Rev. James Harle life's work-1916.03.01

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Rev. James Harle life's work-1916.03.01 - REV, JAMES HARLE "Backwood's Preacher," Old...
REV, JAMES HARLE "Backwood's Preacher," Old Mimsten. ,, and Formed--Local Resident, Will Co to Hospital The R«»v. .1 ·. trip's than a t]Uni-HT "f '.rle for , - m n r v :i TV.ho, two v e i l ' . - ; i £ 0 , .'Itl of his \ \ i f t - . l e f t T r - ' n t o n to mak" hii* home w i t h h i s . ' d . u i d i t e r . .Mrs. Ocofirc Maple at PIeniinst' ; n. -.VMS Tjro'.iir!:t to Trenton Last T h u r ? i l r t y . He is-^;if-~ · faring- frrtnv » n e r v o u s breakdown n n j l is now a ' t . t h o ' h p ' i ' "f l i i s ' s o n , Vil- '7~Hsm"i-hirIe,-- f.n- } ir.-rt-^.Vveniie. Jus; a.8 soon a? arr.;nu n i n:V rein l r mru?'- n? will he l a k - M i :-. M t K i n l e v "Hoppi_ "Hoppi_ t a l for t r e - a m i t - n t Hi' is u n d e r t i l ' care" of fr. \VinHTn 57. ~tratToir. The Rev. " V I - l l ; i r l e tlir'cn;sr)K.ut tTTr~sT.rn,.ri try :s--"t]ii' M.-t'-Kwr'-.-.J.* · spite his sutYcrins?.' '. li ' er, who is 7* years -·"Clteprftrl. - -T.-VVO ytMi-s' ' ' . stricken w i t h p a r a l y s i s k n o w n i ^nTio."roiTn- ,.]-. *''!· r." T''" a u - ' d preaoh- o'ti. is q u i t e : I B O he war- \vhiK- at work '^^-"''that tin3i--V.e hris-4*^-:i '.i^i^'''!" T ' .....Of-3 ..phys.U'ir.n. H ^ s t ^ i t i ' . i ^ ."'1 the f;n-t I'.t.-.i he h i n v \ - - r n ;r dollar j'ur preaebinir. He r . i n ' t l ' c f a i l t'mit !r h . i s \ v r i l k . ( t h a n 12.UOO miles d a r i n s )ii's 'pr' .man" people. ! ) · · -'----the ·Htimp of. ·-'th'?-la* ! k'.vr.ixis, 5 t-r" many year? :i,g-o. -\v!ien.'hi- r as -a mlnis.te.r i n . t h e regions of 11 uvtcrde Counties.. Hiir-.lrni. (1. tousfii FIVE GENERATIONS ' - (Key "to 'the picture, batkr M*ry-A. Clark Bozarth. Front Bozarth, Srv.-Sar-ah- Bozarth.) -- ' , years .and w.hen. saia-ry ho refused. for... l i v e !ir'-ppt a SKETCH OF- L.1FE. · i". Roekhvuri, Fix miles south of .Laru- hertvilli-. J u l y !fi. ISoS. )-lis fathei'.- .Inir.i-s H:irif. wa.s. a v i l l a s e seliO" ·more n i n s t f r tor 40 years and the :irwr. t - o j \ , . , i ;,n 01 his j o ! n u '.ini-d Ttio .l.-oy w i - r k p d on .1 f a r m \va.\ .-i':i"-yea'-s-olil, whe-n Iv AV;IS ap- jii-piitiL-cd to a riirptMitipr :it- l « H n i b f v i l l r r , l.frs fnt.h'er'Waff'a .fttrtvt "clinrclr-" ·n ,:ui- num. an.d tin' son p a r l y in l i Bible s t u d e n t . He devoted fie t h H t lit? could spare to a elosfe UMiy. of t h » . f-rriptiirt'S. Hf was in theolosT.- by t h p . Key. H. Ijirrison.. an .able m i n i s vho fur year's \va. p a s t o r " of "ir^t I'.aptist i.'hiinjh a ' I.arnbert- illp. , " \ f t ' - r In 1 had ^ n a s t e r r - d 1.1K' 'Piiter's trade be . v m e to Trenton und J a n u a r y 17, 18B3. lie \v«s icd t o Mi.s...ELi7,,:U)Bili_..Ma.r.Eefii, o.f l u i s v i l l e . i _ l e . l i i j f - v a n ^ ' l i s t i nr m a n y ye'iirs in the m o u n hen .was a p p o i n t e d as pastor "irst B a p t i s t Cliuri'li 'it Pnlesb:ury, Ho n e x t \ v f n t as pastor Baptist (··htirch a l Rin^oes, X. J., fterward \vas fls«isrnt»l t o ' t h ist ("hurch at S a n d y Riiierp. Tjater was made s u p p l y m i n i Baptist I ' h t i r r h at Lamh*-rt i rum there w e n t l o M i n k v i .? pastor of t h e First B a p t i here. He next was s u p p l y if the Brood Strer-t 51. K . ' r h u ierp, and l a t e r ' a c c e p t e d t i te of ..{lie olii B u c k i n g h a m TTtiurch at 1-^irlnng. Pa. During all t h i « time he aHv:iy^ supported h i m s e l f and familv tr. ng daily at his ti^flde. He. din flits despite "the f:n-t that he \ \ f i s \Vhi!p r l d l n s ' a vitious colt in hood, .he v\if..llirown .off .and. . h i s vas h a d l y hrVrken. The f r p r eg always remaijied, the shorter. REV. JAMES HARLE. old -mountaineers, white and Tilark, who perhaps had ne^-er h f v i r d the gospel expounded, rame - t o hear him . out of idle curiosity. They .=oon became became regular attendan-ts at his meetings. meetings. The pra v l]?T'= f R m e li'ecan to . .s pi-trad, n-ut unly ll.ruush th.. '«_ou_n iains, jjut also to tne a d j a c e n t TTiWri 'One . o f . the count}' paper? i;.Tllei' him "the backwoods preacher." and the .title, has clung, to him ever since.- In -addition to his a b i l i t y . an.-! winning winning personality as a prea-oher, the . a.olear.. musical voice.. He invari- ;',-. ,uWy -IcJ lri.. cengregation In. -sin-ging. : ' . During- his, many .years as 'a preacher -'"·' tie always worked at his trade as .a . 'varp«SteT~~'He \\t:.s [..a-^tui -f the .;;... Baptist Church in Bucking-ham _Val A of g s M r h Y l h Mr. H a r l c east si-x tiu .he greater i read t h e ' and has of it. HiWe a I i w WILL HOLD SMOKER \ n r o i i r a m uf interest i d i i h M l ' l i ' i (Mi-motion ivlth to be "held this eyening-bv-m-ern'bR-i-s Of St! "Joachim's n,rt.y in the parish hall. '· Anions? the features "will be a pool tournament and, a boxing' exhibition. The committee in charge of the FafrgemeTrt!?--is--enmposed-- of--lan ie/H A. SjJair. Joseph .Petcrn. Daniel ].)ileo a n a W l l l i a u i . Ti.idid-.' - ---- - T h e . e l u b w i l l conduct a' ten'danc'e next Monday eve-Ming -for the benefit tit the church.- This ar- .falr will mark the closing of the .. i i i ! j ' ,,

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  1. Trenton Evening Times,
  2. 01 Mar 1916, Wed,
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  • Rev. James Harle life's work-1916.03.01

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