First issue of the Pacific Commercial Advertiser

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First issue of the Pacific Commercial Advertiser - g.'-n . -. .vi i ! ! i II J l : HONOLULU,...
g.'-n . -. .vi i ! ! i II J l : HONOLULU, HilWIIAN ISLANDS. JULY 2, 1856. SIX DOLLARS PER AX.VIT3I, ) PAYABLE IN. ADVANCE f iiT r r. wiiiTNKi- 5 fi t! ii in !i 5 I ' I M m M m JstJSm&assia F I - . ;..v?v ; '' .- v ' , : ' 1 ' 1 . ' i a ( v,Tin:;PACiFrc v, ifciAL ADVEUTISBU, ; tlTi;rr Thursrfar 3Iorjiln5, at Six Amaum, Payable in Advance. jyi CalSbraia, and t!e Uaitel States, will bo $7 50 f : I TO leiu the amouut of the Hawaiian and Amer-, '11 ..-All uclx McrA . will havo American .V lliero, which will prevent any additional jfost . . . . . . . : i -r :bscriber3 ja the U. S. or California, the piib-vrviifc par in payment for subscriptions or adver-- -3 . cf acy so iud baak of New York city, Jios-y?l New Londorr, or any cash order from a on any inerchaiit resident here, or any Such orders may bo truns- icmg tnia port -VARIETY..,. A max down East snores so loud that he has to sleep in the ncs.t. street, to prevent waking himself up.- . I shall be indebted to you for life; as the man said to his creditors when he ran away to Australia. Tine first max. According to the received chronology, Adam lived to be 930 years of age. ' ! )' .... Tlic longest day is now discovered to be the day before your wedding. T : 4PTERTrSING RATES. ; .-v-i'i exceed in ten lines, $5 per annum in ad- p: ijfeftiaements, tcn,cent3 per line for the first in- ii vd csiW per liaa tot each subsequent insertion j-srs ,n ?. lvaneo, otherwiio not inserted, if o adrcr- i'.'r le.i3 than fifty -cents. v . ; ' V ;t --r 'fuzit-ral invitations inserted as advertisements. x;-tiZi$y will be charged quarterly at the rats of I column occupied by them, f :., , , i di'piaycd in larger type than usual, hre sub- m-'A'cf. ' r: ; ti the Comm.ercia.1 Advertiser Is payable is-. 4:cr , - feji' i'dv-erti3ment5 will be inserted, ; txless pre- Beware! " said the potter to the clay, and it be came ware. - - . - . Punch asks, whether properly and literally speaking, Longfellow's publisher ought not to be Longman. - ' ' -. " H. COADY & CO., rmpping and Commission Jlerchants, Honolulu, S. I. Refer to i Mtasra. GriaueL, Iinturn & Co. & Willstts i Co., New York, Jiutler, Keith & Hill, Boston, "Wells Fargo iN: Co., & Shaw & Read, San Francisco, 'Alsop & Co:, Valparaiso, G; F. Train . & Co., Melbourne, Win. Pustau & Collon Kon r. Barin? Urother3 & Co., L-jn lon." and "Europe. arbanrr? fr st.U c-n the U. S. Honolulu, July 1, lS5t-t. ... A man ceases ta be a good fellow, the moment he refuses to do precisely what other people wish him to do. . ; ; .- ' , - : ' ;. .; : , - K ; It is good to know much, .but better to make good use of what we kuevr. - ; A'jnan vho gives his children habits of industry, provides ibr them better than by giving them a fortune. - - - that's Ani:i0IAl PRIXTING OFFICE. PLAIN AND FANCY EIdO'. AND JOB PRINTING seen as " '- ' -' . " t BILLS OF EXCHANGE, BILL8 OF LADING, . CONSULAR BLANKS, HAND BILLS. . SHOP BILLS. I EITim 2CSINE3S, AND ADDREaS. CA11DS L t't'.Card Fress," ia the highest style of the re- sorne- Happiness is very easily procured. . All quired, is to spend one hour a day in helpin cony. - . If you wish to cure a scolding wife, never fail to laugh at her with all your might, until she ceases then kiss her. fcurc cure, and no qua,ck medicine ! ; DANIEL C. W ATE 1131 AN", T. Commission Merchant and General Shipping :en.,. Honolulu, . Oahu, S. I. Reference, Messrs. Morgan, Hathaway & Co., & Macondray & Co., San Francisco; Messrs. D. 11. v'leen & Co., James lL.Congdon Esq. & W. G. E. Pone Esq., New lieuiora. - :y ly I35ti-tf L. ORlh FITlf MOBOA. ' C. . IIATUAWAV. E. F. STOXS. 31 ORG AN, HATHAWAY & CO., Commission and Forwarding Merchants, San Francisco Cal. " References, T. S. Hathaway Esq. Messrs. T. A. 11. Nye, & Swift & IVrry, New Bedford, Messr?. Grini.eli Minturu & Co., New York, John M. Forbes Esq., Bo.ic, 5.'e.ssrs. Perkins & Smith, New London, Daniel C- Va:e.-manEsq. Hon-.olulu. . " . , . J ily 1, lSo'3-lf. SAU'L. X. CASTL2. : ' ' " AM jJ. S. COOKE. CASTLE '& COOKE, Importers and Wholesale and Retail dealers in General Jler-. chandise, at the old sUind, corner of the King and School streets, near the large Stone Church. Al at the Stora , formerly occupied by C. II. Nicholson, in King street, oppo site the fceamaM Chapel.' Agents fur Dr. Jayaes' Medicines. . Juij- ljuoo-tf "CIIAS; II. BUTLER, Cooper, & Guager, Honolulu, Oahu, II. I. Coopcraw, Queen etreet, directly opposite 11. Coady & . Co's. new building. Yv'oulJ inform the pulilic that ha ia always to be found at his . shop, to give prompt attention to all orders in his line of .business. ; II2 has constantly on hand a large and desirable : stock of Casks, (in shooks and otherwise), Barrels, Tubs, and other articles made to order. He would esiecially in- ; - vite the attention of masters of the. Whaling Fleet, and other vessels to the above, and assures ?hem. that he will at all times be prepared to meet their demand,?, upon the shorten notice, and most reasonable terms. . . Honolulu, July 1, lS5G-tf 15 . F. HARDER, Batcher and Sar-rage maker, Honolulu, Oahu, S. I., would re-eix-ctfally inform tlie Residents id Ship masters, that they can be supplied with the best Beef, Pork and Mutton, at his - establishment, the Rose Cottage Market, nearly opposite the .; Bethel, at the very lowest prices. Families, Hotels, and Boarding Mouses can be supplied :it any time of day with - the. best Sausages, Pork, &c. Vessels supplied with Corned Beef and Live Stock on the shortest notice. '.-.- . - -.Honolulu, Ju!y 1, lS5G-tf - . " ; - ."' ' -. J. H. WOOD, . . ;r Manufacturer, Importer and Dealer in Boots and Shoes of every description. - Shoe Fmdings, Pump, Sole, Rigging, Harness, and Patent Leathers. Calf, Goat, Hog, and Jiack Skins. , Trunks, Valises, Sparring Gloves, Foils, and 31 asks, Blacking, Brushes, Hosiery, &c. &c. Brick Shoe store, comer of Fort and Merchant sts., Honolulu, II. I. 'July 1-tf S. C-Hillman's- m& Gcncial Agency, of News papers, Magazines, and Reviews. -The proprietor of . this well known establishment, can furnish all the leading journals now published in Europe, Atlantic ' States, ' Upper and Lower Canada, Mexico, South America, . Australia- m2 China, California, Washington and Oregon Territory. Aw nexed is a list of some of the publications always on haod and for sale. - . ' . Boston Waverly Magazine. . r N. Y. Herald, Cal. Edition Bailout -Harper s ; Godey's Graham'a -Putnam's, Knickerbocker Blackwood's National Illustrated . 4 . of art. Bostou Know nothing.' it u 44 ' u it u w it it u it ti it it u t( ti il ii i "x.xTirorE to - Stryciinixe. It. W. V A 143, pC IiON BTLLS, ease, medical !HB . PACIFIC ', tefercial Advertise r. - PROSPECTUS. - ic .'ajle Commercial Advertiser. . Ity fjr,a reliable domestic Newspaper; iiiter-LIand Commerce, Agriculture and tlie h- UTCiLS in the Pacific, and independenCof ii.t control and patronage, Las long existed; 0 A.. our businees community having I the establishment of such .pa-pcr. ?j. yi proposes tr-puOiian aTtKiry'JOTifnur -rrnr- clfiic Coiuiucrcial Atlrcrtlser." ' m till objects of tliis paper, the following noticed: rar -Vfhatever can be done to increase our tji foreign Commerce. will receive our first f ellbrts or expense will be spared 'to ob-fet CGaimercial news from all parts of the Jor respondents' wilTbo engaged in the prin- j I of lite pacific, to furnish the "Advertiser' ' iieTlig.?ncc regarding the arrival and depar- j ek, rates of freight and exchange, general it" tlons, &c, and we shall aim to make this Fceitv not only to the residents and nier- fbaghout these Islands, but to all merchants jjith, thein, or owning vessels cruising in the feALs' Fisiiert. Situated as these Islands I C if er; of the many rich and remunerative Jrroiidof the Pacific, we shall'seek to en-IcrythiUg which may tend 'to render them I h.;ve been for the past ' thirty-fivd years, practitioner of Syracuse, states that lard is a complete antidote to strychnine. ; V - - - Curiosity.- Among the curiosities lately added to the I5oston Museum. is a mosquito's bladder, containing the souls of twenty-four misers, and the fortunes of fifty-one printers nearly half full. It is said grape-vines may be pruned without injury to the coming; crop; after they begin to bleed, by one who has had 20 years experience with - the plant. An indignant poulterer vehemently denounces Mr." CanteloV egg-hatching machine as 4A piece of most detestable chickencrieS'' Punch. A Yankee has just invented a suspender that contracts on your approach to water, so that the moment you come to a puddle it lifts you over, and drops you on the opposite side. - V - Old, Short axd Sharp. You had better ask for manners than money," said a finely dressed gentleman to a beggar who asked., for alms. I asked, for what I thought you' had most of, was the cutting tiv CIIAS. F. GUILLOU, Late surgeon Lmtcu states rsavj', consular rnj-sician to sjck American seamen. Oflice next door to J. C. Spalding, Kaahumanu st.; Residence at the mansion of B. Pitman PjSj. corner of Beretania and Alakea st. - Respectfully offers r his professional services to resident families, to the shipping, and to strangers generally. Medical aud Surgical advice in English, French, Spanish, and Italian. Office- hours from 11 A. 31. to 2 P. M., and from 4 to 5 P. M. Jy 1-tf At other hours enquire at his residence. , 1 TII03I AS SPENCER, ' ' . Ship Chandler and Commission Merchant, Honolulu,, S, I. Ships supplied with refreshments, provisions, &c. at tlie shortest notice, on reasonable terms. Whalers bills wanted. 1 July 1, lS50-tf " - : 15. W. FIELD, Commission Merchant, Honolulu, Oahu, H. I. Also Ageut . for : C. Titcomb's Coifee Plantation, offers for sale, Superior , Hawaiian coffee, in Lirge or small quantities. Jy AGENT FOR THE Jjiverpooi .Underwriter's Association. The undersigned begs leave to notify Merchants, Ship owners, - and Ship masters, that he has received the appointment of AGENT at these IslanrU for Uie LIVERPOOL UNDER-' VRITEIt'S ASSOCIAT, V. , ! July 1-tf ..OBERT C.J ANION. :: V : : utai & aiiee, " -- , ';;V'; Importers of China Good3, and dealers in general merchandise, . Tea, Coffee, S-ar, and Molasses ; King st. Honolulu, Oahu. -- July 1, lS50-tf . . . ;.; . . - - ;V S. IIOF1 7.1EYER, ; - " '- Commission Merchant, dealer hi Ship Charnllery, and General Merchandise, Lahaina,' Maui, 21. I. Ships furnished . with recruits. Whalers Bills wanted on the U. S. ami Europe. : Storage. , , . 1 July 1, 1855- tf GUST. C. XELC1IER.5. ' "GrST. REIXEKS. 3IELCIIERS & CO., Commission Merchants and Ship Chandlers, Honolulu, Oahu, S. I. Stone store corner of Kaahumanu and Merchant sts. Money advanced on favorable terms for Whalers bills onth . U.S. and Europe. July 1, lSau-tf - WILSON & COLBURN, Com. Merchants, Ship Chandlers, and General Agents, i'jt Jiaina, 3Iaui,i. I. , Ships furnished with recruits. Wha-icm Bills wanted on the U. S. and Europe. Storage. . July 1, 1330-tf. - ' G IL MAN. & CO., - Ship Chandlers and General Agent?, Lahaina, ' Maui, S. I. Ships supplied with recruits, storage and money. Jy 1-tf and convenient 1 & most economical dc'xt in this ocean.; Our arrangements: with the officers of whaleships '"that we -r? iliP , Mrliost. "and -nost. -. reliable fwlialinff lfxo'tix all parts of tlie Pacific.-; Every item t ifetere5t to the owners, olficcrs'or seamen f ..t3 will be published, and during the tall l h -.srjust, a complete list ofth6 ships re-i-i- v?xrt will be given, wkh.' their catch- l?:rcliaats in the United States, is respect-&: to this feature of our journal, which will Jy i haleman s Shipping List. Axd jiaxufactures. - A nortion of Hi bj devoted to the improvement of ag- f:-. mnufactures, and to information rela-v ;.tid valuable products and stock. ,i.;.r.s.---Thi3 journal, tliough mainly intend-' t" . a fi full variety of domestic, and foreign I im to create- a literary taste among its I) this end we shall invite the aid of contri- tatte and talents and long residence in .IT . qualify them to furnish many valua- i tb history and 7rr?iography of this and I rii?-&ij(eIagocg, as well jis such dis- , . . ;' vc as may be of general interest ?" '' 31 be discussed whenever - occasion ij -jatter of course, and with a freedom f ':'":v'jto an independent press. ;As Language. A portion of each f ?!ll be printed in the native language, ilition, and the more important foreign rws will be thus given. Articles intense industry and ah , impi"overient in ind social habits of, the native race, ,d by persons well fitted for the task. ' Its in Hawaiian will also be inserted. -4-The Advertiser 'Swill be printed on I sheet, and will be issued every Thurs- t Six Doliars per annum payable it the time the paper is ordered. Per- 'g to more than one can have them publication ofii'je by mail, to the Uni- I r uomia, Jngiana or any part oi: tne 55, as our arrangements for thAt purjose '. r' I -fJi ne" semi-weekly (every . Wednesday 11 f 'I -"tse. A juror's name was called by man' advanced to the judge's desk - - add like to be excused.' r r ' )Uef" said tiie judge, decidedly. -C"' f you knew. my reasons'!'' ( : . iit arethey V ; yz fia' and he paused. ' . -i JC,2Qd,, continued the judge. l fif lriust say. it, I've a breaking , geri!" '-f "" ' -' . - r -f ' . 0 was a very sober man , solemnly r ;r i exclaimed, " Clerk, scratch that Stoxu Cement. A cement of three parts fine coal ashes, one of red lead, three of sand and two of chalk by weight, made into putty with oil, is excellent for filling up the exposed joints of stones, brick, kc. It becomes as hard as marble. " ; What maxy forget. Recently one. of the most renowned French pulpit orators, the Abbey de Dag-uerry, observed, in a sermon, "Women now-a-days forget in the astonishing amplitude of their dcesscs that the gates of heaven are very narrow." When old- Zacliariah Fox, the great merchant of Liverpool, ''was' once asked by what -means he had contrived to realize so large a fortune, his reply was, Friend, by one article alone, in. which thou may'st deal too, if thou deascst ciVfzy." " Ca to, what do you spose am de reason datdestun goes down toward the souf in de winter ?" "Well, I dunno, Sambo,. unless he no stan' de clemency of do norf, and so he an Obliged. to go to de souf where he spcriences warmer longitude.',' V 'He who goes to bed in anger, has the devil for his bedfellow. A wag desires us to say that he knows a married man,. who, though' he goes to bed meek and gentle as a lamb, is in the same predicament. J; A sailor who had hired a violin player to perform him some airs, on being askcu wliat tune lie preferred, replied " Nop tune, you lubber ! and so does every jolly tar." . ; stronomcrs sav A hat 11 a cannon-ball were nrea trom tin"- there. In that event, Professor John Phoenix thinks the people of Saturn would have ample time to dodge the shot ; Mrs.; -Smithers-says her husband was once the greatest military man in the country." For two years he was a Lieutenant in. the Horse Marines, after, which he was promoted to a Captaincy in a regular company of sapheads and minors. . . . - Amon the many remarkable objects in the patent office at Washington, : and which :. evince what mechanical skill can do, is an invention that picks up pins from a heap, turns them all around with their head3 up, and sticks them in papers in regular rows. Ah," said a miserly fathci- to his son William, " hearty breakfists kill one half of the world, and tremendous dinners the other half." "I supjwse,' retorted AVilliam, "that the true livers arc only those' who die of hunger." ; . ' -'; ' ; "' ' Where's Mrs. iduff?" asked . an acquaintance with a shawl-round his shoulders, of Air. MufF,-.wlio was shivering over a dying fire.; Gone out. She and I take turns now. . She has the shawl today; tomorrow '11 be my turn.'' ' " : -- , An old Whig, counsels the survivors of that party not to be humbled over the cry that . their party has swallowed -the whale A T&XIZ Sc CO.. lit; , . -l - . . . . t t Protiuce. and General Alerchanuise,- corner Kaahumanu Sts. Honolulu, Oahu; 11. I. July J. WORTH, y j is56-tf. : Eills of exchange wanted. July 1, Elag of Union.. , r, . Life in ... . . Journal. Traveller. : , -Olive Eranch. v . Yankee Privateer. ; Pilot. -Eallou's Pictorial. Leslie's Gazette of Fashion. " N. Y. Journal, rhila. Dollar Newspaper. 44 Ledger. .". Scientific American. " Sat. Eve. Tost. r Baltimore Clipper. 11 :. Sun. New Bedford Mercury. Cleaveland Herald. Nantucket Mirror. . Loudon Weekly Dispatch. " : Art Journal. , . t tt tt tt. "tt u tt tt u tt Trihiinn tt Times Sunday Atlas. " Times. . Dispatch," " Courier. . " Mercury. Clipper. Home Journal.. Citizen. - Spirit of the Timot. Staats Zeitunj. Police Gazette. ' Picayune. , : Yankee Notices. . Pick. - - y N. O. True Delta. ( " Picayui e. fc Oregon Papers. ' Bells Life in London. - , Dublin Nation. ". Ia verpool Times. Westminster Reriew..'' Courier des Ktats Unl. '. Ned Buntline's Own. : ' Louisville Journal Portland Transcript. Pittsburg Union. .-. V t , Nantucket Inquirer. . ? Pittsburg Dispatch. . -Misoouii Republican. , Cincinnati Commercial. . 1 I J. C. SPALDING, Commission Merchant, and Importer, Honolulu, Oahu, S. I. -Wanted, Bills of Exchange on the U. S. and Europe. Consignments from abroad promptly-attended to. Island produce of all kinds taken in exchange for goods. Jy 1-tf CHARLES BREWER, ; Commission Merchant, Boston, U. S. Refer to Jas. Makec and R. W. Wood Escirs. ' JuVl, lS56-tf 185G-tf - J. F. COLBURN, Auctioneer, Lahaina, Maui, S.I. July 1, 1850-tf J . - . C. BREWER 2d, I General Commission Merchant, Honolulu, Oaluj S. I. Money . nilvsinced on favorable terms fos-bills of El 'hange on the U .S., England, and Prance. . Jul- 1, 1850-tf 1 f - ROBERT C. JANIOt, Merchant and Commission Agent, Honolulu, Of u, S. I. Jy 1-tf been swallowed. He says : " the whale Jonah. Jonah was heard of afterwards- ncver F. L. JONES, Retail dealer in Drv Goods. Clothing, &c, corner of ien andr Nuuanu sts. Honolulu. IL I. ----- Jull-tf HENRY RHODES, Tmnorter of. and dealer in Wines. Spirits. Ale and Ftr. near .. the Post office Honolulu. July 1, 33-tf Little acts of kindness, gentle words, loving smiles, they strew the path of life with ; flowers, they .make the sun shine brighter and the green earth greener ; and He who badcu3 " love one another" looks with favor upon the gentle and kind-hearted, and lie pronounced the meek blessed. - " - ; . - A blundering compositor, in setting up the toast, " Woman without her, : man would be a savage," got the" punctuation in the wrong place, which made it read, " Woman without her man, would be a savage." : The mistake was not discovered until the ed- j itor3 wife undertook to read the pioof.-- I Never marry a man until you have .seen him eat; 1 -r .---it - , " " ' J tT IjCl tne. canaiaate lor your nana pass uuvugu ordeal of eating soft boiled eggs. . If he can do it and the table spread, the nankin, and his slairt un spottedtake him. Try him next wtih a sparfs-rib. If i ha A,omDushe3 this feat without putting oui one 01 O.IIALL. his own eyes, or pitching the bones into your lpy I to porter and Dealer In Hardware, Dry Goods, Paiclijils. and r?me the wedding-day ftt Once; ne Will ao 10 ue w. i general Jierchanaise, corner r rort ana King at General Com Oahu, II . II A C KF ELD & C. emission Agents, and Ship ChaJler?, .1. - July t, IS II. YOS HOLT. Honolulu, Julyt, P556-tf . . . i TU. C. HETCK. Von HOLT & IIEUCI, General Commission Merchants, Honolulu, Oaft S. I. Jy 1-tf ALEX. J. CARTWRIGIITi, Commission Merchaut and General Shipping lent, Honolulu, Oahu, II. I. . ...''' 1 Jt ' 18S-tf EUXST IvCTl-L. EDCAKD JfOLI.. KRITLL & MOLL, j liuiK.rters and Commission Merchants, Kaahui4:m street Ma le's block. : - . J'f 1, lSoo-tf 1 FELDHEOI & CO.) and Commission Merchants, Queej st. Jtt I, Iinpcrtcr3 Oahu, S. 4- Honolulu, lS56-tf v . A. P. EVERETT, Commission Merchant, Honolulu, Oahu, S. I. f dy 1, lS56-tf. E. HOFFMANN, Physician and Surgeon, office in tho new drug .- , Kaahumanu and Queen sts. Makee's block jt( orner of Jya-t, :' A. P. EVERETT, Avictionecr, Honolulu, Oahu, n. I. : . M. C. 3IONS ARRAT Auctioneer, Honolulu, Oahu H. I. " j Jul-tf AGENT FOR LLOYD?; er and tment of The undersi?mal bejrs to notify to Merchants, Shi; o - Shipmasters, that he has received the a. pci n i'vt of tiiooA TclfirMl for "LLOYD'S LONON.i ROBERT C.JAHON. KRULL & MOLL, t Agents of the Hamburg and Lubeck Underwriters, Oahu, H. I. - - . Julyl, V j C. II. LEWERS, Carpenter and Eumber Merchant, Fort St. Honolulu. v GEORGE G. HOWE, Lumber Merchant, yard, corner of Queen and. liuuarm - the Punchard premises. . B. PITMAN, Ship Chandler and dealer in General Merchandise, Waiakca Bay, Keeps constantly on hand an extensive assortment of every - description 01 goons required by whale ships and others. fchippnig furnished with fresh beef, .vegetables, and all kinds of Groceries, and Provisions &c. at the shortest notice, at the very lowest market prices. Be st facilities for storage of from 3 to 5000 barrels, beiDg near tne lanumg, and lree from thatched biuldmtrs. anted, Whalers bills on the U. S. or Europe, for which money wni oe advanced on reasonable terms. -. v N. B.-v This port offers the s: t st and most commodious anchor-ags of any port in the Hawaiian group. Here you can give seamen their liberty, without danger of losing them by de ser. ion. No ardent sp'rits allowed to be sell " BOOKBINDING ONE IN A VARIETY OF STYLES neatly and substantially, and on fair terms. . Law Books, Music, -Newspapers, &c, bound to order. ' Portfolios Scrap Books, Herbariums, Drawing Books, and Blank Books, made to order, officers of ships can have their Navigation and Log BookSj and Charts, bound and repaired, at the Mission Office, Kawaiahao. Old Books rebound at short notice. ' Orders may also be left at II. M. WHITNEY'S Bookstore, Honolulr. ; . - , - SAMUEL RUSSELL. July 1, lS56-tf. . . ' ; , , '..:.,-,; HENRY RHODES, t IMPORTER OF AVINlSS AND SPIRITS, offers for sale at the lowest market rates, . ' . Hhds and Qr Casks Brandy, various brands Sherry and Port Wine in Qr Casks ' Sherry and Port Wine in Cases cf one dozen each ; --Brandy - ' -. do do Hollands & old Torn Gin do I , do ' ; do Monongalielti Whiskey do do ' do " ' Scotch Whiskey ; do ' do " - do . ,. Cherry Brandy . " . do do do Champagne, Stoughtau's Bitters, Curacoa, etc., etc. Ale and Porter of the beat London brands in rints and quarts. July 1, lS50-tf. . . .; -..' ..... . .- . Punch.. . " Illustrated News, E.D. French Illustration. V: u Weekly Times. California Pioneex. . " Quarterly.; Edinburgh Review. ' San Francisco Chronicle. . San Francisco Trie Calif oralao. v A1U California. " Golden Era, .- . Herald. ' " Wide West. , 1 . - Bulletin, . - 1 Sacramento Union. "-. .v.,.r. ' Subscriptions received for all the above pajerB and period- . . icals and supplies of cheap publications and no eltici, rt , ceived by every vessel from San Francisco. : . Honolulu, July 1, lt50-tf - , ! J. ;'; THOMAS SFEji:iS, ; SHIP, CHANDLER AND IMPORTER, EEPS CONSTANTLY ON HAND HARD WARE, Crockery, Whale Line, Casks, Preserved Meat?, and every article of Sliip Chandlery required by Whale ship and other vessels. - ' ' Ship Chandlery. Craft. &c. '- Anchors, Chain Cables, Hawsers, Anchor Shackles -, -. Chain and Topsail Sheet Shackles, Windlass Nipper and Brakes, Ships Camboose3 and Coppers. ', . Ext -a Stove !?nings and Grates, Russia Iron Bake Pan. r jllV'v,1 i. Jih'-:.. OVf?. Jioatjjoards Masts and Timbers. DYERS' HEALING EMBROCATION, FOR EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL USE. It is a perfect pain destroyer, and. an invaluable remedy for Rheumatism," Cuts, Wounds, Pain in the Side, Back and Lambs, .Lumbago, bore throat, Burns, tcalds,- fewelhngs, Ague, Cramp, etc.- For culs! and -wounds it is superior to any other preparation -y it will I'lfoxj.i immediate relief in scalds or burns and for pains or weKnss hi p.ny part of the system, it will give oert&in relief in a very little time. - For cale at retail by tradera throughout the Islands. For sale wholesale at Honolulu by July 1, lS5G-tf. - ' -'.-.-. . ; ; : B. W. FIELD. - onolulu, 6-tf yl-tf reets 1-tf W.N.LADD, Importer and dealer in hardware, Fort st. Honolulu. FLORENS STAPENHORST Agent for the Bremen board of Underwriters. All aver je claims - , aeainst the said Underwriters, occurring ia or iufc this - Kinedom. will have to be ceruSed before him. ay 1-tf. - j on - ... L. FRANCONI, Dry Goods and Groceries, Globe Store, King St W. FIELD OFFERS FOR SALE OF of mdsc to arrive per Am. Ship Ceylon" from Boston. 1 Qr Casks Madeira Wine - T Qr ' . Duff Gordon Sherry Wine - ; . Qr u . Old AMONTILLADO Sherry Wine , Eight " Rachelle Brandy - - . . . Eight pipes Amn." Brandy . ;-. Monongahela W mskey - .. Old Bourbon Whiskey . - '..'- -'-Wolfs Schnapps. . Longworths Sparkling Catawba - ; - Longworth's Still Catawba. , Spades,' Harpoons, Gig Irons, Lances, Jance pwiea. Spade Poles, Grains, Gaffs. Pikes. Rowlocks.'- Composition Gudgeons, Boat Corks, Can and Sister Hooks. Hooks and ThimWcs, Open and Welded Thimbles. - De ul Eyes,Bull3 Eyes, Leading Trucks, Ships Scrapert? - Leaning, Boarding, Boat and Blubber Knives. ' Mincing Knives, for Mincing Machine?. ' " Pit:h and Try Pots, Crow Bars, (steel pointed) , - ' Boat Ruffs and Clinches, Fog Horns, Deck Light. ..- Hardware & TooKs. ':' Side Lights, Caulking Irons, Marlinspikcs, nand-spike. -' Ilandcuffs, Rigging Screws, Rigging and Pump Leather. " Boat Hatchets, Saw Sets, Patent Saw Sets, . 4 . ? " Plane Irons, Long and Short Jointers. " , DouWe and Single Fore Planes, Match, Bead & Plow Pianos . Cut box Fillister Planes, Sash and Coping Planes. " -Grecian Ovelos, Handsaws, C. S. Backsaws. . CJompass Saws, Wood Saws, dodo fnunetl. . Hunt's C. S. Handled Axes, Broad and Narrow Axes. " - Axe Hatchets, Broad Hatchets, Nail Hammers C. S..Btrap'd Nail Hammers Adze eye. Tack Hammers C. L. . T " Coppering Hammers, Bright Saddlers do 'Drawing Ivnlrca , Blocks, Pat. Bushed, Double, Single, Davit & Cat do. -Iron Strapped Blocks, Iron Hoops, Mast do. , Bushed Sheaves Iron, do Lignunivitas. - Jib, Fly Jib and Stay-Sail Hanks, Hand Pumps. r , ' '- - Coprer Oil Pumps, Upper and Lower Pump Boxes.'. Chain Punches, Top Mauls, Bright & Black Screw Wrenches '. . Bench & Hand Vices, Firmer, Mortice, and Socket Chisels. . Firmer & Mortice Gouges, Large & Small Piucers.,-. . ' ".. - Drawing Knives, Compasses, Screw Drivers. ' ; , . t Braces & Bits, Auger & Center Bits, Eng. Augers. ' -Spike, Nail, & Rulfing Gimblets, Wood & Iron Spokesharw. Steel &. Try Squares, Plumbs & Levels, Slicing Bevels. , " Mortice Guages, Box Wood Rules, (four folds). '' . Board Measure, Box Wood Rules, Box Wood Calliper Rulo. i Fine Ivory Rules, Grindstones, Sand Taper. ; A , . Grindstone Cranks, (with rollers complete). v - ' - . " Oil Stones, Whetstones, Rifestones, Sandstonef" . h ... ; Sanded-Wood RiflesAxe, Auger & Chisel Handles. . ' . ' . ' Brass Butt, Stop, & Key'd Cocks, Pat. Molasses Gas. . . Eng. Steelyards, Improved Spring Balances. -Self Shutting Gate Hinges, Horse Fleams, lfalter Chains. Brad, Belt, Pegging & Sewing Awls, Cod & Fish Hooks. - Gun Flints, Drop & Buck Shot, Bullet Moulds. - - : Cannon--fr Cannister Powder, Pcwder Flasks. - ' Percussion Cap, Shot Pouches." ' - : .A -Ebony & Boxwood Pricker Pads, Sail Hooka itTricker. ; i : Bed Keys, Bedstead Screws, Charcoal Furnaces. Pat. Smoothing Irons, (self heating). Sad Irons tt Standi. Pat. "save all" candlesticks, Brass Binnacle Lamps. ' --Solar side Lamr. Glas3 Lami s. - - Britannia Swing & Stattd Lamps, Brass Swing i: BincU do. ."Large Signal Lanterna, Copper Guard. T," - : Globe -- do - . do . do . Cone ,;. : "t -,'do ,V do do .- '-"' -'-.." -" "... Tin Lamp Feeders, Cotton Wicking, Solar Wicks.' -:': Chalt Xine!, Chalk Lane Reels, Cotton Clothes Lines. . . ; Clothes Llr-5jlL?,"nr3:.?i L.iiii; 'Ho.-! ?; !a CCjin do. ; Brass Knew, do Cettons. i" Lack Puliti'S A; voll'-r eir-s , . ' vdo. e-i ia--ienew.,. do S-cket Bc i's, lo BaTvI do. Iron T ii lirana d &trai?ht d- d . 60 d Kegs , Bbl3. ; - - . Cases Cases : Cases July 1, 185tf. MAGAZINES. RECEIVED FROM NEW YORK, by the "Yankee." v : ; - r . 5 . ; Korth British Review for Febmary. " - - Westminister . " ': January.' London Quarterly" " January. ; ' ; ', - Grahams Am. Monthly April and May. . - -.-..'.' Eclectic . ;. - April. - " - - . - - Godeys Ladies Bocki Feb. Mar. Ap. and May. Putnam's Monthly " Jan. Feb. Mar. Ap. and May. Harpers . . '.. " Feb. Mar. and May. I Knickerbocker Monthly May. , : - - -. ' AIO - -- "J . ' ' . .. " , London Illustrated News, Ballou's Pictorial, and a great ' - variety of Englii v American Newspapers. - v.-July 1, 1856-tf. ? H. M. wnrryEY. ME W MATS I1 1. 1 L FOR ROOFSr-THE subscriber Age a thi "New England Roofing Co.," offers for sale tc arrive, -er zhip " Ceylon" from Boston, a further supplv of the vcrv ".heap and durable Roofing material made by the N. E. R. Co.." vhich is now coming into general use in the United States and Canadas. A small lot of this material, which was imported per "Cato" was purchased by th Government and may be seen on the roof of the New Prison. For cheapness, durability, and firs-proof properties, it is believed that this new Roofing material Is superior to any other now in use; ' ' ' Th nnWic. re mr?td to examine th testiinonials of the effl- I ciency of these Roofj, at tin Counfcig Room of O. BREWER, 2d. July l, i5o-ti. lAiwuAiiii. Iron lVJlvckr, Box Lc-rk?, Kim Iteod Locks. . Chaii rziiiz boits, Ir.n & CrjpT tacks. , -FinishiTrcr aad FlWr Naih, 1'U-afcMag Brad 4. - Ceilir.c. 'Boar Ciiach. Timber. Lap and Wrosl ad Nails. ' ; Foot Nai!, Cut do aVrted, Wrf-vg!i: 2o 4o. . t' : 'Wrot ghfc Spikes, Eng. Scupper N?.us. Am. do do. Composition Sbatmng Nails ao do Coppering cio, Sras Gimlet Screws, Iron do do, do Wire, Brass do fe-Cittr . - Iron Butts, Iron Gate Hinges, Composition Strrp Hinges. ' Door Hinges, Self Shutting Gate Hingis. - . . ,. .. A; Blind Fasts and Hinges, Backflad and Table Hinge. ' ? : Hand Bells (all sizesX Sheet Lead, Brick: Trowels. N - - -C. S. Shovels and Garden Hoes, do Rakes and Spades. . '. " . Ruffs and Clinches (for hose), Brass Curtain Rings."; ; : Flat and half round Bastard Files, Cabinet Rasps. v. '.. V Four square, Rat taiK Pit Saw, and Taper Saw Files. 1 .' " -V Half round Wood andilron Rasps, Log Slates. - Slate Pencils, Log and Account Books. - - , -w ; Memorandum, Pass, Md Carg Books. Fine Buck and Cocoa Carvers, Table and Butcher AaoI. i - Butcher Knives, Table Knives and Forks, Razors.'. 1 " Sheath, Jack, and Shoe Knives, do Nippers. . " , ' Razor Hones and Straps, Lather and Hair Brashes. .. Dressing Combs, Fine Ivory Tooth do, Tine Scissors &bars. . Glaziers Diamonds, ffigr Gold Leaf, Suwarrow Spurs. " 7 , . ' German harps, Steel Pens, Penholders, Letter &-Bili Pafcer. . - Account Sales Paper, Black Ink in bottles, dc tor ls.-' Camel's Hair Pencils, Sash Tools. . T- - Marking, Paint, Whitewash, Dust, Scrnb, Flobr, Tar. Zhoot and Horse Brashes, Horse Mane CombsKCurr4 CkSiSe . Birch and Corn Brooms, ; Cocoa Broom Staff. ' . . Paint oils Sc Naral Stores Cordage ' ' - Pronsions, 6c Cabin -Storesu Crockery &c. . .""V. Carpenter's $ Cooper's Tools? ; w Nautical Instrumevits Sec - . Slops & Genteel Clothing. . Jlf - ' 5.- I I! : ON HAND & FOR SALE 4 : Y THE TJNBERSIGNED, Fancy Biscuits, Queen's and nlc cakes. In tins of 23 lbs. each' Sardines a I'htdTe. lrf half boxes, English Mustard, in pound and half pound bbttle7 Soap in cases of 60 lbs. each. . " July 1, 1-tf r , TOK HOLT & HJ5FC32. f-- v- 17 - auu ut-my; - tne cause, replied, I vvmj.igwu;iii: iigw ;cu nag coninveu to 1 5-tf. U. JiJilSWJCK, 2D, -, Fort Street. - "" Aa3 it;: ; L. FKAXCOXI. '" Dry Goods and Groceries, Globe Store, King Street. HAS re-opened his Carpenter" Shopattheold corner of King and Alakea st3., where he hopes, by strict f t font rrt f crtirn rltst rnri1! rto irsTn rs V

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