The New York Times (New York, New York) 20 June 1920 Page 57

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The New York Times
(New York, New York)
20 June 1920  Page 57 - An Interesting Collection Chosen from Tho Year...
An Interesting Collection Chosen from Tho Year in This CountryA Book of Famous Stories and Other Latest Works of Fiction 1C ttnntrnv umrmtiit. AWARD. Prise Stories 1919. Chosen by the nhv of Arts and Sciences. Doubleday. Pae A Co. $1-80. $1-80. $1-80. N' O more fitting tribute to the genius of William Sydney Porter (0. Henry) - noaslhlr have been de vised than that of this "Memorial "Memorial Award" of a prtxe to the best short story by an American writer published during the year Decided upon at a dinner of the Society Society of Arts and Sciences, It was first agreed to giro one pnse ox 1230; but the chosen Committee of A wart had no sooner begun It conferences conferences than the society promised to give, not one prtxe but two, the first to be $300. the second 250. Besides the two prise stories, the volume contains a doaea others. chosen from those considered In the final judgment, the whole making an interesting and representative cot lection of American short stories. Aside from the Individual merit of the tales, there are certain facts concerning concerning the collection a a whole which immediately Impress the reader. The first is the absence of the young love story; the second, that while some of the tale bar happy'endlngs, many of them are touched with tragedy. " Eng. to - America," . by Margaret rreaoott Montague, the story which received the , first prtse-and prtse-and prtse-and w think deserved tt ta competition with the others ta the volume Is a tale whose very essenc Is that ef suf fering bravely borne, and of the triomph won over pant by the strong and dlsrtptlaed spirit ef those who typify a great people, wh are "mere than themselves shining bit ta the mosaic tt a great natloaj Old ta sorrow, wis wun me wisoosa www through eauca tribulation, they eaa wish other happiness out of their wa tragedy. The thought which back of the story and make It truth England to America " Is finely Interwoven with the narrative. tale oae which might do credit to volume. 1 Individual, wtthovt aaUooaJ com- com- Deleter Etora plications, the story which won the second prize, " For They Know Not What They Do,", by Wilbur Daniel Steele Is especially noticeable for it atmosphere, though the , plot Is weu developed and the climax effective. No less than four ef the selected tales are stories of the East, The very amusing and Ingenious M On Strike," by Albert Paysoa Terhune, tells ef threatened labor trouble ta the' Land of Mohah; " The Elephant Remembers." by EAiaoa Marshall, has Its seen laid ta Burma " The Kitchen Gods" ol Q. F. Alsop re counts the gfcerlflc ef sweet Dong- Dong- Tung, who, though only " a. small wife." showed herself capable ef great heroism, while Thomas Grant Springer's " Th Blood- Blood- ef the Dragon." describes aa aspect of the war which has been but little dwelt upon, though Rudyard Kipling showed , something ef K ta " The Eyes of Asia "the experiences ef those men ef the East who came to serve la the armies ef the West. And perhaps the dramatic episode ef " The Lubbeny Kiss." by Louis Rice, should also be classed aa a story of the East For though It scene Is laid ta New Jersey, tt teOs ef those Romany folk wh can scarcely be called pmvU ef the West, Only en detective atory appear are MelvQle Davtasoa Post's enter. talning " Five Thousand Dollar Re ward." a tale with a delightfully ha-moreu ha-moreu ha-moreu ending. ' Fannie Hurst ts resresented by the eJtarectorlstloJ Homoresque," a tale ef lev and must, patriotism and Allen Street. and Edna Forbor by a aomeetk story ef Wlsceastaers ta New Tork and ta Wisconsin- Wisconsin- April 23th, As UreaL" Jamec Branch Cabell M Pereelata Cups take us back to the day ef Elisabeth, tatUog a story ef the tragi death t Shakespeare' fore runner, Christopher Marlowe, with a delicately whimsical, sad Irony that makes the narrative a not able ens. Turkey Red,4 admirable ta ae- ae- srrlpUea, suffer from a toe obvious oencturfoa, but The Trial ta Tern Is aa Instance ef justice' at once practical. poctJo and popular. : ... It Is an excellent thing that these stories . should be thus published hi book form. One can' only wish that more of such volumes might be Issued, Issued, for many ef our American writer are at their best tar the short story, not In the novel, and yet few of us find It possible even to follow the tables ef contents of the Innumerable Innumerable magazines, while the culling out of the beet by. a group of judge la likely to resuK ta greater diver sity than whea the tale are chosen by some . on udlvMuaL whether crttle or publisher. The " O. Henry Memorial Award" volume ef lilfl Is a book well worth reading. . PSYCHIC ST0RIE3 . asBBSssssssssssawsa Tim but psTcino rroRiKai Kdited win a preraoe ey joern Louis French, with aa tstrodortlo by Dorothy aearborough. New Tork i Uoal eVUverlchU v rf both Europe, and America, before the war, there was a m m a a aa - . a , growing Diuw in vne ooserva- ooserva- tton and Investigation ef peychl phenomena, ' This Interest was, however, confine! to a small class ef enthuslastl person who braved the rldicul ef the great majority tn their efforts to explore the mys terious borderland ef aa unknown world. The pioceers ta paychU Investlgatloa were confronted with the most dtiheartonlng eondltkmsi on the one hand they received little sympathy and no encouragement from the general publle and. on the ether, they found tt necessary to combat fraud la almost all their mediums. Today th situation ts completely altered. A a result of the toU which th great -ar -ar claimed ther are mniloa upoa mlHtoo ef people people ta all walk ef B who are In spired or tortured by a personal In terest ta 'be auesUea ef life afler death and the poistbUity ef rotamu-AlcaUoa rotamu-AlcaUoa rotamu-AlcaUoa With thoMe who hare ks4 ever to th ether sUe," Pvychl tvUxtort to-lay to-lay to-lay find a

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  • The New York Times (New York, New York) 20 June 1920 Page 57

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