ton. Miss Maud Banford, representing the. legislative committee, responded to Mayor Connell's address of welcome and delivered a most delightful ad dress. - ... : After the opening session the nurses adjourned to the parlors of the Jermyn where they held an executive session, The most important thing which they did was to make adidtional preparations preparations for the next, two days. They then adjourned until 2 o'clock. - . The afternoon session was devoted almost entirely to considering the charter which the.y have secured. A number of delegates arrived during the afternoon and registered. After the MAYOR A. T. CONNELL. session a number of the visiting r.urses visited the State hospital and ihe. International " Correspondence schools. All the sessions of the organization will be secret.. The most important matter they will consider 'is the matter of securing ia'board of examiners of the state for the issuing of certificates to graduating nurses who have passed the necessary examinations and show themselves qualified to secure the rat ing of a registered state nurse. The furthering of the interests of the nurses and the protection of them will also be taken up and discussed. There are no delegates attending the convention, the nurses coming as individuals. individuals. A step will be to have HEV. ROGERS ISHAKL, D. 1J. county associations formed in all the counties of the state and at the next convention have a number of delegates from each association attend. The ot'icers of the asoclatlon are: President, Miss Anne Brobson of Philadelphia; Philadelphia; vice president, Miss Constance Constance Curtis of Phoenixville; second vice president. Miss Duncan of Pittsburg; Pittsburg; secretary, Mrs. Edwin W. Lew is of Braddock; treasurer, Miss A. M. Shields of Philadelphia; directors, Miss E. Lucas, Morion; Mrs. J. H. Burgess, Pittsburg; Miss M. Malloy, Philadelphia; Miss William Cook, York. Those who are. attending the con vention from .out of town are as fol lows: Miss Brobson, Miss Malloy, Miss Harper, Miss Cummlskey. Miss Grean - ey. Miss Morrell, Mss Banfleld, Miss Vhltaker, - 'Miss Webz, Miss' Martin, Miss Qulnton, Miss A. M. Shields, Miss Madlre. Miss Paine, of Philadelphia; Miss Miller. Miss Maloney, Miss Dun can, Miss Weir, Miss Marschell, Miss Burgess of Pittsburg; Miss Heldinan, of Allegheny; Miss Maloney. of Norrls town; Mrs. Lewis, of Braddock; Miss Metz, of Erie; Misa Wele, of Plttston; Miss Maloney, of Morrlstown; Miss Lewis, Miss Hope, of Wllkes - Barre; Miss Qulnn. Cajndcn; .' Miss Reddlng - ton. Mips Oalnwell, Miss Conger, Miss Qulnn, Miss Moore and Miss Harper, of Hcianton. The committee on arrangements fol lows: Miss Elizabeth Reddlngton, Miss Charlotte Williams, Miss A. Brlce, Miss liernlce C. Conger, Miss H. Qulnn and Miss E. K. Galnwell. The Lackawanna. County Nurses' association gave an Informal reception at the Knights of Columbus club house last night to the visiting , nurses, county physicians and their wives. The attendance was large, there being about one hundred and fifty pres ent. A very enjoyable and pleasant time was had by all. . The dancing hall and reception - parlors fere. beautiful ly decorated with cut flowers and palms. The floral decorations 'were designed by Mrs. Mulr and were mag nificent, the dance hall especially pre senting a beautiful appearance. Strings of cut flowers and greens swung. from chandelier to chandelier and along the lls.t:v:rJ.ll.,.T''.,v;:.... ' Plant's and - ' fldVers were banked In front of the orchestra, which rendered ,.'' c, .'. .' ? a fine musical programme furnished music 'for the Luncheon was served during intermission by Becker. indulged in after the continued until the close, o'clock. The committee of the association had charge of the much credit is due them for success of the reception andhe delightful time enjoyed by the their many friends. TOWN DRY FOR PRAIRIE Erractic Flight Swings Banishes Only Saloon. WOLSEY, S. D., March ?1. ratic flight of two prairie caused this town to banish saloon. The birds, at the bell, flew like an arrow thick plate glass front of One fell dead on the floor, other retraced its swift unharmed, making a bee - line into the sky. " The strange action of the interpreted by three superstitious as a voice from above, and promised to vote "dry." This the election. MINE WORKERS' JOURNAL Advises Members of the Union Prepare for 1906 and Not be Napping. It was officially announced wpnlnir that thn mine workers hold their joint convention month of November at The exact date has not been ed as yet but the district hpld another meeting during summer and all the details important event will be it is contended that the demands marl must be Drenared and to the national convention latter convenes, says the Wilkes Leader. The trl - district convention nno rf the most slcrnlflcant fnr It will e t ier decide on a wnrfl or forward. The attitude companies will not be definitely at that time, because it is oarlv for them to show their from ordinary observation to be followed might possibly conjectured. Many of the local and a few are in position readily admit that the present wages and hours will be several vears. Naturally the arises what will the miners It is said, even at this that thp. ereneral feeling is eight hour day and the coal are the needs of the ta nlsn Romp objection to the regulations of the conciliation an it would not surprise a tf ih fnnr llintnrs are retained, change will be recommended method of transacting business, all this is rather early. The will hold meetings shortly to the eight hour day. The these discussions will be much interest. The miners official Journal warning' in an address to wnTlrprs. not only of this every one throughout the States. The address reads as it - vaoc fmm nnw contract held by the United Workers will be on the eve dissolution. It behooves every mine for the event. are prepared everything will peacefully, but it mey are a false security and permit ..i. ho pnuirht nannine regret it to the day of their "Attend the meetings, aevise iov nr. a fund, in a word, be for war and you will have Japanese war ilustrates the of being prepared, knowing ..,, ri tho Ktrpneth of vour ist, his weaknesses and points and having everytning readiness to meet every situation arises. Now is the hour and opportunity. Ar. vnn aw.ikp to the will next April find yqu as Russians were found unprepared, estimating yourselves ana ,vmHnr vnnV oDnonent? The will be the same, so avoid nd have no cause for regret hence." ABERDEEN. HTnr. 9d On Wpdnpsdav nf fclnnrla nflllpfl lit thn Mr. and Mrs. Richard Edwards or of the formers Dirimiay. and Karnes were Indulged In asonable Hour, aiirr wmcn irned to their homes wishing host and hostess a pleasant light. Those present were: ii lamps Zacharias and n.,,.,r Mn. Flnsislp. Oporee. Laura' and James, of Elmhurst; and Mrs. Florpnce Kimble, Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Cornplla Edwards, Jane Bcff, Missps Myrtle Beatrice Pirie, Edna Malone. iti 1 f. - iuaf Pntf nntt Inn J1UIVI "111. '" "". J Morris Hatch.lvan Klmble.Waltpr rcli in, Orrln ana cam j - an I Mrs. Rosa Hokrcin spent Elr Imliurst. mo r W Kdwnrds la 111 of Mrs. Flomnce Zacharlns of illed on relatives here on C. M. Curtis called on his irnh Burkhart. on Sunday Mr. Chris Leader and sons, im. attended an oyster supper call Bar Sai high on Friday evening. Mr. Ivan KimDie was s chum. Mr. Walter Hokreln, Mr. C. J. Burkhart has again th services ot Air. oyivesier nleased to hear that Mr. We hart has such vnluable help. Mr. Kurus MCLain was u cnner ime of Mr. De Webb Bldwell ay. w Vf. T .1 r i m 1 1 ,1 u iVll. HIIU ...IB. HHIH' O IIUO Wesley, and daughter, Oussle, mm m mother thouid De a danger incident to the Mother's Friend is the only pain and danger of maternity; severest trial is not only made by its use. Those who use gloomy; nervousness, nausea overcome, the system is serious accidents so common hour are obviated by the Friend. "It is worth its says many who have used says many who have usea bottle at drufr stores. valuable information of be sent to any address free CnADFIZLD KSSISlATOn

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